Casey Collection, Vol. 5, pages 266-268, baptisms in Barony of Magunihy, 1864
County Kerry
Casey Records

Casey Collection

Baptisms in the Barony of Magunihy
Vol. 5, pages 266-268

The names listed below are baptisms in the Barony of Magunihy. They are extracted from pages 266-268 of the Casey Volume 5. Note: they are not all the names on the pages.

Thanks to Kathy Bochenek for transcribing and sharing this information.

Baptisms, Casey Collection Vol. 5, page 266
Date Child Father Occupation Mother Residence
Jan 21 1864 Ellen Moriarity Patrk. Moriarity labr. Ellen Donohue Gortdromakerry
Jan 21 1864 Elis. Fleming John Fleming labr. Ellen Glissane New Lane Killarney
Jan 22 1864 Mary Kelly Laurence Kelly labr. Ellen Kelliher Minish
Jan 27 1864 Danl. Sullivan Michl. Sullivan labr. Mary Muhill Clogheeran
Jan 20 1864 Elis. Connor Corn. Connor farmer Mgt Cronin Knocknahoe
Jan 23 1864 Brgt. Coakley Denis Coakley labr. Mary Sullivan Park
Jan 20 1864 Johanna Coakley Danl. Coakley labr. Johanna Connor Knockaniane
Jan 22 1864 Danl. Oconnor John Oconnor shopkpr Julia Reidy College St Killarney
Jan 28 1864 John Dogherty Patrk. Dogherty labr Honora Moynahan Park
Jan 1 1864 Mary Talbot John Talbot labr. Ellen Leahy Tullorum
Jan 1 1864 Julia Osullivan Michl. Osullivan hotel proprietor Brgt. Cronin Clogheeran
Jan 10 1864 John Lynch Patrk. Lynch labourer Anne Murphy Cools
Jan 9 1864 Andrew Scully John Scully labourer Brgt. Glissane Upr. Gurtecullane
Jan 9 1864 Danl Sewell Wm. Sewell shopkeeper Hannah Kelliher Henn St
Jan 2 1864 (female) Sheyler Luke Sheyler gamekeeper Jane Griffiths Park, Killarney
Jan 15 1864 Mary Foley James Foley farmer Johanna Murphy Kilbrane
Jan 11 1864 Debora Sullivan John Sullivan farmer Ellen Murphy Knockureigh
Jan 19 1864 Julia Healy Denis Healy farmer Mary Connor Kilbrane
Jan 2 1864 Thadeus Leahy Thomas Leahy labourer Mgt. Carey Faughcullia
Jan 2 1864 John Leahy Thomas Leahy labourer Mgt. Carey Faughcullia
Jan 24 1864 Ellen Sullivan Thos. Sullivan cattledlr. Ellen Griffin Newmarketlane
Feb 1 1864 Brgt. Sullivan Joseph Sullivan farmer Debora Lynch Knockinane,W
Feb 5 1864 John Rahilly Thos. Rahilly farmer Mgt Neill Knockeragh
