Duplicate names occur where there is more than one townland with the same name in the county. Names marked in bold typeface are towns and villages, and the word Town appears for those entries in the Acres column.
Townland List  (A thru F)
Townland Acres Barony Civil Parish Poor Law Union
Abberanville 24 Athenry Kiltullagh Loughrea
Abbert 178 Tiaquin Monivea Tuam
Abbert Demesne 1,293 Tiaquin Monivea Tuam
Abbey 875 Tiaquin Abbeyknockmoy Tuam
Abbey 334 Leitrim Ballynakill Portumna
Abbeyfield 18 Kilconnell Kilconnell Ballinasloe
Abbeygormacan 94 Longford Abbeygormacan Ballinasloe
Abbeygrey (or Monasternalea) 503 Killian Athleague Mountbellew
Abbeygrey (or Monasternalea) 157 Killian Killeroran Mountbellew
Abbeyland Great 812 Longford Clonfert Ballinasloe
Abbeyland Little 231 Longford Clonfert Ballinasloe
Abbeyland North 26 Dunmore Dunmore Tuam
Abbeyland South 22 Dunmore Dunmore Tuam
Abbeypark 283 Clonmacnowen Clontuskert Ballinasloe
Abbeytown 263 Clare Donaghpatrick Tuam
Abbeyville 95 Leitrim Ballynakill Portumna
Acre Beg 44 Loughrea Kilteskill Loughrea
Acre East 154 Killian Ahascragh Mountbellew
Acre More 85 Loughrea Kilteskill Loughrea
Acre West 11 Killian Ahascragh Mountbellew
Acres 191 Tiaquin Kilkerrin Glennamaddy
Acres 23 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Acres 8 Dunmore Tuam Tuam
Acres 4 Galway Rahoon Galway
Addergoole 2,658 Ballynahinch Ballynakill Clifden
Addergoole 606 Longford Abbeygormacan Ballinasloe
Addergoole 493 Clare Annaghdown Galway
Addergoole 151 Clare Killererin Tuam
Addergoole Beg 161 Dunmore Dunmore Tuam
Addergoole More 278 Dunmore Dunmore Tuam
Addergoole North 1,068 Killian Ahascragh Ballinasloe
Addergoole South 54 Clonmacnowen Ahascragh Ballinasloe
Addergoole West 53 Clonmacnowen Ahascragh Ballinasloe
Addragool 149 Moycullen Moycullen Galway
Aggard Beg 313 Dunkellin Killora Loughrea
Aggard More 333 Dunkellin Killora Loughrea
Aghafadda 128 Tiaquin Monivea Loughrea
Aghalateeve 434 Ballymoe Kilbegnet Glennamaddy
Aghanahil 223 Tiaquin Killoscobe Mountbellew
Aghany 59 Longford Killimorbologue Portumna
Aghlisk 186 Dunmore Tuam Tuam
Aghrane (or Castlekelly) 751 Killian Athleague Mountbellew
Aghrane (or Castlekelly) 564 Killian Killeroran Mountbellew
Agrimhill 88 Longford Lickmolassy Portumna
Ahaglugger 19 Galway Rahoon Galway
Ahanduff Beg 68 Longford Killimorbologue Portumna
Ahanduff More 176 Longford Killimorbologue Portumna
Ahapouleen 187 Dunkellin Ballynacourty Galway
Ahascragh Town Kilconnell Ahascragh Ballinasloe
Ahascragh East 123 Clonmacnowen Ahascragh Ballinasloe
Ahascragh West 376 Kilconnell Ahascragh Ballinasloe
Ahaun 181 Tiaquin Kilkerrin Glennamaddy
Ahgloragh 393 Dunmore Tuam Tuam
Aille 798 Moycullen Killannin Galway
Aille 534 Galway Rahoon Galway
Aille 379 Leitrim Kilteskill Loughrea
Aille 213 Dunmore Dunmore Tuam
Aille 29 Loughrea Killeenadeema Loughrea
Aillebrack 601 Ballynahinch Ballindoon Clifden
Aillenacally 339 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Aillenaveagh 964 Ballynahinch Omey Clifden
Airgloomy 205 Dunmore Tuam Tuam
Allaphreaghaun 228 Moycullen Rahoon Galway
Alleendarra East 890 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Alleendarra West 1,684 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Alloon Lower 81 Tiaquin Ballymacward Ballinasloe
Alloon Upper 381 Tiaquin Ballymacward Ballinasloe
Alloonbaun 388 Tiaquin Ballymacward Ballinasloe
Allygola 226 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Allykeolaun 316 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Anbally Town Clare Kilmoylan Tuam
Anbally 495 Clare Kilmoylan Tuam
Angliham (or Gortacallow) 269 Galway Oranmore Galway
Annagh 800 Kilconnell Ballymacward Mountbellew
Annagh 619 Clare Kilmoylan Tuam
Annagh 271 Kiltartan Kilbeacanty Gort
Annagh East 221 Clare Annaghdown Galway
Annagh Hill 283 Clare Kilmoylan Tuam
Annagh West 169 Clare Annaghdown Galway
Annaghbeg 720 Clonmacnowen Ahascragh Ballinasloe
Annaghbeg 305 Tiaquin Kilkerrin Glennamaddy
Annaghbeg 55 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Annaghbride 345 Leitrim Kilmeen Loughrea
Annaghcallow 282 Longford Clonfert Ballinasloe
Annaghcorrib 841 Longford Clonfert Ballinasloe
Annaghdown 686 Clare Annaghdown Galway
Annaghkeelaun 145 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Annaghkeen 633 Clare Killursa Tuam
Annaghminnoge 1 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Annaghmore East 1 Tiaquin Moylough Mountbellew
Annaghmore West 857 Tiaquin Moylough Mountbellew
Annaghvaan 311 Moycullen Killannin Oughterard
Annaghwood 22 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Apple Island 1 Kiltartan Beagh Gort
Ard 106 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Ard East 217 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Ard West 405 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Ardacong 200 Dunmore Liskeevy Tuam
Ardagh 1,052 Ballynahinch Ballindoon Clifden
Ardagh 279 Ballymoe Ballynakill Glennamaddy
Ardamullivan 514 Kiltartan Beagh Gort
Ardaun 102 Dunkellin Oranmore Galway
Ardaun East 245 Ross Cong Oughterard
Ardaun West 210 Ross Cong Oughterard
Ardawarry 138 Clare Killererin Tuam
Ardbear 390 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Ardberreen 76 Longford Killoran Ballinasloe
Ardcloon 169 Dunmore Addergoole Tuam
Ardderroo 844 Moycullen Killannin Galway
Ardderrynagleragh 1,410 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Ardeevin 95 Ballymoe Boyounagh Glennamaddy
Ardfintan 177 Clare Killursa Tuam
Ardfry 145 Dunkellin Ballynacourty Galway
Ardgaineen 616 Clare Annaghdown Tuam
Ardgraigue 284 Longford Kilquain Portumna
Ardillaun 8 Ballynahinch Ballindoon Clifden
Ardillaun 6 Ross Cong Oughterard
Ardkyle 209 Ballynahinch Ballynakill Clifden
Ardmore 497 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Ardmore 58 Ballynahinch Omey Clifden
Ardmore Island 1 Ballynahinch Omey Clifden
Ardnacross Island 2 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Ardnadoman East 71 Loughrea Kilconickny Loughrea
Ardnadoman West 181 Loughrea Kilconickny Loughrea
Ardnagall 259 Dunmore Tuam Tuam
Ardnageeha 211 Ross Cong Oughterard
Ardnagno 168 Kiltartan Killinny Gort
Ardnagreevagh 161 Ballynahinch Ballynakill Clifden
Ardnasillagh 244 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Ardnasodan 111 Clare Kilmoylan Tuam
Ardoslough 410 Ballymoe Boyounagh Glennamaddy
Ardour 551 Dunmore Kilconla Tuam
Ardrahan Town Dunkellin Ardrahan Gort
Ardrahan North 35 Dunkellin Ardrahan Gort
Ardrahan South 119 Dunkellin Ardrahan Gort
Ardranny Beg 302 Clonmacnowen Clontuskert Ballinasloe
Ardranny More 197 Clonmacnowen Clontuskert Ballinasloe
Ardros 148 Kilconnell Killallaghtan Ballinasloe
Ardrumkilla 674 Clare Belclare Tuam
Ardrumkilla 35 Clare Killower Tuam
Ardskea Beg 716 Clare Kilmoylan Tuam
Ardskea More 430 Clare Kilmoylan Tuam
Ardultagh 182 Longford Kilquain Portumna
Ardvarna 18 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Arkeen Beg 302 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Arkeen More 518 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Ash Island 1 Loughrea Killeenadeema Loughrea
Ashbrook 469 Kilconnell Killaan Ballinasloe
Ashfield 449 Ballymoe Boyounagh Glennamaddy
Ashfield 406 Tiaquin Ballymacward Mountbellew
Ashfield 40 Longford Tiranascragh Portumna
Ashfield Demesne 463 Kiltartan Beagh Gort
Ashford (or Cappacorcoge) 178 Ross Cong Oughterard
Athenry Town Athenry Athenry Loughrea
Athenry 65 Athenry Athenry Loughrea
Athry 1,613 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Attibrassil 175 Clonmacnowen Clontuskert Ballinasloe
Atticlogh 392 Ballynahinch Omey Clifden
Atticoffey East 41 Clonmacnowen Clontuskert Ballinasloe
Atticoffey West 131 Clonmacnowen Clontuskert Ballinasloe
Attidavock 198 Tiaquin Kilkerrin Glennamaddy
Attidermot 197 Kilconnell Aughrim Ballinasloe
Attifarry 92 Killian Athleague Mountbellew
Attifineen 167 Kiltartan Beagh Gort
Attiflynn 118 Ballymoe Dunmore Glennamaddy
Attigara 116 Longford Lickmolassy Portumna
Attigoddaun 183 Ballynahinch Omey Clifden
Attikee 105 Longford Kiltormer Ballinasloe
Attimany 86 Tiaquin Clonkeen Loughrea
Attimonbeg 254 Tiaquin Killimordaly Loughrea
Attimonmore North 27 Tiaquin Killimordaly Loughrea
Attimonmore South 633 Kilconnell Killimordaly Loughrea
Attiregan 469 Kilconnell Ballymacward Ballinasloe
Attirowerty 498 Ballynahinch Ballynakill Clifden
Attithomasrevagh 81 Galway Rahoon Galway
Attyshonock 291 Galway Rahoon Galway
Aubwee 69 Moycullen Moycullen Galway
Aubwee 37 Galway Rahoon Galway
Aucloggeen 265 Clare Annaghdown Galway
Aughnanure 244 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Aughrim Town Kilconnell Aughrim Ballinasloe
Aughrim Plots (or Garrynamishaun) 125 Kilconnell Aughrim Ballinasloe
Aughrus Beg 443 Ballynahinch Omey Clifden
Aughrus More 482 Ballynahinch Omey Clifden
Avery Island 2 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Avough Island 2 Kiltartan Kinvarradoorus Gort
Back 39 Clonmacnowen Kilcloony Ballinasloe
Backpark 109 Athenry Kiltullagh Loughrea
Ballagh 78 Clare Belclare Tuam
Ballagh 170 Galway Rahoon Galway
Ballagh East 142 Clonmacnowen Clontuskert Ballinasloe
Ballagh East 80 Dunmore Dunmore Tuam
Ballagh West 163 Clonmacnowen Clontuskert Ballinasloe
Ballagh West 70 Dunmore Dunmore Tuam
Ballaghalode 285 Ballymoe Tuam Tuam
Ballaghaugeag East 257 Ballymoe Kilcroan Glennamaddy
Ballaghaugeag West 384 Ballymoe Kilcroan Glennamaddy
Ballaghbaun 268 Clare Belclare Tuam
Ballaghdacker 48 Killian Athleague Mountbellew
Ballaghdorragha 325 Ballymoe Dunmore Glennamaddy
Ballaghduff 471 Tiaquin Kilkerrin Glennamaddy
Ballaghnagrosheen 387 Tiaquin Killoscobe Mountbellew
Ballaghymurry 403 Ballymoe Kilcroan Glennamaddy
Ballard 250 Ross Cong Oughterard
Ballard East 65 Galway Rahoon Galway
Ballard West 29 Galway Rahoon Galway
Ballardiggan 141 Kiltartan Kilbeacanty Gort
Ballina 738 Clare Killererin Tuam
Ballina 63 Loughrea Isertkelly Loughrea
Ballinaboy 298 Ballynahinch Ballindoon Clifden
Ballinafad 871 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Ballinaleama 121 Ballynahinch Ballindoon Clifden
Ballinapeaka 109 Ballymoe Boyounagh Glennamaddy
Ballinasloe Town Clonmacnowen Kilcloony Ballinasloe
Ballinastack 294 Ballymoe Boyounagh Glennamaddy
Ballincurry 633 Ballymoe Ballynakill Glennamaddy
Ballinderreen 186 Dunkellin Drumacoo Gort
Ballinderry 544 Clare Cummer Tuam
Ballinderry 496 Kilconnell Kilconnell Ballinasloe
Ballindooly 497 Galway Oranmore Galway
Ballindrimna 250 Leitrim Tynagh Loughrea
Ballinduff 297 Clare Kilcoona Tuam
Ballinduff 238 Kiltartan Ardrahan Gort
Ballinfoile 256 Galway St. Nicholas Galway
Balling 175 Ballymoe Ballynakill Glennamaddy
Ballingarry 326 Dunkellin Kilchreest Loughrea
Ballingarry 274 Loughrea Kilconickny Loughrea
Ballingatta 144 Tiaquin Moylough Mountbellew
Ballinillaun 284 Dunkellin Stradbally Galway
Ballinlass 165 Ballymoe Dunmore Glennamaddy
Ballinlass 572 Killian Ballynakill Mountbellew
Ballinlass 280 Killian Killeroran Mountbellew
Ballinlaur 140 Leitrim Kilreekill Loughrea
Ballinlawless 1,349 Leitrim Kilteskill Loughrea
Ballinlough 93 Kilconnell Ballymacward Ballinasloe
Ballinlough 199 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Ballinloughaun 364 Clare Athenry Galway
Ballinlug 98 Longford Tiranascragh Portumna
Ballinphuil Town Clare Cummer Tuam
Ballinphuil 369 Clare Cummer Tuam
Ballinphuill 142 Dunmore Tuam Tuam
Ballinphuill 199 Kilconnell Killallaghtan Ballinasloe
Ballinphuill 119 Kilconnell Grange Loughrea
Ballinphuill 285 Tiaquin Boyounagh Glennamaddy
Ballinphuill 190 Tiaquin Kilkerrin Glennamaddy
Ballinrooaun 100 Leitrim Clonrush Scarriff
Ballinrooaun 361 Longford Killoran Ballinasloe
Ballinrooaun 104 Loughrea Ardrahan Loughrea
Ballinrooaun 648 Tiaquin Moylough Mountbellew
Ballinsmaul 109 Leitrim Tynagh Portumna
Ballintava 502 Ballymoe Dunmore Glennamaddy
Ballintemple 286 Dunkellin Oranmore Galway
Ballintise 222 Dunmore Dunmore Tuam
Ballintleva 301 Clare Killower Tuam
Ballintleva 549 Moycullen Kilcummin Galway
Ballintleva 297 Tiaquin Killosolan Mountbellew
Ballintober 203 Clare Cummer Tuam
Ballintober 132 Kilconnell Killallaghtan Ballinasloe
Ballintober 25 Kilconnell Kilconnell Ballinasloe
Ballintober East 269 Leitrim Kilreekill Ballinasloe
Ballintober West 248 Leitrim Kilreekill Loughrea
Ballinvoher 136 Clare Lackagh Galway
Ballinvoher 124 Clare Donaghpatrick Tuam
Ballinvoher North 236 Killian Killeroran Mountbellew
Ballinvoher South 355 Killian Killeroran Mountbellew
Ballooly 18 Longford Kiltormer Ballinasloe
Ballooly (Eyre) 38 Longford Killoran Ballinasloe
Ballooly (Kelly) 56 Longford Killoran Ballinasloe
Ballooly (McDermott) 74 Longford Killoran Ballinasloe
Ballyaneen North 138 Kiltartan Kiltartan Gort
Ballyaneen South 130 Kiltartan Kiltartan Gort
Ballyara 300 Tiaquin Killoscobe Mountbellew
Ballyargadaun 486 Leitrim Leitrim Loughrea
