Births in 1864, 1865, 1873, 1875 Annascall District, County Kerry, Ireland
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Birth Records

Civil Registration for the District of Annascall*
1864, 1865, 1873 & 1975

These records are extracted from births in the 1864, 1865, 1873 and 1875 Civil Registrations for the Registrar's District of Annascall, the Superintendent Registrar's District of Dingle, in the Union of Dingle. These births were registered April 1 - June 24, 1864, April 3 - June 27, 1865, April 4 - June 22 and October 3 - Dec. 28, 1873, and April 4 - June 25, 1875. The Registrar in all years was P. Kane. Researchers can find the 1864 births on LDS film #0101089, the 1865 records on LDS film #0101109, the 1873 records on LDS film #0255882, and the 1875 records on LDS film #0255933. Please note these records are not complete for each year.

The records here are alphabetized by surname within the given year. Unless noted, a parent registered the birth. Unless noted, the residence of the registrant is the same as listed for Residence. Though the original record also listed the mother's married name, only her maiden name is shown here.

*aka Anascaul, Annascaul, Abhainn an Scail (Irish)

1864 Births in District of Annascall. LDS film #0101089
The Dwelling is the same as the Birthplace. The births were registered April 1 - June 24, 1864
Surname First Name Birth Date Birth Place Father Occupation Mother MaidenName Informant
Ahearn ? John 12 May, 1864 Aughils Patrick labourer Ellen Connor father
Ashe Mary 17 April, 1864 Annascall Thomas postmaster Mary Fitzgerald father
Bowler Patrick 17 March, 1864 Killduff Maurice farmer Mary Walsh father
Bowler Mary 25 April, 1864 Inch Island William farmer Hanoria Behane father
Brosnan James 18 March, 1864 Ballinasear John labourer Ellen Fitzgerald Timothy Brosnan
brother, Ballinasear
Canny Mary 20 March, 1864 Inch Edmond labourer Mary Connor father
Connor John 7 June, 1864 West Inch James labourer Kate Garvey father
Connor John 21 June, 1864 Annascall Jeremiah fisherman Mary Pembroke John Connor
grandfather, Annascall
Connor Margaret 24 June, 1864 Gortacurrane Andrew farmer Bridget Sullivan father
Cournane Patrick 8 April, 1864 Duragh John farmer Mary Connell father
Cournane Hanoria 6 May, 1864 Coumduff Edmond farmer Mary Cournane father
Courtney Michael 21 May, 1864 Gortnagullanagh Patrick farmer Ellen Currane father
Crean John 21 May, 1864 Banogue John labourer Johanna Kennedy father
Creane Ellen 26 April, 1864 Coumduff Thomas farmer Hanoria Gallivan father
Currane John 26 April, 1864 Ballymane Patrick farmer Joanna Fitzgerald father
Divane Catherine 16 March, 1864 Glin Minard Maurice farmer Johanna Hurley Mary Divane
sister, Glin Minard
Farrell John 20 May, 1864 Ardroe Peter farmer Margaret O'Donnell Peter ?
Fitzgerald Bridget 12 March, 1864 Ballinasear Thade labourer Joanna Crane father
Fitzgerald Hanoria 28 May, 1864 Glin Minard Edmond labourer Johanna Cournane mother
Foley John 15 April, 1864 Ballycullane Thomas farmer Julia Corcoran father
