Genealogy Notes of Kilmore Parish, Diocese of Kilmore, Co. Cavan

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 Kilmore Parish, Co. Cavan



1821 Bridget Kelly Beggen, age 77, is recorded living in the household of Peter Deneng, age 28, a laborer; along with his wife Ellen, age 27, a spinner; Patt, his son, age 16; and Ann Conoly, age 35, a lodger. House 10, Townlands of Muornery Upper, Parish of Kilmore, Baroney of Upper Loughtee, Co, Cavan. The townland contains 106 people living in 19 houses. Census of 1821, Vol. 16, PRO 1A 45 16, LDS S-27353, 0597157. Also listed in Film # 0100823 LDS, a copy, Munnery Upper townlands, Baroney of Clanmahon & Loughtee Upper.

Some neighbors of Bridget Kelly Beggen were John Berry, age 37; Catherine, his wife, age 27, Mary his daughter, age 6, Catherine, daughter, age 4, Michl, age 1, a dau ?

Oct. 3, 1825 "Information Wanted // If William Commisford, who came out last spring, from the Parish of Kilmore, near Cavan, Ireland, be living, he is informed that his wife and child, are in (York PC?) and can be heard of at John McNeals; - Information concerning him will be than (------?) received by his anxious wife, directed (as above?)" page 3, Stanstead British Colonist

Nov.1,1828 Jno Beggan Senr and Jno Beggan Junr are recorded paying tithes on 2 acres of land in the townlands of Snackeel. Their neighbors are Wm Fleming, Jno Le??y, Rose Devine, ?argy McEvoy, M Farrelly, Garret Roach, T. Colgan, Jno Donoho, Patt Donoho, Patt Donoho, ? Foster, Terc McLa?ran, ? McGir???, Peter Darcy, Jas Murphy, L Bamon. Parish of Kilmore, Diocese of Kilmore, Co. Cavan. Page 52, Tithes Applotment Book, Co. Cavan. NEHGS

March 9, 1833 "By the following extract of a letter from Cavan we find it is making a fatal progress in that neighborhood: -"the accounts of cholera from Cavan are truly alarming; it rages in the villages of Ballina and Kilmore - Cavan can hardly escape. this calamity accompanying a contested election, is truly frightful; it is thought 50,000 persons will assemble in Cavan on Monday next." Niagra Gleaner page 2

June 30, 1845 "BERRY, Matthew, born Kilmore Parish, Cavan Co., Ire., h. Bridget, June 30, 1845, age 42, G.R.39. "Taunton Deaths TO THE YEAR 1850 Massachusetts Town Vital Records Collection

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