Brennan Baptisms and Marriages, Guhard and Ballybunion, Co. Kerry, Ireland

Brennan Surname


Baptisms for Brennans in Ballybunion Roman Catholic Parish
Baptismal Date Name Parents Sponsors Location
14 Jun 1832 Margaret Philip Brennan,
Ellen Enright
Margaret Callihan Urlee
5 Jun 1837 Philip Philip Brennan,
Elinor Enright
Ellen Callihan Barraslane?
16 Jul 1837 Honora*
Patrick Hourin,
Mary Brennan
Margaret Brennan Farranastack
  Contributor's note: Honora was given the surname Brennan by the priest.
Her parents were later married in 1839
8 Mar 1838 Mary Philip Brennan,
Bridget Griffin
Patrick King,
Bridget Neil
20 Apr 1840 Catherine Philip Brennan,
Bridget Griffin
Mary Murphy Carhinacnuck
Feb 1844 Eugene* Philip Brennan,
Bridget Griffin
Mary Murphy Karinaknuck **
6 Aug 1846 Michael Philip O'Brien(sic),
Bridget Griffin
William and Debora Kane Carhinoknuck
24 Feb 1849 Honora Philip Brennan,
Bridget Griffin
Margaret Kane,
Jane Mount (?)
Contrib. note: *There is a Eugene Brennan (b. 1844 d. 24 Apr 1930) buried in Killeheny, Residence Barna. Might be the above Eugene
11 Jan 1836 John Philip Brennan,
Mary Brodir
Eugene and Mary Brennan Farranastack
3 Oct 1839 Bridget Eugene(sic) Brennan,
Mary Broderick
Bridget Flahive Farranastack
8 Sep 1840 Mary Philip Brennan,
Mary Broder
Mary Mulvihill Farranastack
Dec 1843 Eugene Philip Brennan,
Mary Broderick
Ellen Dillane Farranastack
25 Nov 1846 Philip Philip Brennan,
Mary Broder
William Broder,
Margaret Quinlan
28 Sep 1834 Michael Denis Brennan,
Bridget Enright
Mary King Karhinoknock
28 Sep 1840 John Denis Brennan,
Bridget Enright
Mary Kelly Carhinoknuick
18 Jan 1842 Ellen Eugene Brennan,
Catherine Deenihan
Mary Deenihan Lyselton Town
July 1844 Michael Eugene Brennan,
Catherine Deenihan
Michael Deenihan,
Catherine Fitzmaurice
11 Jul 1848 Margaret Eugene Brennan,
Mary(sic) Deenihan
Michael and Catherine Deenihan Lisselton
17 Aug 1852 Thomas Eugene Brennan,
Catherine Deenihan
Thomas Deenihan,
Mary Deenihan
13 Sep 1843 Julia Edmund Brennan,
Bridget Neal
Elizabeth Connor Karreniaknuck
24 Sep 1846 Margaret Edmund Brennan,
Debora Connor
Catherine Connor Farranastack
25 Aug 1850 Ellen Thomas Brennan,
Joanna Walsh
Maurice Connor,
Bridget Callaghan
10 May 1852 Joanna Thomas Brennan,
Joanna Walsh
Thomas Connor,
Mary Connor

