Transcription Form for Irish Property Valuations- Griffiths

Transcription form for Griffiths Valuations

Need a form to help keep the data straight in your transcriptions of Griffiths property valuations?

Kerry researcher Ray Marshall shares a form designed in an Excel Workbook. Print out the form and take it along to enter data directly from your resource. The "print area" is all set, so just hit "print" in the Excel task bar.

The form is designed to serve a dual purpose- after you complete transcribing your townlands, use the worksheet page as a template to enter your data into the Excel spreadsheet. Then share your work with other researchers by sending the Excel file to the County Kerry website host. We'll place the data in a web page, and your work will help the resources at County Kerry grow.

Its that easy and it helps the Co. Kerry genealogy community.
Note: For the Kerry site purposes, Land Area, Land Value, Building Value and Total Value are optional. Check Griffiths Valuations to see how others have done it.

If you do not have Excel, contact Waterlilys, and we'll explore other options.

If you are using Internet Explorer, or AOL.

If you are in Netscape, use the zipped file options, clicking Save Link As to save to your computer. Or you may request a copy of the file from Ann Hammer, which will be sent to you attached to an e-mail. Please mention Co. Kerry and the file for the form.

If you have problems downloading the form, tell me. Describe the problem, the browser you are using, and the version of Excel on your computer.


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Hope you find this helpful!