Casey Collection, baptisms on pages 105-108 of Vol. 7
County Kerry
Casey RecordsBaptisms pp. 541-542

Casey Collection

Baptisms on pp. 105-108, Vol. 7

The names listed below are found on pages 105-108, in the Casey Volume 7, 941.5 D2C. LDS Batch C700881, and cover a period from September, 1868 to February 1871.

Note that 1869 appears complete, and only a few months are included for years 1868, 1870, and 1871. Any abbreviations, lines, etc. are as they appear in the text. If some of the place names are spelled incorrectly, it's because the lettering was not clear.

Thanks to Bridget Smith for transcribing and sharing this information.

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Page 105, Casey Volume 7
Date Child Parents Witnesses Place
Sept 27 Michael Gallivan Ty Gallivan Michael Gallivan Knockeneribil
Mary Mahoney Hannah Buckley
Sept 29 John McCarthy Timothy McCarthy Jermiah Donoghue Killaha
Mary Donoghue Margaret Donoghue
Oct 2 Ellen Luoney John Luoney Jerh Callaghan Calfmount
Nora Callaghan Cath Luoney
Oct 3 Nora Donoghue Daniel Donoghue Daniel Donoghue Carigeen
Mary Fitzgerald Ellen Donoghue
Oct 4 Ellen Spillane Richard Spillane Mgt. Counihan Rusali
Abina Counihan James Counihan
Oct 13 Ellen Lambert John Lambert Ty Donoghue Headford
Elia. Lamberth Jane McCarthy
Oct 16 Michael Sullivan Daniel Sullivan Pat Sullivan Cuil
Ellen Sullivan Julia Sullivan
Oct 20 Patrick Donoghue Jerh. Donoghue Corn. Cahill Kelmore
Nora Cahill Nora Donoghue
Oct 22 John Murphy John Murphy Timothy Connor Anaghmore
Ellen Connor Mary Crowley
Oct--- Arthur O'Keeffe Art O'Keeffe John O'Keeffe Shrondraugh
Julia Buckley Mary Monihan
Oct 26 Margaret Murphy Pat Murphy Pat. Riordan Headfort
Mgt. Nagle Cath. Murphy
Nov 1 Julia Luiney John Luiney Edmund Spillane Crostown
Mgt. Sullivan Julia Spillane
Nov 5 Corn. Lynch Daniel Lynch Giles Cooper Deirnicladode
Mary Cooper Mgt. Lynch
Nov 8 Timothy Dineen Jerh. Dineen Timothy Reen Knocknobro
Hannah Moynihan Julia Dineen
Nov 15 Ellen Donoghue John Donoghue Hugh Donoghue Coomacullin
Bridget Shea Ellen Roche
Nov 19 Mary Sullivan John Sullivan Ellen Crowley ------
Mgt Crowley Ellen Crowley
Nov 28 Michael Warren Corn. Warren Ty O'Sullivan Annighmore
Nora Leary Nora O'Leary
Nov 21 Bridget O'Sullivan Hum. O'Sullivan Ty, O'Leary Cornhill
Ellen O'Connell Hannah Donoghue
Nov 28 Nora Keliher Corn. Kelliher Daniel Moynihan Carrigeen
Mary Moynihan Hannah Moynihan
Nov 28 David Fleming Michael Fleming Nora Sullivan Corrahiheehawn
Ellen Cahill Nora Sullivan
Nov 28 John Falvie John Falvie Art. Falvie Curraglass
Julia Luonie Mary Cronin
Nov 28 Ellen Donoghue Jerh. Donoghue Nora Donoghue Islandmore
Cath. Keliher Nora Donoghue
Dec 16 Corn. Moynihan Daniel Moynihan Mau. Moynihan Shronedrock
Hannah Moynihan Ellen Bowler
Dec 16 John Kelley Corn Kelley Wm Murphy Carrigeen
Ellen Reardon Hannah Murphy
Dec 16 Charles O'Connell John O'Connell Timothy Luoney Kealmore
Hannah Donoghue Hannah Donoghue
Dec 16 Michael Kelihine John Kelihine John Healy Deirireagh
--- Hannah Moynihan
Dec 18 John Brosnan Timothy Brosnan John Brosnan Knuckoranish
Eliz. Leary Cath. Brosnan
Dec 22 Ann Lucey Michael Lucey Ty Cronin Cumeenareasack
Hannah Hagarty Eliz Hagarty
Dec 22 Daniel Doherty Michael Doherty James Doherty Carrigeen
Hannah Donoghue J Shea
Dec -Edmund Williams Michael Williams ---- Gurthgarrive
Julia Donoghue
Dec Hannah Bowler Edmund Bowler Mary Healy Shronedrack
Mary Moynihan Mary Healy
p. 106, Casey Volume 7
Dec 29 Ellen Leary Jeremiah Leary Hannah Leary Soxmilebridge
Hannah Cronin
Dec 31 Ellen Healy Jeremiah Healy James Healy Knockanes
Mary Reardon Hannah McCarthy