Births & Baptisms- Brennans, Ballybunion Roman Catholic Parish
Birth Baptismal Name Parents Sponsors Location
29 May 1864   Margaret John Brenan,
Bridget McCarthy
  LDS (Ballylongford)
11 Jan 1869 16 Jan 1869 Eugene John Brennan,
Bridget McCarthy
Maurice Callaghan,
Ellen Brennan
20 Mar 1865   Catherine Michael Brennan,
Catherine Connor
  source: LDS
2 Jun 1868 4 Jun 1868 Denis Michael Brennan,
Catherine Connor
Mary Joy Tuahanna
31 Jul 1870 31 Jul 1870 Joanna Michael Brennan,
Catherine Connor
Jeremy Breen,
Ellen Brennan
9 Jan 1873 11 Jan 1873 Honora John (sic) Brennan,
Catherine Connor
Mary Brennan Ballyconry
10 Mar 1875   Margaret Michael Brennan,
Catherine Connor
  source:LDS (check baptism)
23 Jul 1867 23 Jul 1867 Philip John Brennan,
Margaret Sheehy
Eugene Brennan,
Mary Harnett
16 Jul 1869 17 Jul 1869 Thomas John Brennan,
Margaret Sheehy
Cornelius Halpin,
Honora Sheehy
25 Mar 1871 26 Mar 1871 Eugene John Brennan,
Margaret Sheehy
Mary Brennan Guhard
19 Jan 1873 19 Jan 1873 Catharine John Brennan,
Margaret Sheehy
Mary Brennan Guhard
19 Jan 1875 23 Jan 1875 John John Brennan,
Margaret Sheehy
Mary McNamara Guhard
19 Feb 1877 24 Feb 1877 Patrick John Brennan,
Margaret Sheehy
Catharine Enright Guhard
21 Nov 1878   Edmond John Brennan,
Margaret Sheehy
  Contributor's note:
source: LDS
(not in baptimsal register)
22 Aug 1869 22 Aug 1869 Julia* Michael Brennan,
Mary Deenihan
Daniel Keane,
Patrick Flaheran
6 Dec 1870 11 Dec 1870 Mary Michael Brennan,
Mary Deenihan
Mary Sheehy Lacca
17 Dec 1871 23 Dec 1871 Eugene** Michael Brennan,
Mary Deenihan
Ellen Brennan Lacca
26 Jul 1873 27 Jul 1873 Michael Michael Brennan,
Mary Deenihan
Catherine Foley Lacca
5 Dec 1875 11 Dec 1875 John Michael Brennan,
Mary Deenihan
Mary Dillon Lacca
17 Oct 1878 20 Oct 1878 Martin Michael Brennan,
Mary Denihan
Honora Deenihan Lacca
Contrib. note: According to the LDS, Eugene was born 1 Jan 1872 (must have been the day they registered the birth). Mary's name was spelt Deighnehan. According to the LDS Julia was named Catherine and she was 'born' on 16 Sep 1869. According to the LDS, Martin was 'born' on 1 November 1878. There is a Lacka East in the civil parish of Lisselton.There is a Michael Brennan (b. 1849, d.17 Jan 1924) residence Laccabee, buried Killeheny - might be the above Michael.
14 Apr 1870 19 Apr 1870 Denis Maurice Brennan,
Honora Moriarty
Mary Ryan Lahardane
17 Apr 1872 20 Apr 1872 Philip Eugene Brennan,
Catherine Connor
John O'Donnell,
Joanna O'Donnell
31 May 1874 4 Jun 1874 Mary Eugene Brennan,
Catherine Connor
Patrick Griffin,
Margaret Griffin
31 May 1877 31 May 1877 John Eugene Brennan,
Catherine Connor
John Brennan,
Mary Brennan
20 Jul 1880 25 Jul 1880 William Eugene Brennan,
Catherine Connor
Mary Sheehy Lahardane
Contrib. note: Lahardane is in Killehenny civil parish. There is a Catherine Brennan (b. 1849, d. 1 Aug 1920) residence Lahardane, buried in Killehenny - might be the above Catherine. A Philip Brennan (b. 1872, d. 5 Nov 1945 of heart disease) is also buried in Killehenny (residence Commons). Possibly the son of Eugene and Catherine Brennan.
Contrib. note: NB William came to Chicago, along with sister Hannah who married Mike Sheehy source Chicago Trib obits
Contrib. note: Other siblings Margaret; Nora Daly, Edward -Mary married a John Walsh.
24 Feb 1873 24 Feb 1873 Michael Patrick Brennan,
Joanna Power
Maurice Calaghan,
Mary Calaghan
Contributor's note: This *Doon may be Doon West which is in the civil parish of Killehenny
Contributor's note: Karinaknuck, Karreniaknuck and Carhinoknuck are misspellings of Carhoonaknock (East/West) which is in the civil parish of Galey but the religious parish of Ballybunion. Galey is adjacent to the civil parish of Lisselton and wouldn't have been that far away from Guhard North.