Feb 2 1864 Mary Geran Jerh. Geran labourer Hannah Horgan Faughcullia
Feb 7 1864 John Kelly Edmond Kelly farmer Mgt. Fernane Minish
Feb 5 1864 Johanna Doyle Patrick Doyle boatman Mary Finnigan Killarney
Feb 8 1864 (female) McCarthy Felix McCarthy mason Mgt. Murphy Killarney
Feb 7 1864 Mgt. T. Arthur Patrk. Arthur police const. Mary A Harding Killarney
Feb 9 1864 Jerh. Connor John Connor farmer Ellen Mccarthy Ballahaccomaul
Jan 31 1864 Mary McCarthy Michl. McCarthy carpenter Mary Callaghan Killarney
Feb 11 1864 (male) Hurley Jihn Hurley smith Mary Brien Killarney
Jan 30 1864 Mary Connor John Connor labr. Mary Sullivan Ardagh
Feb 15 1864 Denis Lyne Thomas Lyne farmer Mary Sullivan Cools
Feb 17 1864 Mary Shea Denis Shea farmer Mary Donoghue Dromickbane
Feb 16 1864 Danl. Coakley James Coakley farmer Ellen Sullivan Park
Feb 21 1864 Mgt. Dawley John Dawley labr Elis. Raymond Killarney
Feb 22 1864 Mary Lyne Michl. Lyne farmer Hanora Healy Cools
Feb 10 1864 Mary Scott Peter Scott farmer Mary Cronin Carrigeencullia
Feb 18 1864 Andrew Regan James Regan farmer Hanora Murphy Knockaniane
Feb 21 1864 Johanna Sheehan Patrk. Sheehan labr Mgt Sullivan Turk
Feb 23 1864 Cath. Leahy John Leahy labr Mary Kelliher Gurtacullane
Feb 24 1864 Mary Rahilly John Rahilly farmer Mary Dwyer Tullig
Feb 28 1864 Corn. Sullivan Corn. Sullivan farmer Mgt. Leary Thermabaul
Feb 27 1864 Cath. Toomey Danl. Toomey butcher Mgt. Wheatstone Killarney
Feb 26 1864 Denis Sullivan John Sullivan labr Mary Buckley Tullig
Feb 20 1864 Mgt. Elliot Thos. Elliot gardener Debora Connor Dromyrourk
Mar 2 1864 Johanna Dawley Daniel Dawley labr Cath. Morgan Ballydrisheen
Feb 23 1864 Patrk. Doody Wm Doody labr Mgt. Lyne Gortacullane
Mar 9 1864 Patrk. Lynch Timothy Lynch farmer Mgt. Connor Bollock
Mar 4 1864 Brgt. Donoghue Danl Donoghue farmer Mary Lusy Gortdromakerry
Feb 23 1864 John Murphy Jerh Murphy   Kate Leahy Faughcullia
Feb 22 1864 Gilbert Mary Joseph
John Morrogh-Bernard Esquire Frances Mary Blount Sheheree
Mar 15 1864 Amelia Gibson David Gibson surveyer Honoria Morris Killarney
Feb 27 1864 Honoria Sullivan Danl. Sullivan labr Mary Hayes Knocknohoe
Mar 4 1864 Patrk. Burke John Burke labr Johanna Doody Tullorum


