The Townlands of Ballynahaglish Civil Parish
County Kerry
Civil Parishes

Ballynahaglish Civil Parish & Townland Map

Many thanks to Sean Ruad for this data from the IreAtlas Townland Database

Ballynahaglish Civil Parish
Ballynahaglish Parish, Tralee PLU
Trughanacmy Barony, Munster Province
Townland Acres Map #
Ballyea 153 2
Ballygarran 887 7
Ballymakegoge 756 9
Glebe 34 6
Kilfenora 123 8*
Knocknanarney 156 5
Lissodeige 411 3
Listrim 232 4
Tawlaght 373 1**

DNA = Does Not Apply. Read the explanation.
* Chapeltown/Kilfenora/Kilfinura/Kilferoma
1) *CHAPELTOWN is on a contemporary map and looks to be where Ballyrea is.
2) "Kilferoma" is on the 1846 Innertrust Townland list for this parish, which these maps are based on. Being somewhat familiar with the Innertrust parish lists, they are frought with spelling errors such as I suggest this may be. (there are many varient spellings of Irish names and places but this seems an error)
3) There is no such townland "Kilferoma" according to "Aphabetical Index to the Townlands of Ireland" 1851, which does refer to a "Kilfenora" in Ardfert Parish and is where the data for the acres for the townlands is located. According to our larger map of Kerry showing the parishes (Civil parish list and map) it does show a small unconnected part of Ardfert parish on the coastline of Tralee Bay, adjacent to Ballynahaglish. I also have a more contemporary map that shows "Kilfenora", with this spelling on Tralee Bay.
4) Also note, the Topographical Dictionary of Ireland 1831 has "Kilfinura" in the parish of Ballynahaglish.
Despite the often found spelling variations which I think Kilfinura and Kilfenora are, I think all three townlands refer to the same place - but depending on the year, my best guess is this townland may have been part of Ballyhaglish parish or Ardfert parish. There is no dispute on where this townland is located though, just what parish claims it. It is a village 5 mi west of Tralee on Tralee Bay. It has been described as a coast guard station in the vicinity of a limestone quarry. Suggestion, I would lean toward the 1851 & 1831 "nora" spellings as opposed to the 1846 "roma" possibility.~ Waterlilys.

** Tawlaght aka CHAPELTOWN


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