Mary Dugan's Travel Diary Notes- 1914

Mary Dugan
Travel Diary Notes 1914

These travel diary notes were contributed by Mary Trogg, Thanks Mary! It may be of interest to Dingle peninsula researchers or those with these surnames and place interests:

Dugan, Dorgan, Deen, Curran, Lyons, Tretten,
Supple, Lumery, Falvery, Bowler, Sullivan, Dalton

Garry Nadur, Minard, Dingle Bay, Lispole, Castlegregory,
Augharasla, Arraglen, Haxelhatch Sanitorium

"I thought you'd like to see a copy of the notes my father made from a trip diary written by my grandmother's cousin, Mary Dugan of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. I have yet to verify these names and as you can see the descriptions are confusing. I think it was a rule that every generation had to have a Mary, John and Michael. The original of the diary has sadly been misplaced. As you can see most of the names are Dugan and Dorgan, both families settled in Wisconsin and Chicago."
Mary Trogg

Notes from Mary Dugan's 1914 diary of her trip from Fond du Lac WI to Ireland.
Mary was probably 47 at the time.

1. Met by a Thomas and Mary Dorgan at the railroad station in Chicago. Lived at 7035 Winchester Ave. A John and Michael Dorgan called at that address to visit. Michael Dorgan had just built a new home in Chicago. He (Michael) is Uncle Michael's son.

2. Met in Chicago a Mrs. Mary Lyons, (born in Ireland), who was a Mary Dugan. Her father was a John Dugan who was Fond du Lac Mary's father's uncle.

3. In New York she was met by an aunt Anne and her husband John. They lived at 523 135th St West. While there, went for a walk with a John and Mary Dorgan who lived in New York.

4. Mary Dugan's father was born in Ballyheigue, Ireland, north of Tralee, County Kerry. Her mother, a Dorgan left Ireland at age six, year unknown.

5. In Ireland, met Mary Dorgan's brother Michael at Garry Nadus*(see note), (2 hours by train from Tralee?) Met an Uncle Thomas and Aunt Catherine in Minard, one mile from Garry Nadis* on Dingle Bay

6. Mary Dugan's (diary writer) mother, (a Dorgan) was baptized in the Catholic church in Lispole near Minard. In Minard, went walking with a Mary and Anna Dorgan. Also met a Mrs. Curran, a cousin of Mary Dugan's mother. Met a cousin P Dorgan at Aughacasla near Castlegregory. Met her Uncle John at Arraghin* (see note).

7. Met Maurice Dean, (Mary's mother's 1st cousin) and his son Michael Dean

8. Met a cousin Julia Dorgan, Uncle Michael's daughter, at Castlegregory where Uncle Michael Lives. Also met a Mrs. Mary Tretten, nee Dorgan, a cousin of Mary's mother, Mary Tretten's mother and Fond du Lac Mary's grandfather Dorgan were 1st cousins.

9. While in Castlegregory, went to Mass in the church her mother went to when she lived with her aunt Mrs. Dean at Kiel* (see note). Sat in the Dorgan pew. People referred to her mother as Alaine or Eileen.

10. In Dublin, met Mrs. Nellie Dorgan at Hazelhatch Sanatorium (see note), Mary's sister in law. (Diary doesn't say which Mary)

11. Met the postmaster at Ballyheigue, name of David Supple, who greeted her as Michael Dugan's daughter, Mary Lumery's granddaughter. He also told her "some 40 years ago, your father and her mother Mary Lumery left for Fond du Lac.

12. In Dingle, met a Mrs. Daniel Falvery, nee Mary Bowler. Her father Stephen Bowler was Mary Dugan's (from FDL, WI) grandmother's brother. The grandmother was Johanna Bowler.

13. In West Minard, met Mrs. Catherine Dorgan Sullivan and husband Michael. They had 6 children, 2 boys and 4 girls.

14. Puck Island, Mary Dugan's mother's birthplace. Visited the old Dorgan estate, now owned by a corporation in Tralee. Mary Dugan's grandfather Dorgan held a government job, which accounts for his beautiful home. At his death, they were obliged to vacate. The place and grounds are called "Park Owen after my grandfather, Owen Dorgan."

15. "Called at Presentation Convent. Met Sister Savior and Sister Bernard who were both Misses Supple of Ballyheigue, cousins of father. Sister Bernard, the younger of the two, resembles my sister very much. Father always said she looked like Nell Supple, Grandmother's mother. Her husband, George Lumery came to Ireland from England who with his father manufactured silk in England. George came to Ireland on account of his failing health and met Nell Supple and married her, remaining in Ireland. They had 2 children, Grandmother Mary Lumery and William Lumery who married Catherine Dalton, called Nana. They had 3 children, John, George, and Mary Lumery, Mary marrying mother's brother Patrick Dorgan. The other child (of George and Nell), Mary Lumery, my grandmother, married Thomas Dugan. They had 3 children, John, Martain and Michael, my father. Great Grandfather, George Lumery, joined the Catholic Church and was baptized on his death bed"

Mary Trogg
22021 E Princeton Circle
Aurora CO 80018

*Suggested place spelling variations

Garry Nadus,Garry Nadis ( possibly Garry Nudur, Minard Parish)
Arraghin (possibly Arraglen, one each in Cloghane and Killiney Parishes)
Kiel (possibly Keel, Kilgarrylander Parish)

Notes on Dugan Diary

Contributor Brendan Lynch adds these notes on locations referred to in the above diary transcription:

Point no. 5. Garry Nadus was Garrynadur townland in Minard Parish (= Lispole)

Point no 6. Arraghin was Araglin townland in Killiney. A John Dorgan lived in Cloghananode (next to Araglin) in 1901 census of Ireland (aged 65) and in 1911 (aged 80).

Point no 9. Kiel is short (and normal name locally) for Keelballylahiffe, townland in Killiney parish. In the 1901 census a Eugene Dean (aged 85) lived there. He was described as the father-in-law in the home of John and Mary O’Donnell.

Point no 10. Hazelhatch Sanitorium near Dublin. Still a hospital, it is now known as Peamount.


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