p. 106, Casey Volume 7
Date Child Parents Witnesses Place
Jan 3 John Healy Michael Healy John Lehane Derrymacdoree
Julia Toomy Mary Toomy
Jan 9 Catherine Reardon Timothy Reardon Martin Culity Annach
Nora Culity Catherine Lynch
Jan 9 John Donoghue Daniel Donoghue Pat. Donoghue Barraduv
Mgt Callaghan Catn. Sullivan
Jan David Lynch John Lynch John Linihan Gurthichuish
Mgt Linihan Cath. Lynch
Jan Mary Donoghue John Donoghue James Doherty Gurthlika
Mary Hartnett Mary Doherty
Jan--- Margaret Connell Daniel Connell Jermiah Ford Derinchilligh
Ellen Ford Mgt Den____
Jan 11 James Doherty Michael Doherty A. Gallivan Carigeen
Hannah Donoghue Mary Gallivan
Jan--- John Doherty James Doherty D. Doherty Knockanes
Hannah Heagerty ___Heagerty
Jan 15 Denis Leary Jerh. Leary Eugene Murphy Knockaemeris
Ellen Murphy Mary Cronin
Jan 18 Mgt Leary Denis Leary John Lucy Coominivrick
Abina Lucey Mary McCarthy
Jan 18 Julia Sullivan Daniel Sullivan Daniel Sullivan Clohane
Ellen Connell Mary Sullivan
Jan 20 EllenCahill JohnCahill Pat.Cahill Oldbridge
Cath Cahill Mgt Cahill
Apr 17 Mary Casey Michael Casey Corn Healy Cocmichillon
Hannah Healy Mary Heagerty
Apr 16 Hannah Lucey Abina Denis Debora Lucey Deireroagh
Abina Lucey Patrick Donoghue
p. 107, Casey Volume 7
Apr 20 Timothy Cronin Timothy Cronin Michael Cronin Derrinifini
Nora Buckley Hannah Lynch
Apr 19 Michael Sullivan Daniel Sullivan Ml Sullivan Glounlea
Ellen Connell Bridget Sullivan
Apr 24 John Casey Thomas Casey Denis Donoghue Coomichillin
Ellen Roach Denis Donoghue
Apr 29 Hannah Doherty Corn Doherty John Murphy Sixmilebridge
Mgt Connor Cath Murphy
Apr 25 Daniel Lynch John Lynch Daniel Kelihine Clounkeen
Mgt Kelihine Mgt Kelihine
Apr 25 Bridget Doodey Pat Doodey John Doodey Droumhaluck
Hannah Heagerty Ellen Doodey
May 5 Hannah Dogherty Daniel Doherty Jerh Line Annagh
Mary Kelly Hannah Kelly
May 9 Hannah Donoghue Pat Donoghue Daniel Doherty Gorthnikelle
Bridget Kelly Eliz Sweeney
May 10 John Donoghue Michael Donoghue Denis Donoghue Lisbabi
Mgt Kenney Mary Donoghue
May 14 Peter Wilkee Peter Wilkee Pat. Sullivan Oldbridge
Bridget Sullivan Mary Sullivan
Jun 17 Daniel Moynihan Jeremiah Moynihan Daniel Moynihan Shrondraugh
Ellen Kelly Mgt Moynihan
Jun 18 Patrick Donoghue John Donoghue Dl Donoghue Kilmore
Mgt Donoghue Mary Leary
June--- Corn. Leary James Leary John Crowley -------------
Rachael Spillane
p. 106, Casey Volume 7
Jul 20 Timothy Donoghue Ty Donoghue Ty Cahill Annagh
Hannah Culity Mary Cahill
July 21 Catherine Scannell Ml Scannell Patrick Donoghue Rusali
Nora Donoghue Mary Donoghue
Jul 20 Catherine Dineen Michael Dineen Mort. Kelihine Crostown
Eileen Dineen Eliz Fitzgerald
July 27 Catherine O'Connor Ty. O' Connor Ty, Murphy Deirirkane
Hannah Healy Mary Healy
