The Munster Volunteer Registry - 1782

Munster Volunteer Registry 1782

Extract from: The Munster Volunteer Registry 1782

(Kerry is one of the counties in Munster Provence)

"It will be of interest, not merely to the general reader, but to the descendants of the various families whose names are associated with those who held command and officered the Volunteers, and to all Irishmen who are imbued with the true spirit of patriotism, and who rejoice in being descended from those who, to defend their homes from foreign invasion sprang to arms, and were equipped, armed and accoutred at their own personal charges. Not a town, village, townland or hamlet in Ireland but had its cavalry or infantry corps, until the flame of patriotism burst forth and shed its light and influence from the causeway to cape Clear and from the Tuskar Rocks to the Cliffs of Moher; the glorious result being that not less than 100,000 men stood to their arms, and by their unanimity and determination won for their country a free trade with England, in which the tax on irish manufactured goods was all but abolished, and commercial advantages were gained for the country, without which its industrial life, already but extinguished, would have been utterly destroyed."

Transcribed by Robert Day, F.S.A. President,
presented as a lecture to the Cork Historial & Archaeological Society
Published in the Journal of the Cork Historical and Archaeological Society 1894, Vol. II

County Kerry - Cavalry

Kerry Legion Cavalry January 1779:

Major Commanding Rowland Bateman
Captain Rowland Bateman jun.
Lieutenant Richard Yielding
Cornet Edward Gorham
One Troop. Uniform - Scarlet, faced black, edged white, silver epaulets, white buttons; furniture, goatskin, edged black

Woodford Rangers:

Colonel William Townsend
Captain - ??
Lieutenant ??
Cornet ??

County Kerry - Infantry

Royal Tralee Volunteers, January 4th 1779:

Colonel Sir Barry Denny, bart.
Lieutenant-Colonel Samuel Morris
Major George Gun
Captain Robert Hickson
Captain Edward Collis
First lieutenant Nathaniel Payne
First Lieutenant Robert Helleard
Second Lieutenant William Weeks
Adjutant John Lewis Fitzmaurice
Chaplain May Denny
Surgeon Robert Collis
Quartermaster Christopher Helleard
Secretary William graves
Two companies- one grenadier, one light. Uniform: Scarlet, faced deep blue, edged white, yellow buttons, gold lace epaulets and wings

Kerry legion, January 1779:

Colonel Arthur Blennerhasset
Lieutenant-Colonel James Ponsonby
Lieutenant-Colonel Henry Herbert
Major William Blennerhasset
Major William Godfrey
Captain Uriah Sealy
Captain Arthur Herbert
Captain Richard Meredith
Captain Thomas Blennerhasset
Captain Anthony Godfrey
Captain Whitwell Butler
Captain John Markham
Lieutenant John Sanders
Lieutenant Edward Herbert
Lieutenant Edward Blennerhasset
Lieutenant Richard blennerhasset
Lieutenant John Godfrey
Ensign Francis Fitzgerald
Adjutant and Secretary John Hurley
Chaplain John Blennerhasset
Surgeon Thomas Connell
Quartermaster Garret Barry
Seven companies. One grenadier, five battalion, one light. Uniform: Scarlet, faced black, edged white, white buttons

Killarney Foresters, 1779:
Captain Commandant Thomas Galway

Gunsborough Union, 1779:
Colonel George Gun

Miltown Fusileers:
Major Commandant William Godfrey

Laune Rangers:
Colonel Rowland Blennerhasset

Dromore Volunteers:
Colonel John Mahony

Kerry legion, January 1779:
Blennerhasset... The Volunteers
By Walter McElligott, January 2003

Irishmen of true patriot spirit are called to hear
Rejoice in your roots to Eire guards against strangers near
Irishmen who sprang to arms at own personal charge
No town, villa, hamlet had its cavalry barrage

'Til Irish flame of patriotism first shed its light
From Kerry’s Causeway to Cape Clear
Tuskar Rocks to Cliffs of Moher
Irishmen to arms in glory

Stood tall to win for their country
Open trade with England’s Queen
Irish goods tax did end
Commerce rewards were gained
Before industry disdained

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