Ballybaan Beg 441 Galway St. Nicholas Galway
Ballybaan More 222 Galway St. Nicholas Galway
Ballybackagh 318 Clare Athenry Galway
Ballybackagh 78 Loughrea Ardrahan Loughrea
Ballybanagher 270 Clare Cummer Tuam
Ballybaun 154 Clare Kilcoona Tuam
Ballybaun 115 Dunkellin Ardrahan Gort
Ballybaun 236 Kilconnell Ahascragh Mountbellew
Ballybaun 154 Kilconnell Killallaghtan Ballinasloe
Ballybaun 287 Killian Killian Mountbellew
Ballybaun 247 Kiltartan Kilmacduagh Gort
Ballybaun 229 Loughrea Kilconickny Loughrea
Ballybaun 139 Loughrea Killogilleen Loughrea
Ballybaun 271 Tiaquin Abbeyknockmoy Tuam
Ballybaun 219 Tiaquin Moylough Mountbellew
Ballyboggan 534 Kilconnell Monivea Loughrea
Ballyboggan 336 Kilconnell Ahascragh Mountbellew
Ballyboy 136 Dunkellin Ardrahan Gort
Ballyboy 671 Dunmore Kilbennan Tuam
Ballyboy 363 Kiltartan Beagh Gort
Ballybranagan 153 Kiltartan Kinvarradoorus Gort
Ballybrian 178 Clonmacnowen Killallaghtan Ballinasloe
Ballybrit 325 Galway St. Nicholas Galway
Ballybroder 372 Loughrea Loughrea Loughrea
Ballybroder 135 Loughrea Kilmeen Loughrea
Ballybrone 770 Clare Athenry Galway
Ballybuck North 342 Kiltartan Killinny Gort
Ballybuck South 223 Kiltartan Killinny Gort
Ballyburke 127 Galway Rahoon Galway
Ballycahalan 461 Kiltartan Kilbeacanty Gort
Ballycahill 156 Longford Killimorbologue Portumna
Ballycasey 413 Clare Kilcoona Tuam
Ballyclery 708 Dunkellin Killeenavarra Gort
Ballycolgan 192 Clare Kilkilvery Tuam
Ballyconlought 291 Clare Cargin Tuam
Ballyconneely 1,339 Ballynahinch Ballindoon Clifden
Ballyconnell 245 Kiltartan Kilbeacanty Gort
Ballycoony 305 Loughrea Killeenadeema Loughrea
Ballycorban 120 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Ballycrossaun 211 Longford Tiranascragh Portumna
Ballycuddy 301 Dunkellin Kilchreest Loughrea
Ballycuirke East 130 Moycullen Moycullen Galway
Ballycuirke West 323 Moycullen Moycullen Galway
Ballyculloo 131 Dunkellin Kilcolgan Gort
Ballydaly 46 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Ballydavid 339 Leitrim Kilcooly Loughrea
Ballydavid Middle 201 Athenry Athenry Galway
Ballydavid North 197 Athenry Athenry Galway
Ballydavid South 477 Athenry Athenry Loughrea
Ballydonagh 105 Leitrim Tynagh Portumna
Ballydonagh 629 Longford Kiltormer Ballinasloe
Ballydonnellan 401 Clare Kilcoona Tuam
Ballydonnellan East 296 Kilconnell Killallaghtan Ballinasloe
Ballydonnellan West 273 Kilconnell Killallaghtan Ballinasloe
Ballydoogan 252 Kilconnell Fohanagh Mountbellew
Ballydoogan 690 Leitrim Kilmeen Loughrea
Ballydoolough 719 Ross Ross Oughterard
Ballydotia 311 Moycullen Moycullen Galway
Ballydotia East 130 Clare Belclare Tuam
Ballydotia West 124 Clare Belclare Tuam
Ballyedmond 650 Ballymoe Clonbern Glennamaddy
Ballyeighter 249 Clonmacnowen Aughrim Ballinasloe
Ballyeighter 257 Kiltartan Kilbeacanty Gort
Ballyeighter 153 Leitrim Kilteskill Loughrea
Ballyeighter (Dowdall) 142 Clonmacnowen Ahascragh Ballinasloe
Ballyeighter (Mahon) 214 Clonmacnowen Ahascragh Ballinasloe
Ballyfinegan 120 Ballymoe Kilbegnet Glennamaddy
Ballyfintan 328 Leitrim Abbeygormacan Loughrea
Ballyfruit 168 Clare Kilkilvery Tuam
Ballygaddy 189 Dunmore Kilbennan Tuam
Ballygally 420 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Ballygar Town Killian Killeroran Mountbellew
Ballygar 293 Killian Killeroran Mountbellew
Ballygarraun 173 Galway Oranmore Galway
Ballygarraun 667 Loughrea Isertkelly Loughrea
Ballygarraun North 224 Athenry Athenry Loughrea
Ballygarraun South 238 Athenry Athenry Loughrea
Ballygarraun West 250 Athenry Athenry Loughrea
Ballygarriff 127 Dunkellin Killeely Gort
Ballygasty 280 Loughrea Loughrea Loughrea
Ballygeagin 109 Kiltartan Beagh Gort
Ballyglass 195 Clare Athenry Galway
Ballyglass 145 Clonmacnowen Ahascragh Ballinasloe
Ballyglass 560 Kilconnell Kilconnell Ballinasloe
Ballyglass 211 Leitrim Tynagh Portumna
Ballyglass 44 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Ballyglass 44 Leitrim Clonrush Scarriff
Ballyglass 722 Tiaquin Clonkeen Loughrea
Ballyglass (Mahon) 274 Clonmacnowen Ahascragh Ballinasloe
Ballyglass East 254 Dunkellin Ardrahan Loughrea
Ballyglass Middle 68 Ballymoe Kilcroan Glennamaddy
Ballyglass North 195 Ballymoe Kilcroan Glennamaddy
Ballyglass South 555 Ballymoe Kilcroan Glennamaddy
Ballyglass West 184 Ballymoe Kilcroan Glennamaddy
Ballyglass West 335 Dunkellin Ardrahan Gort
Ballyglooneen 427 Clare Kilmoylan Tuam
Ballygowan 741 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Ballygrany 151 Tiaquin Ballymacward Loughrea
Ballygunneen 456 Loughrea Killinan Loughrea
Ballyhale 352 Clare Cargin Tuam
Ballyhanry 137 Longford Lickmolassy Portumna
Ballyhard 621 Ballymoe Boyounagh Glennamaddy
Ballyhinch 718 Leitrim Clonrush Scarriff
Ballyhogan 349 Leitrim Abbeygormacan Loughrea
Ballyhoolahan 61 Clonmacnowen Aughrim Ballinasloe
Ballyhoose 283 Longford Clonfert Ballinasloe
Ballyhugh 311 Kiltartan Kilmacduagh Gort
Ballykeaghra 282 Clare Cummer Tuam
Ballykeeran 331 Loughrea Lickerrig Loughrea
Ballykilladea 135 Kiltartan Killinny Gort
Ballyknock 66 Loughrea Kilteskill Loughrea
Ballyknock 9 Loughrea Killeenadeema Loughrea
Ballylahy 154 Kiltartan Kilthomas Gort
Ballylara 267 Dunkellin Ardrahan Gort
Ballylee 71 Clare Annaghdown Galway
Ballylee 219 Kiltartan Kiltartan Gort
Ballylee 82 Kiltartan Kilthomas Gort
Ballyleen 176 Leitrim Tynagh Portumna
Ballylennan 56 Kiltartan Kilmacduagh Gort
Ballylin East 174 Dunkellin Killogilleen Loughrea
Ballylin West 245 Dunkellin Killogilleen Loughrea
Ballylouge 415 Clonmacnowen Killoran Ballinasloe
Ballyloughan 98 Kiltartan Kiltartan Gort
Ballyloughaun Town Galway St. Nicholas Galway
Ballymabilla 867 Kilconnell Killallaghtan Ballinasloe
Ballymaconry (or Kingstown Glebe) 78 Ballynahinch Omey Clifden
Ballymacward 223 Tiaquin Ballymacward Ballinasloe
Ballymageraghty 276 Tiaquin Moylough Mountbellew
Ballymaglancy 50 Ross Cong Oughterard
Ballymanagh 96 Dunkellin Killogilleen Loughrea
Ballymanagh 449 Longford Clontuskert Ballinasloe
Ballymaquiff North 249 Dunkellin Ardrahan Gort
Ballymaquiff South 108 Kiltartan Ardrahan Gort
Ballymarcahaun 194 Kiltartan Ardrahan Gort
Ballymariscal 80 Dunkellin Ardrahan Gort
Ballymartin 68 Longford Lickmolassy Portumna
Ballymary 41 Dunmore Addergoole Tuam
Ballymerret 285 Leitrim Leitrim Loughrea
Ballymoat 418 Dunmore Tuam Tuam
Ballymoe Town Ballymoe Drumatemple Glennamaddy
Ballymoneen 583 Clare Lackagh Galway
Ballymoneen 146 Loughrea Killogilleen Loughrea
Ballymoneen East 37 Galway Rahoon Galway
Ballymoneen West 87 Galway Rahoon Galway
Ballymoney North 173 Dunmore Dunmore Tuam
Ballymoney South 259 Dunmore Dunmore Tuam
Ballymore 384 Dunkellin Killora Loughrea
Ballymore 368 Dunkellin Killeenavarra Gort
Ballymore Lower 366 Longford Clonfert Ballinasloe
Ballymore Upper 246 Longford Clonfert Ballinasloe
Ballymulfaig 164 Kiltartan Kilmacduagh Gort
Ballymullen 142 Loughrea Killinan Loughrea
Ballymurphy 26 Kiltartan Kiltartan Gort
Ballymurry 177 Athenry Kiltullagh Loughrea
Ballynabanaba 442 Kilconnell Fohanagh Ballinasloe
Ballynaboorkagh 319 Tiaquin Monivea Tuam
Ballynabucky 331 Dunkellin Killeely Gort
Ballynabucky 117 Kiltartan Kilthomas Gort
Ballynaclogh 427 Kilconnell Killallaghtan Ballinasloe
Ballynacloghy 370 Dunkellin Ballynacourty Galway
Ballynacorra (Davies) 111 Killian Killian Mountbellew
Ballynacorra (Ffrench) 349 Killian Killian Mountbellew
Ballynacorra (Netterville) 110 Killian Killian Mountbellew
Ballynacourty 469 Dunkellin Ballynacourty Galway
Ballynacreg North 224 Clare Cummer Tuam
Ballynacreg South 440 Clare Cummer Tuam
Ballynacregga 234 Clare Cargin Tuam
Ballynacurragh 535 Loughrea Kilchreest Loughrea
Ballynagar 108 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Ballynageeha 214 Dunkellin Oranmore Galway
Ballynageeragh 175 Dunkellin Kilconierin Loughrea
Ballynagittagh 259 Dunmore Kilconla Tuam
Ballynagran 197 Dunkellin Killeeneen Gort
Ballynagran 131 Loughrea Kilchreest Loughrea
Ballynagreeve 306 Loughrea Killeenadeema Loughrea
Ballynahallia 668 Moycullen Moycullen Galway
Ballynahattina 269 Tiaquin Killosolan Mountbellew
Ballynaheskeragh 431 Longford Killimorbologue Portumna
Ballynahinch 790 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Ballynahistil 191 Leitrim Kilcooly Loughrea
Ballynahivnia 161 Loughrea Kilconierin Loughrea
Ballynahown 98 Athenry Lickerrig Loughrea
Ballynahown 72 Clonmacnowen Aughrim Ballinasloe
Ballynahown 267 Moycullen Rahoon Galway
Ballynahown East 63 Galway Rahoon Galway
Ballynahown North 206 Moycullen Killannin Galway
Ballynahown South 616 Moycullen Killannin Galway
Ballynahowna 358 Ballymoe Kilbegnet Glennamaddy
Ballynahowna 81 Killian Ballynakill Mountbellew
Ballynahowna 257 Loughrea Kilthomas Gort
Ballynakill 287 Ballymoe Ballynakill Glennamaddy
Ballynakill 385 Kiltartan Beagh Gort
Ballynakill 146 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Ballynakill 596 Longford Clonfert Ballinasloe
Ballynakilla 170 Clare Killererin Tuam
Ballynakilla 335 Tiaquin Abbeyknockmoy Tuam
Ballynakillew 108 Clare Cargin Tuam
Ballynakillew 84 Leitrim Clonrush Scarriff
Ballynalacka 122 Clare Cargin Tuam
Ballynalahy 249 Killian Killian Mountbellew
Ballynamanagh East 591 Dunkellin Ballynacourty Galway
Ballynamanagh West 396 Dunkellin Ballynacourty Galway
Ballynamannin 203 Dunkellin Killora Loughrea
Ballynamantan 100 Kiltartan Kiltartan Gort
Ballynamockagh 262 Clonmacnowen Kilcloony Ballinasloe
Ballynamona 89 Dunmore Tuam Tuam
Ballynamona 169 Leitrim Duniry Portumna
Ballynamona 147 Leitrim Clonrush Scarriff
Ballynamona 54 Ross Cong Oughterard
Ballynamona 427 Tiaquin Moylough Mountbellew
Ballynamona 215 Tiaquin Abbeyknockmoy Tuam
Ballynamucka 68 Dunkellin Kilconickny Loughrea
Ballynamuddagh 214 Clonmacnowen Killallaghtan Ballinasloe
Ballynamuddagh 273 Longford Donanaghta Portumna
Ballynamurdoo 200 Leitrim Abbeygormacan Loughrea
Ballynanulty 254 Tiaquin Killimordaly Loughrea
Ballynapark 274 Clare Killererin Tuam
Ballynascragh 97 Dunkellin Killogilleen Loughrea
Ballynasheeog 178 Clare Lackagh Galway
Ballynasoorag Eighter 144 Tiaquin Killoscobe Mountbellew
Ballynasoorag Oughter 249 Tiaquin Killoscobe Mountbellew
Ballynastaig 175 Dunkellin Killeely Gort
Ballynastaig 214 Kiltartan Kilmacduagh Gort
Ballynastucka 426 Clare Kilmoylan Tuam
Ballynew 493 Ballynahinch Ballynakill Clifden
Ballynew 140 Clare Kilcoona Tuam
Ballynew 24 Clonmacnowen Clontuskert Ballinasloe
Ballynew 160 Longford Lickmolassy Portumna
Ballyroe 171 Ballymoe Templetogher Glennamaddy
Ballyscully 131 Leitrim Duniry Loughrea
Ballyshea 413 Dunkellin Killinan Loughrea
Ballysheedy 365 Kiltartan Kilmacduagh Gort
Ballyshrule 223 Longford Lickmolassy Portumna
Ballyskeagh 130 Tiaquin Monivea Tuam
Ballyterrim 216 Clonmacnowen Killallaghtan Ballinasloe
Ballytrasna 321 Dunmore Tuam Tuam
Ballyturick 64 Longford Kiltormer Ballinasloe
Ballyturin 866 Kiltartan Kilbeacanty Gort
Ballyvaheen 93 Longford Abbeygormacan Ballinasloe
Ballyvoher 159 Kiltartan Kilmacduagh Gort
Ballyvoneen 211 Kilconnell Killosolan Mountbellew
Ballyvoneen 59 Tiaquin Ballymacward Ballinasloe
Ballyvullaun 192 Dunkellin Drumacoo Gort
Ballywataire 237 Ballymoe Dunmore Glennamaddy
Ballywatteen & Knockauneevin 367 Longford Tynagh Portumna
Ballyweeann 680 Ross Ross Oughterard
Ballywinna 415 Dunkellin Killora Loughrea
Ballywulash (or Crinnage) 401 Dunkellin Killora Loughrea
Balrickard 270 Clare Cargin Tuam
Balrobuck Beg 336 Clare Annaghdown Tuam
Balrobuck More 259 Clare Annaghdown Tuam
Banagher 399 Dunmore Liskeevy Tuam
Banraghbaun North 383 Moycullen Killannin Galway
Banraghbaun South 915 Moycullen Killannin Galway
Banuyknav 148 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Barbersfort 387 Clare Killererin Tuam
Bargarriff 196 Leitrim Clonrush Scarriff
Barna 295 Ballymoe Boyounagh Glennamaddy
Barna Town Galway Rahoon Galway
Barna 124 Galway Rahoon Galway
Barna 134 Kiltartan Beagh Gort
Barnaboy 299 Clare Athenry Galway
Barnaboy 209 Clare Kilkilvery Tuam
Barnaboy 280 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Barnaboy 169 Longford Clontuskert Ballinasloe
Barnacragh 57 Clonmacnowen Kilcloony Ballinasloe
Barnacranny 101 Galway Rahoon Galway
Barnacurra 162 Killian Killian Mountbellew
Barnacurragh 352 Dunmore Tuam Tuam
Barnaderg North 308 Clare Killererin Tuam
Barnaderg South 152 Clare Killererin Tuam
Barnagorteeny 728 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Barnahallia 85 Ballynahinch Omey Clifden
Barnahowna 1,325 Ross Ballinrobe Ballinrobe
Barnanang 1,199 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Barnanoraun 895 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Barnanoraun 366 Ballynahinch Omey Clifden
Barnavihall 354 Kilconnell Kilconnell Ballinasloe
Barnpark 79 Clonmacnowen Clontuskert Ballinasloe
Barnwellsgrove 174 Killian Ballynakill Mountbellew
Barraderry 765 Moycullen Killannin Oughterard
Barragarraun 192 Loughrea Killeenadeema Loughrea
