Casey Collection, baptisms of Currow RC Parish 1801-1806, Vol. 4
County Kerry
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Baptisms Currow RC Parish, Vol. 4

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The names listed below are baptisms in Currow Roman Catholic Parish, (Killeentierna and Currens) in the Diocese of Kerry. They are extracted from Casey Volume 4, Casey Microfilm #0823802, and cover a period from 1801 to 1806.

This also includes the areas of Gortshanata, Inch, Sandville, Kilfilem, Gurrane, Kilfalney, Rathnalean, Beentuvane, Aughreagh, Killcow, and Glounleigh.

Thanks to Patty Pickett for transcribing and sharing this information.

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1801 Baptisms Currow RC Parish Diocese of Kerry
Date Child Father Mother
06-14-1801 Hannah Mangan Patrick Mangan Cath Hussey
06-15-1801 Hannah Keane John Keane Mary Hussey
06-15-1801 Julia Devane Tim Devane Mary Keane
06-15-1801 Nora Leary ? Leary Mary Sweeney
06-18-1801 Edmond Horan Ed Horan Abina Devane
06-24-1801 Hannah Foley Florence Foley Mary Cronin
06-28-1801 Hannah Donovan ? Donovan Mary Creane
06-29-1801 Mary Sullivan no parents
07-o4-1801 John Cronin Patrick Cronin Ellen Sullivan
07-15-1801 Ellen Connor Jerh Connor Nora Fox
07-10-1801 Hannah Clifford Gerard Clifford Ellen Connor
07-10-1802 Gerard Clifford Gerard Clifford Ellen Connor
07-24-1801 Jerh Brosnan John Brosnan Cath Murphy
07-24-1801 Ellen Brosnan John Brosnan Cath Murphy
08-00-1801 Mary Costelloe Jerh Costelloe Margaret Devane
08-00-1801 Cath Leen John Leen Cath Healy
08-00-1801 Mary Brosnan Timothy Brosnan Mary Reidy
09-00-1801 Ellen Kerrisk Tim Kerrisk Mary Sullivan
09-01-1801 Denis Scannell Michael Scannell Nora Kerrisk
09-14-1801 Jhn Hartnett Wm Hartnett Mary Hickey
09-22-1801 Cath Corkery Denis Corkery Mary Scannell
10-01-1801 Julia Connor Dennis Connor Mary Fleming
10-15-1801 Cath Kennedy Thos Kennedy Hannah Naughton
10-01-1801 Hannah Lazoon John Lazoon Mary McCarthy
10-00-1801 Thomas Reidy Corn Reidy Margaret Walsh
10-17-1801 Peter Lyne ? Lyne Mary Hussey
10-24-1801 John Collins Timothy Collins Julia Dwyer
10-27-1801 Julia Sullivan John Sullivan Mary Horan
10-29-1801 Timothy McCarthy Patrick McCarthy Mary Leary
10-27-1801 John Casey John Casey Ellen Russell
10-25-1801 Nora Twomey Timothy Twomey ?
10-29-1801 Mary Walsh John Walsh Elizabeth Talbot
12-05-1801 Bridget Keeffe Corn Keeffe Mary Connor
12-15-1801 Corn Creane Daniel Creane Ellen Russell
12-17-1801 Nicholas Tangney Batt Tangney ?Cronin


