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Milltown Tombstone Inscriptions

Many thanks to Mary Maher-Shaw for contributing select headstones in the Milltown (Kilcoleman) and Killagha Abbey Cemeteries, and John Knightly for a complete list of headstones in both the Killagha Abbey Cemetery, from the 1760's up to 1998, and the White Church cemetery. Also see his history of White Church with a list of Protestant rectors of White Church and Kilcoleman Church of Ireland.

John also explains, "Milltown/Kilcoleman Parish has five cemeteries-
  1. Milltown graveyard - 1940's onwards
  2. Killagha Abbey in use from circa 1760 to the present day - however few burials now take place here as the graveyard is so full, old and on the ruins of the Abbey
  3. The White Church - a romanesque ruin with 18th century additions in use from the mid-18th century - no burials take place here anymore except some in existing tombs - mostly protestant
  4. Kilcoleman Church of Ireland - modern Protestant cemetery
  5. Milltown RC Church graveyard - all former priests.

Mary has photos of the headstones she transcribed, taken during a visit in October, 2000. You can email her if this is of interest to you. Headstones she transcribed in Killagha Abbey precede the complete list.

Milltown Cemetery

Select Headstones

Foley - In Loving Memory of - Mossie (Mottie) Foley - Knockavota Milltown - Died July 31st 1995 - Aged 72 Years

Heffernan - In Loving Memory of - James Heffernan - Kilcoman Milltown - Died 11 April 1978 - Maurice (Moss) Heffernan - Died Jan 19 1988 - Aged 78 Yrs

Heffernan - In Loving Memory of - John P. Heffernan - Co. Capt. Kerry No. 2 - Brigade Old I.R.A. - Callinafercy - Died March 7th 1977 - Aged 79 Years - His Wife Ellen - Died October 6th 1991 - Aged 86 Years

Heffernan - In Loving Memory of - Thomas P. Heffernan - Kilderry Milltown - Died 11th July 1980. Aged 59 Years

Heffernan - Pray for the Soul of - Timothy Heffernan - Knockavota - Died 8th Dec. 1963 - His Wife Mary - Died 8th Nov. 1993

Kelliher - In Loving Memory of - Michael Kelliher - Died 22 Feb 1968 - His Wife Kate - Died 4 Feb 1978

Maher - In Loving Memory Of - Tommy Maher - Main St Milltown - Died Feb 28 1975 - Aged 67 Years

McKenna - Milltown - Pray for the Souls of - Michael McKenna - Main St Milltown - Died 11th Aug 1966. His Wife - Mary Died 12th Jan 1968

McKenna - In Loving Memory Of - Margaret McKenna - Died on 7th Feb 1965 Aged 68 Yrs- Her Husband Michael - Died 1st March 1969 Aged 79 Yrs.

Stack - In Loving Memory of - Timothy Stack - Tinnahalla, Milltown - Born 7th March 1911 - Died 14th Dec. 1983

Tangney - Pray for the Soul of - Mamie Tangney (nee O'Connell) - Brackhill - Died Oct. 5th 1964 Aged 41 Yrs - Her Husband James - Died Oct 1st 1998 Aged 79 Yrs

Killagha Abbey Cemetery

Mary Maher-Shaw has photos of these select headstones:

Heffernan - In Loving Memory of - Nora Heffernan - Clonnore Milltown - Died 6th Jan 1978 - Her Husband Michael - Died 15th Dec 1932 - Her Mother - Alice McGillycuddy - Her Sister Alice - Her Brother Denis

Heffernan - Erected By - Mary Heffernan Milltown - In Loving Memory of Her Husband Denis - Who Died 10th June 1915 - Aged 41 Years - Their Daughter Mary - And Their Son Thomas - Who Died March 1909 - Mary Heffernan nee O'Brien - Died Feb 22nd 1929 Aged 54 Years - Their Daughter Joan Neville - Died Nov 23rd 1979 Aged 72 Yrs - Interred in St. Finbarrs Cork

Maher - In Loving Memory of - John Maher - Abbeylands Milltown - Died Jan 12 1938 - His Wife Hanna - Died Feb 24 1951- Their Daughter Joan - (Baby Hanna) Died April 6 1939


Complete list of headstones in the Killagha Abbey cemetery, through 2000:

Kilagha Abbey cemetery, MilltownJohn Knightly shares this complete list of markers and an accompanying map. The numbers preceding the inscriptions indicate their position on the map.

View a larger image of the map showing the locations of the headstones.

