Casey Collection, baptisms on pages 541-542 of Vol. 7
County Kerry
Casey RecordsBaptisms pp. 105-108

Casey Collection

Baptisms on pp. 541-542, Vol. 7
Dec. 1868 - Dec. 1869

The names listed below are baptisms found on pages 541-542, in the Casey Volume 7, and occurred in Truganachmy and Castleisland. They cover a period from December, 1868 to early 1869.

Thanks to Catherine Fitzgerald for transcribing and sharing this information.

Note that the date is expressed as day/month/year.

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Page 541, Casey Collection Vol. 7, Trughanacmy
Child Father Mother Date Town
Honoria Patrick Cahill Mary Horan 15-12-1868 Knockroun
Johanna John Geaney Mary Donghue 20-12-1868 Toureenflugh
Johanna Patrick McAuliffe Catherine Linehan 24-12-1868 Knockacur
Bridget Kerry Connor Ellen Scanlon 29-12-1868 Hedley Bridge
John Owen Sweeney Johanna Foley 25-12-1868 Kilmanihan
Patrick Jeremiah Keane Honoria Kerby 16-12-1868 Toureenaquig
Mary Morto Donoghue Jude Walsh 20-12-1868 Lacfoder
Catherine Maurice Regan Bridget Ganey 31-12-1868 Meenbanivan
Ann John O'Donnell Mary Carmody 24-12-1868 Collegrane
Eugene Francis Keeffe Bess Keeffe 26-12-1868 Knockafughane
Maurice Richard Prendeville Kate Mullane 23-12-1868 Adravalle
Richard Richard Lucid Margarer Donoghue 27-12-1868 Knockatee
Catherine James Walsh Honoria Keane 01-01-1869 Toureenascarthy
Mary Michael Herlihy Bridget Leary *30-12-1869 Knockeenahone
Margaret Denis Colloty Mary Mahoney *26-12-1869 Dirreen
Michael Jeremiah Collins Jude Fitzgerald 03-01-1869 Lyre
John Michael Connors Ann Thomas 16-01-1869 Kilmanihan
Michael Denis Griffin Cahterine Mahony 13-01-1869 Killerihurt
Cornelius Cornelius Donovan Mary Walsh 04-01-1869 Toureengoun
Bess Thomas Nolan Bridget Leary 11-01-1869 Knockbrack
Daniel Daniel Horan Margaret Collins 17-01-1869 Knockeenahone
Cornelius Daniel Horan Margaret Collins 17-01-1869 Knockeenahone
Maurice Daniel Gleeson Johanna Murphy 23-01-1869 Cordal
Florence Cornelius Sullivan Mary Sullivan 19-01-1869 Cordal
Denis Cornelius Sullivan Mary Sullivan 19-01-1869 Cordal
Jeremiah Maurice Reidy Hanoria Ganey 18-01-1869 Beenletrim
Mary John Sullivan Honoria Aherne 27-01-1869 Woodview
Mary John Cotter Mary Sheehan 27-01-1869 Knock Crack
Daniel Thomas Carmody Julia Leane 28-01-1869 Ballyduff
Jeremiah William Casey Ellen Riordan 16-01-1869 Ballinahollo
Ellen Eneas Casey Mary Shire 26-01-1869 Brosna
Margaret William Curtin Margaret Guinee 26-01-1869 Gneeves
Michael John Keane Mary Connor 02-02-1869 Mullen
Jeremiah Denis Murphy Mary Healy 04-02-1869 Knockboule
Mary Patrick Lyne Ellen Murphy 19-01-1869 Ulla
Johanna Thomas Devane Margaret Brosnan 05-02-1869 Bararehy
Patrick James Bronene Honoria Walsh 01-02-1869 Knockranena
Ann Daniel Griffin Hanoria Callaghan 10-02-1869 Rahena
James Denis Connor Julia Connor 31-01-1869 Kilmanihan
Daniel Patrick Collinane Julia Collins 03-02-1869 Mountfalvey
Mary Daniel Ryan Mary Sullivan 10-01-1869 Ulla
Michael James Walsh Margaret Cotter 07-01-1869 Knockbrack
Daniel John Collins Mary Broder 20-01-1869 Brosna
Johanna No Entry Margaret Horgan 31-01-1869 Knockancunane
Patrick John Sheehan Mary Sullivan 13-02-1869 Boule
Hanoria Daniel Sullivan Hanoria Kerby 21-02-1869 Crinny
Mary Patrick Sullivan Johanna Sullivan 23-02-1869 Knockeenahone
Denis Patrick Brosnan Margaret Murphy 22-02-1869 Carrageen
George Patrick Callighan Ellen Murphy 24-02-1869 Knopague
Denis Cornelius Sullivan Margaret Linihan 05-03-1869 Kiluisnan
Patrick James Sullivan Mary Connor 27-02-1869 Lacfoder
John Timothy Horan Bridget Connor 11-02-1869 Knockeencreen
Richard Richard Walsh Honoria Horan 21-02-1869 Cordale
Johanna John Doody Mary Riordan 02-03-1869 Kilmanihan
Daniel Patrick Reidy Rose Brosnan 07-02-1869 Gurlroe
Maurice Jeremiah Leahy Bess Stack 23-02-1869 Crinny
Ellen Patrick Kerin Catherine Connor 26-02-1869 Knockroun
Bridget Martin Brosnan Ellen Brosnan 26-02-1869 Cordal
Simon Thomas Fitzgerald Elizabeth Aherne 08-03-1869 Glenlarhan
Johanna Michael Sullivan Margaret Sullivan 12-03-1869 Knockeenagashel
Thomas John Roche Catherine Keane 28-02-1869 Kilmanihan
Ann Timothy Casey Honoria Linehan 01-03-1869 Doire
Ellen William Leane Kate Murphy 02-03-1869 Lavalla
* These are the actual dates as they appear in the Casey Collection.
The transcriber believes the actual year was 1868.


