Castleisland Marriages - B - in Casey Collection Vol. 4 and 7
Casey Records

Casey Collection

Vol. 4 & 7, Castleisland Marriages 1822 - 1856
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Note there are two types of records here- civil and church. The civil records lists the fathers of the groom and bride, their ages, marital status, occupations, home town, fathers, and date and place of marriage. The church records lists the couple, the date, and the witnesses and clergy.

Groom Bride Date/Location Witnesses/Other
Bailey Denis Galvin Nora 2-12-1850Sullivan Daniel
Devane Timothy - Rev. O'leary
Bailey Michael Keeffe Nora 2-18-1830Kearney James
Keefe Ellen - Rev. Collins
Bailey Stehpen Horan Ellen 2-23-1838 Devane Timothy
Clifford Ellen - Rev. O'leary
Bailey William Daly Elizabeth 2-9-1844 Devane Timothy
Connor Nora - Rev. William Brick
Barran Patrick Horan Mary 12-6-1847 Dolan Daniel
Connor Nora - Rev. O'Connell
Barrett Edmond Bradley Mary 2-11-1840 Devane Timothy
Loughnane Edmond - Rev.Fitzgerald
Barrett Edmond
Fa: Patrick Barrett
Gallivan Hanoria
Fa: Denis Gallivan
Scartaglen - Labr. - Age 40
Meelin Serv. - Age 30
Barrett James Cullinane Catherine 2-12-1846 Devane Timothy
O'ConnorHannah - Rev. O' Leary
Barrett John Barrett Mary 2-11-1839 Galvin Daniel
Kenny Michael - Rev.Fitzgerald
Barrett John Connell Catherine 2-2-1856 Devane John
Barrett James - Rev.Griffin
Barrett Thomas Dalton Nora 2-2-1845 McAuliffe Richard
Keane Rodger - Rev. Naughton
Barrett Thomas Horgan Mary 2-24-1840 Devane Timothy
Barrett James - Rev. O'Leary
Barrett William Flynn Hannah 2-14-1828 Devane John
Connor Samuel - Rev. O'Leary
Bastable Barth Hogan John (as written) 1-20-1845 Kenny Timothy
Horan Catherine - Rev. M. Naughton
Bourke Thomas
Fa:Bourke Michael
Connor Julia
Fa: Connor Philip
Kebane - Farm. Age F
Gneeves - Age F, Civil Record
Broder Denis
Fa: Broder Denis
Sullivan Mary
Fa: Sullivan John
Kilhorin - Labr. Age 30
Kilhorin - Serv. Age 25, Civil Record
Broder Denis
Fa:Broder Patrick
Prendeville Cath
Fa: Prend. James
Ballinahown - Labr. Age 22
Reneen - Serv. Age 23, Civil Record
Broder John Grady Hannah 2-19-1851 Devane James
Grady Nora - Rev. O'Leary
Broder Michael Doody Ellen 2-2-1856
Broder Nicholas Reilly Catherine 1-23-1825 GalvinDaniel
Garrick John - Rev. O'Leary
Brosnahan Daniel
Fa: Brosnahan Dan
Mc Carthy Elizabeth
Fa: Mccarthy Dan
King Williamstwn - Labr. Age 27
Knockdown - Farm. Age 23
Brosnahan David
Fa:Brosnahan Maur.
Connor Maria
Fa: Connor Darby
Knockbrack - Batch.Farm.Age F
Knockapricane - Spins. Age F
Brosnahan James
Fa:Brosnahan Jere.
Finnigan Honora
Fa:Finnigan Denis
Brosna - Labr. Age F
Brosna - Age F
Brosnahan John
Fa:Brosnahan Jere.
Walsh Mary
Fa: Walsh John
Islandary - Farm. Age F
Ahane - Age F
Brosnahan Laurence
Fa:Brosn. Laur.
Leane Honora
Fa: Leane Aeneas
Cnocincreen - Labr. Age F
Rahenagh - Age F
Brosnahan Michael
Fa:Brosnahan Jer.
O'Connor Johanna
Fa: O'Connor Mich.
Castleisland - Labr. Age 22
Beaufort - Age 21
Brosnahan Thomas
Fa:Brosnahan Pat
Downey Honora
Fa: Downey Darby
Ballyhane - Batch.Farm.AgF
Kilmanihan - Spins. Age F
Brosnahan Timothy
Fa:Brosnahan Pat
Leane Mary
Fa: Leane Maurice
Ballybeann - Labr. Age F
Toureenard - Age F
Brosnan Denis
Fa:Brosnan Denis
Fitzgerald Mary
Fa: Fitzgerald Edm.