Aug 28 Hannah Donoghue John Donoghue Syl. Donoghue Curriglass
Ellen Sullivan Mgt Donoghue
Aug 2 Jeremiah Healy Daniel Healy Ty Leary Doiriviclavode
Mary Connor Julia T---
Aug 11 Daniel Lochane Pat Lochane ----- Clounkeen
Catherine Riordan -----
Sept 9 Timothy Riordan Corn. Riordan Jeremiah Cronin Annagh
Ellen Cronin Mary Sheehan
Sept 30 Hannah Murphy Eugene Murphy John Leary Headford
Cath. Warren Nora Warren
Sep 14 Catherine Kelley Barth. Kelley Daniel Donoghue Oldbridge
Ellen Connell Nary Barry
Sept 16 Patrick Murphy Ty Murphy James Brian Knockanes
Hannah Brian Julia Brian
Sept 17 John McGillicuddy Flo. McGuilcuddy Mau. McGillicuddy Clohane
Julia Counihan Hannah Counihan
Sept 17 Julia Brian John Brian Timothy Brian Carigbee
Julia Cronin Nora Riordan
Sept--- Hannah Butler Michael Butler Daniel Brian Dorreen
Mary Brian Mary Connor
p. 107
Sept 4 Mary Moynihan John Moynihan Denis Moynihan Sixmilebridge
Mary Hooper Hannah Connor
Sept 9 Corn. Sugrue John Sugrue John Gallivan Cornhill
Mary Doherty Catn. Donoghue
Sept 12 Bridget Shine Michael Shine Corn Sullivan Artigalivan
Mary Sullivan Bridget Sullivan
Oct 8 Margaret Healy Michael Healy John Healy Garees
Ellen Donoghue Hannah Cronin
Oct 24 Catherine Murphy Dl. Murphy Peter Falvey Annagh
Cath. Murphy Mary Hickey
Oct 24 Denis Murphy Pat. Murphy Daniel Mc Carthy Gurthichuis
Hannah McCarthy Nora McCarthy
Oct 17 Julia Cournane John Cournane Hum. Donoghue Tullaha
Ellen Donoghue Hannah Cournane
Oct 22 John Kelihane Daniel Kelihane Pat Cournane
Julia Kelihane Mary Casey
Oct 23 Hannah Kelly Jerm. Kelly Pat. Kelly Ironmills
Debora Karrisk Bridget Kelly
Oct 25 John Luoney Daniel Luoney Jerm Kelly Dairibonane
Cath. Murphy Mary Kelly
Nov--- Mgt Donoghue Dl. Donoghue Pat. Donoghue Knockaneribil
Mary Cahill Ellen Donoghue
Nov--- Richard Leary Jerm. Leary ------- Knockanoniris
Ellen Leary -------
Nov 5 Margaret Crump Thomas Crump John Fitzgerald Annagh
Bridget Crump Bridget Sheahan
Nov 5 Jermiah Lynch Jerm Lynch Michael Lucey Deiriviclavode
Abina Sullivan Ellen Sullivan
Nov 11 David Connor Barth. Connor Thomas Keran Annagh
Cath. Kelly Julia Cronin
Nov 11 Jermiah Healy James Healy Denis Cronin Cuil
Catherine Healy Mary Leahy
Nov 11 Eugene Murphy Michael Murphy Pat.Murphy Headford
Cath. Murphy Cath. Murphy
Dec 3 Daniel Sullivan Daniel Sullivan John Leary Knockohhekane
Margaret Carrol Cath. Sullivan
p. 108
Dec 11 Jermiah Spillane Michael Spillane John Spillane Brewesterfield
Ellen Sullivan Ellen Sullivan
Dec 19 Henry Williams Michael Williams Denis Lenihan Gorthgarrive
Julia Donoghue Julia Murphy
Dec 25 Hannah Sullivan Jermiah Sullivan Ty Murphy Sixmilebridge
Cath. Sullivan Hannah Regan
Dec-- John Connor Pat. Connor Corn. Murphy Derrereagh
Nora Sullivan Corn. Murphy


