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Pickett Surname Extracts
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I have done a great deal of research in microfilms of the Albert Casey works covering the Upper Blackwater areas of Cork and Kerry. There are 8 films of this 16 volume series - the first 14 are on the eight films and the last two books in the series are not available. I have extracted almost every Pickett and variation for this area, and that includes families in Kerry.
Patty Pickett

- John Brown (also listed as O'Brien, O'Bryan and Bryan) and Elizabeth Pickett married 3-19-1840 Killarney, witnesses Eugene McCarthy and Dl Connell, celebrant Rev Th J O'Sullivan (Vol 6, page 261)
1-23-1842 Jn Bryan born to Jn Bryan and Eliz Pickett, baptised this date, witnesses Wm Pickett and Hannah Dogherty of Killarney (Vol 8 page 1310)
2-4-1844 bpt Mary Bryan in Killarney, same parents, witnesses Wm Hynes and Nora Marke, (vol 8 page 1342)
3-28-1847 bpt Eliz Brien in Killarney, witnesses Hannah Lyne and Jas Donoghue (Vol 8 page 1392)
7-29-1849 bpt Wm O'Brien in Killarney, witnesses Ds. Danihy and Cath Danihy (Vol 8 page 1420)

- Jerh Clifford and Anne (Nancy) Pickett, parents of:
Jn Clifford bpt 6-3-1844 witnesses Jn Clifford and Mary Crohane (Vol 8 page 1349)
Jas Clifford bpt 12-3-1848, witness Ellen Shea
Jerh Clifford bpt 12-28-1851, witnesses Tim Monahan, and Abina Clifford, (Vol 8 page 1441) all in Aghadoe

- Daniel Connell and Catherine Pickett married 8-9-1826 roomhumper/Killarney,witnesses J. Conner and Wm. Testin (Vol 5 page 242)
Mary b 2-3-1828 (Vol 6 page 740) Killarney
Margaret b 9-7-1830 Killarney (Vol 6 page 765)
Daniel bpt 6-29-1833 Killarney (Vol 7 page 451)
Catherine bpt 11-15-1834 Upper Lissivigeen (Vol 7 page 472)
Anne bpt 10-29-1837 Lissivigeen (Vol 7 page 489)
Patrick bpt 3-1-1840 (Vol 7 page 507)

- Daniel Conner and Hannah Pickett/Pigott, parents of :
Michael Connor bpt 9-23-1855 Ballynamanigh (vol 5 page 177)
Mary Conner bpt 20101829 Kilcummin parish Kerry (Vol 5 page 178)
Hannah Connor bpt 7-20-1834 in "Gortacopul" found in Castle Island and Ballincuslane RC records of 1823-1872 from Volume 6 page 1007
Patrick bpt 1-28-1838 Volume 5 page 1024
Maurice bpt 3-26-1842, "Gortacopul" as listed above, Volume 6 page 1041

- Dennis Connor married 10-15-1869 Milltown to Johanna Pickett, he was 30/B/laborer of Ballymalis, his father deceased, and shew as 28/S/servant of Ballymallis, father also deceased. Witnesses Florence McCarthy and Julia Shea and celebrant Barth O'Connor, PP from Volume 3 page 583, Barony Magunihy Kerry records of marriages 1845-1870
John b 2-3-1870 Ballymallis Magunihy, witness Ds. Conner Vol 8 page 744
Ml b 8-3-1872 Cullenaybeg, Mary Pickett witness
Mary b 9-20-1875, Dennis Connor Witness, Lehasheen Vol 8 page 900

- James Connor married Nora Pickett/Piggott 2-24-1847 in Killarney, witnesses John Connor and Ml Sullivan, Celebrant Rev D Cotter, volume 7 page 279

Cath bpt 5-7-1848 Ardanieg, witnesses Jn Connor and Nora Connor Vol 8 page 1403 she marries 2-16-1873 to Ty Leane of Ardanenig, son of John Leane and Mary Murphy, witnesses Peter Fleming of Ballycasheen and Patrick Riordan of Killarney, Celebrant Rev. Th Sheehy, Volume 7 page 338, Killarney Marriages

Jerh bpt 5-12-1850 witnesses Jerh Dawley and Hannah Pickett Ardanieg, Vol 8 page 1426 - Jerh married 2-16-1884 Mary Leane, her parents were Dl Leane and Nora Cronin, witnesses Jerh Murphy and James Connor, Cel Rev. M.A.Dillon Volume 7 page 357 Killarney Marriages

Jas bpt 1-8-1854 witnesses Jerh Daley adn Cath Picket, Ballagh Vol 8 page 1462
Mary bpt 1-31-1857 witnesses dav Pickett and Cath Daley, Ardanenig Volume 8 page 1485
Jn bpt 12-22-1859 witnesses Thos Dawley and Ellen Pickett, Ardanenig Vol 8 page 1523
Nora bpt 3-14-1863, witnesses Jn. Connors and Nora Leahy Ardaneinigh Vol 8 page 1559


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