Maol - Labr. Age F
Maol - Age 19
Brosnan Andrew Shanahan Elizab. 3-2-1840 Devane Timothy
Shanahan William - Rev.Fitzgerald
Brosnan Daniel
Fa:Brosnan Jeremiah
Fitzgerald Johanna
Fa: Fitzg. John
Bouli - Farm. Age F
Bouli - Age F
Brosnan Daniel
Fa:Brosnan John
Cullinane Margaret
Fa:Cullinane Dan
Scartaglen - Batch. Lab. Age F
Scartaglen - Spins. Age F
Brosnan Edmond
Horan Honora
Fa: Horan Jeremiah
Scartaglen - Labr. Age 25
Scartaglen - Serv. Age 22
Brosnan Edward Sullivan Elizabeth 2-9-1834 Brosnan Thomas
Sullivan William - Rev. O'Leary
Brosnan Hugh
Fa:Brosnan Patrick
Donoghue Jane
Fa: Donoghue Patrick
Castleisland - Batch.Labr.Age F
Castleisland - Spins. Age F
Brosnan John Bradley Mary 11-7-1840 Devane Timothy
Fitzpatrick Mary - Rev. O'Leary
Brosnan John Brosnan Ellen 2-17-1828 Devane John
O'Brien Michael- Rev.Collins
Brosnan John Brosnan Mary 1-30-1833 Lombard Richard
Leahy Catherine - Rev. O'Leary
Brosnan John BrowneHannah 3-7-1848 Brown Edward
Brosnan Thomas - Rev.Hallinan
Brosnan John Casey Ellen 7-29-1838 Reidy Maurice
BurkeDenis - Rev.Fitzgerald
Brosnan John Cronin Elenora 3-2-1835 Galvin Daniel
Devane Timothy- Rev.Fitzgerald
Brosnan John Flynn Margaret 3-9-1848 FitzgeraldDaniel
Flynn Maurice - Rev. O'Connell
Brosnan John Horan Ellen 2-12-1843 Devane Timothy
Fitzgerald David - Rev. Enright
Brosnan John Horan Mary 2-5-1834 O'Leary John
Lombard Richard - Rev.Fitzgerald
Brosnan John Horan Mary 2-17-1846 Sullivan Eugene
Devane Timothy- Rev. Naughton
Brosnan John HoranHannah 3-30-1826 Sullivan Timothy
Leary Daniel - Rev. O'Leary
Brosnan John Horgan Margaret 2-10-1846 Doody John
Prendeville Maurice - Rev. O'Leary
Brosnan John Houran Nora 2-19-1833 Devane Timothy
Leahy Catherine - Rev. O.Leary
Brosnan John Kelly Catherine 7-24-1833 Brosnan Denis
Devane Timothy- Rev. O'Leary
Brosnan John Kenneally Mary 2-27-1840 Devane Timothy
Fitzpatrick Mary - Rev. O'Leary
Brosnan John Kerin Leonara 2-23-1854 Kerin Timothy
Brosnan Thomas - Rev.D.Browne
Brosnan John Kerin Nora 2-21-1852 Kerin Timothy
Kerin Maurice - Rev.D.Brown
Brosnan John Mc Carthy Mary 2-17-1838 Devane Timothy
Clifford Ellen - Rev. O'Leary
Brosnan John Mc Carthy Mary 2-22-1841 Kenny Michael
Moran Daniel - Rev.D.Healy
Brosnan John Murphy Margaret 8-14-1829 KingsleyBarth
Kingsley Bridget - Rev. O'Leary
Brosnan John O'Leary Catherine 7-28-1836 PembrokeDaniel
Devane Timothy - Rev.Fitzgerald
Brosnan John Quinn Catherine 2-4-1834 Devane Timothy
O'LearyCornelius - Rev. O'Leary
Brosnan John Roche Mary 2-23-1830 Connor John
Twomey Margaret - Rev.Collins
Brosnan John Sullivan Julia 11-21-1841 Brosnan Martin
Sullivan Daniel - Rev. O'Sullivan
Brosnan John
Fa:Brosnan Michael
Jones Ellen
Fa: Jones John
Laccareigh - Farm. Age 22
Cordal - Age 22
Brosnan John
Fa: Brosnan John
Cahill Johanna
Fa: Cahill John
Brosna - Labr. Age F
Castleisland - Age F
Brosnan John
Fa: Brosnan John
McGuire Johanna
Fa: McGuire John
Castleisland - Batch.Labr.Ag.26
Castleisland - Spins. Serv.Ag 20
Brosnan John
Fa: Brosnan Daniel
Leonard Bridget
Fa: Leonard William
Castleisland - Labr. Age 22
Castleisland - Age 22, Civil Record
Brosnan Martin Hanifin Mary 2-24-1824 Lawlor James
Blank - Rev.Collins
Brosnan Martin
Fa:Brosnan Denis
Barrett Catherine
Fa: Barrett Thomas
Leapadoody - Batch.Labr.Ag 27
Knockathee - Spins. Age 21
Brosnan Maurice KeanHannah 12-0-1826 Reidy J.