1. Headstone: Erected by Mr. Timothy McKenna of Milltown to the memory of his dearly beloved children John and Thade who departed this - life in the PRIME of manhood.- John died on the 29th June 1874 aged 29 years - Thade died on the 23rd October 1874

3. Plaque within arched recess.- In Loving Memory of James Murphy Main Street, Milltown - his sons Willie Michael, Patrick and John - His daughters Baby Hannah and Barbara.

5. Headstone: Erected by Daniel Linihan for himself and posterity AD. 1822.

7. Two Wall Plaques - (A)Erected by Edward O'Sullivan, Killorglin in memory of his mother, sister Mary and infant brothers Maurice and Jeremiah.
(B) Erected by Hannah O'Sullivan in memory of her mother and children Maurice and Jeremiah.

9. Headstone: In loving memory of Michael Quirke, Knockavota died 10th November 1982 - his grandparents Julia and Maurice Quirke , Lyre died 1922 and 1929 - His parents Mary Quirke died 30th September 1959 Timothy Quirke died 25th October 1945 - His brother Maurice died 20th February 1927 - And all other MEMBERS of the Quirke family interred here.

12. Tomb: (A) Here lieth the body of James Barrett of Ballyouhgtra who departed life April 15th 1812 aged 70 years, - Erected to his memory by his sons Anthony, Edmund, Thomas, James, William (and) Richard Barrett 1819.

13. Headstone: Erected by Margaret Coffee in memory of her beloved HUSBAND James Coffee who died October 7th 1837 aged 36 years. - May he rest in peace. Amen. - This wife, This monument raised to her loved spouse, The best of Constancy and Marriage vows, Trust that i will see the Lord in the Land of the Living. -

16. Headstone : In Loving Memory of Jeremiah Flynn - His wife Hannah and - Their son Jeremiah who died in Boston USA

18. Headstone: Erected by Mary Heffernan, Milltown in loving memory of her husband Dennis who died 10th June 1915. - Their daughter Mary and their son thomas who died March 1909

21. Headstone: Erected by Garret Stack in memory of his father and mother and son James died 1837 May they rest in peace. Amen.

23. Headstone: Pray for the souls of Maurice Foley, Knockagurane died 31st December 1965 aged 91 years. - His wife Bridget died 16th January 1965 aged 84 years. - Their son Michael died 16th November 1939 aged 13 years. - their daughter Biddy died 1920 aged 4 years

26. Celtic Cross - Sweet Jesus, Have Mercy on the souls of Julia Breen, Church Street Milltown who died 16th August 1950. - Her daughter Margaret who died 11th November 1933.- Patrick Breen died 7th July 1964 interred in Glasnevin - Michael Breen died 18th June 1930 interred in Glasnevin.- Nora Breen died 28th February 1986 - Sheila Breen died 28th October 1982 -

29. Headstone: Sacred to the memory of Garret McGarry who departed this life, May the 18th Ad 1840 aged 16 years - May the Lord have mercy on his soul. Amen

32. Celtic Cross- Pray for the soul of Michael O'Leary Milltown, his wife and children. May they rest in peace. Amen

34. Headstone: Unmarked headstone

36. Headstone: This stone is erected by Timothy Calaghan in memory of his brother John who departed December 6th 1821 aged 22 years

38. Headstone: In loving memory of John J. O' Sullivan Farran - Doctor Currans Farranfore who died on 24th June 1956 and his wife Bride who died on 31st July 1960

40. Tomb. This tomb is erected by Richard? Sullivan in memory of his father John Sullivan who died 15th day of December 1813 aged 80 - years

42. Celtic cross : Erected by Margaret Cronin in loving memory of her husband Patrick died January 24th 1904 aged 73 years also her - daughter Mary died November 12th 1896 aged 33 - And Posterity

43. Headstone: In loving memory of Mary Cronin, Clonmore, Milltown died March 5th 1929. Her husband John died October 1st 1934. - Their son Michael died 1912 - Their daughter Catherine died 1936

46. Headstone: In loving memory of Nora Sugrue who died 13th January 1951 aged 73 years - Michael Sugrue died 7th July 1963 aged 88 years. Their daughter Nora died 18th March 1974 aged 65 years

48. Headstone: Pray for the soul of Ellen Scanlon nee McCrohan, Milltown who died 12th July 1948

50. Headstone: Treasured MEMORIES of our beloved parents , Mary French Milltown died April 7th 1950 aged 41 years Harry French died - December 28th 1984 aged 88 years also their grandson Richard Barnes Petersborough died March 27th 1985 aged 19