Griffin Patrick 21 March, 1864 Duragh Edmond labourer Jane Lynne father
Griffin James 27 March, 1864 Lack Michael labourer Mary Nightly mother
Griffin Patrick 28 April, 1864 West Minard James labourer Honoria Garvey father
Griffin Michael 1 May, 1864 Tubber Maurice farmer Bridget Bowler Johanna Griffin
grandmother, Tubber
Griffin Margaret 4 May, 1864 Minard West John farmer Mary Griffin James Griffin
grandfather, Minard West
20 May, 1864 Tubber Patrick farmer Ellen Griffin Johanna Griffin
grandmother, Tubber
Griffin Hanoria 24 May, 1864 Minard West Patrick farmer Margaret Scanlan father
Harrington John 1 June, 1864 Ballymane Michael labourer Ellen Flahive father
Herlihy Bridget 28 April, 1864 Annascaul James farmer Hanoria Moriarty father
Herlihy Ellen 3 May, 1864 Kilduff Thomas farmer Ellen Mahony father
Herlihy Ellen 20 May, 1864 Killduff East Edward farmer Mary Currane father
Kennedy Timothy 13 March, 1864 Agnagap Timothy farmer Ellen Crane? father
Kennedy Mary 23 April, 1864 Ballygrane? John labourer Eliza Sullivan father
Kennedy Margaret 21 May, 1864 Banogue Thomas labourer Ellen Kennedy father
Landers Thomas 2 May, 1864 Ballynah??? John farmer Mary Flahive father
Lynne Johanna 19 March, 1864 Coumduff John farmer Mary Fitzgerald father
McCarthy Justin 1 April, 1864 Annascall Jeremiah farmer Johanna Crane father
Moriarty Michael 24 March, 1864 Annascall Patrick farmer Ellen Deen father
Moriarty Hanoria 17 May, 1864 Gortacurrane John farmer Mary Currane father
Moriarty Mary 22 May, 1864 Minard West John farmer Bridget Connor father
Moynahan Kate 3 May, 1864 Ardrinane Maurice labourer Johanna Lynch father
Moynahan Catherine 14 May, 1864 Doonties Patrick labourer Ellen Sheehan father
Murphy Catherine 5 May, 1864 Killinagh? John farmer Catherine Griffin father
Murphy Jeremiah 15 May, 1864 Gortacurrane Jeremiah farmer Mary Walsh mother
Noonan Mary 18 March, 1864 Minard East Thade labourer Bridget Houran Mary Noonan
grandmother, Minard East
Noonan Timothy 27 May, 1864 Minard Thomas labourer Mary Shea father
O'Donnell James 1 May, 1864 Banogue James farmer Ellen Crean Jeremiah Crean
uncle, Banogue
Sears Denis 4 April, 1864 Ballintermon Martin labourer Mary Lazarus ? father
Sears Michael 4 April, 1864 Lack Martin farmer Mary Connor father
Shea Mary 18 March, 1864 Ballintermon Patrick tailor? Kate McKenna father
Shea John 1 April, 1864 Lougher Michael labourer Mary Sullivan father
Shea Jeremiah 18 April, 1864 Ballintagart Tomas farmer Ellen Donnell ? father
Shugrue Denis 9 June, 1864 Doonties Martin labourer Mary Moynahan father
Sullivan John 12 May, 1864 Gurteen? James farmer Mary Lynne father
Sullivan John 21 May, 1864 Agnagap Michael labourer Mary Moriarty Kate Moriarty
grandmother, Agnagap
Sullivan Mary 21 May, 1864 Annascall Patrick farmer Mary Bowler father
Sullivan John 14 June, 1864 Goralaneard? Daniel farmer Kate Griffin father
Trant? ? 13 June, 1864 Ballyar??? Patrick farmer Johanna Mahony Kate Sears?
nurse, Lack?