Carney Bob- Rev.Fitzgerald
Brosnan Michael Brosnan Catherine 2-11-1840 Brosnan Cornelius
Brosnan Barth - Rev.Fitzgerald
Brosnan Michael Galvin Julia 2-11-1825 Devane Timothy
Lowery Thomas - Rev.Collins
Brosnan Michael Galvin Julia 2-14-1825 Devane Timothy
Galvin Timothy - Rev.Collins
Brosnan Michael Herlihy Ellen 2-13-1827 Sweeney Patrick
Herlihy Patrick - Rev.Collins
Brosnan Michael Hogan Mary 4-29-1851 Brosnan Michael
Hogan Catherine - Rev.Browne
Brosnan Naill Horan Mary 2-26-1827 Devane Timothy
Kelly Hannah- Rev. O'Leary
Brosnan Patrick Brosnan Mary 1-25-1846 Devane Timothy
Devane James - Rev. O'Connell
Brosnan Patrick BrosnanHannah 10-27-1826 Devane T.
Brosnan John - Rev. O'Leary
Brosnan Patrick ConnorHannah 2-24-1838 Devane Timothy
Clifford Ellen - Rev. O'Leary
Brosnan Patrick Griffin Catherine 1-25-1837 GriffinDenis
Hickey James - Rev. O'Leary
Brosnan Patrick Shea Julia 4-15-1845 Devane Timothy
Leonard Catherine - Rev. O'Connell
Brosnan Patrick
Fa:Brosnan Patrick
Murphy Margaret
Fa: Murphy Denis
Meen - Labr. Age F
Meen - Age F
Brosnan Richard Brosnan Margaret 2-16-1833 Connor David
Leahy Catherine - Rev. O'Leary
Brosnan Thomas Dennehy Nora 2-27-1840 Devane Timothy
Fitzpatrick Mary - Rev. O'Leary
Brosnan Thomas Hogan Margaret 3-6-1831 Brosnan John
Devane Timothy - Rev. O'Leary
Brosnan Thomas Hogan Catherine 1-30-1826 Brosnan Terence
Hogan John- Rev.Collins
Brosnan Thomas HoranHannah 2-7-1834 Devane Timothy
Galvin Daniel - Rev. O'Leary
Brosnan Thomas KeaneHannah 2-4-1838 Devane Timothy
Brosnan Daniel- Rev. O'Leary
Brosnan Thomas Kelleher Ellen 1-21-1834 Devane T.
O'Leary Cornelius - Rev. O'Leary
Brosnan Thomas Kerin Mary 2-9-1854 Kerin Timothy
Kerin Maurice - Rev.D.Brown
Brosnan Thomas Lynch Mary 7-19-1854 Lynch Maurice
Kerin Maurice - Rev. T.Hallinan
Brosnan Thomas
Fa:Brosnan John
Bradley Catherine
Fa: Bradley Tim.