Page 542, Casey Collection Vol. 7, Trughanacmy
Child Father Mother Date Town
Honoria Michael Reardon Johanna Daly 27-02-1869 Cummeenataggle
Catherine Patrick Morarity Catherine Jones 01-03-1869 Meal
Mary John Casey Margaret Evans 15-03-1869 Knockeenahone
Ellen Daniel Connor Johanna Connor 08-07-1869 Leahie
Patrick Patrick Murphy Ellen Connell 15-03-1869 Knockeenagashel
Margaret Daniel Murphy Mary McCarthy 17-03-1869 Knockeenagashel
Patrick Wiliam Connor Johanna Lynch 03-03-1869 Ballynahollo
Catherine Denis Keeffe Catherine Aherne 06-03-1869 Cordal
Patrick Con. Sullivan Bridget Broder 22-03-1869 Crinny
Patrick Patrick Murphy Johanna Sweeny 24-03-1869 Toureenmore
Mary William Eagar Ellen Quinn 27-03-1869 Cordal
Catherine Daniel Hickey Margaret Horan 18-03-1869 Raegloss
Jeremiah Patrick Gready Honoria Moynahan 19-03-1869 Coom
Julia John Healy Catherine Brosnan 08-03-1869 Knockeenahone
Honoria John Shea Kate Rahilly 22-03-1869 Brosna
Mary Michael Leane Johanna Sheehy 09-03-1869 Mounteagle
Mary William Casey Bess Reidy 15-03-1869 Knockardtry
Andrew John Bourke Ellen Sullivan 22-03-1869 Cordal
Honoria John Bourke Julia Connor 22-03-1869 Knockafughane


Page 542, Casey Collection Vol. 7, Castleisland
Child Father Mother Date Town
Honoria Batt Connor Mary Connor 23-12-1868 Vloghools
John Jeremiah Lane Honoria Brosnan 15-12-1868 Glounaneenta
Ellen Daniel Sullivan Ellen Connor 22-12-1868 Castleisland
Michael Michael Mannisc Margaret Walsh 01-01-1869 Ballyantour
Margaret Cornelius Cronin Bridget Brosnahan 24-12-1868 Knockhorin
Michael Patrick Nolan Ellen Connor 01-01-1869 Carrig
Patrick Jeremiah Scannell Johanna Rahilly 06-01-1869 Castleisland
Johanna John Horan Ellen Hickey 10-01-1869 Carhue
(Male) Left Blank Hanorah McCarthy 02-01-1869 Castleisland
Mary Anne John Sullivan Margaret Connor 14-01-1869 Castleisland
John Patrick Cremin Mary Kirby 15-01-1869 Menginaire
Denis John Cremin Johanna Keeffe 13-01-1869 Menginaire
Honoria Thade Sullivan Norry Egar 15-01-1869 Knochane
John John McQuinn Margaret Leyne 08-01-1869 Knockane
John William Sullivan Mary Keran 15-01-1869 Castleisland
Patrick John Leyne Mary Gleeson 02-01-1869 Knockreagh
John Charles Leane Margaret Fleming 15-01-1869 Knocknagore
John James Greany Mary Flynn 19-01-1869 Menola
mary Patrick Sweeny Mary Connor 15-01-1869 Broughane
John James Connor Ellen Connell 18-01-1869 Reighagown
Mary Martin Curtin Mary Curtin 12-01-1869 Knightsmountain
Anne Jeremiah Sullivan Mary Connor 18-01-1869 Knightsmountain
John Timothy Callinane Honora Donoghue 25-01-1869 Castleisland
Bridget Michael Mahoney Catherine Sugrue 28-01-1869 Ratharney
Edmond Timothy Devane Margaret Brien 01-02-1869 Kilsarcon
Johanna Michael Kean Catherine Murphy 15-01-1869 Scartaglin
Mary John Flahive Elizabeth Eagar 25-01-1869 Brehig
James Denis Cronin Margaret Breen 18-01-1869 Castleisland
John Simon Carberry Mary Leary 28-01-1869 Clontarin
Daniel Maurice Reidy Margaret Carroll 17-01-1869 Castleisland
Michael Thomas Carmody Margaret Brien 25-01-1869 Kilbane
Thomas Timothy Lenihan Honora Connor 13-01-1869 Nohval
John Michael Brosnan Honora Kerin 31-01-1869 Castleisland
Ellen Timothy Heffernan Margaret Buckley 06-02-1869 Castleisland
Catherine Denis Lenihan Mary Perry 14-01-1869 Merigola
William Patrick Neligan Anne Burke 25-01-1869 Castleisland
William Daniel Casey Mary Connell 08-02-1869 Carker
Daniel John Downey Ellen McCarthy 01-02-1869 Knockhonin
Edmond Daniel Callaghan Mary Carmody 29-01-1869 Droum
Bridget James Fitzgerald Mary Leyne 09-01-1869 Dromoltin
Elizabeth Jeremiah Brenahan Catherine Leane 12-02-1869 Ballineedora
Charles William Dawby Margaret Connor 07-02-1869 Moyglass
John Michael Keeffe Ellen Lenihan 02-02-1869 Knockreagh
Catherine Sylvester Horgan Julia Kean 08-02-1869 Clountariff

This data was transcribed and contributed by Catherine Fitzgerald.
This page created January, 2002, for County Kerry, Ireland at


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