1916 Petition to split Knocknagoshel from the Diocese of Brosna

1916 Petition to split

Knocknagoshel from the Diocese of Brosna

Names in order of appearance - Surnames in alphabetical order

1916 Petition by Residents of Knocknagoshel to the Bishop of Kerry to split off Knocknagoshel from the Diocese of Brosna The petition was granted.  25.6.16

Your Lordship:

We the undersigned Parishioners of Knocknagoshel, and representing as we do the unanimous wishes of 440 Householders request your Lordship to grant us a resident Parish Priest. This is not the first time this request has been of the Bishop of Kerry but for various reasons was not granted. For instance on one occasion we were too late in mailing our request as the P.P. had been apppointed. On another occasion we were told by the Bishop that the debt on the Brosna Presbytery was too heavy, but that is now paid off. Your Lordship will permit us to indicate that the long distances Priests and people have to travel for sick calls and other matters to and from Brosna - from Meenganare, Broughane, and Knights mountain - places because of the distances - 12 to 14 miles, and the hilly roads take 2 1/2 to 3 hours to reach, and the nearest house in the parish is 4 miles from Brosna. The Knocknagoshel Church itself is over an hour's drive from Brosna. On behalf of the sick, the general convenience of the people, and because we believe that the young and the old will be benefitedby the presence and example of a Priest, we beg your Lordship to grant us this blessing. In conclusion we beg to add that we are prepared to do all in our power to meet your Lordship's requirements in this matter if you kindly acceede to our earnest request.