1865 Births in District of Annascall. LDS film #0101109
The Dwelling is the same as the Birthplace. Births registered April 3 - June 23, 1865
Surname First Name Birth Date Birth Place Father Occupation
Mother MaidenName Informant
Ashe Margaret 12 March, 1865 Aughills, Ballinvoher Francis farmer Margaret Finn father
Ashe James 14 March, 1865 Minard East, Minard James farmer Bridget Healy mother
Ashe Johanna 18 March, 1865 Aughills, Ballinvoher Martin farmer Ellen Mahoney father
Ashe Anne 28 May, 1865 Brackloun, Ballinvoher John labourer Margaret Kerin Ellen Kerin
attending nurse, Inch
Ashe John 11 June, 1865 Kinard East, Kinard John farmer Mary Herlihy James Herlihy,
Barrett Kate 20 March, 1865 Tubber, Kinard Michael farmer Bridget Griffin Kate Barrett,
Bowler Anne 28 April, 1865 Lougher, Ballinvoher John labourer Julia Shea father
Brosnan Stephen 10 June, 1865 Foheraghmore, Kinard William farmer Johanna Ashe father
Canny John 1 June, 1865 Minard West, Minard Thomas labourer
Johanna Moynahan mother
Canny? John 17 May, 1865 Ballybog, Minard Jeremiah labourer Johanna Moriarty father
Connell Margaret 15 April, 1865 Duragh, Ballynacourty Maurice farmer Mary Moriarty father
Connor Ellen 1 May, 1865 Clash, Brackloun Patrick labourer
Kate Shugrue father
Connor Cornelius 17 May, 1865 West Inch, Ballinvoher James labourer Kate Garvey father
Connor John 2 May, 1865 Derrygorman, Ballinvoher John farmer Mary Quirk father
Conway Ellen 10 May, 1865 Lougher, Ballinvoher Michael farmer Mary Moynahan mother
Corridon Bridget 25 May, 1865 Ballinturmin, Ballynacourty James labourer Kate Lynne Mary Lynne,
Counahan Margaret 14 June, 1865 Emilagh, Ballinvoher Timothy farmer Mary Spillane father
Crane Patrick 25 May, 1865 Ballymane, Ballinvoher John farmer Kate O'Donnell mother
Doody Thomas 13 April, 1865 Minard East, Minard John labourer Mary Noonan father
Dooling Patrick 25 May, 1865 Minard West, Minard Thomas farmer
Johanna Garvey father
Doyle Kate 17 June, 1865 Ardemore, Kinard Thomas farmer Mary Murphey father
Doyle Patrick 20 April, 1865 Foheraghmore, Kinard Stephen farmer Margaret Flaherty father
Evans James 2? April, 1865 Ballyarkane, Kellgarrylander George farmer Johanna Connor father
Fitzgerald Patrick 28 March, 1865 Ardrinane, Ballynacourty James labourer Ellen McKenna father
Flahive Ellen 27 May, 1865 Ballymane, Ballinvoher John farmer Margaret Casey father
Gallivan Thomas 16 March, 1865 Aglish, Minard Denis farmer Ellen Walsh father
Garvey Kate 1 May, 1865 Lisdorgan, Cloghane James farmer Mary Morphey father
Garvey Kate 7 May, 1865 Inch, Ballinvoher John labourer Kate Kennedy father
Garvey John 15 May, 1865 Lisdorgan, Cloghane Thomas farmer Hanoria McDonnell father
Griffin Timothy 25 March, 1865 Goulane, Kinard Timothy farmer Mary Dowd father
Griffin Thomas 29 March, 1865 Lisdorgan, Cloghane John farmer Johanna Kennedy father
Griffin Cathrine 2 June, 1865 Lisdorgan, Cloghane James farmer Margaret Bowler father
Hanifin Denis 13 May, 1865 Lack, Ballinvoher John farmer Catherine Sears father
Herlihy John 13 May, 1865 Kilduff, Ballinvoher John farmer Margaret Spillane father
Herlihy Hanoria 13 May, 1865 Kilduff, Ballinvoher John farmer Margaret Spillane father
Kennedy Mary 20 March, 1865 Brackloun, Ballynacourty Maurice labourer Margaret Hanifin father
Kennedy Kate 21 March, 1865 Farrinacaraga, Ballynacourty James farmer Julia Flaherty father
Kevane Thomas 1 April, 1865 Boherbrack, KiInard Maurice farmer Johanna Griffin father
Lyden Frances Maria 25 April, 1865 Minard East, Minard Bartholomew coast guard Mary Goggin father
McKenna Johanna 13 May, 1865 Ballintarmin, Ballinacourty Thomas labourer Johanna Sheehy father
Moynahan Thomas 27 May, 1865 Minard West, Minard Patrick farmer
Ellen Lynne father
Moynahan Mary 7 April, 1865 Acres, Ballynacourty Michael farmer Mary Ashe father
O'Donnell Thomas 2? May, 1865 Droumanalla, Ballinvoher Thomas farmer Bridget Fitzgerald father
Rohan Bridget 25 March, 1865 Glen Minard, Kinard Timothy labourer Mary Cournane Margaret Crean,
Glen Minard
Sheehy Mary 28 Feb., 1865 Aglish, Minard James farmer
Hanoria Prendeville father
Spillane Mary 7 May, 1865 Ardrinane, Ballynacourty Michael farmer Kate Holaran Kate Spillane
Spillane Margaret 20 May, 1865 West Minard, Minard James farmer
Kate Kennedy Mary Kennedy,
Spillane Michael 4 June, 1865 Ardrinane, Ballynacourty John farmer Ellen Connor father
Sullivan Daniel 2 April, 1865 Goulane, Kinard John farmer Hanoria Kennedy father
Sullivan Patrick 12 April, 1865 Ballinatherglebe, Ballinvoher Patrick farmer Mary Kennedy Patrick Sullivan,
Ballinvoher Glebe
Walsh Maurice 28? April, 1865 Inch, Ballinvoher John labourer Kate Griffin father