Scartaglen - Smith. Age 30
Scartaglen - Age 23
Brosnan Thomas
Fa:Brosnan Patrick
Daly Mary
Fa: Daly Cornelius
Knockanebawn - Farm. Age 30
Knockanebawn - Serv. Age 20
Brosnan Timothy Brosnan Ellen 3-3-1824 Connor Cornelius
Sullivan Thomas - Rev. O'Leary
Brosnan Timothy Crean Mary 10-1826 Brosnan John
Devane Timothy - Rev. O'Leary
Brosnan Timothy Hogan Catherine 2-16-1854 Brosnan Michael
Hogan Patrick- Rev.Browne
Brosnan Timothy Keefe Catherine 2-17-1846 Reidy Maurice
Lyne William - Rev. Naughton
Brosnan Timothy LyneBridget 7-18-1823 DevaneDaniel
Devane Ellen - Rev.Collins
Brosnan Timothy Riordan Nora 2-8-1836 Devane Timothy
Brosnan Barth
Brosnan Timothy Sullivan Ellen 11-13-1833 Leary Cornelius
Devane Timothy - Rev.Fitzgerald
Brosnan Timothy Sullivan Catherine 2-2-1856 Sullivan John
Connor James - Rev.Hallinan
Brosnan Timothy
Fa:Brosnan John
Prendeville Ellen
Fa: Prend. William
Castleisland - Carman Age 38
Kilcusnan - Age 23
Brosnan Timothy
Fa:Brosnan Maurice
Savage Ellen
Fa: Savage Michael
Inchibue - Shopk. Age 25
Castleisland - Age 20
Brosnan William DugganHannah 12-9-1826 Duggan Maurice
Downing Ellen - Rev.Collins
Brosnan Barth King Margaret 1-13-1836 GalvinDaniel
King Julia - Rev.Fitzgerald
Brosnan Barth SullivanHannah 3-3-1829 GalvinDaniel
Brosnan Daniel - Rev. O'Leary
Brosnan Benjamin Kelleher Margaret 2-11-1847 Devane Timothy
Harrington John - Rev. O'Connell
Brosnan Cornelius Bradley Mary 2-10-1839 Galvin Daniel
Reidy Maurice - Rev.Fitzgerald
Brosnan Cornelius Brosnan Ellen 2-2-1852 Teahan Cornelius
Kenny Rodger - Rev.Hallinan
Brosnan Cornelius BrosnanBridget 10-18-1842 Devane Timothy
Fitzpatrick Mary - Rev. O'Leary
Brosnan Cornelius Casey Ellen 2-13-1844 Casey William
Sullivan Eugene-Rev. S.Brick
Brosnan Cornelius Connor Julia 1-9-1848 Horan Edmond
Loughnane Edmond - Rev. O'Connell
Brosnan Cornelius Connor Mary 1-29-1837 Connor Denis
Galvin Timothy - Rev.Fitzgerald
Brosnan Cornelius Connor Nora 2-9-1849 Collins Eugene
Connor Nora - Rev. O'Leary
Brosnan Cornelius Duggan Ellen 2-22-1844 Brosnan Denis
Devane Timothy - Rev. O'Connell
Brosnan Cornelius KeeffeBridget 2-24-1835 BrosnanHugh
Keaney James - Rev.Fitzgerald
Brosnan Cornelius Mahony Nora 2-16-1855 Brosnan Andrew
Molony John - Rev. Sheehy
Brosnan Cornelius Mc Carthy Nora 1-23-1834 Lombard Richard
Connor Mary - Rev. O'Leary
Brosnan Cornelius Moynihan Nora 2-12-1844 McAuliffeCornelius
Sullivan Eugene- Rev. O'Connell
Brosnan Cornelius Nelligan Jane 2-28-1854 SullivanFrancis
Roche James - Rev.O'Leary
Brosnan Cornelius
Fa:Brosnan John
Greany Johanna
Fa: Greany Dennis
Knights Mt. - Farm. Age F.
Knights Mt. - Maid Age F
Brosnan Cornelius
O'Shea Johanna
Fa: O'Shea James
Meeharaheen - Labr. Age F
Knockafrequane - Age F
Brosnan Daniel Brown Hannah 3-6-1831 Devane Timothy
Leahy Catherine - Rev. O'Leary
Brosnan Daniel Scannell Nora 2-12-1839 Devane Timothy
Fitzpatrick Mary - Rev. O'Leary
Brosnan David Crowley Hannah 1-28-1833 Brosnan Daniel
Galvin Daniel - Rev. O'Leary
Brosnan Denis Brosnan Mary 2-16-1833 Brosnan Richard
Casey John - Rev. O'Connor
Brosnan Denis Dennehy Mary 2-6-1837 Nolan James
Brosnan John - Rev.Fitzgerald
Brosnan Denis Leahy Ellen 2-20-1844 Devane Timothy
Connor Nora - Rev. O'Connell
Brosnan Denis Shea Hannah 2-24-1843 Devane Timothy
Connor Hannah - Rev. O'Leary
Brosnan Hugh Murphy Ellen 5-1-1835 Devane Timothy
Lombard Richard - Rev. O'Leary
Brosnan Hugh O'Leary Ellen 2-3-1845 Devane Timothy
Sullivan Eugene - Rev. Naughton
Brouder Daniel
Fa:Brouder Patrick
Shanahan Kate
Fa: Shanahan John
Ballymclord - Farm.Age 25
Catleisland - Farm. Age 20, Civil Record
Brown Edmond Sweeney Mary 4-17-1834 Galvin Daniel
Brown John - Rev. O'Leary
Brown Edward Keeffe Catherine 1-24-1852 Keeffe Daniel
Leary Michael - Rev.D.Browne
Brown John Riordan Nora 2-12-1844 Browne Daniel
Linehan James-Fev. O'Connell
Brown Nicholas Galvin Mary 2-15-1852 Galvin James
O'Sullivan Eugene - Rev. O'Sullivan
Brown Robert Sullivan Mary 6-15-1836 Reidy Maurice
Murphy Michael - Rev. O'Leary
Brown Timothy Sweeney Ellen 1-27-1825 O'Sullivan Laurence
Devane Timothy - Rev. O'Leary
Browne John
Fa:Browne Edmond
Bruader Catherine
Fa: Bruader Thos.
