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A Kerry researcher just like yourself has shared with us her research of "extracted" marriage information on surnames she was researching, for herself and others. These come from a microfilm of the Roman Catholic parish registers from Killarney, Kerry, from 1792 to 1880.

These extracts are all marriages listed on pages with selected surnames including Courane, Courtney, Hartnett, Harrington, F's including Forhane, some Ds and Ss, and of course the spouses. The names are presented first by the page they appeared on, then organized alphabetically by the selected surnames.

This data extraction was obtained from a film that you can rent yourself from your local LDS/FHC* ; The title and order number for the film are:

Parish register printouts of Killarney, Kerry, Ireland, (Roman Catholic Church), marriages, 1792-1880 Batch #M70090-1 Microfilm # 08838851, and K- 92309 0883851.

If you find ancestor information that you want a copy of, or do further research on, or have further questions on... write down the above information about the film name and number, along with all the information about the data you found here on your ancestor and take it to the local LDS/FHC nearest you. They can help you learn how to proceed.

* To locate your nearest LDS/FHC; look in the phone book, in the white pages under Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints. Call the number and ask where their closest Family History Center (FHC) is. They welcome the public and want to share their resources. The FHC is a resource not to be missed by any serious researcher!

Thanks to Shannon Courtney and Bridget Smith for contributing this data, and to Ann Hammer for putting it into an easy format for you to use!

If you have similar data, especially from this record, why not consider contributing it?
Contact Waterlilys.


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Hope you find this helpful!