1873 Births in District of Annascall
The Dwelling is the same as the Birthplace. The Informant was a parent. The births were registered April 4 - June 22, 1873.
Surname First Name Birth Date Birth Place Father Occupation Mother MaidenName
Brosnahan John 24 April, 1873 Minard West, Minard Timothy farmer Margaret Quinn
Cahill Mathew 23 March, 1873 Annascall, Ballynacourty Mathew publican Anne Mannix
Carney Johanna 13 April, 1873 Ballycullane, Ballinvoher John labourer Bridget Kennedy
Cavanagh Thomas 14 March, 1873 Gortnagullanagh, Minard John farmer Johanna Begly
Connell James 15 March, 1873 Killinagh, Ballinvoher Michael farmer Mary Fitzgerald
Connor Denis 17 March, 1873 Puck Island, Minard John servant Ellen Sullivan
Cournane Elizabeth 10 May, 1873 Coumduff, Ballynacourty Edmond farmer Mary Cournane
Crean Daniel 13 April, 1873 Gortacurrane, Ballynacourty Patrick farmer Cathrine Cournane
Currane James 1 April, 1873 Ballymane, Ballinvoher Thomas farmer Hanoria Wren
Dooling Bridget 16 April, 1873 Minard, Minard Thomas farmer Mary Kennedy
Gallivan Denis 8 April, 1873 Aglish, Minard Bartholomew farmer Bridget Begly
Garvey Michael 1 May, 1873 Ballintermon, Ballynacourty Patrick labourer Bridget McKenna
Griffin Cornelius 1 June, 1873 Minard West, Minard John labourer Anne Kennedy
Harris Patrick 16 April, 1873 Clounmeen, Ballynacourty John pensioner Mary Griffin
Herlihy Ellen 24 April, 1873 Kilduff, Minard Thomas farmer Mary Greany
Hogan Patrick 10 March, 1873 Ballynacourty, Ballynacourty Michael farmer Mary Sheehy
Kennedy James 17 March, 1873 Coumduffbeg, Ballynacourty Patrick farmer Bridget Callaghan
Kennedy Mary 15 April, 1873 Doonmanagh, Minard Thomas farmer Julia Kennedy
Linahan Thomas 20 March, 1873 Glenahira, Ballinvoher Thomas farmer Bridget Begly
McCarthy William James 3 April, 1873 Annascall, Ballynacourty John constable Elizabeth Ross
McKenna John 15 May, 1873 Lougher, Ballinvoher Michael publican Johanna Murphy
O'Connell Ellen 5 March, 1873 Ballinagrour, Ballinvoher James farmer Mary Ashe
O'Connell Daniel 14 May, 1873 Duragh, Ballynacourty Maurice farmer Ellen Manning
O'Sullivan Margaret 9 June, 1873 Kilmurry, Minard Laurence farmer Johanna Mahoney
Rohan Daniel 17 April, 1873 Glin Minard, Minard Timothy labourer Mary Courney
Spillane Mary 24 May, 1873 Ardrinane, Ballynacourty John farmer Ellen Connor
Trant Ellen 12 May, 1873 Ballyarkane, Keegarrylander John farmer Johanna Griffin

