County Cavan Census Returns and Substitutes





1612-1613 "Survey of Undertakers Planted in County Cavan. Historical Manuscripts Commission Report, No. 4 (Hastings Manuscripts), 1947, pp. 159-82
1630 Munster Roll of Ulster; Armagh County Library and PRONI D.1759/3C/1, T. 808/15164, National Library of Ireland Pos. 206 
1664 Hearth Money Roll, parishes of Killeshandra, Kildallan, Killenagh, Templeport, Tomregan, PRONI 184 
1703-1704 Tenants in Kildallan and Killeshandra, The Irish Ancestor, 8 (2), 86-7 
1761 Poll Book, PRONI T 1522
1766 Protestants in parishes of Kinawley, Lavey, Lurgan, Munterconnaught, National Archives of Ireland m 2476(e), also Representative Church Body Library, Genealogical Office Ms. 536/7, LDS film 258517, 100173 
1802 Protestants in Enniskeen parish, The Irish Ancestor, 1973 
1813-1821 Freeholders, National Library of Ireland, Ir. 94119 c 2
1814 Youthful Protestants in the parishes of Drung and Larah, The Irish Ancestor, 1978. 
1821 Parishes of Annagelliff, Ballymachugh, Castlerahan, Castleterra, Crosserlough, Denn, Drumlumman, Drung, Kilbride, Kilmore, Kinawley, Larah, Lavey, Lurgan, Mullagh, Munterconnaught, National Archives of Ireland, LDS films 597154-8, Cavan Heritage and Genealogy Centre
1823-1838 Tithe Books 
1833 Arms registered with the Clerk of the Peace, April, over 1,500 names, National Library of Ireland, ILB 04, p. 12 
1841 Voters' list, National Archives ofIreland, 1843/71 
1843 Griffith's Valuation  
1851 "List of inhabitants of Castlerahan barony," c. 1851, with Killinkere parish registers, National Library of Ireland, Pos 5349
1851 Some certified copies of census returns for use in claims for old age pensions, National Archives of Ireland
1856-1857 Part of Killeshandra parish onlly, also some certified copies of census returns for use in claims for old age pensions, National Archives of Ireland 
1901 Census 
1911 Census