Jeremiah D. Long, R.D.C.Daniel C. O'Connor, R.D.C.
William Mor....., ShanavaughaMrs. Ml. Mangan, Behenaugh
Michael Mangan, BehenaughJohn Mangan, Ballinahoun
Michael Mangan, BallinahounCorns. D. O'Connor?, Knocknagoshel
B.J. Murphy, KnocknagoshelMay Brown, Knocknagoshel
Nora Murphy, KnocknagoshelW.W. Mangan, Behenaugh
Cornelius Brosnan, BoulaWilliam Cahill, Knocknagoshel
J.M. Mangan, Lots.Jas. J. Murphy, Knocknagoshel
Johannah O'Connor, KnocknagoshelAgnes? Murphy, Knocknagoshel
Jerh. J. Long, KnocknagoshelChas. Begley
James BegleyDavid O'Connell, Knocknagoshel
Daniel Cronin, KnockbrackHarry Dalton, Knocknagoshel
Daniel Murphy, KnocknagoshelAdam Keane, Knockbrack
Ellen O'Connor, MeenahillyJeremiah Long, Knocknagoshel
Denis Guiney, KnocheencreenDan Doody, Knockbrack
Jeremiah T. O'Connor, MeenganaireMichael Connor, Knockbrack
Daniel Horan, KnockeencreenPatrick McAuliffe, Scart.
Jeremiah Brosnan, BoulaMrs. Horan, Boula
Cornelius O'Connor, TooreenmoreJames Welsh
Laurence O'Connor, BallyduffPatrick J. O'Sullivan, Feavautia
John Greaney, MeenleitrimDaniel Doody, Knockbrack
John Fitzgerald, BoulaJohn McAuliffe, Scart.
John Brosnan, Scart.Denis Naughton, Kgoshel
Timothy Brosnan, MeenP. Charles O'Connor, Knocknagoshel
Patrick Walsh, KnocknagoshelLaurence Wren, Tooreenmore
James Carmody, MeenbanivaneCon Curtin, Knockbrack
Mrs. BrosnanThomas Wren
Daniel GaneyJames L. Hickey, Ballyduff
Luke S. Keane, KnocknagoshelJohn J. O'Connor, Knocknagoshel
Jeremiah Brown, KnockbrackPatrick Carmody, Ballinahoun
James Griffin, KnocknagoshelCharles Bunwortt?, Knocknagoshel
Mrs. Andrew Nolan, TooreenmoreMrs. Michael Mangan, Beheenagh
Philip BradyMichael Reidy, Beheenagh
James Doody, KnockbrackJeremiah Piggot, Meenbanivane
John Doody, KnocknagoshelMaurice Murphy, Knocknagoshel
Con Brosnan, MeenbanivaneJames Nolan, Knocknagoshel
Patrick Murphy, KnocknagoshelPatrick Murphy, Ahane
Mrs. T. Doody, KnockbrackMrs. C. Curtin, Knockbrack
James C. Lyons, BallybawnJohn Sweeney, Meen
John O'Connor, BallyduffJerry Murphy, Meen
Patrick Herlihy, BallyduffWilliam Herlihy, Beheenagh
Michael Morrissey, AhaneMrs. Leahey, Ballincartin
Maurice MurphyDaniel Reidy, Meenleitrim
Margret Cotter, KnockbrackMrs. James O'Connor, Knocknagoshel
Denis Murphy, MeenJohn Walsh, Meenbanavane
Kerry S. Keane, Scart Jerry Murphy, Scart.
Michael Sullivan, MeenbanavaneDaniel Nolan, Knockbrack
James Thompson, KnockbrackJames Emperor, Knockbrack
Thomas WrenCornelius Greany, Knockbrack
Mary O'Connor, BehenaughJame O'Callaghan, Ballyduff
Patrick Sullivan, BallyduffMary Brown, Feavautia
John Roche, ScartJames Walsh, Ahane
Denis Scanlan, BallyduffMaurice Murphy
James Walsh, FeavautiaJohn Murphy, Knocknagoshel West
Daniel Nolan, CloughaneDenis C. O'Connor, Gortroe
Patrick Donoghue, KnocknagoshelCatherine Hickey, Meenbannivane
James Begley, KnocknagoshelJeremiah Brosnan, Knocknagoshel
James Browne, KnocknagoshelJohn Scanlan, Knocknagoshel
Michael Neligan, BallyduffR. Keene?, Behenagh
Michael Doody, KnockbrackDaniel Leane, Clashnagaugh
John Jay, Feavautia Jerry Murphy, Clashnagough
Patrick Heffernan, KnockbrackMathew Dillon, Behenagh
Patrick Nolan, TooreenmreJames Hickey, Meenbanivane
Maurice Keane, KnockaneJohn Murphy, Meen
Denis NolanCon. Brosnan, Knockbrack
Denis Curtin, MeenMichael Ahern, Meenganaire
James Fitzgerald, BoulaJeremiah Long, Scart
Richard Walsh, FeavautiaPatrick Murphy, Knocknagoshel
Patrick O'Connell, AhaneThomas Thompson, Knockbrack
Michael Herlihy, FeavautiaRobert Walsh, Knockbrack
David Morrissey, CummerJohn Kennelly?, Cummer
John Cotter, KnockbrackPatrick Nolan, Tooreenmore
Thomas O'Connor, BoulaDaniel Keane, Knocknagoshel
Daniel Murphy, KnocknagoshelJames J. Long, Knocknagoshel
Daniel D. Murphy, KnocknagoshelStephen Griffin, Meenbanivane
Nicholas Cotter, KnockbrackCornelius O'Connor
Jerry? T. O'Connor, KnocknagoshelKate Herlihy, Knockane
James Geany, BoulaEdmond Sheehan, Meenbanivane
Thomas Horan, MeenJohn Murphy, Knocknagoshel
Maurice Brown, ScartJohn Brown, Scart
Mary MorrisseyDenis D. O'Connor, Knocknagoshel
John Keane, ClashnagoughEdward Walsh, Beheenagh
Maurice Nolan, KnockbrackJames Kirby, Gortroe
Maurice Danaher, AhaneJohn Griffin, Knocknagoshel
Robert Dalton, BallyduffDenis Scanlon, Ballyduff
Mike B. O'Connor, GortroeJohn T. McAuliffe, Meen
John Sullivan, FeavautiaMrs. Kerry Keane, Scart
Mrs. Morrissey, CummerDaniel Lyons, Knocknagoshel
Mathew O'Connor, BallyduffJeremiah Brosnan, Meenbanivane
Mrs. John Tobin, Laught.ooder?Michael Keane, Toureenard
Nicholas W. Cotter, KnockbrackMrs. Patrick Sullivan, Feavautia