p. 108
Date Child Parents Witnesses Place
Jan 1 Michael Kelihane John Kelihine John Donoghue Cleade
Mary Callaghan Abina Quil
Jan 4 Mary Donoghue Ty. Donoghue Corn. Leary Inch
Mgt. Leary Mary Leary
Jan 9 Bridget Keefe Pat. Keefe William Leahy Killeen
Ellen Donoghue Cath. Donoghue
Jan 11 Michael Tangney Michael Tangney John Healy Renieruhi
Hannah Healy Mary Healy
Jan 15 Corn. Lucey Daniel Lucey Corn Lucy Coominvrick
Ellen Murphy Hannah Holloran
Jan 19 Patrick Lucey Corn. Lucey Pat. Lucey Coominvrick
Cath. Lynch Ellen Lucey


p. 108
Date Child Parents Witnesses Place
Jan 18 Julia Sullivan Daniel Sullivan Daniel Sullivan Clohane
Ellen Connell Mary Sullivan
Jan 19 Mary Moynihan Pat. Moynihan Corn. Moynihan Inch
Debora Healy Julia Healy
Jan 21 John Casey John Casey Michael Lynch Glen
Ellen Lynch Julia Healy
Jan 21 John Casey John Casey Michael Lynch Glen
( Note: are same names) Ellen Lynch Cath. Donoghue
Jan 23 Pat Crowley John Crowley Pat. Crowley Oldbridge
Mary Kelihine Mgt. Leary
Jan 24 Hannah Doherty Daniel Doherty Daniel Moriaty Bunichumor
Mary Moriaty Julia Doherty
Jan 26 Denis Warren Corn. Warren Daniel Leary Annagh
Nora Leary Bridget Warren
Jan 28 Daniel Spillane Richard Spillane John Counihan Rusali
Abina Counihan Cath. Spillane
Jan 9 Charles Williams Henry Williams Charles Williams Glounlea
Julia Williams Mary Murphy
Feb 30 Catherine Donoghue John Donoghue John Donoghue Gorthgarrive
Hannah Donoghue Hannah Leary
Feb 5 Jermiah Lynch John Lynch Thomas Lynch Clounkeen
Mgt. Kelihine Mgt Lynch
Feb 7 Nora Sullivan Corn. Sullivan Pat Nagle Knockeeheckane
Ellen Nagle Bridget Fleming
Feb 12 Margaret Kelly Chris Kelly Michael Murphy Carrigeen
Ellen Donoghue Cath. Leary
Feb 14 Bridget Line Jermiah Line James Brian Annagh
Mary Brian Ellen Line
Feb 15 Ellen Healy Hum. Healy Daniel Kelihine Aneebeg
Mary Kelihine Bridget ---
Feb--- John Francis Rasney Peter Rasney Michael Rasney Headford
Mary Basney Cath. Basney
Feb 23 Wm Doodey William Doodey Pat Rourke Droumidhaluck
Eliz. Rourke Mary Rourke
Feb 19 Daniel Reiley Corn. Reiley John Riordan Carrigeen
Ellen Riordan Mgt. Murphy
Feb 20 Nora Donoghue Pat. Donoghue Jerh. Donoghue Aneemore
Nora Donoghue Ellen Donoghue
Feb 22 Eugene Murphy Patrick Murphy Ty. Kenedy Headfort
Mgt Nagle Julia Nagle

This data was transcribed and contributed by Bridget Smith.
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