53. Tomb- Erected by Jeremiah Flynn of Tralee for himself and Rosemary Anno 1823

55. Headstone: In loving memory of John Murphy Callinafercy East died 13th April 1938 .His wife Deborah died 27th February 1969. Their - son Dennis died 28th October 1971

57. Unmarked Concrete Cross - 59. (A). Headstone: Erected by Owen Sullivan in loving memory of his father and mother, Darby and Mary Sullivan and his brother Michael - and wife.
(B) In loving memory of Patrick O'Sullivan (Barry), callinafercy died October 1909. His wife Mary died March 1932 - His son Patrick died August 1975 - His wife Hannah died 1959

62. Headstone: Headstone now fallen- Erected by Peter f. Sullivan in loving memory of his brothers John born 29th October 1870 died 16th - June 1887 Patrick P. born 14th May 1872 died 29th March 1904.

64. Celtic cross: Erected to the deceased members of the O'Connor families of Clonmore, Milltown

Batt O'Connor. died 1892 - His daughter Mary died 1876 - Jeremiah O'Connor died 1925 - His wife Johanna died 1915 - Maurice O'Connor died 1923 - His daughter Johanna died 1946 - Thomas O'Connor died 1935 - His wife Sarah died 1954 - Jeremiah O'Connor died 1947 - His wife Julian died 1953 - James O'Connor died 1957 - His wife Nora died 1956

67. Headstone: In MEMORY of Thomas O'Neill died 20th December 1963 - WIFE Hannah died 20th August - Son John died 1919

69. Iron Cross - Erected to the memory of James Ferris and his posterity 1902

71. Headstone: n memory of our beloved brother James Jones who died 24th december 1904

73. Headstone: In Loving Memory of James Collery died June 1st 1921 his wife Catherine died November 16th 1971 and THEIR children - Nora and Agnes

75. The largest Celtic Cross - Erected in loving memory of Daniel Murphy died December 17th 1930 - also his mother Johanna Murphy died 10th April 1873 and - his FATHER John Murphy died 1st April 1884

77. eadstone: Erected by terence McCough of Milltown in memory of his beloved daughter eliza who died 20th June 1872 aged 5 years

79. Headstone: Erected by Roger O'Connor to the MEMORY of his beloved wife Margaret who departed this life on the 28th March 1870 - aged 23 years

81. Headstone: Erected by Patrick McKenna in memory of his father Michael McKenna died December 16th 1892 aged 87 years and his - brother John McKenna died August 11th 1893 aged 34 years - His sister Margaret Nagle died June 12th 1891 aged 37 years and his son John aged 2 years - Mary McKenna died March 23rd 1899 aged 71 years

84. Fallen Marble Celtic Cross - In loving memory of our dear father - Samuel Lombard who died 21st February 1946 aged 78 - and of our loving mother Hanoria who died 25th July 1956 AGED 79 years - Kathleen Lombard who died 20th January 1977 aged 69 years - Her sister Nellie died 10th April 1981 - Nora Lombard died 10th April 1993

87. Headstone: Erected by John Griffin for himself and posterity AD. 1902

89. Tomb - (A) erected by M. Jones Murphy of Milltown to the memory of his beloved father cornelius who died April 17th 1868 aged 67 years. RIP
(B) In memory of James Murphy, Ballyvrane died April 19th 1895 aged 29 years
(C)Jeremiah c. murphy died 16th July 1962 AGED 76 years - Elizabeth Murphy died 30th April 1971 aged 86 YEARS - Margaret Murphy DIED 22nd January 1984 aged 88 years - (D) In loving memory of Father Arthur Murphy who DIED on the 19th June 1959 - Pastor in the Archdiocese of Baltimore, Maryland, USA and youngest son of the late Cornelius and Rose Murphy of Milltown

2. Plaque on Ground - In memory of the O'Connors of coolrue and Coolbane

4. Headstone :Erected by Hanora Norton of Ballykissane in memory of her father Dennis Foley of Clounmurra - Also her mother and brother

6. Concrete decorative cross - Erected by Edward O'Sullivan for himself and his posterity

8. Headstone: McCarthy, Bridge Street Milltown - In loving memory of Jack and his wife Bridget and their CHILDREN Flor and Mary Ann