Barrany 1,181 Clare Annaghdown Galway
Barratleva 480 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Barratoor 250 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Barratreana 187 Dunkellin Ardrahan Gort
Barratrough (or Streamstown) 1,000 Ballynahinch Omey Clifden
Barravilla 93 Clare Annaghdown Galway
Barrettspark 251 Clare Athenry Galway
Barrevagh 783 Ross Ross Oughterard
Barrslievenaroy 602 Ross Ross Oughterard
Barrusheen 114 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Baunmore 211 Athenry Athenry Loughrea
Baunmore 121 Clare Annaghdown Galway
Baunmore 109 Dunmore Dunmore Tuam
Baunoge 933 Ballynahinch Ballynakill Clifden
Baunoge 109 Loughrea Loughrea Loughrea
Baunoges 337 Tiaquin Ballymacward Mountbellew
Baunoges North 50 Ballymoe Dunmore Glennamaddy
Baunoges South 2 Ballymoe Dunmore Tuam
Baunragh 26 Kiltartan Kiltartan Gort
Bauntia 203 Leitrim Ballynakill Portumna
Bauttagh 43 Dunkellin Killogilleen Loughrea
Bawnmore (or Stonepark) 101 Clare Donaghpatrick Tuam
Beagh 629 Ballymoe Templetogher Glennamaddy
Beagh 650 Dunmore Kilconla Tuam
Beagh 331 Kiltartan Beagh Gort
Beagh (Browne) 97 Dunmore Dunmore Tuam
Beagh (Donnellan) 111 Dunmore Dunmore Tuam
Beagh Beg 362 Clare Donaghpatrick Tuam
Beagh Island 4 Kiltartan Beagh Gort
Beagh More 2,316 Clare Donaghpatrick Tuam
Beagha 847 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Beaghbaun 107 Dunmore Dunmore Tuam
Beaghcauneen 664 Ballynahinch Ballindoon Clifden
Beaghroe 135 Dunmore Tuam Tuam
Beaghroe 39 Dunmore Dunmore Tuam
Beaghy Island 9 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Beaghy North 6 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Bealadangan 998 Moycullen Killannin Oughterard
Bealnalappa 31 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Bech Hill 580 Kilconnell Grange Loughrea
Beefield 42 Kilconnell Killaan Ballinasloe
Belderny North 202 Killian Moylough Mountbellew
Belderny South 408 Killian Moylough Mountbellew
Bellaconeen 57 Dunmore Addergoole Tuam
Bellafa 6 Kilconnell Grange Loughrea
Bellagad (or Rookwood) 316 Killian Athleague Mountbellew
Bellalegaun 82 Loughrea Killeenadeema Loughrea
Bellanagarraun 531 Clare Donaghpatrick Tuam
Bellayarha North 491 Loughrea Bullaun Loughrea
Bellayarha South 410 Loughrea Bullaun Loughrea
Belleek 312 Ballynahinch Omey Clifden
Belleville Demesne 245 Clare Monivea Galway
Belmont 1,905 Dunmore Liskeevy Tuam
Belview (or Lissareaghaun) 969 Longford Kiltormer Ballinasloe
Ben Beg 304 Loughrea Grange Loughrea
Ben More 636 Loughrea Grange Loughrea
Bettyspark 30 Dunmore Dunmore Tuam
Big Island 9 Moycullen Killannin Oughterard
Big Island 44 Ross Ross Oughterard
Biggera Beg 362 Clare Annaghdown Tuam
Biggera More 306 Clare Annaghdown Tuam
Bigisland 168 Longford Meelick Portumna
Bilberry Island 2 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Billymore (or Carrowntober) 303 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Bingarra 347 Tiaquin Monivea Loughrea
Binn 89 Tiaquin Monivea Loughrea
Birbeg Island 2 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Birchhall (or Curraveha) 116 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Birchpark 48 Leitrim Clonrush Scarriff
Birmingham Demesne 398 Dunmore Tuam Tuam
Birmore Island 32 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Black Weir 1 Kiltartan Kinvarradoorus Gort
Blackacre 63 Dunmore Tuam Tuam
Blackgarden 178 Dunkellin Kilconickny Loughrea
Blackrock 125 Loughrea Kilthomas Loughrea
Blacksticks 104 Longford Clonfert Ballinasloe
Blean 223 Athenry Athenry Loughrea
Bleannagloos 373 Killian Killian Mountbellew
Bleanoran (or Burnthouse) 132 Moycullen Killannin Oughterard
Blindwell 1,412 Dunmore Kilconla Tuam
Boadaun 289 Dunmore Kilconla Tuam
Boggaun 98 Loughrea Kilchreest Loughrea
Boggauns 416 Ballymoe Kilbegnet Glennamaddy
Boggauns 420 Killian Killian Mountbellew
Bogpark 138 Clonmacnowen Clontuskert Ballinasloe
Bohaboy 637 Loughrea Killeenadeema Loughrea
Bohatch North 1,090 Leitrim Inishcaltra Scarriff
Bohatch South 453 Leitrim Inishcaltra Scarriff
Bohaun 443 Ross Ross Oughterard
Boheeshal 2,542 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Boherbannagh 299 Killian Killian Mountbellew
Bohercuill 269 Clare Kilcoona Tuam
Boherduff 163 Dunkellin Kilconickny Loughrea
Bohilmore Island 8 Moycullen Moycullen Galway
Bohoona East 418 Moycullen Killannin Galway
Bohoona West 494 Moycullen Killannin Galway
Bolag 433 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Boley 72 Longford Kilmalinoge Portumna
Boley 60 Longford Lickmolassy Portumna
Boleybeg 520 Loughrea Killeenadeema Loughrea
Boleybeg & Killimor 105 Longford Killimorbologue Portumna
Boleybeg East 153 Galway Rahoon Galway
Boleybeg West 58 Galway Rahoon Galway
Boleycurheen 95 Loughrea Killeenadeema Loughrea
Boleydorragha 20 Dunkellin Kilconierin Loughrea
Boleylaan 139 Dunmore Tuam Tuam
Boleymore 59 Kilconnell Grange Loughrea
Boleynagoagh North 614 Leitrim Clonrush Scarriff
Boleynagoagh South 248 Leitrim Clonrush Scarriff
Boleynaminna 184 Longford Tynagh Portumna
Boleynanollag 135 Leitrim Ballynakill Portumna
Boleynasruhaun 167 Galway Rahoon Galway
Boleyneendorrish 2,168 Loughrea Ardrahan Gort
Boleyphaudeen 198 Kiltartan Beagh Gort
Boleyroe 159 Longford Abbeygormacan Portumna
Boleythomas 238 Ballymoe Kilbegnet Glennamaddy
Boleyvaunaun 29 Moycullen Killannin Oughterard
Bolinsheen 251 Clare Annaghdown Tuam
Boliska Eighter 1,401 Moycullen Killannin Galway
Boliska Oughter 1,669 Moycullen Killannin Galway
Boocaun 169 Ross Ross Oughterard
Booey 6 Ross Cong Oughterard
Bookalagh 680 Ballymoe Kilcroan Glennamaddy
Bookeen 391 Loughrea Killeenadeema Loughrea
Bookeen North 38 Athenry Lickerrig Loughrea
Bookeen South 399 Dunkellin Lickerrig Loughrea
Boolagare 543 Ballynahinch Ballindoon Clifden
Boolard 372 Ballynahinch Omey Clifden
Boolard Island 12 Ballynahinch Omey Clifden
Bottom 100 Athenry Athenry Loughrea
Boughil 432 Killian Taghboy Mountbellew
Bouluskeagh (or Flowerhill) 321 Longford Tynagh Portumna
Bovinion 771 Killian Moylough Mountbellew
Bovroughaun 1,750 Moycullen Killannin Galway
Boyhill 180 Athenry Athenry Loughrea
Boyounagh Beg 325 Tiaquin Boyounagh Glennamaddy
Boyounagh More 714 Tiaquin Boyounagh Glennamaddy
Braadillaun 4 Ballynahinch Ballynakill Clifden
Brackernagh Town Clonmacnowen Kilcloony Ballinasloe
Brackernagh (Clancarty) 85 Clonmacnowen Kilcloony Ballinasloe
Brackernagh (Persse) 108 Clonmacnowen Kilcloony Ballinasloe
Brackery 108 Leitrim Duniry Loughrea
Brackery North 124 Leitrim Tynagh Portumna
Brackery South 197 Leitrim Tynagh Portumna
Bracklagh 397 Ballymoe Kilcroan Glennamaddy
Bracklagh 115 Ballymoe Clonbern Glennamaddy
Bracklagh 168 Dunmore Dunmore Tuam
Bracklagh 7 Dunmore Tuam Tuam
Bracklagh 216 Leitrim Duniry Portumna
Bracklagh Grange 98 Leitrim Duniry Loughrea
Bracklin 458 Ballymoe Dunamon Roscommon
Brackloon 840 Athenry Killimordaly Loughrea
Brackloon 364 Ballymoe Clonbern Tuam
Brackloon 300 Clare Kilmoylan Tuam
Brackloon 83 Clare Killererin Tuam
Brackloon 65 Dunkellin Killeenavarra Gort
Brackloon 215 Kilconnell Killallaghtan Ballinasloe
Brackloon 76 Kilconnell Grange Loughrea
Brackloon 288 Longford Clonfert Ballinasloe
Brackloonbeg 436 Athenry Kiltullagh Loughrea
Brannock Island 48 Aran Inishmore Galway
Breandrim 177 Ross Cong Oughterard
Breanloughaun 149 Dunkellin Oranmore Galway
Breanra 138 Ballymoe Dunmore Tuam
Bredagh 345 Clare Kilcoona Tuam
Bredagh 257 Kilconnell Killosolan Mountbellew
Breenaun 1,069 Ross Ross Oughterard
Bridgepark 45 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Brierfield 77 Tiaquin Moylough Mountbellew
Brierfield (Blake) 138 Tiaquin Abbeyknockmoy Tuam
Brierfield (Burke) 362 Tiaquin Abbeyknockmoy Tuam
Brierfield (North) 37 Tiaquin Abbeyknockmoy Tuam
Brierfield (Stevens) 136 Tiaquin Abbeyknockmoy Tuam
Brierfield (Toole) 204 Tiaquin Abbeyknockmoy Tuam
Brierfield South 551 Tiaquin Abbeyknockmoy Tuam
Brierfort 358 Ballymoe Templetogher Glennamaddy
Brimnoge 2 Longford Meelick Portumna
Brockagh 444 Clare Cummer Tuam
Brockagh 115 Dunkellin Killeeneen Gort
Brockagh 216 Dunmore Tuam Tuam
Brockagh 239 Galway Oranmore Galway
Brooklodge Demesne 204 Clare Killererin Tuam
Brownville 155 Galway Rahoon Galway
Brucken 72 Dunkellin Killogilleen Loughrea
Brusk 259 Athenry Kiltullagh Loughrea
Budellagh and Cloghbrack 166 Longford Donanaghta Portumna
Buffy 567 Moycullen Killannin Oughterard
Bulcaun 109 Dunmore Kilconla Tuam
Bullaun 747 Clare Kilmoylan Tuam
Bullaun 141 Loughrea Bullaun Loughrea
Bullaunagh 99 Kiltartan Kilthomas Gort
Bullaunagh 178 Loughrea Ardrahan Gort
Bunagarraun 242 Dunmore Kilbennan Tuam
Bunanraun 87 Clare Kilkilvery Tuam
Bunatober 461 Clare Annaghdown Tuam
Bunavan 165 Kilconnell Ahascragh Mountbellew
Buncam 25 Killian Killian Mountbellew
Bundouglas 88 Ballynahinch Ballynakill Clifden
Bunnaconeen 119 Clare Kilkilvery Tuam
Bunnagippaun 331 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Bunnaglass 387 Kiltartan Kilthomas Gort
Bunnahevelly Beg 139 Clare Annaghdown Tuam
Bunnahevelly More 547 Clare Annaghdown Tuam
Bunnahown 671 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Bunnakill 541 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Bunnasillagh 237 Clare Donaghpatrick Tuam
Bunnasrah 373 Kiltartan Beagh Gort
Bunnaviskaun 1,592 Ross Ross Oughterard
Bunoghanaun 472 Clare Annaghdown Tuam
Bunowen 1,452 Ballynahinch Ballynakill Clifden
Bunowen Beg 566 Ballynahinch Ballindoon Clifden
Bunowen Island 1 Longford Lickmolassy Portumna
Bunowen More 243 Ballynahinch Ballindoon Clifden
Bunscanniff 1,102 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Burnthouse (or Bleanoran) 132 Moycullen Killannin Oughterard
Burr Island 2 Ross Cong Oughterard
Burroge 99 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Burroge 475 Loughrea Killeenadeema Loughrea
Bush Island 1 Dunkellin Ballynacourty Galway
Bushfield 290 Dunkellin Oranmore Galway
Bushfield 204 Loughrea Kilconickny Loughrea
Bushtown 181 Ballymoe Boyounagh Glennamaddy
Bushy Island 16 Leitrim Inishcaltra Scarriff
Bushy Island 22 Longford Clonfert Ballinasloe
Bushypark 91 Galway Rahoon Galway
Caher 747 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Caher 66 Clonmacnowen Kilcloony Ballinasloe
Caher 163 Longford Lickmolassy Portumna
Caher 58 Longford Killimorbologue Portumna
Caheradangan 80 Dunkellin Killora Loughrea
Caheradine 233 Dunkellin Killeeneen Gort
Caherakeeny 269 Clare Donaghpatrick Tuam
Caherakilleen 89 Dunkellin Kilconierin Loughrea
Caheraloggy East 77 Dunkellin Killeely Gort
Caheraloggy West 132 Dunkellin Killeely Gort
Caherapheepa 165 Dunkellin Killeeneen Gort
Caherateemore North 552 Clare Lackagh Galway
Caherateemore South 369 Clare Lackagh Galway
Caherateige 343 Dunkellin Ardrahan Gort
Caheratrim 250 Dunkellin Ardrahan Gort
Caheratrim 458 Loughrea Killeenadeema Loughrea
Caheravoley 412 Clare Kilmoylan Tuam
Caherawoneen North 370 Kiltartan Kinvarradoorus Gort
Caherawoneen South 485 Kiltartan Kinvarradoorus Gort
Caherbrian 34 Kiltartan Beagh Gort
Caherbriskaun 373 Clare Athenry Galway
Caherbroder 354 Kiltartan Beagh Gort
Caherbulligin 160 Dunkellin Killeeneen Gort
Cahercarney 445 Kiltartan Kinvarradoorus Gort
Cahercon 427 Kiltartan Killinny Gort
Cahercormick 35 Dunkellin Kilconierin Loughrea
Cahercrea East 326 Loughrea Killeenadeema Loughrea
Cahercrea West 92 Loughrea Killeenadeema Loughrea
Cahercrin 325 Dunkellin Killeeneen Loughrea
Caherdaly 221 Dunkellin Ardrahan Gort
Caherduff 97 Dunkellin Ardrahan Gort
Cahererillan 498 Kiltartan Killinny Gort
Caherfinesker 250 Athenry Athenry Loughrea
Caherfurvaus 188 Dunkellin Killeeneen Gort
Cahergal 260 Clare Killererin Tuam
Cahergal 248 Clare Cargin Tuam
Cahergal 83 Dunkellin Killogilleen Loughrea
Cahergal 251 Ross Ross Oughterard
Caherglassaun 273 Kiltartan Ardrahan Gort
Caherglassaun 241 Kiltartan Kinvarradoorus Gort
Cahergowan (or Summerfield) 841 Dunkellin Claregalway Galway
Caherhenryhoe 467 Loughrea Kilconickny Loughrea
Caherhugh 239 Clare Belclare Tuam
Caherkelly 166 Dunkellin Ardrahan Gort
Caherkinmonwee 38 Dunkellin Kilconierin Loughrea
Caherlavine 191 Loughrea Loughrea Loughrea
Caherlea 188 Clare Belclare Tuam
Caherlea 114 Clare Annaghdown Galway
Caherlea 147 Dunkellin Claregalway Galway
Caherlinny 166 Loughrea Killinan Loughrea
Caherlissakill 748 Tiaquin Monivea Tuam
Caherlustraun 156 Clare Donaghpatrick Tuam
Cahermacanally 199 Clare Killursa Tuam
Cahermore 262 Kiltartan Kinvarradoorus Gort
Cahermore 247 Kiltartan Ardrahan Gort
Cahermorris 501 Clare Annaghdown Tuam
Cahernagarry 818 Leitrim Kilreekill Loughrea
Cahernaglass 416 Tiaquin Monivea Tuam
Cahernagormuck 82 Loughrea Loughrea Loughrea
Cahernagry 83 Clare Killererin Tuam
Cahernaheeny 146 Clare Kilkilvery Tuam
Cahernahoon 177 Clare Lackagh Tuam
Cahernalee 187 Dunkellin Kilconierin Loughrea
Cahernalinsky 104 Dunkellin Killeenavarra Gort
