1901 Census, O'Brennan DED, County Kerry, Trughanacmy Barony
Co. Kerry
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1901 Census

O'Brennan District Electoral Division

These townlands, collated in the O'Brennan DED, are within the Tralee Poor Law Union, and O'Brennan Civil Parish. Note that the DEDs did not follow civil parish boundaries. You can check this information yourself in LDS Film 0840919.

Crag - Shanaknock

Crag Townland, O'Brennan Civil Parish, Tralee PLU
Note: For all, religion is Roman Catholic and birthplace is Kerry unless noted.
The Form B# is the same as shown for Enum.
Enum Surname First Relation Educ Age Sex Occupation Marital Lang
1 Kane John head R&W 68 M farmer M I&E
Kane Julia wife R&W 62 F b. Limerick M I&E
Kane William son R&W 32 M farmer's son S  
Kane Patrick son R&W 31 M farmer's son S  
Kane Laurence son R&W 27 M farmer's son S  
Kane Mary daughter R&W 25 F farmer's dau. S I&E
Kennedy Thomas servant R&W 19 M farm servant S  
Spillane Timothy servant R&W 18 M farm servant S  
Sullivan Catherine servant R&W 19 F farm servant S  
2 O'Connor Anne head R&W 56 F farmer Widow I&E
O'Connor Hannah daughter R&W 27 F farmer's dau. S  
O'Connor Bridget daughter R&W 25 F farmer's dau. S  
O'Connor Nora daughter R&W 24 F farmer's dau. S  
O'Connor Francis son R&W 23 M farmer's son S  
Cann James boarder R&W 25 M Ordnance Surveyor,
b. Donegal
Hughes Thomas boarder R&W 28 M Ordnance Surveyor S  
Curran Timothy servant R&W 21 M farm servant S  
3 Dowd Timothy head   65 M Ag. Labourer M I&E
Dowd Bridget wife   60 F   M I&E
Dowd Michael son R&W 28 M Ag. Labourer S  
4 Barrett Patrick head   80 M Retired Labourer Widower I&E
Barrett Letita daughter R&W 30 F housekeeper,
b. London, Eng
Barrett Timothy son R&W 33 M b. London, Eng S  
5 Buckley Michael head R&W 47 M Tailor M I&E
Buckley Nanoa wife R&W 45 F Tailor's Wife M I&E
Buckley Timothy son R&W 19 M Tailor S  
Buckley Willie son R&W 14 M scholar S  
Buckley Katie daughter R&W 16 F scholar S  
Buckley Mary daughter R&W 13 F scholar S  
Buckley Janey daughter R&W 11 F scholar S  
Buckley Michael son R&W 7 M scholar S  
6 Sugrue Timothy head   60 M Labourer M I&E
Sugrue Bridget wife   48 ? F   M I&E
Sugrue Thomas son R&W 15 M scholar S  
Sugrue Martha daughter R&W 12 F scholar S  
Sugrue Ellie daughter R&W 10 F scholar S  
Sugrue Mary daughter R&W 9 F scholar S  
Sugrue Batt son   7 M scholar S  
Sugrue Bridget daughter   5 F   S  


Shanaknock, O'Brennan Civil Parish, Tralee Poor Law Union, LDS Film 0840919
Note: For all, religion is Roman Catholic and birthplace is Kerry.
The Form B# is the same as shown for Enum. (LDS Film #0840919)
Enum Surname First Relation Educ Age Sex Occupation Marital Lang
1 Clifford Jeremiah head R&W 72 M farmer married I&E
Clifford Johanna wife R&W 62 F farmer's Wife married I&E
Clifford Jeremiah son R&W 35 M farmer's son married  
Clifford Mary D-in-law R&W 32 F farmer's Wife married  
Clifford Pat G.Son   4 M   S  
Clifford Con G.Son   2 M   S  
Clifford Thomas G.Son   1 M   S  
2 O'Connor James head R&W 60 M farmer Widower  
O'Connor James son R&W 25 M farmer married  
O'Connor Bessie D-in-law R&W 22 F farmer's Wife married  
O'Connor Ellen daughter R&W 30 F farmer's Daugh Widow  
O'Connor Minnie daughter R&W 20 F farmer's Daugh S  
3 Ahern John head R&W 55 M farmer    
Ahern Julia wife R&W 45 F      
Ahern Katie daughter R&W 23 F farmer's Daugh    
Ahern John son R&W 16 M scholar    
Ahern Norah daughter R&W 14 F scholar    
Ahern Bryan son R&W 11 M scholar    
Ahern Patrick son R&W 9 M scholar    
Ahern Michael son R&W 5 M scholar    
Ahern Timothy Visitor R&W 25 M farmer's son    

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