1802 Baptisms Currow RC Parish Diocese of Kerry
Date Child Father Mother
01-02-1802 John Greaney Thos Greaney Nora Kennedy
01-05-1802 Patrick Connor Maurice Connor Mary Sullivan
01-06-1802 Cath Brosnan John Brosnan Cath Cronin
01-12-1802 Patrick Hogan John Hogan Mary Daly
01-17-1802 Bridget Sullivan John Sullivan J McCarthy
02-04-1802 Mary Duggan Denis Duggan Nora Conor
02-04-1802 Hannah Prendiville Maurice Prendiville Hannah Conor
02-11-1802 Ellen Murphy Tim Murphy Mgt Connor
02-14-1802 Ellen Murphy Timothy Murphy Mary Scollar
02-00-1802 N.Lawlor Martin Lawlor Hannah Roche
02-00-1802 Nora Sullivan Andre Sullivan Mary Connor
02-12-1802 Mary Doody Denis Doody Mary Conor
02-24-1802 Timothy Denehy Philip Denehy Cath Sullivan
02-29-1802 Mary Scannell Denis Scannell Mary Culloty
03-02-1802 Patrick Foley Patrick Foley Mary Creane
03-03-1802 Jeremiah Riordan Daniel Riordan M Scannell
03-10-1802 Mary Devane Jerh Devane Cath Connell
03-12-1802 Matt Brosnan Jerh Brosnan Mgt Lyney
03-14-1802 Cath Shea John Shea Margaret McSweeney
03-18-1802 Elizabeth Sweeney Ml Sweeney Hannah Collins
03-00-1802 Mary McAuliffe Timothy McAuliffe Mary Horan
03-00-1802 Agnes Marshall John Marshall Cath Brosnan
03-00-1802 Margaret Mahony Ed Mahony Margaret Kennedy


1803 Baptisms Currow RC Parish Diocese of Kerry
Date Child Father Mother
08-07-1803 Jeremiah Savage Batt Savage Ellen Reidy
08-17-1803 Aeneas Williams John Williams Hannah Hickey
08-14-1803 Michael Sullivan John Sullivan Mary Morris
08-22-1803 Mary Sullivan Jeremiah Sullivan Cath Connor
08-24-1803 Maurice King Laurence King Mgt Daly
08-26-1803 Catherine Reardon John Reardon Ellen Burke
08-28-1803 Michael Kenny Ml Kenny Elizabeth Cahill
08-28-1803 Michael Griffin Ml Griffin Hannah Donohue
08-28-1803 Elizabeth Keane John Keane Mary Reidy
08-28-1803 Mary Collins Batt Collins ? Malone
09-14-1803 Mary Daly John Daly Catherinei Ahern
09-25-1803 Eugene Moriarity John Moriarity Cath ?
09-25-1803 Timothy Daly Daniel Daly Bridget Daly
09-27-1803 Julia Murphy Timothy Murphy Mgt Conor
09-27-1803 William Prendiville Thomas Prendiville Julia Dunlea
09-29-1803 Maurice McCarthy Eugene McCarthy ?
09-29-1803 John Shea John Shea Marg Egan
10-05-1803 Anna Lawlor Martin Lawlor Hannah Roche
10-05-1802 Ellen Lawlor Martin Lawlor Hannah Roche
10-12-1803 James Dunlea John Dunlea ?
10-24-1803 Daniel Daly Dl Daly Mary Mahony
11-03-1803 Mary Brosnan Patrick Brosnan Eliz Marshall
11-14-1803 Cath Lawlor Denis Lawlor Julia ?
11-27-1803 Margaret Cremin Daniel Cremin Mgt ?
11-24-1803 Ellen Dinnine Batt Dinnine Ellen Murphy
11-29-1803 Hannah Creane Pat Creane Ellen Russell
12-07-1893 Ellen Cronin Pat Cronin Mary Sugrue
12-08-1803 Ellen Kennedy Thos Kennedy Hannah Harrington
12-12-1803 Mary Teahan John Teahan N.N.
12-17-1803 Elizabeth Carroll Thos Carroll Mary Doran
12-19-1803 Eugene Sullivan Eugene Sullivan Ellen Leyne
12-21-1803 Eleanor Barrett Andrew Barrett Mary Collins
12-23-1803 Cath Prendiville Maurice Prendiville Hannah Connor
12-27-1803 Elizabeth Keeffe Timothy Keeffe Mary Conor
12-31-1803 Richard Meredith John Meredith Mary Chute
12-31-1803 Nora Reardon Jerh Reardon Mary Scannell