Cahernaman 279 Loughrea Kilconickny Loughrea
Cahernamona 56 Loughrea Kilconickny Loughrea
Cahernamuck East 236 Loughrea Kilconickny Loughrea
Cahernamuck West 116 Loughrea Kilconickny Loughrea
Cahernashilleeny 679 Clare Lackagh Galway
Caheronaun 251 Loughrea Loughrea Loughrea
Caherpeak East 390 Dunkellin Kilcolgan Gort
Caherpeak West 405 Dunkellin Kilcolgan Gort
Caherphuca 260 Tiaquin Abbeyknockmoy Tuam
Caherroyn 269 Athenry Athenry Loughrea
Caherskeehaun 101 Dunkellin Killogilleen Loughrea
Cahertinny 270 Loughrea Kilconickny Loughrea
Caherwalter 65 Loughrea Loughrea Loughrea
Caherweelder 479 Dunkellin Killeely Gort
Calf Island 1 Ballynahinch Ballindoon Clifden
Calf Island 2 Longford Lickmolassy Portumna
Callancruck 1,032 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Callatra 124 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Callow 997 Ballynahinch Ballindoon Clifden
Callow 336 Kilconnell Kilconnell Ballinasloe
Callow Beg 67 Longford Meelick Portumna
Callow More 120 Longford Meelick Portumna
Callowfinish 803 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Callownamuck 581 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Callownaskeagh 1 Clare Cargin Tuam
Caltra Town Tiaquin Killosolan Mountbellew
Caltra 651 Tiaquin Killosolan Mountbellew
Caltragh 537 Clare Killower Tuam
Caltragh 129 Clare Belclare Tuam
Caltragh 83 Clare Kilkilvery Tuam
Caltragh 135 Kilconnell Aughrim Ballinasloe
Caltragh 505 Longford Clonfert Ballinasloe
Caltragh 140 Tiaquin Clonkeen Loughrea
Caltraghbreedy 168 Kilconnell Killimordaly Loughrea
Caltraghcreen 227 Tiaquin Killoscobe Mountbellew
Caltraghduff 350 Killian Taghboy Mountbellew
Caltraghlea 482 Clonmacnowen Kilgerrill Ballinasloe
Caltrapallas 40 Tiaquin Killosolan Mountbellew
Camderry 468 Ballymoe Kilbegnet Glennamaddy
Camgort and Corballymore 140 Longford Donanaghta Portumna
Cammanagh 1,241 Ross Ross Oughterard
Camus 250 Longford Meelick Portumna
Camus Eighter 1,830 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Camus Oughter 1,498 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Cangarrow 543 Ross Ross Oughterard
Cankilly 392 Longford Clonfert Ballinasloe
Cannaver Island 9 Ross Cong Oughterard
Canower 271 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Canrawer East 14 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Canrawer West 146 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Canteeny 145 Clare Lackagh Galway
Capira 204 Longford Lickmolassy Portumna
Cappacasheen 364 Kiltartan Killinny Gort
Cappacorcoge 136 Ross Cong Oughterard
Cappacorcoge (or Ashford) 178 Ross Cong Oughterard
Cappacuilla 116 Longford Tynagh Portumna
Cappacur 346 Leitrim Tynagh Portumna
Cappadavock 287 Ballymoe Tuam Tuam
Cappaduff 510 Leitrim Inishcaltra Scarriff
Cappagarriff 50 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Cappagh 101 Clonmacnowen Clontuskert Ballinasloe
Cappagh 834 Dunmore Dunmore Tuam
Cappagh 401 Galway Rahoon Galway
Cappagh 423 Kilconnell Kilgerrill Ballinasloe
Cappagh 387 Killian Killian Mountbellew
Cappagh 469 Leitrim Tynagh Portumna
Cappagh 336 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Cappagh 444 Longford Tiranascragh Portumna
Cappagh 657 Tiaquin Kilkerrin Glennamaddy
Cappagh Beg 247 Kiltartan Killinny Gort
Cappagh More 473 Kiltartan Killinny Gort
Cappagh North 40 Dunkellin Kilconierin Loughrea
Cappagh South 37 Dunkellin Kilconierin Loughrea
Cappagha 74 Leitrim Clonrush Scarriff
Cappaghcon 91 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Cappaghcon East 127 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Cappaghcon West 131 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Cappaghconbeg 62 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Cappaghmoyle 231 Tiaquin Monivea Loughrea
Cappaghnagapple (or Petersburgh) 655 Ross Ross Oughterard
Cappaghnanool 429 Kilconnell Killimordaly Loughrea
Cappaghoosh 2,160 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Cappakeela 11 Longford Tiranascragh Portumna
Cappaluane 41 Longford Clonfert Portumna
Cappanabornia 12 Galway St. Nicholas Galway
Cappanacreha 1,855 Ross Ballinchalla Ballinrobe
Cappanaghtan 321 Longford Abbeygormacan Ballinasloe
Cappanalaurabaun 184 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Cappanapisha North 121 Kiltartan Kilmacduagh Gort
Cappanapisha South 165 Kiltartan Kilmacduagh Gort
Cappanasruhaun 675 Kilconnell Killimordaly Loughrea
Cappanaveagh 50 Galway Rahoon Galway
Cappanraheen 79 Dunkellin Killora Loughrea
Cappantruhaun 277 Ballymoe Dunmore Glennamaddy
Cappantruhaun 119 Leitrim Clonrush Scarriff
Cappard Demesne 471 Loughrea Kilthomas Gort
Cappasallagh 634 Longford Kilmalinoge Portumna
Cappataggle 390 Kilconnell Killallaghtan Ballinasloe
Cappavarna 51 Kiltartan Kilmacduagh Gort
Cappaveha 179 Kilconnell Killallaghtan Ballinasloe
Caranavoodaun 102 Dunkellin Kilcolgan Gort
Caraun 486 Athenry Athenry Galway
Caraun 282 Clare Monivea Galway
Caraun 124 Clare Lackagh Galway
Caraun Beg 246 Kilconnell Killimordaly Loughrea
Caraun More 353 Kilconnell Killimordaly Loughrea
Caraunduff 193 Clare Athenry Galway
Caraunduff 155 Leitrim Kilmeen Loughrea
Caraunkeelwy 116 Clare Lackagh Galway
Cargin 138 Clare Cargin Tuam
Carheen 159 Dunkellin Killogilleen Loughrea
Carheenadiveane 205 Dunkellin Killeeneen Gort
Carheenard 274 Clare Donaghpatrick Tuam
Carheendoo 73 Leitrim Leitrim Loughrea
Carheenlea 506 Clare Lackagh Galway
Carheennascovoge 166 Dunkellin Killeeneen Loughrea
Carheens 425 Clare Belclare Tuam
Carheenshowagh 307 Clare Cummer Tuam
Carheeny 94 Clare Annaghdown Galway
Carheeny 62 Clare Lackagh Galway
Carheeny Beg 166 Kiltartan Beagh Gort
Carheeny More 264 Kiltartan Beagh Gort
Carheenybaun 278 Kiltartan Beagh Gort
Carhoon 88 Kiltartan Beagh Gort
Carhoon 245 Longford Tynagh Portumna
Carn 225 Loughrea Loughrea Loughrea
Carna 1,080 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Carnakelly 70 Athenry Kiltullagh Loughrea
Carnakelly North 788 Kilconnell Kiltullagh Loughrea
Carnakelly South 383 Kilconnell Kiltullagh Loughrea
Carnanthomas 58 Dunkellin Killora Loughrea
Carnaun 58 Dunmore Tuam Tuam
Carnaun 98 Leitrim Kilreekill Loughrea
Carnmore 169 Clare Athenry Galway
Carnmore East 88 Clare Claregalway Galway
Carnmore West 2,186 Dunkellin Claregalway Galway
Carra 444 Leitrim Killoran Loughrea
Carra 1,466 Loughrea Killaan Loughrea
Carra Island 2 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Carragh 283 Kiltartan Kilbeacanty Gort
Carraghadoo 429 Dunkellin Kilcolgan Gort
Carraghy 271 Clare Annaghdown Galway
Carraunrevagh 80 Tiaquin Monivea Tuam
Carrick East 600 Ross Cong Oughterard
Carrick Middle 370 Ross Cong Oughterard
Carrick West 336 Ross Cong Oughterard
Carrigeen East 429 Dunkellin Killeely Gort
Carrigeen West 350 Dunkellin Killeely Gort
Carrowbaun 197 Dunmore Tuam Tuam
Carrowbaun 156 Dunmore Dunmore Tuam
Carrowbaun 239 Loughrea Lickerrig Loughrea
Carrowbaun 164 Ross Cong Oughterard
Carrowbaun East 84 Kiltartan Kiltartan Gort
Carrowbaun West 99 Kiltartan Kiltartan Gort
Carrowbeg 238 Clare Killursa Tuam
Carrowbeg North 186 Clare Belclare Tuam
Carrowbeg North 110 Clare Annaghdown Galway
Carrowbeg South 178 Clare Belclare Tuam
Carrowbeg South 122 Clare Annaghdown Galway
Carrowbrowne 861 Galway Oranmore Galway
Carrowclogh 152 Dunkellin Kilconickny Loughrea
Carrowconlaun 140 Clare Donaghpatrick Tuam
Carrowcreevanagh 156 Leitrim Duniry Loughrea
Carrowcrin 120 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Carrowculleen 238 Dunmore Dunmore Tuam
Carrowculleen (Hoare) 28 Dunmore Dunmore Tuam
Carrowferrikeen 79 Tiaquin Moylough Mountbellew
Carrowgarriff 291 Kiltartan Beagh Gort
Carrowgarriff 659 Ross Cong Oughterard
Carrowgarriff North 128 Dunkellin Ardrahan Gort
Carrowgarriff South 344 Dunkellin Ardrahan Gort
Carrowgorm 214 Tiaquin Killererin Tuam
Carrowhekeen 225 Ross Cong Oughterard
Carrowholla 515 Kilconnell Ballymacward Ballinasloe
Carrowkeel 373 Athenry Kiltullagh Loughrea
Carrowkeel 526 Ballymoe Dunmore Glennamaddy
Carrowkeel 185 Ballymoe Dunamon Roscommon
Carrowkeel 139 Clonmacnowen Clontuskert Ballinasloe
Carrowkeel 44 Dunkellin Oranmore Galway
Carrowkeel 253 Leitrim Leitrim Loughrea
Carrowkeel 129 Ross Cong Oughterard
Carrowkeel 103 Tiaquin Moylough Mountbellew
Carrowkeelanahglass 390 Ballymoe Dunmore Glennamaddy
Carrowkilleen 472 Kiltartan Killinny Gort
Carrowleana 196 Tiaquin Kilkerrin Glennamaddy
Carrowlustraun 116 Moycullen Moycullen Galway
Carrowmacowan 333 Dunmore Kilbennan Tuam
Carrowmanagh 449 Dunmore Dunmore Tuam
Carrowmanagh 300 Kilconnell Kilconnell Ballinasloe
Carrowmanagh 140 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Carrowmanagh 181 Tiaquin Killererin Tuam
Carrowmaneen 111 Dunkellin Killeely Gort
Carrowmoneash 344 Dunkellin Oranmore Galway
Carrowmoneen 573 Dunmore Tuam Tuam
Carrowmore 127 Clare Donaghpatrick Tuam
Carrowmore 346 Dunkellin Kilconickny Loughrea
Carrowmore 345 Dunkellin Ballynacourty Galway
Carrowmore 756 Kilconnell Aughrim Ballinasloe
Carrowmore 286 Kilconnell Kilconnell Ballinasloe
Carrowmore 282 Leitrim Kilmeen Loughrea
Carrowmore 176 Leitrim Duniry Loughrea
Carrowmore 576 Loughrea Bullaun Loughrea
Carrowmore 515 Tiaquin Monivea Tuam
Carrowmore 251 Tiaquin Moylough Mountbellew
Carrowmore (Cheevers) 101 Killian Killian Mountbellew
Carrowmore (Kelly) 51 Killian Killian Mountbellew
Carrowmore East 65 Clonmacnowen Clontuskert Ballinasloe
Carrowmore West 116 Clonmacnowen Clontuskert Ballinasloe
Carrowmoreknock 555 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Carrowmunna 190 Dunkellin Killogilleen Loughrea
Carrowmunniagh 227 Dunmore Dunmore Tuam
Carrownabo 330 Tiaquin Moylough Mountbellew
Carrownacregg East 185 Tiaquin Killoscobe Mountbellew
Carrownacregg West 272 Tiaquin Killoscobe Mountbellew
Carrownacreggaun 123 Dunkellin Drumacoo Gort
Carrownacroagh 316 Clare Killursa Tuam
Carrownafinnoge 220 Longford Meelick Portumna
Carrownafreevy 403 Killian Killian Mountbellew
Carrownagannive 353 Killian Ballynakill Mountbellew
Carrownagappul 1,058 Killian Ballynakill Mountbellew
Carrownagarraun 93 Dunmore Tuam Tuam
Carrownagarry 372 Dunmore Tuam Tuam
Carrownageeha 241 Dunmore Liskeevy Tuam
Carrownaglogh 257 Athenry Killimordaly Loughrea
Carrownaglogh 601 Ballymoe Dunamon Roscommon
Carrownagower 183 Dunkellin Lickerrig Loughrea
Carrownagur 339 Ballymoe Dunmore Glennamaddy
Carrownaherick East 112 Clare Belclare Tuam
Carrownaherick West 111 Clare Belclare Tuam
Carrownakelly 40 Kilconnell Ballymacward Ballinasloe
Carrownakib 517 Clare Killursa Tuam
Carrownamaddra 774 Kiltartan Kinvarradoorus Gort
Carrownamona 135 Kiltartan Ardrahan Gort
Carrownamorrissy 202 Dunkellin Kilconierin Loughrea
Carrownaseer North 397 Dunmore Dunmore Tuam
Carrownaseer South 224 Dunmore Dunmore Tuam
Carrownavohanaun 131 Kiltartan Kiltartan Gort
Carrownderry 272 Ballymoe Templetogher Glennamaddy
Carrowndulla 156 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Carrownea 115 Kilconnell Ballymacward Ballinasloe
Carrownea Lower 129 Kilconnell Ballymacward Ballinasloe
Carrownea Upper 129 Kilconnell Ballymacward Ballinasloe
Carrowneany 235 Ballymoe Templetogher Glennamaddy
Carrownlisheen 1,131 Aran Inishmaan Galway
Carrownrooaun 134 Clare Annaghdown Tuam
Carrowntanlis 249 Dunmore Tuam Tuam
Carrowntemple 1,121 Aran Inishmaan Galway
Carrowntemple 104 Clare Belclare Tuam
Carrowntober 136 Leitrim Abbeygormacan Loughrea
Carrowntober (or Billymore) 303 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Carrowntober East 566 Athenry Athenry Galway
Carrowntober East 1,049 Tiaquin Kilkerrin Glennamaddy
Carrowntober West 200 Athenry Athenry Galway
Carrowntober West 375 Tiaquin Kilkerrin Glennamaddy
Carrowntomush 204 Dunmore Addergoole Tuam
Carrowntootagh 182 Dunmore Addergoole Tuam
Carrowntryla 729 Ballymoe Dunmore Glennamaddy
Carrownurlaur 1,583 Dunmore Liskeevy Tuam
Carrowpadeen East 324 Dunmore Dunmore Tuam
Carrowpadeen West 198 Dunmore Dunmore Tuam
Carrowpeter 45 Dunmore Tuam Tuam
Carrowreagh 169 Athenry Killimordaly Loughrea
Carrowreagh 139 Clare Cummer Tuam
Carrowreagh 258 Dunmore Dunmore Tuam
Carrowreagh 416 Kilconnell Fohanagh Ballinasloe
Carrowreagh 258 Longford Killoran Ballinasloe
Carrowreagh East 744 Tiaquin Abbeyknockmoy Tuam
Carrowreagh West 8 Clare Abbeyknockmoy Tuam
Carrowrevagh 266 Dunkellin Kilconierin Loughrea
Carrowrevagh Beg 97 Dunmore Tuam Tuam
Carrowrevagh More 222 Dunmore Tuam Tuam
Carrowroe 199 Ballymoe Templetogher Glennamaddy
Carrowroe 399 Leitrim Kilcooly Loughrea
Carrowroe 190 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Carrowroe East 144 Ballymoe Dunmore Tuam
Carrowroe North 129 Athenry Lickerrig Loughrea
Carrowroe North 2,288 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Carrowroe South 19 Dunkellin Lickerrig Loughrea
Carrowroe South 995 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Carrowroe West 469 Ballymoe Dunmore Tuam