10. Unmarked Concrete Cross

12. Headstone: To the Memory of James Sheehy who died August 16th 1870 aged 42 YEARS May he rest in peace. Amen
(B) In loving memory of the Barrett Families of Ardmelode and Keelaclohane - Anthony Dec 8th 1874 - Johanna May 1st 1875 - Anthony Feb. 7th 1905 - Johanna Mar. 7th 1929 - Maurice Mar. 31st 1956 - Edmund 1898 - Hanora Apr. 9th 1938 - Derry July 14th 1997 - Anthony Apr. 11th 1971 - Hannah June 13th 1970 - Edmund Mar. 3rd 1978 - Mary April 28th 1981 - Brendan p. Sept. 26th 1958

14. Headstone: Erected by Darby Sheehan in memory of his father, Edmund who died in the year 1794 - For himself and Posterity. 1810

15. Headstone: In loving Memory of Kate Galvin, Ballnoe, Milltown died 21st August 1978 aged 72 years - Her husband James died may 1979 aged 72 years

17. Headstone: Erected by John McKenna in loving memory of his daughter Ellen died 20th April 1916 aged 39 years

19. Headstone: Erected to the Memory of James Dan O'Connor who died 30th March 1832

20. Headstone: Erected by Patrick Kerrin in memory of his son Michael who died the 11th day of May 1837 aged 23

22. Headstone: Erected by D.L. O'Donoghue of Milltown in loving memory of his Father and Mother and brother Patrick

24. Headstone: Fallen Headstone: unable to decipher

25. Headstone: In Loving Memory of Nora Heffernan, Clonmore Milltown died 6th June 1978. Her husband Michael died 15th December 1932 - Her mother Alice McGuillicuddy - Her sister Alice - Her Brother Dennis

27. Faded writing - In memory of j... and... Smith

Celtic Cross - Erected by their children in loving memory of their father John McCarthy died June 13th 1901 aged 61 years their mother - Eliza Hurley died June 11th 1913 aged 56 years - 30. Headstone: Unmarked headstone

31. Headstone: Unmarked headstone

33. Celtic Cross - fallen - erected by Julia McKenna in memory of her father Timothy who died November 19th 1919 aged 79 years - Her mother died June 10th 1914 aged 75 years

35. Celtic Cross - Erected by Michael & Roger Sheehy of Pittsburgh PA USA in loving memory of their father Michael who died January 29th - 1892 aged 72 years

37. Headstone: In loving memory of Anne O'Sullivan, Callinafercy died October 23rd 1944

39. Headstone: Erected by Denis & Michael O'Sullivan in memory of their father Pat who died April 19th 1866 aged 75 years. Denis D. died - January 6th 1869 aged 19 years. Their mother Joanna died July 9th 1861 aged 70 years. And for their Posterity

41. Celtic cross - Erected by his daughter Mary in memory of her father Martin O'Connor died November 14th 1896 also her mother Anne - died on the 16th January 1900

43. Headstone: In loving memory of John Maher, Abbeylands, Milltown died 1st December 1938. His wife Hanna died February 24th 1951. - Their daughter Joan (Baby Joan) died April 6th 1939

45. Tomb- Here lieth the body of Margaret Eagan of Knucknaman who died March 1st 1834 - vansten Fect

47. Headstone: A) In memory of Patrick Hogan Lissavane who died 6th February 1882 and his beloved wife Johanna who died 11th March - 1900. -
(B) In loving memory of Hannah Hogan late of Rathcommane Ballyhar and Eastham Wissal England died 23rd May 1991 - 1896 - 1991

49. Headstone: In loving memory of John Murphy, Ballymacandy died 12th May 1963 and his daughter Margaret Monica - Died 9th December 1964. - His wife Catherine died December 27th 1969

51. Unmarked tomb?

52. Overgrown tomb - Timothy Linihan died January 1st 1800 aged 64 years

54. Headstone: Erected by Dennis Murphy in memory of his beloved daughter Ellen Murphy who died August 4th 1876 aged 26 years

56. Headstone: In memory of Patrick O'Sullivan. RIP. Erected by his daughter Sr. M. Gabrielle

58. Headstone: Unmarked Headstone

60. Headstone: In loving memory of the Harmon Family - The Cliff

61. Headstone: Erected in loving memory of John Lambe, Principal Teacher, Callinafercy School 1880-1913 who departed this life - December 4th 1933 in the 70th year of his age - Of your Charity Pray for his soul

63. Headstone: In loving memory of Daniel Moriarty his WIFE margaret Moriarty and son Daniel Moriarty. Erected by his loving WIFE

65. Celtic Cross - Sacred Heart of Jesus - Have mercy on the souls of - Thomas Langford died 29th April 1938 - His mother Margaret Langford died 31st October 1944 - His father Alexander Langford died 5th January 1953