1804 Baptisms Currow RC Parish Diocese of Kerry
Date Child Father Mother
01-04-1804 Maurice Murphy Ed Murphy Catherine Murphy
01-08-1804 Patrick Sullivan John Sullivan Mary Horan
01-14-1804 William Twiss Frank Twiss Susan Boyle
01-18-1804 Bridget Barton Patrick Barton Catherine Collins
01-27-1804 Bridget Cronin Jerh Cronin Anne Brosnan
01-27-1804 Ellen McCarthy John McCarthy Ellen Foley
02-04-1804 Florence McCarthy Cornelius McCarthy no name
02-06-1804 James Brien Patrick Brien Julia Crowley
02-07-1804 Julia Connor Jerh Connor Mary Murphy
02-07-1804 Mary Bradley Ed Bradley Cath Kerrisk
02-12-1804 Daniel Quinlan Thomas Quinlan Mary Kennedy
02-17-1804 John Collins Timothy Collins Ellen Sullivan
02-18-1804 Ellen Corbett Denis Corbett Mary Kerin
03-00-1804 Thomas Flynn Ml Flynn Ellen Brosnan
03-04-1804 Batt Kearney Ed Kearney Catherine Slattery
03-08-1804 John Callaghan Thomas Callaghan M Barrett
03-11-1804 Denis Lyne Maurice Lyne Mary Hussey
03-12-1804 Corn Murphy Timothy Murphy Cath Sullivan
03-13-1804 Jeremiah Cronin Jeremiah Cronin Bridget Connell
03-18-1804 Julia Healy Ml Healy Eliz Scannell
03-20-1804 Patrick Galagh Timothy Galagh Eliz Galagh
03-21-1804 Catherine Fitzgerald Richard Fitzgerald J Neagle
04-02-1804 Batt Doody Denis Doody Ellen Conor
04-04-1804 Mary Sullivan noname Sullivan no name
04-06-1804 Thomas Griffin James Griffin no name
04-04-1804 noname Horan Maurice Horan N Devane
04-13-1804 Ellen Sullivan John Sullivan Cath Daly
04-18-1804 Nora Shea John Shea Cath Daly
04-21-1804 Hannah Harold John Harold Mary Roche
04-22-1804 Ellen Rooney Ed Rooney Anne Collins
04-24-1804 Nora Keane James Keane Hannah Kenny
04-28-1804 Julia Conor John Conor Julia noname
04-29-1804 Mary Cronin N Cronin no name
05-02-1804 Gerald Costelloe Jerh Costelloe H Sullivan
05-03-1804 Ellen Lassone John Lassone Mary McCarthy
05-03-1804 Julia Brosnan Jerh Brosnan no name
05-04-1804 Daniel Wren noname Wren Cath Cahill
05-05-1804 Jeremiah Dennehy Philip Dennehy Cath Sullivan
05--7-1804 Daniel Cronin Patrick Cronin Mgt Sullivan
05-07-1804 John Clifford Timothy Clifford Hannah Keane
05-14-1804 Hannah Hogan Timothy Hogan Mary Daly
05-18-1804 James Keane James Keane Mary Sullivan
05-20-1804 Mary Fleming of Glenbeigh no parents
05-20-1804 John Spring Henry Spring Hannah Keeffe
05-22-1804 Julia Donovan John Donovan Mary Shanahan
05-24-1804 Ellen Hogan noname Hogan Mary Casey
06-01-1804 John Prendiville John Prendiville Cath Conor
06-01-1804 Mary Brosnan Timothy Brosnan Cath Murphy
06-01-1804 Thomas Morris Ed Morris Mary Roche
06-08-1804 Catherine Daly John Daly Cath Moriarity
06-14-1804 Charles McCarthy Charles McCarthy Bridget Collins
06-17-1804 Gregory Hayes Thomas Hayes Ellen Walsh
06-18-1804 Margaret Brosnan Ml Brosnan Mary Galvin
06-19-1804 Nora Murphy Timothy Murphy Mary Scollard
