Fenian Trials in Kerry

The Irish Times, Friday, July 26, 1867

"The Fenian Trials in Kerry" - The Kerry Evening Post says that the excitement consequent on the arrival of Fenian prisoners in Tralee has not been attended with any special disturbance. Only on one occasion (on Monday night) were stones thrown at the police, and then only two or three. When Mr. Justice Keogh arrived Tuesday night his lordship was escorted to his lodgings by dragoons and police cavalry, but no violence was attempted by the populace, who assembled in large numbers outside the railway station.

The Irish Times, Saturday, July 27, 1867:

"Assize Intelligence, County of Kerry" - Mortimer Shea, alias Captain Moriarty, Jeremiah Daniel Sheehan, James Riley, Michael Foley, John Goulding, Timothy Connell, James Fitzgerald, Joseph Noonan, and Thomas Griffin were indicted for treason felony, and pleaded not guilty.

The Irish Times, July 29, 1867:

"Arrest of a Supposed Fenian Leader of the County of Dublin" - On Saturday the constabulary stationed at Dundrum arrested a man who gave his name as John Hayden on suspicion of being connected with the Fenian movement. It appears he has been remarked in the locality for the last few days, and was well provided with money. He is unmistakably of American appearance and costume, and at the time of his arrest had a number of French and American circular notes of considerable value on his person. He has been committed, on remand, to Kilmainham prison.

The Irish Times, July 31, 1867:

"Treating Feniansv" - In the House of Commons on Monday evening Colonel Stuart Knox wished to know if the right honorable member for Limerick had stated in his speech the other evening that champagne and other drinks had been given to Fenians on a late occasion in the borough which he had the honour to represent. Mr. Monsell said what he referred to had taken place, not in the borough of Dungannon, but in Dungarvan.

The Irish Times, Tuesday, August 13, 1867:

"The Fenian Trials in Kerry" - The assizes concluded in Tralee on Saturday, Judge Keogh having passed sentence on the convicted Fenians as follows: Morty Shea, otherwise known at Captain Moriarty, ten years's penal servitude; Joseph Noonan (recommended to mercy) seven years penal servitude; John Goulding and James Reilly five years' penal servitude.

The Irish Times, August 3, 1867:

"Emigration of Fenians" - Charles E. Joyce and Patrick Connolly, lately released from Mountjoy Prison, where they had been confined for Fenianism, on the condition of their quitting the British dominions, left Queenstown, by the outward bound steamer on Wednesday.

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