Select Cahill marriages and births, Ballybunion Parish, County Kerry, Ireland

Cahill Surname
in Ballybunion, Killehenny Civil Parish, IraghtiConnor Barony

Contributor Cathie Loudon provides these marriage and baptism records for Cahill families in Ballybunion, Killehenny Civil Parish, Iraghticonnor, Barony during select time period.
Note that names are listed surname first then given name. The asterisks after some dates are in the records with no explanation.

Marriages in Ballybunion

Bride Residence Groom Residence Date Witness Witness
Cahill, Mary no rec Connor, John Leansuchane 28/01/1845* Cahil, James Cahil, Robert
Cahill, Catherine Ballybunion Scanlan, Michael Ballybunion 11/11/1890 Cahill, Daniel Mulvihill, Ellen
Cahill, Ellen Trippol O'Sullivan, Daniel Meenogahane 22/02/1898* O'Sullivan Cornelius Scanlan, Mary
Cahill, Hanora no rec Langford, Michael Gortmaskehi 24/02/1852 Langford Patrick Molony, James
Cahill, Hanora no rec Mahony, Timothy Trippul 30/06/1868 Cahill, Daniel Quinn, Ann
Cahill, Honora no rec Flahive, Patrick Beale 16/01/1854 Walsh, James Moriarty, Daniel
Cahill, Joanna Ballybunion O'Halloran, John Limerick 11/07/1897* Cahill, Daniel O'Shea, Mary Ellen
Cahill, Johanna no rec Dineen, Thomas Tripul 25/02/1868 Doherty, Matthew Cahill, Robert
Cahill, Margaret no rec Mulvihill, Patrick Kilconnolly 10/02/1858 Power, James Barret, James
Cahill, Mary no rec Coleman, William Laughanes, Liselton 28/02/1843 Callaghan, Maurice Wolfe, John
Cahill, Mary Trippel Donavan, Patrick Beale 29/10/1871* Lynch, Michael Scanlon, Thomas
Cahill, Mary Ballyingoun Farrell, Patrick Lyre 03/03/1878* Foley, Michael Foley, Bridget
Cahill, Mary no rec Foulou, Timothy Tripull 11/02/1838* Cahill, Florence Foulou, William
Cahill, Mary no rec Kennelly John Kilconnolly 185? Cahill, James Kane, Daniel