Baptisms, Casey Collection Vol. 5, page 267
Date Child Father Occupation Mother Residence
Jan 14 1864 Patrk Kelly Danl Kelly labr Johanna Sullivan Rossanian
Jan 11 1864 Jerh Casey Edmond Casey farmer Elis Clifford Connigar
Jan 9 1864 Mary McGillicuddy John McGillicuddy farmer Ellenor Shea Gearha
Jan 22 1864 Brgt Sullivan John Sullivan labr Ellinor Brosnihan Castlefarm
Jan 23 1864 Jeremiah Foley Denis Foley labr Hanora Manging Curracity
Jan 22 1864 Mary Enright Jerh Enright farmer Anne Hare Acris
Feb 18 1864 Patrk Bowler Patrk Bowler tailor Johanna Fourhin Gorthanavoagh
Feb 19 1864 Lucinda Obryan John Obyran farmer Lucindia Sullivan Flintfield
Feb 16 1864 Danl Mangan Danl Mangan farmer Johana Walsh Coolrue
Feb 14 1864 Elinor Lynch Patrk Lynch farmer Cath Reardon Rockfield West
Feb 21 1864 Patrk Chary Denis Chary labr Brgt Dunleavy Rockfield West
Feb 5 1864 Denis McCarthy John McCarthy labr Julia Prenderville Aglish
Feb 15 1864 David Fleming Thos Fleming farmer Ellinor Connor Droumultan
Feb 21 1864 (male) Healy James Healy mason Mary Gallivan Lissataggil
Feb 13 1864 Mary Shea John Shea farmer Mgt McGillicuddy Boolaallagh
Feb 24 1864 John McCarthy John McCarthy labr Anne Coakley Rohanane
Feb 6 1864 Wm Rearin Humphrey Rearin farmer Mary Walsh Killinthern
Feb 13 1864 Mary Barry John Barry tailor Ellinor Hayrs Rohanane
Feb 11 1864 Cath Connor Timothy Connor labr Cath Ryan Knockauncore
Feb 12 1864 Johana Moriarity Ty. Moriarity farmer Eliz. Carthy Liamaglia
Feb 10 1864 Johana Mara Timothy Mara labr Julia Healy Scarth
Feb 6 1864 Brgt Guina Patrk Guina labr Bgt Sullivan Budahins
Feb 17 1864 Cath Reardon Jerh Reardon farmer Eliz McEnrey Killinie
Feb 13 1864 Edward Godfrey Edward Godfrey farmer Ann Quinlan Dromore
Feb 16 1864 Julia Neligan John Neligan farmer Julia Henefin Gearha
Feb 18 1864 Wm Woods Thomas Woods shoemkr JohNA Clifford Balinvarig
Feb 27 1864 Mgt Summers Patrk Summers farmer Cath Murphy Droumrue
Feb 25 1864 Mary Obryan Bryan Obyran farmer Mary Sullivan Flintfield
Feb 27 1864 Patrk Corcoran Wm Corcoran labr Mgt Sullivan Lisheennacacca
Feb 26 1864 Mary Kelliher John Kelliher farmer Mgt Connor Liamaglia
Feb 24 1864 Patrk Sullivan John Sullivan farmer Eleanor Kearis Rahanane
Feb 19 1864 Mary Scanlon Barth Scanlon farmer Mgt Connor Mianus
Feb 23 1864 Patrk Connor Jeremiah Connor labr Mgt. ?unny Bushmount
Feb 28 1864 Patrk Murphy Denis Murphy farmer Honora Scannell Killfellinga
Mar 4 1864 Mary McGillicuddy Jerh McGillacuddy farmer Mary tangney Shrone
Feb 29 1864 Cath. Sullivan John Sullivan labr Mary Griffis Killiagh
Mar 9 1864 Mary Howran John Howran farmer Mgt Ahern Currah
Mar 9 1864 Ellen Howran John Howran farmer Mgt Ahern Currah
Feb 26 1864 Patrk Connor Jerh Connor labr Mgt Connor Bushmount
Mar 7 1864 John Brosnahin Michl Brosnahin farmer Mary Hussey Gorthinrue
Mar 1 1864 Mary Sullivan Jas Sullivan farmer Cath Ahern Gearha
Mar 5 1864 Ty. Moinahan Corn Moinahan farmer Mary Moinahan Ranolough
Mar 8 1864 Mgt. Downey Ty. Downey labr Mary Hurley Liamnagulia
Mar 8 1864 Debora Walsh John Walsh labr Elinor Kelliher Killfellinga
Mar 6 1864 John Reardon Jas Reardon labr Hanora Donovan Inchincummer
Mar 11 1864 Mary Mahoney Danl Mahoney farmer Julia Riley Rahanane
Mar 18 1864 Patrk Brosnahin Thos Brosnahin labr Mary Leary Knockatihade
Mar 9 1864 Patrk McCarthy Patrk McCarthy farmer Cath McCarthy Inchycullany
Mar 16 1864 Cath Cronin Barth Cronin farmer Cath Lynch Agliah
Mar 18 1864 Patrk Leary Denis Leary farmer Mgt Leary Sheane
Mar 18 1864 John Summers John Summers farmer Mgt Sullivan Ranalough
Mar 18 1864 Honora Brosnahin Thos Brosnahin labr Winifred White Cranagh
Mar 13 1864 Julia McCarthy John McCarthy labr Elinor Hays Knockadery
Mar 12 1864 Patrk Sullivan Eugene Sullivan farmer Cath Harrington Garraun-Darragh
Mar 21 1864 Elinor Casey Timothy Casey labr Hon Dunleavy Dromore
Mar 23 1864 Timothy Leary Denis Leary farmer Anne Sullivan Aglish


Baptisms, Casey Collection Vol. 5, page 268- partial extraction
Date Child Father Occupation Mother Residence
Jan 2 1864 Mary J Fleming John Fleming servant Mgt Moriarity Milltown
Jan 1 1864 Patrk Keane Eugene Keane sawyer Johana Slatt? Milltown
Jan 9 1864 Honora Moriarity Danl Moriarity servant Mgt Leary Milltown

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