Gravestone Inscriptions of Kerry emigrants, Hadley, MA

Gravestone Inscriptions of Kerry emigrants,
St. Brigid's Cemetery, Hadley, MA

"Kerry Researchers,

I have searched the graveyard in Hadley, Massachusetts, for headstones with Kerry mentioned as a place of birth.The following are inscriptions taken from these headstones.

PLEASE NOTE: I am only related to Dennis Kelley. I am NOT related to any of the other persons listed. I am posting this list to help anyone researching any of these names. Please do not ask for any other info from me except what I may know about Dennis Kelley. I do not know anything more about any of the others. Thank you." Patsy

St. Brigid's Cemetery, Hadley, MA

(Holds burial sites for Amherst and Hadley Residents)

KELLEY, Dennis
Born at Glenflesk, Co. Kerry, Ireland
died July 9, 1898 age 54 yrs

SCANNELL, Jeremiah R.
born at Rathmore, Co Kerry, Ireland
died 2/24/1897 age 74
Mary GARVEY, his wife
born at Clahane, Co. Kerry, Ireland
died 1/6/1904 age 73
son John died 11/26/1876 15 yrs

born at Killarney, Co. Kerry, Ireland
died 5/8/1876 (year hard to read) age 50

born at Killorglin, Co. Kerry, Ireland
died 11/6/1897, age 65 yrs
stone erected by his beloved wife Catherine

MCCARTHY, Catherine
Native of Parish Dingle, Co. Kerry
died 6/13/1889 age 80 yrs
died 4/4/1910 age 72 yrs

JOY, James
native of Clarican, Co. Kerry, Ireland
died 4/2/1900 age 47 yrs
Mary RILEY Joy
Thomas W. Joy 1894-(death never put on stone)
Patrick Reilly died 8/11/1888 age 30 yrs
Mary A. died 9/20/1890 age 7 ms 5 ds
Mary E. died 4/4/1901 age 5 ms 5 ds

DOWD, Daniel
born at Brandon, Co. Kerry, Ireland
died 1/20/1905 age 77 yrs his wife
Mary MURPHY born at Clahane, Co. Kerry, Ireland
died 6/3/1892 age 53 yrs
Honora T. 5/4/1974-5/4/1928
Mary A. Dowd 2/27/1865- 1/16/1941
Catherine H. Dowd 7/14/1871-11/16/1941
Native of Kilmoyler, Co. Tipperary, Ire.

DANAHEY, Patrick
died 8/6/1881 age 30 yrs
Johanna FENTON wife
died 1/6/1890 38 yrs
Natives of Caherdaniel, Co. Kerry, Ireland
Johanna, daughter
born 11/11/1878 died 6/18/1911
Bridget, daughter 1876-1935

Born at Killorglin, Co. Kerry, Ireland
died 4/1/1894 age 65 yrs
his wife Johanna died 8/10/1900 age 80 yrs

GRIFFIN, Lawrence
died at Currens, Co, Kerry, Ireland
1/21/1889 age 43 yrs
his wife, Ellen L. Griffin
died 11/28/1910 age 73 yrs
Nellie Griffin
wife of Daniel PERON
died 9/29/1901 age 25 yrs
John L. Griffin
died 3/4/1915 age 45 yrs
Johanna Griffin
died 9/1/1888 age 19 yrs 6 mos
Catherine Griffin
wife of Nelson BALL
died 5/21/1898 age 24 yrs

NOTE: St. Brigid's Parish is at 122 N. Pleasant St., Amherst, MA 01002, if you'd like to write to them. I don't know if they would respond.

Hope this helps someone.

Many thanks to Patsy for her work in transcribing this info and for sharing it with us!


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Hope you find this helpful!