Parish of Shercock, Co. Cavan

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Al Beagan's "Genealogy Notes"©1996

of Shercock Parish, Co Cavan

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1785 "I am researching my family name "McCollum" all of which remained in Ireland, to the best of my knowledge, in the Corranure and Shercock regions of County Cavan, Ireland, except my father William (1888-1971) born at Darkley Cottage, Shercock and immigrated to Canada July 1903 and settled in eastern Ontario, Canada. My g g grandfather Hugh b 1785 d 1865 m Margaret or Mary (no surname known) b 1791, had five siblings

  Thomas McCollum b 1771 m Jane or Janice b 1773

  Terrance " b 1777

  Randall " b 1781 m Mary 1796

  William " b 1781 m Margaret 1786

  Rebecca " b 1783

Hugh & Margaret had eight children

Randall McCollum (Rev) (1805-1870)

John " (1809-1874)

Hugh " (1811-1876)

Sarah " (1813-1878)

James " (1815-1880)

Jane " (1872-1882)

William " (1829-1880) My great grandfather m Jane Akins (1835-1885) and had seven children, all of whom I have details on. It is the earlier generations that I know nothing but what I have listed above. If any of these names and dates mean anything to any person out there I would be overjoyed to hear from you. Eric McCollum nr Victoria B.C. Canada

Oct.1,1821 "The widow Beggin is recorded paying thithes on 6 acres of land in Darkley townlands, in the Parish of Shercock, a part of the Barony of Clonkee in Co. Cavan. Page 9 Tithe Applotment Books.

Her neighbors were James Brady, John Carney, John Dealy, Philip Dermot, James Edgers, Robert Edgers, John Farrelly, Patrick Fox, Patrick Hale, John Hughston, Felix Koogan, Owen Koogan, Thomas Little, Michael Mullen, widow Mullen, Nicholas Miles, William Miles, James Miles, Thomas ?culla, James ??cullo?, Hugh McCaul, James McGuire,

Aug. 16, 1825 "townland of Nolagh

Farmer #

4 Philip Clarke**

5 Thomas Clarke

6 widow Clarke*

7 Owen Clarke

8 Thomas Clarke and widow

9 Thomas Clarke sen

10 Michael Clarke*

11 Thomas Clarke

12 Owen Clarke Junr*

13 Lawrence Clarke & Co.*

*name also appears in Griffith's

These numbers above have no relationship to proximity to each other as the names are listed in alphabetical order.

There are six Lynch farms, by the way in Griffith's Valuation of Nolagh, note a Peter Lynch is farm 34 and Andrew is farm 37" Parish of Shrcock Tithes Applotment Book. Research interest of Pat Clarke

I ran across your "Genealogy Notes" of Shercock Parish, Co. Cavan, Ireland some time ago and have been wondering ever since if the 'Hugh McCaul' in this note could be my great great grandfather Hugh McCollum; who had 7 children (Randall, John, Hugh, Sarah, James, Jane & William) who lived from 1785 - 1865 in Shercock, county Cavan.

My grand father, son of William, is known to have lived what is now known as Darkley Cottage and is where my father was born in 1888. I visited that cottage in 1944 and at that time it was occupied by a brother (Joseph)of my grandfather.

Discounting the spelling in your Genealogy Notes (as we know back then there were many spellings for the same family group) it seems a pretty strong chance this person 'McCaul' could be my great great grandfather who I have been trying to get more information on for a long time.

If you have anything further on this area or time frame, or could point me to where I could do some more searching, I would be very grateful. Sincerely Eric McCollum nr Victoria, B.C. Canada

Hi Al,

 I assume, based on the history that I gleaned from your notes, that my relatives migrated from Scotland to Ireland around 1600. Thanks for making this valuable resource available. As I have only just started looking at my family genealogy, I am afraid that the only piece of information I have about my Cavan relatives is that Robert Cruickshank married Eliza Bradley near Shercock Kilmauren and they had 11 children. I have a long, long way to go!!

Thanks again Greg Allen

July 7, 1859 "George STANHOPE and Rebecca NESBITT were married at the Church of Ireland, Sherock, on July 7, 1859. He was 28; she was 23. She was from Knappagh. They later lived on Main Street in the Town of Shercock. Rachel M. Smith Stanley, NB Canada

1884 "I am researching the family of Francis Pratt of Cabra Castle, died there circa 1884 perhaps. I have quite a history on the residents of Cabra, EXCEPT for Francis parents. Also looking for Esther Chambers Vane who resided in Shercock and was on the 1901 Census for Shercock, living with her daughter, Elizabeth Pratt. Any knowledge of these folks would be appreciated. " B.Searles

1886 "Looking for: George SHIELDS b. 1886, Parish of Shercock** father: George mother: Margaret Jane ? siblings: Richard, Mary, and a Thomas? possible second marriage, as Anna Jean STEINSON is listed as George ** listed her as mother on marriage license thank you, Leanne in Kitchener, Ontario


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