Explanation of Form A in 1911 Census of Ireland
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1911 Census

Explanation of Form A

The Form A of the 1911 census collected data on individuals. Census information describes it as: "Return of the Members of this family and their visitors, boarders, servants, etc. who slept or abode in this house on the night of Sunday, the 2nd of April 1911."

Below is an explanation of the data in each of the 15 columns.

Some of these columns are not always provided to the Kerry site, and two are routinely summarized in the tables. If the answer to place of birth and religion is the same for all individuals in a census report, it is instead noted in the heading.

Name & Surname

  1. Christian Name
  2. Surname
  3. Relation to the Head of family
  4. Religious profession
  5. Education -- Read &/or Write

Age & Sex

  1. Male Age
  2. Female Age
  3. Rank, profession or occupation

Particulars as to Marriage

  1. married, widower, widow or single
  2. Completed years the present marriage has lasted

Children born alive to present marriage

  1. Total children born alive
  2. Children still living
  3. Where born
  4. Irish Language "Irish", "Irish & English" or blank
  5. If deaf and dumb; dumb only; Imbecile or Idiot; or Lunatic


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