Scairt - Labr.Age F.
Buaille - Age F, Civil Record
Browne John
Fa:Browne James
Brosnahan Johanna
Fa: Brosn. Darby
Cloghonaille - Farm. Age F
Buaille - Age F, Civil Record
Browne John
Fa:Browne Maurice
Curtin Catherine
Fa: Curtin Maurice
Toureenacuig - Wid. Lab. Ag F
Knockbrack - S Ag.F,Tailor, Civil Record
Browne Maurice
Fa:Browne John
O'Connor Ellen
Fa: O'Connor Darby
Cnockfrock - Labr. Age F
Cnocafnadam - Age F, Civil Record
Browne Maurice
Fa:Browne Maurice
Keane Julia
Fa: Keane Nicholas
Kilmanahan - Lab. Age F
Barranarig - Age F, Civil Record
Bruder Thomas
Fa:Bruder Thomas
Keefe Bridget
Fa: Keeffe John
Knocknashnair - Batc.Far. Ag.F
Bougachagour - Spins. Age F, Civil Record
Bryant John Cronin Catherine 1-25-1839 Moynihan Jeremiah
Grady Daniel - Rev. O'Leary
Buckley Daniel
Fa: Buckley John
Casey Mary
Fa: Casey William
Couguilla - Farm. Age 32
Dureen - Farm.Age 25, Civil Record
Buckley Jeremiah
Fa:Buckley John
Herlihy Catherine
Fa: Herlihy Daniel
Counguilla - Batc.Far. Age F
Mountfalvey - Spins. Age F, Civil Record
Buckley John Barrett Hannah 2-14-1825 Connor Brian
Collins Mary- Rev.Collins
Buckley Thomas Brosnan Margaret 2-15-1836 Devane Timothy
GalvinDaniel - Rev. O'Leary
Buckley Thomas Kennedy Hannah 5-20-1829 Devane Timothy
Buckley John - Rev.Collins
Buckley Thomas Leahy Ellen 7-23-1851 Wren Matthew
Kelleher Peter - Rev.Brown
Buckley Thomas McAuliffe Catherine 2-20-1855 Devane John
McAuliffe Ellen- Rev.Hallanan
Buckley Timothy Connor Catherine 12-5-1826 Devane Timothy
Fitzgerald John J. - Rev.Fitzgerald
Buckley Timothy Herlihy Julia 2-17-1833 Lombard Richard
Leahy Catherine - Rev. O'Leary
Buckley William Brosnan Mary 12-1-1827 Devane Timothy
Mc Carthy Elizabeth - Rev. 0'Leary
Buckley Daniel Bastable Ellen 2-27-1835 Casey John
Buckley John - Rev.Fitzgerald
Buckley Daniel Healy Margaret 2-4-1845 Devane James
O'Connor Hannah - Rev. O'Connell
Buckley Denis Barrett Margaret 3-26-1829 Barrett James
CallaghanDenis - Rev.Collins
Burke John Butler Julia 10-22-1822 Devane Timothy - Rev. O'Leary
Burke John
Fa:Burke Michael
Healy Margaret
Fa: Healy Jeremiah
Castleisland - Constabel Ag.34
Tralee - Drsmaker Ag 24, Civil Record
Burke Nicholas Allen Hannah 7-27-1845 Cotter William
Devane Timothy - Rev.O'Connell
Burke Redmond Barry Elizabeth 2-2-1856 Barry Thomas
Connor John - Rev.Hallanan
Burke Thomas Connor Nora 7-30-1829 Sullivan Timothy
Brosnan Timothy
Kearn Cath. - Rev.Collins
Burke Timothy
Fa:Burke Michael
Burke Ellen
Fa: Burke Redmond
Castleisland - Labr. Age 25
Castleisland - Serv. Age 23, Civil Record
Burton Denis Connor Ellen 2-24-1838 Connor Patrick
Devane Timothy
Buston Patrick
Fa:Buston George
Sullivan Honora
Fa: Sullivan Owen
Castleisland - Labr. Age 22
Castleisland - Age 24, Civil Record
Butler James Clifford Mary 2-17-1844 Linehan James
Devane Timothy - Rev. O'Leary

Nancy Sullivan transcribed and shares this data.

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