Carrowroe West 1,081 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Carrowshanbally 295 Leitrim Abbeygormacan Loughrea
Carrowsteelagh 148 Loughrea Killogilleen Loughrea
Carta 961 Longford Clonfert Ballinasloe
Cartoor 165 Moycullen Moycullen Galway
Cartoorbeg 73 Ballynahinch Omey Clifden
Cartron 133 Ballymoe Kilbegnet Roscommon
Cartron 241 Ballynahinch Ballynakill Clifden
Cartron 137 Clare Annaghdown Tuam
Cartron 124 Clare Belclare Tuam
Cartron 114 Clonmacnowen Killallaghtan Ballinasloe
Cartron 236 Dunkellin Killeenavarra Gort
Cartron 157 Dunkellin Drumacoo Gort
Cartron 119 Dunkellin Oranmore Galway
Cartron 367 Dunmore Tuam Tuam
Cartron 145 Dunmore Addergoole Tuam
Cartron 85 Dunmore Kilconla Tuam
Cartron 55 Kilconnell Killosolan Mountbellew
Cartron 20 Kilconnell Grange Loughrea
Cartron 277 Killian Killeroran Mountbellew
Cartron 129 Kiltartan Kinvarradoorus Gort
Cartron 210 Leitrim Duniry Loughrea
Cartron 73 Leitrim Clonrush Scarriff
Cartron 250 Loughrea Killogilleen Loughrea
Cartron 111 Moycullen Killannin Galway
Cartron 91 Tiaquin Monivea Tuam
Cartron East 36 Ballymoe Templetogher Glennamaddy
Cartron South 71 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Cartron West 44 Ballymoe Templetogher Glennamaddy
Cartrondoogan 338 Kilconnell Fohanagh Mountbellew
Cartrondoogan 189 Kilconnell Kilconnell Ballinasloe
Cartronearl 121 Killian Killeroran Mountbellew
Cartronlahan 1,013 Moycullen Kilcummin Galway
Cartronroe 362 Dunmore Tuam Tuam
Cartronsheela 98 Kilconnell Aughrim Ballinasloe
Cartrontrellick 188 Kiltartan Kinvarradoorus Gort
Cashel 1,281 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Cashel 594 Tiaquin Boyounagh Glennamaddy
Cashla 292 Clare Athenry Galway
Cashla 282 Clare Lackagh Galway
Cashlaundarragh 255 Tiaquin Monivea Tuam
Cashleen 350 Ballynahinch Ballynakill Clifden
Castle 479 Ballymoe Dunmore Glennamaddy
Castle Ellen 379 Athenry Athenry Galway
Castle Ffrench 443 Kilconnell Killosolan Mountbellew
Castle Ffrench East 369 Killian Ahascragh Mountbellew
Castle Ffrench West 336 Kilconnell Ahascragh Mountbellew
Castle Island 8 Kiltartan Beagh Gort
Castlebellew 300 Tiaquin Moylough Mountbellew
Castlebin East 308 Kilconnell Killaan Ballinasloe
Castlebin North 291 Kilconnell Killaan Ballinasloe
Castlebin South 147 Kilconnell Killaan Ballinasloe
Castleblakeney Town Tiaquin Killosolan Mountbellew
Castleblakeney 105 Tiaquin Killosolan Mountbellew
Castleboy 456 Loughrea Killinan Loughrea
Castlecreevy 405 Clare Annaghdown Galway
Castledaly 228 Loughrea Ardrahan Gort
Castlefarm 192 Dunmore Dunmore Tuam
Castlefield 284 Ballymoe Templetogher Glennamaddy
Castlegar 289 Dunkellin Killeely Gort
Castlegar 528 Galway St. Nicholas Galway
Castlegar 799 Killian Ballynakill Mountbellew
Castlegar East 927 Killian Ahascragh Ballinasloe
Castlegar West 311 Clonmacnowen Ahascragh Ballinasloe
Castlegrove East 261 Dunmore Kilbennan Tuam
Castlegrove West 357 Dunmore Kilbennan Tuam
Castlehacket 902 Clare Killower Tuam
Castlekelly (or Aghrane) 751 Killian Athleague Mountbellew
Castlekelly (or Aghrane) 564 Killian Killeroran Mountbellew
Castlelambert 588 Clare Athenry Galway
Castlemoyle 198 Dunmore Killererin Tuam
Castlenancy 363 Leitrim Abbeygormacan Loughrea
Castlepark 50 Loughrea Isertkelly Loughrea
Castlequarter 107 Clare Annaghdown Galway
Castlequarter 343 Kiltartan Kilmacduagh Gort
Castletaylor North 267 Dunkellin Ardrahan Gort
Castletaylor South 431 Dunkellin Ardrahan Gort
Castletogher 429 Ballymoe Templetogher Glennamaddy
Castletown 140 Dunmore Tuam Tuam
Castletown 253 Kiltartan Kiltartan Gort
Castletown 123 Longford Abbeygormacan Ballinasloe
Castletown 381 Tiaquin Kilkerrin Glennamaddy
Castleturvin 388 Athenry Athenry Loughrea
Cave 199 Clare Killower Tuam
Cave 590 Kilconnell Ballymacward Ballinasloe
Chapel Island 10 Ballynahinch Ballindoon Clifden
Chapelfield 20 Tiaquin Abbeyknockmoy Tuam
Chapelpark 245 Clonmacnowen Clontuskert Ballinasloe
Charlestown (or Pollnamucka) 88 Killian Killeroran Mountbellew
Chelsea 206 Kilconnell Killallaghtan Ballinasloe
Church Island 1 Longford Lickmolassy Portumna
Churchfield Lower 373 Ross Ballinrobe Ballinrobe
Churchfield Upper 355 Ross Ballinrobe Ballinrobe
Claddagh East 295 Ballymoe Clonbern Tuam
Claddagh West 352 Ballymoe Clonbern Tuam
Claddaghduff 416 Ballynahinch Omey Clifden
Claggan 412 Ross Cong Oughterard
Claggernagh East 237 Longford Lickmolassy Portumna
Claggernagh West 28 Longford Lickmolassy Portumna
Clamperpark 110 Athenry Athenry Loughrea
Clarary 152 Longford Killimorbologue Portumna
Clare 78 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Claregalway 585 Clare Claregalway Galway
Claremadden 576 Longford Kilquain Portumna
Claremount 569 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Claretuam 379 Clare Belclare Tuam
Clarinbridge Town Dunkellin Stradbally Galway
Clashaganny 179 Athenry Kiltullagh Loughrea
Clashaganny 480 Dunmore Liskeevy Tuam
Clashard 203 Tiaquin Abbeyknockmoy Tuam
Classaghroe 448 Ballymoe Boyounagh Glennamaddy
Claureen 71 Dunmore Kilbennan Tuam
Cleaghmore 138 Clonmacnowen Kilcloony Ballinasloe
Cleenillaun 9 Ross Cong Oughterard
Cleggan 889 Ballynahinch Ballynakill Clifden
Clerhaun 593 Clare Killursa Tuam
Clifden Town Ballynahinch Omey Clifden
Clifden 310 Ballynahinch Omey Clifden
Clifden Demesne 206 Ballynahinch Omey Clifden
Clogh 1,638 Tiaquin Clonkeen Loughrea
Clogh North 198 Clare Cummer Tuam
Clogh South 243 Clare Cummer Tuam
Cloghagalla Eighter 350 Clonmacnowen Aughrim Ballinasloe
Cloghagalla Oughter 332 Clonmacnowen Aughrim Ballinasloe
Cloghalahard 300 Dunkellin Stradbally Galway
Cloghanower 404 Clare Killeany Tuam
Clogharevaun 286 Athenry Kiltullagh Loughrea
Clogharoasty 144 Leitrim Kilmeen Loughrea
Cloghastookeen 169 Dunkellin Kilconickny Loughrea
Cloghatanna 124 Longford Lickmolassy Portumna
Cloghatisky 33 Galway Rahoon Galway
Cloghaun 96 Clare Lackagh Galway
Cloghaun 11 Clare Claregalway Galway
Cloghaun 976 Loughrea Killinan Loughrea
Cloghaunard 208 Ballynahinch Omey Clifden
Cloghballymore 223 Dunkellin Killeenavarra Gort
Cloghboley 397 Dunkellin Killeenavarra Gort
Cloghbrack 65 Killian Killian Mountbellew
Cloghbrack 64 Leitrim Kilmeen Loughrea
Cloghbrack and Budellagh 166 Longford Donanaghta Portumna
Cloghbrack Lower 642 Ross Ross Oughterard
Cloghbrack Middle 110 Ross Ross Oughterard
Cloghbrack Upper 1,041 Ross Ross Oughterard
Clogher 174 Ross Cong Oughterard
Clogherboy 587 Clare Killererin Tuam
Cloghermorre 1,958 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Cloghernagun 2,324 Moycullen Killannin Galway
Cloghernalaura 716 Moycullen Killannin Galway
Cloghmore North 1,091 Moycullen Killannin Galway
Cloghmore South 284 Moycullen Killannin Galway
Cloghnakeava 184 Kiltartan Beagh Gort
Cloghnakeava 75 Kiltartan Kilbeacanty Gort
Cloghscoltia 204 Galway Rahoon Galway
Cloghvoley 900 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Clonbern 937 Ballymoe Clonbern Tuam
Clonbrock 97 Kilconnell Ahascragh Mountbellew
Clonbrock Demesne 1,761 Kilconnell Fohanagh Mountbellew
Clonco 683 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Clonfert (Buston) 1,605 Longford Clonfert Ballinasloe
Clonfert (Seymour) North 171 Longford Clonfert Ballinasloe
Clonfert (Seymour) South 16 Longford Clonfert Ballinasloe
Clonfert Demesne 526 Longford Clonfert Ballinasloe
Clonfertdemesne Bog 270 Longford Clonfert Ballinasloe
Clonkeenkerrill 905 Tiaquin Clonkeen Loughrea
Clonrush 176 Leitrim Clonrush Scarriff
Cloocah 364 Ballymoe Ballynakill Glennamaddy
Cloocah 765 Kilconnell Killimordaly Loughrea
Clookeen Oughter 453 Tiaquin Kilkerrin Glennamaddy
Cloomore 889 Clare Tuam Tuam
Cloon 342 Ballynahinch Ballynakill Clifden
Cloon 94 Ballynahinch Omey Clifden
Cloon 440 Dunkellin Claregalway Galway
Cloon 353 Kiltartan Kilbeacanty Gort
Cloonacalleen 158 Kilconnell Kilconnell Ballinasloe
Cloonacalleen 118 Kilconnell Killaan Ballinasloe
Cloonacastle 227 Leitrim Duniry Portumna
Cloonacauneen 29 Dunkellin Claregalway Galway
Cloonacauneen 449 Galway Oranmore Galway
Cloonadarragh 328 Ballymoe Drumatemple Glennamaddy
Cloonagawnagh 71 Ballymoe Clonbern Tuam
Cloonagh 566 Ballymoe Dunmore Glennamaddy
Cloonagh 45 Clare Annaghdown Tuam
Cloonagh 449 Dunmore Dunmore Tuam
Cloonaghgarve 191 Dunmore Addergoole Tuam
Cloonaghmore 45 Longford Kilquain Portumna
Cloonagrower 33 Galway Rahoon Galway
Cloonahinch 215 Kilconnell Killaan Ballinasloe
Cloonameragaun 101 Kilconnell Aughrim Ballinasloe
Cloonamirran 397 Leitrim Inishcaltra Scarriff
Cloonanearla 137 Kiltartan Kiltartan Gort
Cloonarkan 356 Ballymoe Clonbern Tuam
Cloonascarberry (Cheevers) 190 Killian Killian Mountbellew
Cloonascarberry North 95 Killian Killian Mountbellew
Cloonascarberry South 206 Killian Killian Mountbellew
Cloonascragh 870 Clare Tuam Tuam
Cloonascragh 224 Dunmore Kilbennan Tuam
Cloonascragh 1,020 Longford Clontuskert Ballinasloe
Cloonascragh 405 Tiaquin Moylough Mountbellew
Cloonatleva Lower 405 Kilconnell Fohanagh Mountbellew
Cloonatleva Upper 61 Kilconnell Fohanagh Mountbellew
Cloonatloukaun 113 Kilconnell Killaan Ballinasloe
Cloonavihony 453 Killian Killian Mountbellew
Cloonbanniv 342 Killian Ahascragh Ballinasloe
Cloonbar 858 Dunmore Kilconla Tuam
Cloonbeg 330 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Cloonbenes 420 Kilconnell Grange Loughrea
Cloonberg 32 Kiltartan Kilbeacanty Gort
Cloonboo 425 Clare Annaghdown Galway
Cloonboo Beg 134 Ballymoe Dunmore Glennamaddy
Cloonbrone 280 Ross Cong Oughterard
Cloonbrusk 160 Dunmore Addergoole Tuam
Cloonbrusk 321 Kilconnell Monivea Loughrea
Cloonbur 194 Ross Ross Oughterard
Clooncallaga 571 Tiaquin Moylough Mountbellew
Clooncallis 264 Kilconnell Killallaghtan Ballinasloe
Clooncallis 30 Kilconnell Killaan Ballinasloe
Clooncannon 277 Killian Athleague Mountbellew
Clooncannon (Dillon) 284 Clonmacnowen Ahascragh Mountbellew
Clooncannon (Kelly) 392 Clonmacnowen Ahascragh Mountbellew
Clooncon East 682 Ballymoe Boyounagh Glennamaddy
Clooncon West 744 Ballymoe Boyounagh Glennamaddy
Clooncona 256 Longford Killimorbologue Portumna
Cloonconabeg 55 Longford Killimorbologue Portumna
Cloonconore 468 Tiaquin Kilkerrin Glennamaddy
Cloonconra 228 Dunmore Killererin Tuam
Cloonconra 233 Longford Clonfert Ballinasloe
Clooncree 79 Ballynahinch Ballynakill Clifden
Clooncullaun 691 Ballymoe Ballynakill Glennamaddy
Clooncunny 357 Ballymoe Ballynakill Glennamaddy
Clooncurreen 202 Tiaquin Moylough Mountbellew
Cloondadauv 151 Leitrim Ballynakill Portumna
Cloondahamper (Blake) 471 Ballymoe Killererin Tuam
Cloondahamper(Brown) 202 Ballymoe Killererin Tuam
Cloondarone 557 Clare Tuam Tuam
Cloondayle Beg 188 Ballymoe Boyounagh Glennamaddy
Cloondergan 709 Dunmore Dunmore Tuam
Cloondine 92 Kiltartan Kilbeacanty Gort
Cloondoyle More 88 Ballymoe Boyounagh Glennamaddy
Cloondroon 357 Dunmore Addergoole Tuam
Cloonederowen 100 Ballynahinch Ballynakill Clifden
Cloonee 249 Ballymoe Drumatemple Glennamaddy
Cloonee 287 Clare Kilkilvery Tuam
Clooneen 142 Clare Killeany Tuam
Clooneen 65 Dunmore Dunmore Tuam
Clooneen 44 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Clooneen 17 Loughrea Kilthomas Gort
Cloonfaghna 587 Ballymoe Ballynakill Glennamaddy
Cloonfane 492 Dunmore Dunmore Tuam
Cloonfinnoge 99 Killian Killian Mountbellew
Cloonfush 398 Clare Tuam Tuam
Cloongawna 199 Tiaquin Ballymacward Ballinasloe
Clooniff 1,131 Moycullen Moycullen Galway
Cloonigmy 1,024 Clonmacnowen Kilgerrill Ballinasloe
Clooninagh 409 Clare Cummer Tuam
Cloonineen 323 Longford Kiltormer Ballinasloe
Cloonisle 904 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Cloonkea 207 Longford Clonfert Ballinasloe
Cloonkeely 108 Clare Killursa Tuam
Cloonkeen 971 Dunmore Dunmore Tuam
Cloonkeen 525 Tiaquin Moylough Tuam
Cloonkeen 241 Tiaquin Boyounagh Glennamaddy
Cloonkeen (Davies) 93 Killian Killian Mountbellew
Cloonkeen (Ffrench) 166 Killian Killian Mountbellew
Cloonkeen (Kelly) 122 Killian Killian Mountbellew
Cloonkeen (Netterrillie) 95 Killian Killian Mountbellew
Cloonkeen (Waldron) 206 Tiaquin Kilkerrin Glennamaddy
Cloonkeen Eighter 229 Tiaquin Kilkerrin Glennamaddy
Cloonkeen North 553 Clare Cummer Tuam
Cloonkeen South 127 Clare Cummer Tuam
Cloonkeen Wast 217 Clonmacnowen Killallaghtan Ballinasloe
Cloonkeen West 189 Clonmacnowen Killallaghtan Ballinasloe
Cloonkeenbeg 413 Tiaquin Monivea Loughrea
Cloonkeenclare 293 Tiaquin Kilkerrin Glennamaddy
Cloonkeenleananode 348 Tiaquin Kilkerrin Glennamaddy
Cloonkeenmore North 471 Tiaquin Monivea Loughrea
Cloonkeenmore South 502 Kilconnell Monivea Loughrea
Cloonkeennagran 404 Tiaquin Kilkerrin Glennamaddy
Cloonlahan (Eyre) 302 Longford Killoran Ballinasloe
Cloonlahan (Geoghegan) 173 Longford Killoran Ballinasloe
Cloonlara North 215 Ballymoe Boyounagh Glennamaddy
Cloonlara South 508 Ballymoe Boyounagh Glennamaddy
Cloonlee 551 Leitrim Duniry Loughrea
Cloonleenaun 220 Clare Annaghdown Galway
