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Casey Collection - OCM - O'Keif Coshe Mang, Slieve Lougher and the Upper Blackwater in Ireland by Albert E. Casey,
Volume 1 Table of Contents

This is the Table of Contents of Volume I of the series O'Kief, Coshe Mang, Slieve Lougher and the Upper Blackwater in Ireland by Albert E. Casey. The 13-volume collection is a compilation of genealogical and historical records from the areas of O'Kief, Coshe Mang, Slieve Lougher and the Upper Blackwater in Ireland. It is commonly known as the Casey Collection, and also as the OCM, an acronym of the title. Read more about this resource.

Transcriber Maureen Gamble also provides a list of surnames in this volume.

These transcriptions are prepared as an aid to researching information in the collection.

As always, be aware that errors can occur in transcription, and researchers are encouraged to check the original source.

Chapter Description Pages
1 Map of Okief, Coshe Mange & Environs, AD 1602 Frontpiece
2 Preface iii, iv
3 Dromagh Castle, Seat of OKief iv, v
4 Poems of Knocknagree by Ned Buckley, Knocknagree, My Own Loved Knocknagree, Knocknagree Fair Field, He Was Not Long Going in the End, Irish Cross-Roads, The (Blackwater) Bridge, Ned of Knockacopple, on Hearing the First Corncrake, The Cuckoo, Knocknagree Races, Was to Go, The Lucky Ones, The Top of the (Knocknagree) Cross v-x
5 Land Owners in Drumterriffe, Cullin, Nohavall, Drishan and Killmeen Parishes (The O-Keeffe Country), Barony of Dunhallo, AD 1641 xi
6 The O'Keeffe Lineage & Dynasty of Munster Kings, BC 52-AD 1641 xi-xvii
7 Excerpts from Smith's History of Cork, 1774, on the History & Topography of the O'Keeffe, MacDonough McCarthy, O'Callaghan, MacAuliffe Areas Comprising the Barony of Dunhallow xviii-xxii
8 Land Owners & Rebels in Cork and Kerry, 1588 xix-xx
9 Statue of Desmond, 1578-1583 (from Gibson's History) xxii-xxiii
10 Description of the Upper Blackwater Area in 1844 by J. R. O'Flanagan xxiv-xxxiii
11 Poem by Edward Walsh: Margaret Kelly & Daniel O'Keeffe, the Outlaw xxv
12 Nohaval Cemetery & church of St. Finian xxix-xxxi
13 Pobble O'Keeffe, 1641-1844 xxxi-xxxiii
14 MacCarthy of Coshe Mang, 1581-1598 xxxiv-xxxv
15 Browne, Cronin and Coltsman Faamilies of Coshe Mang, 1583-1874 xxxv-xxxvi
16 Land Owners in East Fractions & East Parts of Kilcummin, Aglish Aghadoe and Mollohaife, 1641 xxxvi
17 Some Clonawliff & Duhalloe Rentals, 1661-1671 xxxvii-xxxix
18 Boyle Family (1566-1762); Fitzgerald, MacDonough MacCarthy Muskerry, O'Callaghan, & MacCarthy More Families of Desmond, 1425-1589 xxxix
19 Poets of Coshe Mang, OKief and Slieve Lougher (O'Daly, O'Rahilly, Odinneen, O'Donoghu, McCartain, O'Connell, O'Sullivan, Walsh xl-xlil
20 Charles MacCarthy Family of Lisnagaun, Coshe Mang, East, 1588-1717 xlii
21 Map of Cullen, Millstreet, Boherby & Coom Distr., 1864 iv-v
22 Tracings of Griffith's Valuation Maps, 1851-Nohovaldaly and Adjacent Parts of Killmeen, Cullin, Drishane, Kilcummin, & Ballinsuslane Parishes 1; 3-4; 8;
23 Nohavaldaly Parish, 1841 & 1851: Townlands, acres, valuation, houses, and population (male and female) 2
24 Griffith's Valuations, 1852: Nohavaldaly Parish 5--21
  Cullen Parish 29-42
Drishane Parish 42-44
Dromtarriff Parish 44-50
Kilmeen Parish 50-69
Kilcummin Parish 69-87
25 Maps of Parishes , Cork-Kerry Border 1845-6 45, 88
26 Surnames in OKief & Coshe Mang, 1851 87
27 Marriages Rathmore, Nohaval & Kilcummin Parishes, 1839-1874 89-120
28 Deaths In Cullin, Coom & Boherboy Districts of Persons born before 1830 121-244
29 Baptims Rathmore, Nohaval & Killcummin Parishes, 1837-1874 245-276
30 Distribution of Surname Buckley in Cork-Kerry Area 203
31 Deaths in adjacent parts of Drishane & Ballincuslane parishes of persons born before 1837: 1864-9 418-21
  1870-90 409-14
1891-1918 407
32 Kenmare Estate Records, Estate Office, Killarney:  
  Ledger 1770-1783 531-547
Ledger 1780-1790 547-551
Ledger 1790-1811 551-559
Ledger 1812-1826 559-565
Ledger 1740-1746 565-571
Ledger 1747-1761 571-576
33 Kenmare Estate Records, Excerpts from Kenmare Mss  
  Rentals 1705-1718 577-578
Acerages (sic) 1721 578-579
Rentals 1705-1864 580-582
Ledger 1724-1731 582-585
Kenmare's Private Notebook 1755-1757 585-606
34 Books of Survey and Distribution: Lands & Landowners, Baronies of Duhallo & Magunihy & parishes of Drishane & Kilcorney in Muskerry, & of Ballincuslane, Brosna, Castle Island, Noghavall, Currance, Bally McElligott, Kileentierna Parishes in Trughanachmy, AD 1641-1668 606-620
35 Down Survey Map, 1641 (Paris Edition) of Parishes of East Fractions, Kilcummin, Aghadoe, Aglish, Mollohaife, Killarney, Barony of Magunihy, County of Kerry opposite 620
36 Downe (sic) Survey Map, 1641 (Paris Edition), of Parishes of Nohovall, Drishane (Duhalloe Pt.), Drumterriffe, Cullin, Kilmeen, Clonfert Parishes, Barony of Duhallo, County of Cork opposite 620
37 INDEX  

Thanks to Maureen Gamble for transcribing this information for County Kerry, Ireland at rootsweb.com/~irlker/
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