06-20-1804 Ellen Fleming Denis Fleming no name
06-22-1804 Mary Cahill Corn Cahill Hannah Duggan
06-23-1804 Ellen McMahon Eugene McMahon Nora Stack
06-24-1804 Elizabeth Scott James Scott Catherine Conor
06-29-1804 Cath Nolan Daniel Nolan Margaret Lynch
07-06-1804 Margaret Hogan Ed Hogan Mary Sullivan
07-08-1804 George Conor Thomas Conor no name
07-09-1804 Mary Donovan Thomas Donovan Ellen Sullivan
07-09-1804 noname Brosnan Matthew Brosnan Mary Brosnan
07-10-1804 Daniel Kelleher Daniel Kelleher Elizabeth Reardon
07-24-1804 Jeremiah Culloty Ml Culloty Mary noname
07-27-1804 Corn Reilly Gerard Reilly Mgt Corkery
07-27-1804 Patrick Roche James Roche Nora Reidy
07-27-1804 Hannah Sullivan Denis Sullivan Ellen Brosnan
08-04-1804 Ellen Keane John Keane Mary Hussey
08-08-1804 John Moriarity Maurice Moriarity Cath Lyne
08-12-1804 John Horan Patrick Horan M Fitzgerald
08-12-1804 Margaret Collins Timothy Collins Margaret Galvin
08-18-1804 Hannah Coffee Timothy Coffee Hannah Fitzpatrick
08-24-1804 Ellen Sullivan Cornelius Sullivan Hannah Murphy
08-28-1804 Rachel Harold Richard Harold Agnes Connor
08-29-1804 Anna Cahill William Cahill Ch Prendiville
08-29-1804 N Cahill William Cahill Ch Prendiville
09-14-1804 Julia Brosnan Denis Brosnan Margaret Connell
09-16-1804 Hannah Brosnan Laurence Brosnan Mgt Reidy
09-24-1804 Michael Carroll Frances Carroll Ellen Rourke
09-28-1804 James Stack Robert Stack Hannah Brosnan
10-14-1804 Ellen Bradley John Bradley Ellen Creane
10-17-1804 Charles McCarthy John McCarthy Cath Hogan
10-18-1804 Anne Kelly Daniel Kelly Mary Brosnan
10-23-1804 Gerard Reilly Robert Reilly Mary Clifford
10-23-1804 Catherine Corkery Timothy Corkery Mary Mangan
10-24-1804 Catherine Casey Joseph Casey Cath Doody
10-24-1804 Cath Brosnan Joseph Brosnan Julia Mahony
10-24-1804 Timothy Kerrins John Kerrins Ellen Barrett
10-25-1804 Hannah Brosnan John Brosnan Catherine Brosnan
10-27-1804 Mary Drum Richard Drum Mary Burke
11-01-1804 Patrick Murphy Daniel Murphy Bridget Sullivan
11-01-1804 Michael Twomey Timothy Twomey N Almond
11-04-1804 Timothy Dennehy John Dennehy Mary Houlihan
11-16-1804 Julia King Matt King Mary Brosnan
11-17-1804 Mary Horan Jerh Horan Mary Hussey
11-20-1804 Ellen Costelloe Ml Costelloe Mary Sullivan
11-22-1804 Daniel Collins Ty Collins Julia Dwyer
11-22-1804 Mary Coffee John Coffee Mary Walsh
11-24-1804 Mary Healy Roger Healy Nora Sullivan
12-06-1804 Hannah Costelloe Wm Costelloe Margaret Brosnan
12-07-1804 Williaim Costelloe Patrick Costelloe noname Tangney
12-04-1804 Ed Duggan Ed Duggan N Mullins
12-07-1804 Edmund Hussey Corn Hussey Mary Sheehy
12-08-1804 Timothy Brosnan Daniel Brosnan Ellen Donahue
12-14-1804 Mary Twohey Patrick Twohey Margaret Leene
12-21-1804 Mary Barrett James Barrett E Mahony
12-26-1804 Timothy Reidy John Reidy Abine Conor

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