66. Concrete cross - In memory of James and Margaret Leary. RIP

68.Wooden Cross- Erected by Elizabeth Nugent Carey in memory of her beloved husband Henry. RIP

70. Headstone: Erected by the daughters of John Carroll of Kilderry died 28th February 1930 and his wife Mary died 30th April 1934 and their - sons Patrick, John, and daughter Bridget - May they rest in peace

72. Headstone: Erected by Michael and Margaret Larkin in memory of their daughter Eileen died 9th April 1927 aged 15 years also the - above - Margaret died 11th June 1955 aged 74 years - Michael died 16th january 1957 aged 72 years

74. Headstone: Erected by John Scanlon in memory of his wife elizabeth who died on the 11th day of January 1878 aged 43 years AND for - himself and posterity

76. Concrete statue of Jesus. - In loving memory of our dear mother Margaret Foley and our brother Martin

78. Headstone: Erected to the memory of Walter Tarleton Mahony who died February 23rd 1871 aged 8 months - Deo Volenie? - 80. 80. Headstone: Small Headstone - W. T. M. 1871

82. Unmarked Grave

83. Tomb - Erected by Patrick Keiliher in memory of his wife Mary who departed this life - March the 1st 1846 aged 50 years - May God rest her soul in peace

85. Headstone: Unmarked Headstone

86. Headstone: Erected by Jeremiah Flynn of Australia in loving memory of his dear father Bartholomew - Died March 17th 1860 aged 33 years - His mother Elizabeth - died June 13th 1883 aged 60 years - his cousin Bartholomew Flynn - died 14th December aged 55 years - his uncle Jeremiah Flynn - died May 14th 1905 aged 71 years - Julia Linehan Flynn - Johanna Calvin Flynn 1871-1929 - Timothy Flynn 1905-1905 - Michael Flynn 1905-1907 - Jeremiah Flynn buried in Mount Magnet WA 1925 - The Flynn Family of Bansha

88. Headstone: In loving memory of Hanora Sugrue who died 5th May 1932 aged 83 years and Hannah Sugrue who died 21st January 1945 - aged 73 years of Church Street, Milltown - Dennis Sugrue who died 30th September 1986 aged 80 years.


White Church Cemetery

White Church cemeteryTranscriber John Knightly explains burials in the graveyard, "It was the custom in Ireland for both Catholics and Protestants to be buried in the same graveyard. Therefore one will find well-known names and not so well known names buried side by side. It would appear that many headstones in this cemetery have disappeared over the years, as the graveyard became increasingly overgrown and neglected. Recently however, surviving tombs and headstones have been consolidated and the graveyard cleaned up.

The numbers preceding the inscriptions indicate their position on the map."View a larger image of the map in a separate window.

1. Sacred to the memory of Mary, wife of the late John Dobyns, Surgeon, who departed this life, - the 25th of January, 1838 - In the 87th year of her age.

3. In Loving Memory of our parents, Michael O'Shea, Lyre, Milltown, died Jan. 1st, 1916 aged 78. - Margaret O'Shea died May 24th, 1932, aged 89 and our sister Catherine, died March 17th, 1898 aged 18. - Erected by her children

5. Sacred to the Memory of Richard John Marshall, Callinafercy. Born April 11th 1828, died August 27th, 1877. - Rebecca, his wife. Born April 23rd 1838, died October 25th 1921.

7. Sacred to the Memory of Jane Sophia, wife of Mr. Daniel Morrison, Coast Guard, Callinafercy who departed this life, March 8th aged 32 years.

9. 1787, Erected By Edward Godfrey to the memory of his father, John Godfrey of Bushfield Square who on the 17th Day of August, 1782 in the 73rd year of his age departed this this humble hour of a blessed immortality, Lord.

11. To the memory of Ann Stephens who entered into her rest on the 8th October 1802 aged 45 years.

13. In loving Memory of Dennis Spillane, Ballyvrane, Milltown, died 18th October 1970. His sister Katie, died 26th January 1973.

15. In Loving Memory of Catherine Looney (nee Hanafin), died 13th January 1969. Also her parents Jeremiah and Julia, - Brothers James and infant John, - Sisters Sheila and infant Margaret.