Brennan Baptisms in Abbeydorney

Brennan Baptismals Abbeydorney Roman Catholic Church
Child Parents Baptismal Date Sponsors Location
Thomas John Brenan
Honora Sullivan
10 Oct 1838 William Brenan
Honora Brenan
Margaret John Brenan
Honora Sullivan
13 Mar 1840 Timothy Sullivan
Mary Sullivan
Joanna John Brennan
Honora Sullivan
29 June 1843 Timothy Sullivan
Julia Murphy
Julia John Brennan
Honora Sullivan
13 Jul 1851 William Brennan
Sarah Keiffe
Joanna Patrick Brenan,
Mary Barry
3 Mar 1839 Robert Barry and Elizabeth Barry Capaugh
Honora Patrick Brenan
Mary Barry
19 Dec 1841 Michael Long and Bridget Barry Capaugh
Margaret Patrick Brenan,
Mary Barry
18 Feb 1844 Robert Barry and Mary Brenan Capaugh
Denis Eugene Brenan
Mary Connor
26 Jan 1843 Richard Connor
Margaret Connor
Kinvara (?)
Mary Eugene Brennan
Mary Connor
6 Apr 1856 Richard Connor
Honora Connor
John William Brennan
Sara Keife
22 Apri 1851 John Brennan
Ellen Keiffe
Honora William Brennan
Sara O'Keeffe
16 Mar 1854 Daniel...
Mary Costello
Margaret William Brennan
Sara Keife
10 Jul 1856 Eugene Brennan Kilflyn
Denis William Brennan
Sara Keife
10 Nov 1858 Willaim and Honora Ahern Kill
William and Sarah's daughter Ellen was married in Abbeydorney parish in the late 1870s: address Chutes Mountains
Julia Philip Brenan,
Anne Costello
June 1852 John Costello
Peg ?
Mary Philip Brennan
Anne Costello
12 Apr 1854 John Brosnahan
Margaret Keiffe
Margaret Philip Brennan
Anne Brennan (sic)
15 Jun 1856 Francis Cashil
Joanna Riordan
Joanna Maurice Brennan
Catherine McCarthy
30 Jan 1853 Timothy...
Joanna McCarthy
Denis Maurice Brennan
Catherine McCarthy
30 Mar 1858 John Ginnoll?
Catherine Brennan
Mary Patrick Brennan
Ellen Ferris
1 May 1859 Francis and Mary Brennan Ballymacaguinn


Brennan Marriages in Ballybunion Roman Catholic Parish
Groom Bride/Town Date Sponsors Notes-Bride
Philip Brennan Bridget Griffin,
25 Jan 1835 Brennan,Ed
Griffin, Daniel
Stack, Michael
Philip Brennan Mary Broderick,
27 Feb 1835 Horgan,Wm
Sweeney, Mary
Patrick Connor Margaret Brennan,
27 Mar 1835 Connell, Joan
Julia Enright, J. Riley
Eugene Brennan Catherine Deenihan,
31 Jul 1838 ?  
Patrick Hourin Mary Brennan,
12 Feb 1839 Sweeney, Maurice
Ryan, Mary
Hayes, Honora
Cornelius Kennelly Margaret Brennan,
28 June 1856 Keane, Daniel
Connor, Patrick
David Barry Mary Brennan,
12 Feb 1858 Kane, Daniel
Connor, Patrick
Patrick Healy Margaret Brennan,
19 Oct 1858 Walsh, James
Stack, Edmund
Denis Brennan Bridget Lynch,
27 Jan 1860 Kissane, Michael
Gorman, Patrick
Philip Brenan Joanna Houlihan,
4 Feb 1861 Griffin, John
Walsh, Jim
John Brennan Catherine Shanahan,
26 Sept 1863 Kane, Daniel
McElligott, Honora
Eugene Brennan,
Catherine Connor,
21 Feb 1871 Griffin, Patrick/Bromore
Walsh, James/Doon
dau-John Connor, Lahesarrach
son-Philip Brennan Guhard
Michael Brennan Mary Deenihan,
4 Nov 1868 Dee, James
Kissane, John
John Brennan,
Margaret Dalton,
17 Aug 1877 Dillon, Rev.P.J.
Walsh, James
dau-Patrick Dalton Farranstack
son-John Brennan Lacca

Brennan Marriages Abbeydorney Roman Catholic Parish
Spouses Date Witnesses
Patrick Brennan, Mary Barry 20 Feb 1838 Maurice Walsh, Bartholomew Long
Eugene Brennan, Mary Connor 8 Feb 1842 Richard Connor, John Brennan

Thanks to Nan Brennan for contributing these names!


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