Cloonlooaun 832 Ballynahinch Ballynakill Clifden
Cloonlusk 339 Clare Killererin Tuam
Cloonlyon 1,078 Killian Killeroran Mountbellew
Cloonmaghaura 706 Ballymoe Templetogher Glennamaddy
Cloonmain 360 Leitrim Killoran Loughrea
Cloonminda 293 Ballymoe Boyounagh Glennamaddy
Cloonmohaun 83 Leitrim Clonrush Scarriff
Cloonmore 959 Ballymoe Dunmore Glennamaddy
Cloonmore 287 Clare Belclare Tuam
Cloonmore 331 Moycullen Killannin Oughterard
Cloonmorris 124 Kiltartan Kilbeacanty Gort
Cloonmoylan 1,141 Leitrim Ballynakill Portumna
Cloonmoylan 383 Leitrim Tynagh Portumna
Cloonmoyle 192 Dunmore Tuam Tuam
Cloonmweelaun 370 Dunmore Kilconla Tuam
Cloonmweelaun 752 Tiaquin Moylough Mountbellew
Cloonnabinnia 440 Moycullen Moycullen Galway
Cloonnabricka 404 Killian Killeroran Mountbellew
Cloonnacartan 1,569 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Cloonnacat 423 Ballymoe Clonbern Glennamaddy
Cloonnacorra 126 Dunmore Liskeevy Tuam
Cloonnacross 245 Ballymoe Boyounagh Glennamaddy
Cloonnacross 154 Dunmore Addergoole Tuam
Cloonnacusha 340 Longford Tynagh Portumna
Cloonnafunshin 225 Kiltartan Kilmacduagh Gort
Cloonnagark 99 Longford Tynagh Portumna
Cloonnaglasha 1,027 Dunmore Kilconla Tuam
Cloonnahaha 339 Kiltartan Beagh Gort
Cloonnamarve 68 Ross Cong Oughterard
Cloonnamaskry 283 Longford Kilquain Portumna
Cloonnasee 478 Kiltartan Kinvarradoorus Gort
Cloonnavaddoge 596 Clare Athenry Galway
Cloonnavarnoge 158 Clare Kilkilvery Tuam
Cloononaghaun 254 Clare Killursa Tuam
Cloonoo East 220 Loughrea Kilconickny Loughrea
Cloonoo West 102 Loughrea Kilconickny Loughrea
Cloonoolia North 130 Leitrim Clonrush Scarriff
Cloonoolia South 287 Leitrim Clonrush Scarriff
Cloonoolish 316 Longford Killimorbologue Portumna
Cloonoon 375 Leitrim Ballynakill Portumna
Cloonoran 263 Tiaquin Moylough Mountbellew
Cloonoranoughter 473 Tiaquin Killoscobe Mountbellew
Cloonpee 114 Tiaquin Killosolan Mountbellew
Cloonprask 188 Longford Duniry Loughrea
Cloonrane 476 Dunmore Addergoole Tuam
Cloonreleagh (Bellew) 360 Killian Ballynakill Mountbellew
Cloonreleagh East 9 Killian Ballynakill Mountbellew
Cloonreleagh West 126 Killian Ballynakill Mountbellew
Cloonriddia 179 Clare Killererin Tuam
Cloonruff 255 Ballymoe Kilcroan Glennamaddy
Cloonruff 699 Killian Athleague Mountbellew
Cloonshease (Daty) 76 Longford Clonfert Ballinasloe
Cloonshease (Persse) 296 Longford Clonfert Ballinasloe
Cloonshee 75 Killian Ahascragh Mountbellew
Cloonshee (Dillon) 209 Killian Ahascragh Mountbellew
Cloonshee (Kelly) 83 Killian Ahascragh Mountbellew
Cloonshee (Rochfort) 518 Killian Ahascragh Mountbellew
Cloonshee (Trench) 226 Killian Ahascragh Mountbellew
Cloonsheecahill 710 Kilconnell Killimordaly Loughrea
Cloonsheen 581 Dunmore Kilconla Tuam
Cloonshivna 274 Killian Killian Mountbellew
Cloonshivna (Kelly) 283 Killian Killian Mountbellew
Cloonteen 775 Dunmore Kilconla Tuam
Cloonteen 54 Kiltartan Kilmacduagh Gort
Cloontooa 484 Clare Tuam Tuam
Cloontyconnaught 165 Leitrim Inishcaltra Scarriff
Cloonyconaum 124 Kilconnell Grange Loughrea
Cloonykeevan 147 Longford Clonfert Ballinasloe
Cloonymorris 110 Kilconnell Killaan Ballinasloe
Cloosh 252 Kiltartan Kinvarradoorus Gort
Clooshgereen 913 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Cloran 431 Athenry Athenry Loughrea
Cloverfield 73 Tiaquin Killoscobe Mountbellew
Cloverpark 22 Kilconnell Killaan Ballinasloe
Cluid 271 Ballymoe Dunmore Glennamaddy
Cluidrevagh 678 Clare Annaghdown Tuam
Clybaun 221 Galway Rahoon Galway
Clydagh 299 Clare Cargin Tuam
Clydagh 306 Moycullen Moycullen Galway
Clydagh (or Staunton's Island) 2 Clare Cargin Tuam
Clynagh 837 Moycullen Killannin Oughterard
Clynagh Island 102 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Coalpits 386 Killian Athleague Mountbellew
Coarsefield 267 Galway Oranmore Galway
Coarsepark (or Parkgarve) 118 Clare Killursa Tuam
Coarseparks 152 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Cockstown 85 Kiltartan Ardrahan Gort
Cockstown West 100 Kiltartan Ardrahan Gort
Cogaula 618 Ballymoe Dunmore Glennamaddy
Coldwood (or Foorkill) 602 Dunkellin Athenry Galway
Colesgrove 158 Dunkellin Killora Loughrea
Colmanstown 1,456 Tiaquin Clonkeen Loughrea
Colmanstown 79 Tiaquin Monivea Loughrea
Colt Island 4 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Common 25 Ballymoe Boyounagh Glennamaddy
Common 77 Clare Kilmoylan Tuam
Common 36 Clare Tuam Tuam
Common (or Turloughnaroyey) 93 Clare Belclare Tuam
Commons 367 Loughrea Kilteskill Loughrea
Commons 191 Loughrea Killeenadeema Loughrea
Commons East 430 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Commons West 380 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Conagher 813 Dunmore Dunmore Tuam
Conicar 117 Dunkellin Kilconickny Loughrea
Conicar 125 Leitrim Ballynakill Portumna
Connet 68 Leitrim Tynagh Portumna
Conor's Island 1 Ross Cong Oughterard
Conorspark 49 Longford Killimorbologue Portumna
Cool 187 Clonmacnowen Ahascragh Ballinasloe
Coolacloy 129 Ballynahinch Omey Clifden
Coolacurn North 36 Longford Clonfert Ballinasloe
Coolacurn South 101 Longford Clonfert Ballinasloe
Cooladooaun 151 Dunmore Addergoole Tuam
Coolagarraun 57 Longford Kiltormer Ballinasloe
Coolagh 333 Dunkellin Oranmore Galway
Coolagh 365 Galway St. Nicholas Galway
Coolagh 157 Longford Abbeygormacan Ballinasloe
Coolagh 67 Moycullen Moycullen Galway
Coolanillaun 312 Galway Oranmore Galway
Coolaran 512 Clare Athenry Galway
Coolaspaddaun 166 Killian Athleague Mountbellew
Coolbaun 87 Longford Killimorbologue Portumna
Coolbaun West 79 Longford Killimorbologue Portumna
Coolbeg 215 Longford Clontuskert Ballinasloe
Coolcarta East 647 Longford Clonfert Ballinasloe
Coolcarta West 684 Longford Clonfert Ballinasloe
Cooldorragha 198 Clare Killererin Tuam
Cooldorragha 166 Longford Lickmolassy Portumna
Coole Demesne 1,355 Kiltartan Kiltartan Gort
Cooleeny 340 Leitrim Kilreekill Loughrea
Cooleeny East 181 Longford Kiltormer Ballinasloe
Cooleeny West 104 Longford Kiltormer Ballinasloe
Coolfin 133 Kiltartan Ardrahan Gort
Coolfin 451 Leitrim Ballynakill Portumna
Coolfowerbeg 113 Clare Killererin Tuam
Coolin 427 Ross Ross Oughterard
Coollicknalea 313 Dunmore Addergoole Tuam
Coolnageeragh 204 Longford Lickmolassy Portumna
Cooloo 984 Tiaquin Moylough Mountbellew
Cooloo Mountain 380 Tiaquin Moylough Mountbellew
Cooloola 361 Kilconnell Aughrim Ballinasloe
Cooloorta 73 Tiaquin Abbeyknockmoy Tuam
Coolpark 195 Dunmore Tuam Tuam
Coolpowra 362 Longford Lickmolassy Portumna
Coolraugh 252 Dunkellin Lickerrig Loughrea
Coolrevagh 293 Clare Killererin Tuam
Coolroghaun 110 Ballymoe Kilbegnet Roscommon
Coolsraha 172 Dunkellin Ballynacourty Galway
Coolsraha 131 Dunkellin Stradbally Galway
Cooltymurraghy 327 Clonmacnowen Killallaghtan Ballinasloe
Cooltymurraghy 429 Kilconnell Aughrim Ballinasloe
Coolwoneen 98 Tiaquin Moylough Mountbellew
Cooracurkia 314 Leitrim Abbeygormacan Loughrea
Coorbaun 81 Loughrea Kilconickny Loughrea
Coorinch 30 Longford Clonfert Ballinasloe
Coorinch 16 Longford Meelick Portumna
Coos North 1,200 Leitrim Ballynakill Portumna
Coos South 973 Leitrim Ballynakill Portumna
Coosaun 71 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Coothagh 95 Ballymoe Templetogher Glennamaddy
Coppanagh 177 Kilconnell Killaan Ballinasloe
Coppanagh 2,275 Loughrea Killeenadeema Loughrea
Corandoo 160 Tiaquin Moylough Tuam
Corbally 222 Clare Annaghdown Galway
Corbally 63 Moycullen Moycullen Galway
Corbally (Hogan) 279 Longford Abbeygormacan Ballinasloe
Corbally Beg 112 Longford Abbeygormacan Ballinasloe
Corbally More 572 Longford Abbeygormacan Ballinasloe
Corbally North 795 Clare Kilmoylan Tuam
Corbally North 169 Clare Kilmoylan Tuam
Corballymore and Camgort 140 Longford Donanaghta Portumna
Corbaun 271 Leitrim Kilcooly Loughrea
Corboley (Lynch) 247 Galway Rahoon Galway
Corboley (Morgan) 660 Galway Rahoon Galway
Corcullen 272 Galway Rahoon Galway
Corcullen 10 Moycullen Moycullen Galway
Cordarragh 413 Clare Killursa Tuam
Corgarve 120 Ballymoe Ballynakill Glennamaddy
Corgerry Eighter 360 Tiaquin Killoscobe Mountbellew
Corgerry Oughter 413 Tiaquin Killoscobe Mountbellew
Corillaun 230 Clare Donaghpatrick Tuam
Corker 460 Kiltartan Kiltartan Gort
Corlackan 376 Ballymoe Kilbegnet Glennamaddy
Corlackan 108 Ballymoe Kilcroan Glennamaddy
Corliskea 450 Ballymoe Drumatemple Glennamaddy
Cormacuagh East 215 Tiaquin Monivea Loughrea
Cormacuagh West 411 Tiaquin Monivea Loughrea
Cormeelick North 105 Dunmore Addergoole Tuam
Cormeelick South 87 Dunmore Addergoole Tuam
Cormick 110 Longford Duniry Loughrea
Cormick 107 Longford Abbeygormacan Ballinasloe
Cornacartan 209 Dunmore Killererin Tuam
Cornacask (or Easterfield) 484 Killian Athleague Mountbellew
Cornacoyntia 131 Ballymoe Boyounagh Glennamaddy
Cornadrum 65 Killian Killeroran Mountbellew
Cornaminaun 53 Ballymoe Clonbern Glennamaddy
Cornamona 333 Ross Cong Oughterard
Cornamucklagh Town Ballymoe Kilcroan Glennamaddy
Cornamucklagh 376 Ballymoe Kilcroan Glennamaddy
Cornamucklagh 401 Clonmacnowen Ahascragh Ballinasloe
Cornanaff 195 Ballymoe Templetogher Glennamaddy
Cornananta Beg 267 Killian Killeroran Mountbellew
Cornananta More 227 Killian Killeroran Mountbellew
Cornarona 1,568 Moycullen Killannin Galway
Cornaveagh 655 Ballymoe Dunamon Roscommon
Corr 476 Longford Kilmalinoge Portumna
Corrabaun 94 Clonmacnowen Clontuskert Ballinasloe
Corrabaun 250 Kilconnell Grange Loughrea
Corrabaun 226 Killian Killeroran Mountbellew
Corrabaun (or Nurserypark) 48 Tiaquin Monivea Tuam
Corracullin 362 Tiaquin Kilkerrin Glennamaddy
Corrafaireen 516 Tiaquin Monivea Tuam
Corralea 185 Ballymoe Tuam Tuam
Corralea 217 Tiaquin Killererin Tuam
Corralea 171 Tiaquin Monivea Tuam
Corralea West 1 Clare Tuam Tuam
Corralough 529 Ballymoe Templetogher Glennamaddy
Corralough South 74 Ballymoe Templetogher Glennamaddy
Corramaeeagh 591 Tiaquin Kilkerrin Glennamaddy
Corrandrum 432 Clare Kilmoylan Tuam
Corrandrum 107 Clare Annaghdown Tuam
Corrandulla 384 Clare Annaghdown Galway
Corraneena 418 Kilconnell Kilconnell Ballinasloe
Corranellistrum 234 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Corrantarramud 828 Tiaquin Monivea Loughrea
Corrcollia 297 Killian Taghboy Mountbellew
Corrofin 781 Clare Cummer Tuam
Corrspark 191 Ballymoe Ballynakill Glennamaddy
Corry 115 Ballymoe Tuam Tuam
Corry 133 Longford Killimorbologue Portumna
Corskeagh (Daly) 736 Tiaquin Ballymacward Loughrea
Corskeagh (Trench) 334 Tiaquin Ballymacward Ballinasloe
Corskeagh Beg 117 Dunmore Killererin Tuam
Corskeagh More 253 Dunmore Killererin Tuam
Cosmona 399 Loughrea Loughrea Loughrea
Cossaun 269 Clare Athenry Galway
Cossaunaclamper 74 Leitrim Kilteskill Loughrea
Costello's Island 4 Longford Clonfert Ballinasloe
Costellospark 69 Tiaquin Monivea Tuam
Coteenty 358 Clare Annaghdown Galway
Cottage 148 Clare Killererin Tuam
Cottage 164 Dunkellin Ballynacourty Galway
Couravoughill 398 Ballynahinch Omey Clifden
Courhoor 531 Ballynahinch Omey Clifden
Cournageeha 91 Kiltartan Kilbeacanty Gort
Course 279 Tiaquin Killosolan Mountbellew
Cow Island 3 Moycullen Killannin Oughterard
Coxtown 309 Longford Kiltormer Ballinasloe
Craghalan Big 14 Longford Clonfert Ballinasloe
Craghalan Little 1 Longford Clonfert Ballinasloe
Crane Island 2 Leitrim Clonrush Scarriff
Crannagh 546 Kiltartan Kilmacduagh Gort
Crannagh 407 Kiltartan Ardrahan Gort
Crannagh 252 Leitrim Tynagh Portumna
Crannagh 104 Tiaquin Killosolan Mountbellew
Crappagh 117 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Craughwell Town Dunkellin Killora Loughrea
Craughwell 149 Dunkellin Killora Loughrea
Craughwell 767 Longford Kiltormer Ballinasloe
Creelogh 444 Moycullen Killannin Oughterard
Creeraun 244 Tiaquin Ballymacward Loughrea
Creevagh 168 Kilconnell Killimordaly Loughrea
Creevaghbaun 150 Dunmore Killererin Tuam
Creeveroe (Davies) 127 Killian Killian Mountbellew
Creeveroe (Ffrench) 272 Killian Killian Mountbellew
Cregaclare Demesne 531 Dunkellin Ardrahan Gort
Cregballymore 150 Dunkellin Killeenavarra Gort
Cregboy 676 Dunkellin Claregalway Galway
Cregboy 335 Kiltartan Beagh Gort
Cregboy 84 Kiltartan Kinvarradoorus Gort
Cregcarragh 251 Clare Lackagh Galway
Cregdotia 45 Ross Cong Oughterard
Cregduff 640 Clare Annaghdown Galway
Cregg 1,304 Ballynahinch Omey Clifden
Cregg 234 Clare Annaghdown Galway
Cregg 57 Dunkellin Kilconierin Loughrea
Cregg 381 Leitrim Clonrush Scarriff
Cregg 162 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Cregg 400 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Cregg Demesne 318 Kiltartan Beagh Gort
Cregganagrogy (or St. Brendan's) 530 Killian Killian Mountbellew
Creggananta 65 Dunkellin Killeeneen Gort
Cregganna Beg 324 Dunkellin Ballynacourty Galway
Cregganna More 328 Dunkellin Ballynacourty Galway
Cregganore 207 Loughrea Killinan Loughrea
Creggaree 90 Ross Cong Oughterard
Creggaturlough 122 Dunkellin Kilconierin Loughrea
Creggaun 764 Clonmacnowen Ahascragh Ballinasloe
