Letter from Causeway 1934

Letter from Causeway 1934

"The following letter was sent to my great grandfather, Michael O'Connor, in 1934 from his childhood friend Henry O'Connor. My ggrandfather had emigrated from Causeway to Bellows Falls, VT in 1888. I transcribed it a closely as possible." Barbara Janiszyn

February 23, 1934

My Dear Michael,

I got your most welcome letter today, You may be sure it brought to my memory the happy days of our youth spent in Causeway. How well you remember those happy days when we were free from worldly cares and as free as the birds of the air. How quickly the time flies. You and I have most of our time spent though. I am as youthful as I was 20 years ago. I am 40 years now with Priests. I was 5 years in Ballyheigue and 35 in Causeway as Parish Clerk.

Well Michael you would be surprised if you came to Causeway now to see all the strangers living there. All the old people dead and the young gone to foreign lands. Myself, Martin Casey the mason, Dan Donnelly are all of the old stock left. Young Tom Cantillon is living and married in the Corner house. I had a letter from Jack Lynch about two years ago from America. So I see the Lawlors, Reils and Jack Moore and Johnny Barry are gone to join the Majority. It is a funny world all the bother people get in it. What about Tom Moore, Mick Moore, Bridget Moore are they still in the lands of the living. How well you remember tattooing business down by the old well Couleen it was called. Many a day has past by since then Michael. It do make my lonesome when you make me recall those youthful happy days alas gone forever.

You mentioned poor John OConnell Blackpool. He died about 2 years ago. He left 2 Children a boy and a girl after him. His sister S Mary died a few mont(h)s ago. Deb is living in the house with John's wife. She is Quilter by name from Lixnaw. Pat and Babs Cantillon are both doing well. I see you remember the old song the Causeway boys composed by Thomas De Cantillon Church or as he was commonly known a Day Cantillon. How well you remember the old scenes and familiar places.

Do you remember when the Lynches, Naughtens and Tom Foley an(d) I were going to Rattinmorell School(?) What about the Lynches have you any account of them(?) I heard from a man who came home that one of them was a Black Smith in Washington Another a Police Officer.

I was sorry to hear all your Brothers and Sisters except you and Tim are dead. We buried Pat Boun(ue)(or Moriarty) of the Pound as they were called a few days ago he is the last of that crowd. I am very happy myself. I got a good wife I built a new house 2 children I got My wife is from near Caherciveen She was the book and housekeeper to Father McCarthy Do you remember the Glebe Of Plummers hous(e) that Henry OShea bought who was married to my Aunt he left me that field when he was dying it is opposite Flaherty house.

You remember Killury School where we first went (?) Denis Lawlor teaches there . His daughter got married last November to a School Master named Allman who teaches at Ballyroe near Tralee. Denis he has a son a Doctor and another in College to be a Doctor, 3 he has altogether. You remember Sarah Carmody at Hamiltons. She is the wife of Denis. She is a teacher also. My Aunt Miss B(endans?) who used to teach there is now dead. You remember my Grandmother Ms Fitz of the Public house. It is one of the Kanes of Ballinglanna son of Pat Keane. Well Michael you and I are about the same age. I am a year older than you. I was born in Dec 70. I will now conclude by wishing you a long and happy life from an old friend.

Henry OConnor
Parish Clerk

I believe I told you that Madge OConnor is married in Sandford and Katie in Causeway where the old house was. Her husband was shot by the IRA in Black and Tan time. They got a lot of money compensation. It was a terrible time entirely. The Tans were a terrible crush, they were the scum of England. I would not like to go through the same again.

Running from our home when anything happened. I will write you soon again. I am sending you the Kerryman. You will like the old home news



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