Al Beagan's Genealogy Notes of Scrabby, County Cavan

last updated December , 2005

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Parish of Scrabby, County Cavan

also known as Lough Gowna, Mullinalaghta, Colcumille

townland map of Scrabby

This parish was formerly known as Scrabby and Colmcille East. It was formed about 1832 from part of Killashandra Parish, Cavan, and eleven townlands in eastern Columbkille Parish, County Longford. (Colmcille is a variant spelling). There are two chapels: Church of the Holy Family in Scrabby, and St. Columba's in the townland of Cloonagh, Columbkille Parish, County Longford. The eastern portion of Columbkille Parish is called Mullinalaghta by the residents. Lough Gowna is a village on the shores of Lough Gowna in County Cavan.

Townland of Portanure

Tithe occupiers

Jan. 1824

Thomas Victory

Hugh Murray & Co.

Widow Lahey

Warrington & Co.

Thomas Cullin

Widow Dunn & Co.

Peter Harten

John Tully

Widow Lynch

Widow (Rehill?)

John Donalon

Patt Harten

Hugh Murray" CS484 174 film 4 item 9

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May 1842 Thadius Murray of Portanure

March 27, 1846? ---------- Murray of Portanure

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