Creggaun 112 Dunkellin Killora Loughrea
Creggaun 70 Killian Ahascragh Mountbellew
Creggaun 387 Tiaquin Kilkerrin Glennamaddy
Creggaun 318 Tiaquin Ballymacward Mountbellew
Creggaun (Dillon) 40 Killian Ahascragh Mountbellew
Creggaun (Machugh) 72 Killian Ahascragh Mountbellew
Creggaunnagroagh 158 Tiaquin Killosolan Mountbellew
Creggauns 226 Ballymoe Kilbegnet Glennamaddy
Creggauns 186 Tiaquin Moylough Mountbellew
Creggeen 151 Longford Lickmolassy Portumna
Creggoduff 145 Ballynahinch Ballindoon Clifden
Creggpark 8 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Creggs Town Ballymoe Kilbegnet Glennamaddy
Creggs 244 Ballymoe Kilbegnet Glennamaddy
Creggymulgreny 98 Dunkellin Killogilleen Loughrea
Creglucas 89 Dunkellin Killeenavarra Gort
Cregmahon 228 Kiltartan Beagh Gort
Cregmore 374 Clare Lackagh Galway
Cregmore 201 Dunkellin Ardrahan Gort
Cribby Island 3 Leitrim Inishcaltra Scarriff
Crinnage (or Ballywulash) 401 Dunkellin Killora Loughrea
Croaghill 456 Ballymoe Templetogher Glennamaddy
Croaghnakeela Island 141 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Croaghrim 32 Ross Cong Oughterard
Crocknaraw 884 Ballynahinch Ballynakill Clifden
Croghnut 15 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Cromwell's Island 5 Longford Meelick Portumna
Crooroe Park 49 Tiaquin Monivea Galway
Crosheen 174 Dunkellin Drumacoo Gort
Cross 292 Kilconnell Grange Loughrea
Cross Eighter 252 Tiaquin Killoscobe Mountbellew
Cross Oughter 442 Tiaquin Killoscobe Mountbellew
Crossaun (or Lettera) 86 Clare Killursa Tuam
Crossconnell Beg 32 Clonmacnowen Clontuskert Ballinasloe
Crossconnell More 178 Clonmacnowen Clontuskert Ballinasloe
Crossderry 80 Dunkellin Lickerrig Loughrea
Crossmacrin 101 Kilconnell Grange Loughrea
Crossooha 481 Kiltartan Kinvarradoorus Gort
Crossursa 551 Clare Kilcoona Tuam
Crow Island 16 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Crowsnest 463 Longford Clontuskert Ballinasloe
Cruagh 82 Ballynahinch Omey Clifden
Cruckeen Island 1 Kiltartan Kinvarradoorus Gort
Crumlin 661 Tiaquin Abbeyknockmoy Tuam
Crumlin East 1,626 Ross Ross Oughterard
Crumlin West 1,088 Ross Ross Oughterard
Crummagh 81 Kilconnell Kilconnell Ballinasloe
Crump Island 63 Ballynahinch Ballynakill Clifden
Crusheeny 141 Clare Lackagh Galway
Cuddoo East 276 Tiaquin Monivea Loughrea
Cuddoo West 470 Tiaquin Monivea Loughrea
Cuilbeg 86 Dunmore Tuam Tuam
Cuildooish 261 Dunkellin Kilcolgan Gort
Cuilleen 676 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Cuilleen 208 Clare Cargin Tuam
Cuilleen 102 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Cuilleendaeagh 81 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Cuilmore 140 Loughrea Kilthomas Loughrea
Cuilmore 309 Tiaquin Kilkerrin Glennamaddy
Cuilnacappy 184 Ballymoe Kilbegnet Glennamaddy
Cuilsallagh 247 Tiaquin Kilkerrin Glennamaddy
Culfin 324 Ballynahinch Ballynakill Clifden
Cullairbaun 186 Athenry Athenry Loughrea
Culleen 360 Clare Belclare Tuam
Culleenalena 97 Ross Cong Oughterard
Cullenagh 663 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Cullenagh Beg 176 Dunkellin Ardrahan Gort
Cullenagh More 381 Dunkellin Ardrahan Gort
Culliagh Beg 342 Ross Ross Oughterard
Culliagh More 649 Ross Ross Oughterard
Culliagh North 361 Tiaquin Abbeyknockmoy Tuam
Culliagh South 440 Tiaquin Abbeyknockmoy Tuam
Culnagore 129 Longford Killoran Ballinasloe
Cultiafadda 346 Ballymoe Boyounagh Glennamaddy
Cummer 559 Clare Cummer Tuam
Cummer 534 Ross Ross Ballinrobe
Cur 1,069 Ross Ross Oughterard
Curheen 259 Loughrea Killeenadeema Loughrea
Curhoor 692 Loughrea Killeenadeema Loughrea
Curhownagh 91 Ballynahinch Ballindoon Clifden
Curra 174 Moycullen Moycullen Galway
Curragh 103 Ballynahinch Ballynakill Clifden
Curragh 271 Clonmacnowen Kilcloony Ballinasloe
Curragh 159 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Curragh Beg 33 Athenry Kiltullagh Loughrea
Curragh Beg 126 Tiaquin Kilkerrin Glennamaddy
Curragh East 49 Ballymoe Templetogher Glennamaddy
Curragh More 95 Athenry Kiltullagh Loughrea
Curragh More 273 Tiaquin Kilkerrin Glennamaddy
Curragh West 485 Ballymoe Templetogher Glennamaddy
Curraghaderry 272 Dunmore Liskeevy Tuam
Curraghaun 589 Dunmore Dunmore Tuam
Curraghaun 426 Dunmore Tuam Tuam
Curraghbaghla 178 Killian Athleague Mountbellew
Curraghbog 123 Ballymoe Kilbegnet Glennamaddy
Curraghboy 167 Killian Killeroran Mountbellew
Curraghcreen 354 Ballymoe Tuam Tuam
Curraghcreen 36 Dunmore Tuam Tuam
Curraghduff East 147 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Curraghduff Middle 106 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Curraghduff West 258 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Curraghlehanagh 407 Tiaquin Kilkerrin Glennamaddy
Curraghmore 792 Clare Claregalway Galway
Curraghmore 365 Clare Killursa Tuam
Curraghmore 130 Longford Lickmolassy Portumna
Curraghmulmurry 512 Ballymoe Ballynakill Glennamaddy
Curraghrevagh 429 Ballymoe Kilbegnet Glennamaddy
Curraghroe 99 Loughrea Kilconickny Loughrea
Curraghs 55 Loughrea Loughrea Loughrea
Curragrean 249 Galway Oranmore Galway
Currarevagh 179 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Currarevagh 813 Ross Ross Oughterard
Curratober 34 Leitrim Inishcaltra Scarriff
Curraun Beg 147 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Curraun Hill 233 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Curraun More 93 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Curraveha (or Birchhall) 116 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Currawatia 122 Moycullen Moycullen Galway
Curries 186 Ballymoe Kilcroan Glennamaddy
Curry 106 Killian Ahascragh Ballinasloe
Curry Eighter 116 Clare Cummer Tuam
Curry Oughter 65 Clare Cummer Tuam
Currylaur 32 Clare Cummer Tuam
Currywongaun 644 Ballynahinch Ballynakill Clifden
Curtaun 284 Kiltartan Beagh Gort
Cuscarrick 256 Loughrea Loughrea Loughrea
Cushatrough 501 Ballynahinch Omey Clifden
Cushatrower 1,028 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Cusheen Island 9 Kiltartan Kinvarradoorus Gort
Cushmaigmore 241 Moycullen Rahoon Galway
Cussafoor Island 1 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Dalgin 202 Dunmore Addergoole Tuam
Dalysgrove 408 Killian Ahascragh Ballinasloe
Dalystown Demesne 509 Leitrim Leitrim Loughrea
Dangan Eighter 431 Tiaquin Killererin Tuam
Dangan Lower 260 Galway Rahoon Galway
Dangan Oughter 357 Tiaquin Killererin Tuam
Dangan Upper 280 Galway Rahoon Galway
Danganbeg 233 Tiaquin Killererin Tuam
Darrary North 160 Dunmore Dunmore Tuam
Darrary South 168 Dunmore Dunmore Tuam
Dartfield 367 Leitrim Kilreekill Loughrea
Dawros 188 Clare Kilmoylan Tuam
Dawros Beg 170 Ballynahinch Ballynakill Clifden
Dawros Lower 102 Dunmore Addergoole Tuam
Dawros More 612 Ballynahinch Ballynakill Clifden
Dawros Upper 185 Dunmore Addergoole Tuam
Deer Island 4 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Deerfield (or Gortnavea) 57 Moycullen Moycullen Galway
Deerpark 468 Athenry Kilconierin Loughrea
Deerpark 298 Clare Killeany Tuam
Deerpark 121 Clare Athenry Galway
Deerpark 108 Clare Kilkilvery Tuam
Deerpark 191 Clonmacnowen Kilcloony Ballinasloe
Deerpark 153 Dunkellin Killeely Gort
Deerpark 117 Dunkellin Kilchreest Loughrea
Deerpark 65 Dunkellin Oranmore Galway
Deerpark 147 Dunmore Tuam Tuam
Deerpark 50 Kiltartan Kiltartan Gort
Deerpark 214 Longford Kilquain Portumna
Deerpark 110 Longford Lickmolassy Portumna
Deerpark 97 Ross Cong Oughterard
Demesne 374 Dunmore Tuam Tuam
Derradda 225 Clonmacnowen Kilclooney Ballinasloe
Derradda 230 Longford Killimorbologue Portumna
Derradda 1,506 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Derradda South 107 Longford Killimorbologue Portumna
Derrainy 615 Leitrim Clonrush Scarriff
Derravonniff 1,102 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Derreen 211 Ballymoe Ballynakill Glennamaddy
Derreen 198 Ballynahinch Omey Clifden
Derreen 559 Killian Taghboy Mountbellew
Derreen 597 Kiltartan Kilbeacanty Gort
Derreen 379 Longford Kiltormer Ballinasloe
Derreen 708 Ross Ross Oughterard
Derreen 186 Tiaquin Abbeyknockmoy Tuam
Derreen Lower 181 Tiaquin Kilkerrin Glennamaddy
Derreen Upper 351 Tiaquin Kilkerrin Glennamaddy
Derreenboy 145 Longford Killoran Ballinasloe
Derreenmeel 426 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Derreennagusfoor 762 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Derreennamucka 767 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Derreighter 877 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Derrew 357 Longford Kilquain Portumna
Derrew 150 Longford Killimorbologue Portumna
Derrigimlagh 2,636 Ballynahinch Ballindoon Clifden
Derrinlough 236 Tiaquin Kilkerrin Glennamaddy
Derroogh 391 Tiaquin Monivea Loughrea
Derroogh North 1,232 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Derroogh South 1,679 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Derrooghs 650 Tiaquin Kilkerrin Glennamaddy
Derroran East 887 Leitrim Inishcaltra Scarriff
Derroran West 993 Leitrim Inishcaltra Scarriff
Derroura 646 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Derry 208 Dunkellin Ballynacourty Galway
Derry 353 Kiltartan Beagh Gort
Derry 879 Longford Meelick Portumna
Derry 2,101 Ross Ballinchalla Ballinrobe
Derryadd East 421 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Derryadd West 1,414 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Derrybaun 175 Clare Killererin Tuam
Derrybeg 151 Leitrim Tynagh Portumna
Derrybeg 214 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Derrybrien East 2,602 Loughrea Killeenadeema Loughrea
Derrybrien North 2,846 Loughrea Killeenadeema Loughrea
Derrybrien South 2,473 Loughrea Killeenadeema Loughrea
Derrybrien West 2,145 Loughrea Killeenadeema Loughrea
Derrycallan Commons 269 Kiltartan Beagh Gort
Derrycallan North 327 Kiltartan Beagh Gort
Derrycallan South 265 Kiltartan Beagh Gort
Derryclare 2,531 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Derrycon Lower 273 Leitrim Inishcaltra Scarriff
Derrycon Upper 788 Leitrim Inishcaltra Scarriff
Derrycrag 283 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Derrycrib 445 Moycullen Rahoon Galway
Derrycunlagh 2,128 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Derrydonnell Beg 296 Dunkellin Athenry Galway
Derrydonnell More 523 Athenry Athenry Loughrea
Derrydonnell North 317 Dunkellin Athenry Galway
Derryeighter 116 Ballynahinch Ballindoon Clifden
Derryerglinna 661 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Derryfadda 1,688 Killian Taghboy Mountbellew
Derryfrench 676 Leitrim Tynagh Loughrea
Derrygarriff 66 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Derrygill 544 Leitrim Ballynakill Portumna
Derryglassaun 873 Tiaquin Moylough Mountbellew
Derrygoolin North 2,202 Leitrim Ballynakill Portumna
Derrygoolin South 2,079 Leitrim Ballynakill Portumna
Derryherbert 552 Ballynahinch Ballynakill Clifden
Derryherbert 157 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Derryhippoo 565 Ballymoe Kilbegnet Roscommon
Derryhiveney North 751 Longford Kilmalinoge Portumna
Derryhiveney South 570 Longford Kilmalinoge Portumna
Derryhoyle Beg 197 Dunkellin Lickerrig Loughrea
Derryhoyle More 250 Dunkellin Lickerrig Loughrea
Derryinver 867 Ballynahinch Ballynakill Clifden
Derrykeel 590 Kiltartan Kilbeacanty Gort
Derrykyle 1,428 Moycullen Killannin Galway
Derrylahan 67 Ballynahinch Ballynakill Clifden
Derrylahan 118 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Derrylaura 86 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Derrylea 1,634 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Derryloney 43 Galway Rahoon Galway
Derryloughaun East 378 Moycullen Moycullen Galway
Derryloughaun West 300 Moycullen Moycullen Galway
Derrymaclaughna 207 Clare Athenry Galway
Derrymore 360 Clare Donaghpatrick Tuam
Derrymore 176 Dunmore Dunmore Tuam
Derrymore 238 Kilconnell Fohanagh Mountbellew
Derrymore 370 Tiaquin Killosolan Mountbellew
Derrymullan 225 Clonmacnowen Kilcloony Ballinasloe
Derrynabrin 318 Tiaquin Kilkerrin Glennamaddy
Derrynacleigh 1,058 Ballynahinch Ballynakill Clifden
Derrynagran 302 Tiaquin Kilkerrin Glennamaddy
Derrynamanagh 705 Kilconnell Grange Loughrea
Derrynavglaun 1,362 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Derrynea 1,122 Moycullen Killannin Oughterard
Derryneen 221 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Derryoober East 477 Leitrim Ballynakill Portumna
Derryoober West 1,198 Leitrim Ballynakill Portumna
Derryoughter 74 Moycullen Rahoon Galway
Derrypark 279 Ross Ballinchalla Ballinrobe
Derryrush 1,634 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Derrysillagh 137 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Derrysiskal 177 Longford Killimorbologue Portumna
Derryvealawauma 1,434 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Derryvicrune 852 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Derryvoghil 579 Moycullen Killannin Oughterard