1873 Births in District of Annascall. LDS film #0255882
The births were registered October 3 - Dec. 28, 1873. The Informant was a parent.
Surname First Name Birth Date Birth Place Father Occupation Mother MaidenName
?stin Johanna 23 Nov., 1873 Aghanagap
Daniel farmer Ellen Kennedy
Almon? Kate 10 Dec., 1873 Aughills
Patrick farmer Ellen Connor
Ashe Mary 11 Dec., 1873 Doonties
Gregory farmer Mary Griffin
Ashe Catherine 26 August, 1873 Aughills
Gregory farmer Mary Connor
Bowler Bridget 23 Sept., 1873 Minard East
William schoolmaster Hanoria Currane
Callaghan Daniel 29 October, 1873 Lack
John farmer Mary Foley
Cournane Michael 29 Sept., 1873 Aghanagap
Michael farmer Johanna Moriarty
Currane Patrick 3 Dec., 1873 Ballymane
Maurice labourer Hanoria Garvey
Curtin Daniel 15 Dec., 1873 Gortnanourane
John labourer Johanna Garvey
Daly Mary 15 October, 1873 Caherpierce
John farmer Johanna Reily
Dooling Maurice 20 October, 1873 Minard West
John farmer Hanoria Walsh
Evans Mary 20 Sept., 1873 Minard East
John farmer Johanna Sheehy
Farrell Peter 15 October, 1873 Ardroe
Peter farmer Margaret O'Donnell
Fitzgerald Ellen 11 Sept., 1873 Annascall
James Weaver Ellen McKenna
Fitzgerald Michael 26 Sept., 1873 Ballycullane
John farmer Ellen Kennedy
Fitzgerald Thomas 5 Nov., 1873 Ballycullane
Thomas farmer Ellen Crean
Flahive Hanoria 23 October, 1873 Ballymane
Thomas farmer Jane Sears
Griffin Johanna 1 Dec., 1873 Ballyarkane
Denis farmer Mary Foley
Griffin Eliza 16 Sept., 1873 Caherpierce
Laurence farmer Bridget Griffin
Griffin Michael 6 October, 1873 Coumlanders
Michael farmer Mary Moriarty
Herlihy Michael 22 Sept., 1873 Kilduff
Patrick farmer Anne Griffin
Kennedy Michael 7 Nov., 1873 Emlagh
David farmer Mary Crean
Kennedy Bartholomew 15 Nov., 1873 Coumduff
James farmer Mary Connor
Kennedy Mary 28 Sept., 1873 Annascall
John labourer Hanoria Connor
McClure Anne 27 Sept., 1873 Annascall
James Publican Johanna McCarthy
Moynahan Michael 12 October, 1873 Aghanagap
Patrick farmer Ellen Lyne
Moynahan Ellen 15 August, 1873 Ardrinane
Patrick Fisherman Bridget Currane
Moynahan Mary 7 Dec., 1873 Acres
Peter farmer Mary Kennedy
Pembroke Daniel 21 October, 1873 Ballintarmon
Michael labourer Bridget Connor
Sears Michael 14 October, 1873 Lack
Andrew farmer Mary Prendergast
Shea John 25 Sept., 1873 Ballinclare
Michael farmer Mary Sheehan
Sheehy Michael 20 Sept., 1873 Inch
John labourer Mary Connor