Mrs. Patrick Murphy, KnocknagoshelMrs. J. Casey, Meenleitrim
Mrs. Jerry ReidyFlorence Brosnan
Daniel Collins, CloughaneDenis Walsh
Johanna NolanMary Browne
Johanna O'SullivanTimothy O'Connor
John BrowneThomas Heffernan
Mary Jerh. J. LongMary O'Connor
Mary Heffernan, N.T.Mary O'Connor, Gortroe
David Brosnan, KnockbrackMrs. F. Brosnan, Knockbrack
Mrs. Kate Wren, MeenJerh. Piggot, Knocknagoshel
Mary J. O'Connor, KnockbrackJames Reidy
Mrs. Murphy, MeenJohn Connor, Meenleitrim
Pat NolanPat Collins, Feavautia
Michael M. Aherne, MeengenaireJohn Sullivan, Knockbrack
Richard Cotter, KnockbrackThos. Murphy, Knocknagoshel
Cornelius Moynihan, KnocknagoshelMichael Herlihy, Ballinacartin
Denis Murphy, MeenJohn McAuliffe
William Leane, ToureenardNed Cotter, Toureenard
Denis Lane, ShanbyGeoffrey Donoghue, Knocknagoshel
Patrick Roche, AhaneMargaret Hickie, Meenleitrim
Laurince Shine, KnocknagoshelThomas Pigot, Meenbanivane
Patrick Riordan, KnocknagoshelJohn Thompson, Knockbrack
Denis O'Connor, KnockbrackThos. Keane
Tim Cotter, KnockbrackJames Hogan, Gortroe
William Cullinane, BallyduffTimothy Griffin, Kgoshel
Jerh. Connor, MeenleitrimKerry K. Keane
Edmond ..ralle?John O'Connor
Michael McAuliffe, Knocknagoshel WestJohn Hickey, Meenleitrim South
Jerh. Reidy, Meenleitrim NorthJohn Downey, Laughtfouden?
Denis McAuliffe, Knochnagoshel WestDenis Long, Knocknagoshel
James Mangan, FeavautiaJohn McElligott, Knockbrack
James Reidy, BallyduffDaniel Sullivan
James O'Connor, KnocknagoshelDaniel Sullivan, Ballinahoun?
John O'Connell, MeenJerry Riordan, Kilmanahan West
Miss Michael Walsh, ClashnagoughGeorge O'Callaghan, Beheenaugh
Mrs. F. McAuliffe, ScartTimothy Sheehan, Feavautia
Julia Horan, ClashnagoughMary Murphy, Knocknagoshel
Johana Nolan, ScartPatt Nolan, Clashnagough
Mrs. P. Lyons, Meen 
Mrs. P. Connor, GortroeMrs. Richie Cotter, Knockbrack
Mrs. Jeremiah Brosnan, BaranarigJohn Brown, Scart
Mrs. John ConnorMrs. Maurice Downey
Maurice DonoghueDavid Reidy, Meen
Edmond CarmodyCornelius O'Connor
Charles CurtinJohn O'Connor
Edmond WalshDaniel Murphy
Thomas P. O'Connor, KnocknagoshelDenis Greaney, Meenleitrim
Tim Kirby, KnocknagoshelPatrick O'Sullivan, Ballinahoun
D.D. Curtin, MeenleitrimRedmond Roche, Lackbruder
James Murphy, KnockachurEulick Burke, Knockbrack
Mary Doniellan?David Walsh
Timothy ConnellNicholas N. Cotter
Laurence WalshSimon Keane
Norah L. Leane, KockeencreenJohn Leane, Knockeencreen
John J. Greany, MeenleitrimDan Cotter, Meen
.ama? Cotter, Knockbrack?Ellie Doody, Knockbrack
John GriffinDavid O'Sullivan, Knocknagoshel
Thomas Walsh, MeenbanivaneWilliam Riordan, Kilmanihan
Timothy O'Connor, Beheenagh?John Enright, Nat'l. Teacher
Patrick O'Connor, KnocknagoshelJohn Casey, Meenleitrim
William Cahill, KnocknagoshelMichael Scanlan, Ballyduff
John Griffin, BallyduffJames O'Connor, Knocknagoshel
Patrick Sullivan, KnocknagoshelJames Morrissey, Gortroe
Batt O'Connor, GortroeDaniel Sullivan, Knightsmountain
Batt P. Murphy, MeenPatrick O'Connor, Gortroe
Timothy Moynihan, BallyduffKerry Keane, Knocknagoshel
Michael O'Connor, MeenganeareCharles Curtin, Knightsmountain
Charles Hartnett, KnocknagoshelDan Carmody, Knocknagoshel
Michael J. Keane, ScartTimothy O'Connor, Meenleitrim
James Walsh, AhaneCornelius Murphy
Jerry O'Connor, Menrare?Johanna Nolan
Maggie Reidy, MeenleitrimHanna Hickey, Meenleitrim
Lawrence O'Connor, GortroeDan D. Nolan, Toureenard
Joseph O'Connor, KnocknagoshelThomas J. O'Connor, Knocknagoshel
Joseph Murphy, KnocknagoshelJohn O'Connor, N.T. Knocknagoshel
Charles Donoghue, KnocknagoshelPatrick O'Connor, Knocknagoshel
Tim Murphy, KnocknagoshelThomas W. Roche, Kilmanihan
Michael Sullivan, KnocknagoshelJohn Riordan, Meen
Michael Walsh, ClashnagoughLaurence Murphy, Knocknagoshel
Mrs. Denis Curtin, MeenleitrimMrs. David O'Connor, Knockbrack
Mrs. Geoffrey O'Donoghue, Knocknagoshel Mary Curtin, Loughfooder
Mrs. Simon Carmody, BallyduffMrs. Patrick Nolan, Boula
John Nagle, Sgt., R.I.C., KnocknagoshelJames Sullivan, Con., R.I.C., Knocknagoshel
John Keane, BallyduffJoseph O'Sullivan, Gortroe
John Fitzgerald, Knocknagoshel WestJames Fitzgerald, Knocknagoshel
James Murphy, KnocknagoshelJames F. Hickey, Ballinatin?
Timothy O'Sullivan, BallinahounJeremiah Scanlon, Knockbrack

Names in Alphabetical Order

BradyEnright (Tch)LeanePiggot
CurtinHickeyNagle (R.I.C.)Thompson

Thanks to Ray Marshall for contributing this data from Knocknagoshel Parish, by Kieran O'Shea, Leinster Leader, Naas, 1991

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