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Cork Sources

Cork Sources
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               22 Irish Genealogical Sources


       Sources for County Cork Family Data


       Bandon Area Church of Ireland Parish Records

       See "A Handlist of Church of Ireland Parish Registers in the Representative Church Body Library, Dublin"

       compiled by the RCBL in 2002.

1901 Census returns of Ireland

Location: Public Record Office, Dublin

Ireland Web Census Returns


1864 to date   Civil records of birth, marriage and death

Location: Office of the Registrar General, Customs House, Dublin


1802 to date    Roman Catholic Church registers 

Data: Baptism Childís name; parentís and sponsorís names; motherís

maiden name;  address;& date


Wedding: names of bride, groom & witnesses & date

Location: Parish Church


Pre 1880   Church registers records of baptism and marriage on microfilm

Location; National Library, Dublin


Parish Register Extracts by Grove White (Mainly for Co. Cork)

Location:  Public Records Office, Dublin


1848-64 Primary Valuation of Tenements by Sir Richard Griffith

Data: occupantís names, address, acreage & value

Locations: Dublin Genealogical Office; Public Records Office & National Library of Ireland


1846    Directory of Ireland by Slater    Names residents of small towns

Location; National Library of Ireland


1823-37 Tithe Composition Applotment Book

Data: Names of tenants with land by parish except townlands and cities. Gives location,

acreage, valuation & tithe.


County Index for Cork

Data Surnames & locations

Location: Public Records Office Dublin


1787    Cork & Southern Towns Directory

Location: National Library of Ireland, Dublin


1766    Religious Census for Cork Diocese by Tennison Groves

      1761    Militia Lists - County Cork M608

Location: Genealogical Office Dublin


1739-32    Land Index Volumes for County Cork Vol.s # 5,8,9,12,26 &100

Location: Registry of Deeds Dublin


1708-87     Irish Manuscripts Commission , Abstracts of Wills

ed. by P.B. Eustace

Location: Registry of Deeds, Dublin


1663    Hearth Money Rolls

Data: Names, number of hearths & amount of tax.

Listed by county; barony; parish; & townland


1654-56    Down Survey - Civil Survey of 1654-56

Data Ownership changes of 17th century land settlement

Location: Quit Rent Office & Public Records Office Dublin


1623-45 Marriage License Bonds Index tp Cork & Ross


1548-1856    Pre 1858 Wills of Diocesan Consistorial Court

Location: Under the local bishop. Wills for the less well off.


1548-1857    Index to Diocesan Wills for Cork & Ross

Location: Public records office Dublin


A Guide to Copies of Irish Wills by Wallace Clare

Location: Irish Libraries


Journal for the Association of the Memorials of the Dead

Location: Genealogical Office.


Some of the foregoing information is on various web sites.

See  for 62 links to Cork &

County Cork census, directories, valuations and records.



Ireland Topographical Divisions


Townland.  The smallest administrative division in Ireland.

There are 64,000. Size based on the quality of the land.


Civil Parish.  A division of the state for census & valuation purposes.

There are 2447.


Eccleastical Parish before 1802.  The unit of local church administration.


Barony Division based on old Gaelic & family holdings. There are about 325.


Poor Law Union.  A division of the country wherein the taxpayers were financially responsible for the poor. They comprised multiples of townlands within an average of 10 miles.


Provinces 4


Counties  32



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