Derryvokeel 457 Loughrea Ardrahan Gort
Derryvoreada 740 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Derryvrisk 973 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Derryvunlan 1,146 Leitrim Ballynakill Portumna
Derrywee East 143 Kiltartan Kilthomas Gort
Derrywee West 761 Kiltartan Kilthomas Gort
Derrywode 482 Ballymoe Templetogher Glennamaddy
Devenish Island 9 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Dinish 95 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Dirkbeg 1,519 Ross Ballinchalla Ballinrobe
Dog Island 1 Longford Clonfert Ballinasloe
Dog Island 4 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Dolan 1,084 Ballynahinch Ballindoon Clifden
Donaghpatrick 693 Clare Donaghpatrick Tuam
Doocreggaun 195 Clonmacnowen Aughrim Ballinasloe
Doogarraun 272 Dunkellin Kilconickny Loughrea
Dooghcloon 728 Kilconnell Killimordaly Loughrea
Dooghta 1,567 Ross Cong Oughterard
Doohulla 887 Ballynahinch Ballindoon Clifden
Dooletter 904 Ross Ross Ballinrobe
Dooletter East 739 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Dooletter West 527 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Doon 554 Ballynahinch Omey Clifden
Doon 855 Leitrim Kilreekill Loughrea
Doon 957 Moycullen Killannin Oughterard
Doon Lower 116 Kilconnell Fohanagh Mountbellew
Doon Upper 1,126 Kilconnell Fohanagh Mountbellew
Doonally East 380 Loughrea Kilthomas Gort
Doonally West 113 Loughrea Kilthomas Gort
Doonard 43 Dunkellin Killora Loughrea
Doonaree 217 Kilconnell Killallaghtan Ballinasloe
Doonaun 144 Tiaquin Moylough Mountbellew
Doonbeg 249 Clare Kilmoylan Tuam
Dooneen 24 Ballynahinch Ballynakill Clifden
Dooneen Island 4 Ross Ross Oughterard
Doonloughan 186 Ballynahinch Ballindoon Clifden
Doonowen 279 Kiltartan Kilmacduagh Gort
Doonreaghan 158 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Doonwood 323 Tiaquin Killoscobe Mountbellew
Dooros 1,057 Leitrim Ballynakill Portumna
Dooros 66 Leitrim Inishcaltra Scarriff
Dooros 266 Longford Clonfert Ballinasloe
Dooros 535 Ross Cong Oughterard
Dooroy 409 Ross Cong Oughterard
Doorus 261 Kiltartan Kinvarradoorus Gort
Doorus Demesne 90 Kiltartan Kinvarradoorus Gort
Dooruspark 136 Kiltartan Kinvarradoorus Gort
Dooyeher 347 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Doughiska 615 Galway Oranmore Galway
Dovepark 46 Moycullen Moycullen Galway
Drimcong 117 Moycullen Moycullen Galway
Drimmavohaun 497 Moycullen Moycullen Galway
Drimmeen 257 Ballynahinch Ballindoon Clifden
Drimna East 76 Leitrim Tynagh Portumna
Drimna West 77 Leitrim Tynagh Portumna
Drimnahoon 88 Moycullen Killannin Oughterard
Drimneen 59 Moycullen Moycullen Galway
Drimneen 39 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Drin 697 Ross Ross Oughterard
Drinagh 393 Ballynahinch Ballindoon Clifden
Drinaun 37 Dunmore Tuam Tuam
Drinaun 873 Killian Killeroran Mountbellew
Drishaghaun 512 Ross Ross Oughterard
Dromorehill 144 Kiltartan Kilthomas Gort
Dromorehill 53 Kiltartan Kiltartan Gort
Drought 482 Leitrim Kilreekill Loughrea
Drum 108 Clonmacnowen Clontuskert Ballinasloe
Drum 279 Dunmore Addergoole Tuam
Drum 256 Dunmore Tuam Tuam
Drum 688 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Drum East 197 Galway Rahoon Galway
Drum West 226 Galway Rahoon Galway
Drumacoo 246 Dunkellin Drumacoo Gort
Drumaskin 178 Dunmore Tuam Tuam
Drumaskin 25 Dunmore Dunmore Tuam
Drumatober 310 Longford Abbeygormacan Ballinasloe
Drumbane 402 Dunmore Dunmore Tuam
Drumbaun 35 Clare Annaghdown Galway
Drumbulcaun 228 Dunmore Tuam Tuam
Drumeyre 275 Longford Abbeygormacan Ballinasloe
Drumgooaun 135 Kiltartan Beagh Gort
Drumgriffin 233 Clare Annaghdown Galway
Drumharsna North 127 Dunkellin Ardrahan Gort
Drumharsna South 689 Dunkellin Ardrahan Gort
Drumhogan 108 Longford Abbeygormacan Ballinasloe
Drumkeary East 484 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Drumkeary East 242 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Drummaan East 359 Leitrim Clonrush Scarriff
Drummaan South 199 Leitrim Clonrush Scarriff
Drummaan West 189 Leitrim Clonrush Scarriff
Drummaanadeevan 32 Leitrim Clonrush Scarriff
Drummaveg 272 Moycullen Moycullen Galway
Drummin 816 Kiltartan Kilbeacanty Gort
Drummin 210 Leitrim Ballynakill Portumna
Drummin 381 Loughrea Kilteskill Loughrea
Drummin 108 Loughrea Killeenadeema Loughrea
Drumminacloghaun 218 Kiltartan Kilmacduagh Gort
Drumminacoosaun 156 Loughrea Kilthomas Gort
Drumminalough 216 Kiltartan Kilbeacanty Gort
Drumminnakill 50 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Drumminnamuckla North 299 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Drumminnamuckla South 524 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Drumscar 353 Longford Lickmolassy Portumna
Drumsnauv 486 Ross Cong Oughterard
Duck Island 13 Ballynahinch Ballindoon Clifden
Dunamon 348 Ballymoe Dunamon Roscommon
Dunblaney 450 Ballymoe Dunmore Tuam
Dundoogan 205 Clonmacnowen Kilgerrill Ballinasloe
Dungory East 132 Kiltartan Kinvarradoorus Gort
Dungory West 76 Kiltartan Kinvarradoorus Gort
Duniry 117 Leitrim Duniry Portumna
Dunkellin 101 Dunkellin Killeely Gort
Dunlo 346 Clonmacnowen Kilcloony Ballinasloe
Dunmore Town Ballymoe Dunmore Tuam
Dunmore Town Dunmore Dunmore Tuam
Dunmore 142 Dunmore Dunmore Tuam
Dunmore Demesne 121 Dunmore Dunmore Tuam
Dunsandle 651 Loughrea Lickerrig Loughrea
Durrow 229 Ballymoe Drumatemple Glennamaddy
Eaglehill 160 Leitrim Ballynakill Loughrea
Earls Island 6 Ross Ross Oughterard
Earlspark 587 Loughrea Killeenadeema Loughrea
Earlspark 326 Loughrea Loughrea Loughrea
Eashal Island 12 Ballynahinch Omey Clifden
Easterfield 251 Leitrim Ballynakill Portumna
Easterfield (or Cornacask) 484 Killian Athleague Mountbellew
Eastwell 597 Kilconnell Killallaghtan Ballinasloe
Edenhill 73 Loughrea Killogilleen Loughrea
Eglish 567 Killian Ahascragh Ballinasloe
Eighterard 116 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Ellagh 128 Clare Killursa Tuam
Ellagh 359 Kilconnell Kilconnell Ballinasloe
Elmhill 308 Tiaquin Moylough Mountbellew
Emlagh 313 Ballynahinch Omey Clifden
Emlagh 213 Dunkellin Killogilleen Loughrea
Emlagh 236 Leitrim Kilreekill Loughrea
Emlagharan 398 Ballynahinch Ballindoon Clifden
Emlaghdauroe 750 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Emlaghmore 1,736 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Emlaghmore 1,178 Ballynahinch Ballindoon Clifden
Englishtown 222 Longford Killoran Ballinasloe
Eragh Island South 10 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Errisbeg East 1,471 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Errisbeg West 1,120 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Ervallagh 353 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Ervallagh Eighter 110 Clonmacnowen Ahascragh Ballinasloe
Ervallagh Oughter 536 Clonmacnowen Ahascragh Ballinasloe
Esker 262 Athenry Kiltullagh Loughrea
Esker 1,633 Longford Clonfert Ballinasloe
Esker 811 Tiaquin Ballymacward Mountbellew
Esker 79 Tiaquin Moylough Mountbellew
Esker Island 9 Longford Clonfert Ballinasloe
Eskerballycahill 363 Kilconnell Killosolan Mountbellew
Eskerboy 743 Longford Abbeygormacan Ballinasloe
Eskerkeel 34 Clonmacnowen Clontuskert Ballinasloe
Eskermore 222 Killian Ahascragh Mountbellew
Eskermurry 51 Killian Killeroran Mountbellew
Eskeroe 321 Tiaquin Killoscobe Mountbellew
Eskeromullacaun 864 Tiaquin Boyounagh Glennamaddy
Eskerroe 19 Clonmacnowen Kilcloony Ballinasloe
Eskershanore 203 Loughrea Kilchreest Loughrea
Evneenmore Island 24 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Eyrecourt Demense 723 Longford Donanaghta Portumna
Eyrecourt Demense 61 Longford Clonfert Portumna
Eyrephort 142 Ballynahinch Omey Clifden
Faartan 519 Ballymoe Ballynakill Glennamaddy
Fahy 204 Ballynahinch Omey Clifden
Fahy 208 Kilconnell Killallaghtan Ballinasloe
Fahy 808 Longford Fahy Portumna
Fahy 110 Moycullen Killannin Oughterard
Fahy 105 Ross Ross Oughterard
Fahy 208 Tiaquin Clonkeen Loughrea
Fahymactibbot 233 Dunkellin Killeeneen Gort
Fahysvillage 89 Athenry Athenry Galway
Fairfield 422 Ballymoe Kilbegnet Glennamaddy
Fairfield 936 Clonmacnowen Kilgerrill Ballinasloe
Fairfield 145 Loughrea Loughrea Loughrea
Fairfield (or Gortrea) 279 Longford Kilmalinoge Portumna
Fairhill 401 Tiaquin Killoscobe Mountbellew
Fairyhill 350 Longford Lickmolassy Portumna
Fakeeragh 137 Ballynahinch Omey Clifden
Farm 503 Ballymoe Templetogher Glennamaddy
Farmhill 181 Tiaquin Abbeyknockmoy Tuam
Farnaght 257 Ross Cong Oughterard
Farnaun 112 Loughrea Kilthomas Gort
Farranablake East 148 Athenry Athenry Loughrea
Farranablake West 51 Athenry Athenry Loughrea
Farranalynch 40 Loughrea Loughrea Loughrea
Farrangavnagh 57 Clare Cargin Tuam
Farrannabox 25 Clare Tuam Tuam
Farrannuamartin 93 Clare Tuam Tuam
Farravaun 1,125 Clare Monivea Galway
Farravaun 232 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Farta 133 Athenry Kiltullagh Loughrea
Fartagar 196 Dunmore Kilbennan Tuam
Fartamore 563 Dunmore Kilbennan Tuam
Faul 185 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Faulkner's Island 1 Longford Lickmolassy Portumna
Faunin 90 Kiltartan Kilmacduagh Gort
Fawnarevagh 284 Dunkellin Kilcolgan Gort
Feagh 332 Leitrim Duniry Portumna
Feagh 97 Longford Kiltormer Ballinasloe
Feagh East 206 Tiaquin Abbeyknockmoy Tuam
Feagh West 498 Tiaquin Abbeyknockmoy Tuam
Feaghbeg 746 Longford Fahy Portumna
Feaghmore Eighter 221 Longford Fahy Portumna
Feaghmore Oughter 164 Longford Fahy Portumna
Fear Beg 37 Dunmore Dunmore Tuam
Fear More 79 Dunmore Dunmore Tuam
Fearagha 762 Clare Kilcoona Tuam
Fearmore 178 Longford Clonfert Portumna
Fearmore 82 Longford Meelick Portumna
Feebrack (or Nutgrove) 264 Longford Tynagh Portumna
Felimspark 45 Ballymoe Boyounagh Glennamaddy
Ffrenchpark 14 Kilconnell Killosolan Mountbellew
Ffrenchpark Acres 20 Killian Killian Mountbellew
Fiddaun 296 Dunkellin Ardrahan Loughrea
Fiddaun 757 Kiltartan Beagh Gort
Fiddaun 225 Tiaquin Kilkerrin Glennamaddy
Fiddaun Island 4 Dunkellin Drumacoo Galway
Finish Island 153 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Finisklin 558 Moycullen Moycullen Galway
Finnaun 7,555 Moycullen Killannin Galway
Finnisglin 1,086 Ballynahinch Ballynakill Clifden
Finnure 317 Leitrim Abbeygormacan Loughrea
Finny 278 Ross Ross Ballinrobe
Firpark 91 Tiaquin Abbeyknockmoy Tuam
Flaskagh Beg 509 Ballymoe Dunmore Glennamaddy
Flaskagh More 649 Ballymoe Dunmore Glennamaddy
Flat Island 1 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Flowerhill (or Bouluskeagh) 321 Longford Tynagh Portumna
Foats (or Levallynearl) 224 Kilconnell Aughrim Ballinasloe
Fohanagh 633 Kilconnell Fohanagh Mountbellew
Foher 623 Ballynahinch Ballynakill Clifden
Foolagh 106 Longford Tynagh Portumna
Foorannagh 3 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Foorglass 222 Ballynahinch Ballindoon Clifden
Foorkill (or Coldwood) 602 Dunkellin Athenry Galway
Formweel 1,246 Moycullen Kilcummin Galway
Forramoyle East 255 Galway Rahoon Galway
Forramoyle West 221 Galway Rahoon Galway
Fortbrown 270 Ballymoe Clonbern Glennamaddy
Fortpark 35 Dunmore Dunmore Tuam
Fortyacres 161 Ballymoe Templetogher Glennamaddy
Fortyacres 72 Clare Killererin Tuam
Fortyacres 185 Dunmore Tuam Tuam
Fough East 43 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Fough West 20 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Fountainhill (or Knockacilra) 143 Ballynahinch Omey Clifden
Fox Island 3 Ballynahinch Ballindoon Clifden
Foxhall 304 Longford Abbeygormacan Loughrea
Foxhall Little 389 Longford Abbeygormacan Loughrea
Frass 285 Ballymoe Boyounagh Glennamaddy
Freaghillaun 39 Ballynahinch Moyrus Clifden
Freaghillaun North 9 Ballynahinch Ballynakill Clifden
Freaghillaun South 57 Ballynahinch Ballynakill Clifden
Freaghillaun-beg 26 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Freaghillaun-more 22 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Freaghillaun-more 8 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Freeheen Island 1 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Freeport 40 Galway Rahoon Galway
Frenchfort Town Dunkellin Oranmore Galway
Frenchfort 1,379 Dunkellin Oranmore Galway
Frenchpark 163 Dunkellin Kilcolgan Gort
Friar Island 24 Ballynahinch Omey Clifden
Friars Island 29 Moycullen Moycullen Galway
Friarsisland 127 Longford Meelick Portumna
Friarsland 32 Longford Meelick Portumna
Friary 12 Leitrim Ballynakill Portumna
Funshadaun 583 Loughrea Killeenadeema Loughrea
Funshin 532 Ballymoe Kilbegnet Glennamaddy
Funshin Beg 549 Kiltartan Kinvarradoorus Gort
Funshin More 832 Kiltartan Kinvarradoorus Gort
Furboghgarve 125 Moycullen Rahoon Galway
Furnace 144 Leitrim Clonrush Scarriff
Furnace 218 Moycullen Kilcummin Oughterard
Furzypark 42 Athenry Athenry Loughrea
Furzypark 210 Dunkellin Ardrahan Gort
Furzypark 58 Loughrea Isertkelly Loughrea
Fynagh 274 Longford Clonfert Ballinasloe