17. In Memory of Mrs. Mary Keating (nee Mollie O'Shea). Also her mother, Ellen O'Shea. Her father Bill O'Shea, Sisters Nell, Katie. Brothers, Paddy, Con. R.I.P. - Erected by her children

19. In Memory of Mrs. M. Hanafin, 1900 - Dr. J.Hanafin, 1917, Colonel P.J. Hanafin DSO - Lt.Colonel J.B. Hanafin, CIE 1882-1970

21. Tomb - no inscription survives

23. Here lies the body of Daniel H. who departed this life, May 10th 1770 aged 30 years I.H.S.

2. To the memory of John Hannifin, died 29th April 1877, aged 54 years. - His son Jeremiah, died 3rd December 1877, aged 19 years. - His wife Johanna, died 26th April 1910 aged 75 years.

4. Sacred to the Memory of William Reed who departed this life on 31st of December 1857 aged 56. - "Hark a voice divides the Sky, - Happy are the faithful dead in the Lord who sweetly die, from all their toil are freed.. - Jesus is here, great reward, - Jesus is here, endless rest."

6. In Loving memory of the Rev. William Twiss-Palmer who died 29th, August, 1863, aged 78 years and of his wife Catherine who died 12th December, 1883 aged 68 years. "Sorrow vanquished, Labour ended, Jordan past"

8. In Loving Memory of William Miles, died Sept. 3rd 1886 aged 64 years. Also of Mary Amelia Miles, his daughter, died February 23rd, 1870, aged 21. Also of Anne Miles, his wife died August 25th, 1890 aged 78 years

10. Erected by Margaret in memory of her dearly beloved husband, James Tidmarsh who departed this life, May 10th 1831 aged 40 years, who at his death evinced that he fell asleep in Jesus.

12. In Loving Memory of John Turner Huggard, late of Glen Ellen, Milltown. Died 10th July 1912 aged 64 years and of his wife, Susan Huggard, died 5th December 1917 aged 57 years. Also of Abraham Huggard of the Abbey, Milltown died 8th of June 1900 aged 85 years and of his wife Mary Huggard, died 6th October 1908 aged 81 years and of their children- Mary Anne, died 13th October, 1864 aged 17 years, Samuel, died 15th February 1891 aged 23 years. Elizabeth Jane died 6th April 1919 aged 67 years.

14. Erected to the Memory of Daniel Spillane. Died December 25th, 1901 aged 71 years and his daughter Mary

16. In loving Memory of Eugene O' Shea, Lyre, Milltown, died 11th December 1953. - His wife Margaret, died 21st February 1972. Their son, Willie died 20th March 1949.

18. In Loving Memory of our dear Brother Georgie O'Shea-Raymond who died on June 22nd 1927. Our dear father, Daniel O'Shea who died on October 15th 1953, our dear mother, Catherine O'Shea-Raymond who died on February 9th 1954.

20. Tomb - now impossible to decipher inscription, possibly the tomb of Robert Turner Eager who composed 'The Hills of Kilderry'.

22. Tomb - inscription now almost illegible .Here lieth the body of Michael Hurly who departed this life June 20th, A. D. 1797 aged 47 years

24. In loving Memory of James J. O'Sullivan, Milltown. Died 2nd November 1939. His wife, Eily died 12th June 1948.

25. Erected by Daniel Hayes in memory of his daughter Catherine who died 2nd of April 1816 aged 32 years

26. Tomb- Erected by Darby Godfrey to the memory of his Loving wife, Honoria Godfrey who died in June 1801.

27. Tomb - I.H.S Erected by Edward and John Cunningham to the memory of their respected father Mr. John Cunningham of Milltown who died January 1808 aged 40 years

28. Erected by Thomas Lam for himself and family. Deceased 1819

29. Godfrey Family Tomb - Last Godfrey to be interred here was Miss Phyllis Godfrey 1890-1959

30. Erected by Thomas P. (U. S. Navy) and Maurice Slattery in loving memory of their parents - Cornelius Slattery who died August 29th 1911 and Margaret H. Slattery who died April 30th 1923.

31. Erected by John and Morty Moriarty in memory of their father Morty who died April the 20th 1822 aged 70 years

32. Here lies the remains of Mrs. Deborah O'Donovan who died on the 25th of April 1845 aged 63 years. "May his spirit through the mercy of God, Rest in Peace. Amen"

33. Erected by his loving wife and children in memory of Robert Jeffcott, died September 30th, 1889 aged 72 years.

34. Here lies the remains of Thomas Reeves MD who died March 1st 1816 aged 54 years.

35. I erected this in final gratitude of Dennis and Eliza Hegarty by their son, William of Milltown. R. I. P

36. Tomb - no inscription remains

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