Baptisms in Ballybunion

Candidate D/O/Birth D/O/Bapt Father Mother Residence Sponsor Sponsor
Cahil Honora 23/07/1866 28/07/1866 Cahill, John Brandon, Ellen Ballingown Brandon, James Collins Mary
Cahill, Bartholomew 17/06/1872 22/06/1872 Cahill, Bartholomew Lynch, Mary Ballingown Doyle, Bridget  
Cahill, Bartholomew no record 11/02/1834 Cahill, Thomas Carney Catherine Lihanes Duane, Mary  
Cahill, Bridget 06/01/1868 11/01/1868 Cahill, Bartholomew Lynch, Mary Lire Collins, J.  
Cahill, Bridget no record 00/04/1860 Cahill, Daniel Mahony, Johanna Killihiny Mahony, John  
Cahill, Bridget no record 25/10/1863 Cahill, John Brandon, Ellen Ballingown Cahill, Bartholomew Connor, Bridget
Cahill, Catherine no record 21/04/1865 Cahill, Daniel Mahony, Joanna Ballybunion did not copy  
Cahill, Catherine no record 17/05/1858 Cahill, Martin Kennelly, Margaret Kilconley did not copy  
Cahill, Catherine no record 02/09/1848 Cahill, Patrick Scanlan, Ellen Leansahan Scanlon, Cornelius Moriarty, Mary
Cahill, Cornelius no record 27/12/1834 Cahill, Daniel Moriarty, Mary Beale Cahill, Michael Cahill, Mary
Cahill, Cornelius no record 02/05/1845 Cahill, Robert Scanlon, Ellen Trippil Lynch, John no record
Cahill, Daniel no record 29/04/1841 Cahill, Daniel Moriarty Mary Tripull Cahill, Mary no record
Cahill, Daniel 01/05/1870 01/05/1870 Cahill, Daniel Mahoney Joanna Kilhenney Culhane, Patrick Culhane, Honora
Cahill, Daniel no record 27/08/1864 Cahill, Robert Scanlan, Ellen Tripol Cahill, Cornelius Cahill, Catherine
Cahill, Debora no record 08/08/1836 Cahill, Robert McElligott, Mary Leansehan McElligott, James Lynch, Catherine
Cahill, Elizabeth 01/08/1867 03/08/1867 Cahill, John Brandon, Ellen Ballingown Foley, Catherine    
Cahill, Ellen no record 14/01/1855 Cahill, Robert did not copy did not copy    
Cahill, Jeremiah no record 00/12/1861 Cahill, Robert did not copy did not copy    
Cahill, Johanna 28/09/1877 29/09/1877 Cahill, Daniel Deenihan, Johanna Ballybunion Walsh, John Lawlee, Mary
Cahill, John 27/03/1870 02/04/1870 Cahill, Bartholomew Lynch, Mary Ballangown Lynch, John Lynch, Mary
Cahill, John 08/08/1867* 09/08/1867* Cahill, Daniel Mahony, Johanna Ballybunion Gallivan Elizabeth no record
Cahill, John no record 25/06/1843 Cahill, Robert Scanlon, Ellen Tripal Lynch, John Donoghue, Honora
Cahill, Margaret no record 00/01/1863 Cahill, Daniel Mahony, Johanna Killihiny Mahony, Thomas Mahony,Margaret
Cahill, Margaret no record 02/11/1831 Cahill, James Cahill, Margaret Leansichan Shanihan, Margaret no record
Cahill, Margaret no record 25/02/1839 Cahill, Robert McElligott, Mary Leansechan Buckley, Mary no record
Cahill, Margaret no record 27/09/1856 Cahill, Robert Scanlon, Ellen Tripoll Cahill, Cornelius Stack, Johanna
Cahill, Mary no record 03/11/1831 Cahill, Robert McElligott, Mary Liansechane McElligott, Margaret no record
Cahill, Mary no record 12/11/1846 Cahill, Robert Scanlan, Ellen Trippul Cahill, Cornelius Lawlor, Mary
Cahill, Michael 11/04/1874 12/04/1874 Cahill, Daniel Mahony,Johanna Ballybunion Mahony, Ellen no record
Cahill, Michael no record 11/03/1850 Cahill, Robert Scanlan, Ellen Tripoll Scanlon, Thomas Lawlor, Johanna
Cahill, Michael no record 17/08/1858 Cahill, Robert Hanrahan, Honora Beale Hanrahan Denis Hanrahan Ellen
Cahill, Patrick no record 11/02/1858 Cahill, Robert Scanlon, Ellen Tripol Carroll Jeremiah Mahony, Elizabeth
Cahill, Patrick no record 20/02/1848 Cahill, Robert Fealy, Mary Leansahane Fealy, Cornelius Fealy, Bridget
Cahill, Robert no record 09/02/1834 Cahill, Robert McElligott, Mary Leansichane Sullivan John Lynch, Johanna
Cahill, Robert no record 28/10/1851* Cahill, Robert Scanlon, Ellen Tripoll Cahill, Cornelius Enright Bridget
Cahill, Thomas 03/05/1870 04/06/1870 Cahill, John Brandon, Ellen Ballangowan Callaghan Michael English Ellen
Cahill, Thomas no record 00/04/1853 Cahill, Robert Scanlon, Ellen Tripol Foley Timothy  
Cahill, Thomas no record 14/12/1845 Cahill, Robert Maley,Catherine Leansuchane Maley Thomas  


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