1875 Births in District of Annascall. LDS Film # 0255933
The births were registered April 4 - June 25, 1875. Unless noted, the Informant was a parent.
Surname First Name Birth Date Birth Place Father Occupation/
Mother MaidenName
Ashe Johanna 25 May, 1875 Doonties
Gregory farmer Mary Griffin
Begley Ellen 23 March, 1875 Inch
Timothy farmer
Mary Foley
Brosnahan Michael 12 June, 1875 Minard West
Patrick farmer Johanna Donnelly
Brosnahan Johanna 13 May, 1875 Minard West
Timothy farmer Margaret Quinn
Cahill James Thomas 10 May, 1875 Annascall
Mathew Pensioner Hanoria Mannix
Canny Margaret 2 April, 1875 Lugnagopal
Simon laborer/
Ellen Kennedy
nurse in attendance
Ellen Kennedy
Cavan Patrick 17 March, 1875 West Inch
Martin labourer Kate Garvey
Cohey John 31 May, 1875 Aghanalack
William farmer Bridget Kennedy
Connor John 7 April, 1875 Killinagh
John farmer Bridget Finn
Cournane John 14 April, 1875 Ballynacourty
Michael farmer Hanoria Moriarty
Crean Patrick 24 March, 1875 Gortacurrane
Patrick farmer Catherine Cournane
Currane James 13 May, 1875 Garrynadur
Maurice farmer Margaret Griffin
Deady John 18 April, 1875 Crowhill
John labourer Mary Kennedy
Dowd Catherine 27 March, 1875 Lack
Jeremiah labourer Johanna Ashe
Driscoll Michael 16 April, 1875 Gortbragoge
John labourer Catherine Bowler
Evans Mary 13 June, 1875 Ballyarkane
Thomas farmer Margaret Foley
Fitzgerald Mary 11 April, 1875 Aghanagap
John farmer Hanoria Millane
Fitzgerald Eliza 2 June, 1875 Banogue
Michael farmer Bridget Donnelly
Fitzgerald Nicholas 4 June, 1875 Aughills
Nicholas farmer Mary Ashe
Forhan Daniel 10 May, 1875 Acres
Patrick farmer Hanoria O'Connell
Gallivan Margaret 24 March, 1875 Aglish
Denis farmer/
Ellen Kennedy
nurse in attendance
Ellen Walsh
Griffin Mary 26 May, 1875 Banogue
Patrick farmer Mary Brosnahan
Hanifin Patrick 12 April, 1875 Doonmanagh
John farmer Bridget Dooling
Kane Rose 25 May, 1875 Bunnanear
Patrick Surgeon Anne Jane Supple
Kennedy Michael 5 April, 1875 Aghanagap
Daniel farmer Johanna Kennedy
Kennedy John 10 May, 1875 Ballintarmon
Humphery labourer Bridget Moriarty
Kennedy Bridget 15 June, 1875 Ballintarmon
John farmer Ellen Griffin
Kennedy John 11 June, 1875 West Inch
Maurice Smith Kate B?????
Kennedy Bridget 28 April, 1875 Coolagoppogue
Michael farmer Catherine O'Donnell
McCarthy John 15 April, 1875 Ballynahunt
Florence farmer Mary O'Connell
McCarthy Florence 7 May, 1875 Rathduff
Jeremiah farmer Johanna Currane
Moriarty Thomas 11 April, 1875 Caheracruttera
Daniel labourer Johanna Carney
Moriarty Johanna 10 May, 1875 Caheracruttera
Michael farmer Margaret Kavanagh
Moriarty Patrick 21 March, 1875 Ballintarmon
Owen labourer Johanna Callaghan
Moriarty Patrick 1 March, 1875 Gortacurrane
Patrick farmer Cathrine Devane
Moynahan Ellen 27 March, 1875 Ballycullane Michael labourer Mary Flynn
Murphy Thomas 24 April, 1875 Glen Minard
Maurice farmer Ellen Moriarty
O'Connell James 4 April, 1875 Ballynagroun
James farmer Mary Ashe
O'Connell Bridget 22 April, 1875 Flemingstown
John farmer Catherine Herlihy
O'Connell Daniel 10 May, 1875 Killinagh
Michael farmer Mary Fitzgerald
O'Connor James 3 May, 1875 Gortacurrane
Andrew farmer Bridget Sullivan
O'Donnell Mary 30 April, 1875 Ballyglasheen
James farmer Mary O'Donnell
Prendeville Bridget 25 April, 1875 Aglish
James farmer Kate Sheehy
Riordan Daniel 11 May, 1875 Crowhill
Patrick labourer Bridget Moriarty
Shea Michael 13 June, 1875 Ballinclare
Michael farmer Mary Sheehy
Shea Kate 1 May, 1875 Aughills
Thomas farmer Julia Finn
Sheehy Mary 6 May, 1875 Inch
John labourer Mary Connor
Shughrue Johanna 24 June, 1875 Ballyarkane
Patrick labourer Ellen Flaherty

Thanks to Brian McDonnell for transcribing and sharing this research!


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