Genealogy Notes of Lurgan Parish

Last up-dated June 2006

 Al Beagan's "Genealoagy Notes"©1996

 Lurgan and Munterconnaught, Co. Cavan

also covers Loughan

Map of Munterconnaught


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cir 1755 "Owen Fitzsimmons born between about 1792 and 1796 married on Nov. 28, 1823 in Bruise, Parish of Lurgan, Co Cavan, Ireland to Ann Reilly born between about 1794 and 1796 The couple had 6 children all baptized at the Parish of Lurgan in Co Cavan:

Ann b. 1824 (my ancestor)

Bernard b. 1827 (also known as Bryan)

Mary b. 1829

Judith b. 1831 (also known as Julia)

Catherine b. 1834

Edward b. 1836

 In 1839 the family went to Canada and eventually settled in Cobourg, Northumberland Co, Ontario.

 My questions to you. I checked your map of townlands in Lurgan Parish...didn't find "Bruise" there! Bruise is apparently where Owen & Ann married and where all their kids were born. Why can't I find it on your site?

I still have the RC Church Records for Lurgan Parish, Co Cavan at my local family history...and I will have it there until Sept. 18th. I will go back and try to copy down all Fitzsimmons' & Reilly's born between 1755 and 1780.

 Here are my transcriptions so far... I did these today and have a ways to go.. Fitzsimmons' & Reilly's born in Lurgan Parish in 1755, 1756, and (partially) 1757. Like I said, I am hoping to complete all those born right up to 1780. That way if I can prove Owen or Ann's fathers from census records I will probably have their baptism records too.

 Date of Baptism Name Father Mother Godfather Godmother

Jan. 6, 1755 Thomas Reilly Bernard Reilly Eleanor Reilly Thomas Corrigan Bridget Reilly

Jan. 26, 1755 Bridget Fitzsimmons Edmond Fitzsimmons Ann Martin Farely Susanna Magauran

Feb. 2, 1755 Mary Fitzsimmons Patrick Fitzsimmons Mary Sylvester Mullan Ann Farely

Feb. 5, 1755 Hugh Fitzsimmons Thomas Fitzsimmons Catherine Hugh MacMahon Catherine Gibory

Mar. 5, 1755 Mary Reilly Bernard Reilly S-(?) Eugene Canhien Bridget Cam-(?)

June 16, 1755 Catherine Reilly Patrick Reilly Rose Reilly Paul Greham Mary Reilly

July 17, 1755 Ann Reilly Sylvester Reilly Mary Hugh George Bough Catherine Smith

Feb. 2, 1756 Margaret Smith Bernard Smith Eleanor Fitzsimmons Bernard Fitzsimmons Allicia Reilly

Feb. 21, 1756 Laurence Reilly Eugene Reilly Bridget John Dinheen Mary Dinheen

Mar. 21, 1756 Patrick Fitzsimmons Carol Fitzsimmons Ann Brog Jacob Fitzsimmons Eleanor Fitzsimmons

Mar. 28, 1756 Jacob Reilly Carol Reilly Catherine Fitzsimmons Luke Mulvaney Catherine Duffy

Apr. 1, 1756 Patrick Reilly Bartholomew Reilly Catherine Dunn Peter MacMahon Mary Markey

Apr. 9, 1756 Phelan Fitzsimmons Francis Fitzsimmons Margaret Done-(?) Fargallus Kiernan Eleanor Cleorkan

Apr. 14, 1756 Edmond Fitzsimmons Thomas Fitzsimmons Ann Lyn-(?) Terrence Fitzsimmons Rose Murphy

Apr. 14, 1756 Patrick Fitzsimmons Phelan Fitzsimmons Susanna Ren-(?) William Smith Ann MacCabe

Apr. 20, 1756 Michael Fitzsimmons Bernard Fitzsimmons Mary Fitzsimmons Rudolph Buck Mary Reilly

July 10, 1756 Jacob Reilly John Reilly Susanna Carly Jacob Fitzsimmons Bridget Plunket

Oct. 21, 1756 Peter Fitzsimmons John Fitzsimmons Catherine Teer-(?) Edmond Smith Sarah Lyons

Mar. 19, 1757 Bartholomew Reilly John Reilly Ann Walsh Eugene Carollan Ann Smith

Mar. 21, 1757 Patrick Reilly Carol Reilly Bridget Fit-(?) Francis Farely Mary Dunn

Mar. 29, 1757 Jacob Fitzsimmons Phelan Fitzsimmons Susanna Reilly Philip Farely Mary Farely

Apr. 22, 1757 Philip Reilly Bernard Reilly Rose Magauran Laurence Evers Eleanor Farely

Research interest of Craig Kanalley

Catholic marriages in Lurgan parish (LDS film 926134)

Aug. 20, 1760 Thoman Hiry wed Susannam J------. Wit. Andrea Halfhead & Patri--- Connin.

Sept. 7, 1760 Patricium Farelly wed Rosann Kyennan. Wit. Fargallo Kye----, Edmondo Kyennan, Thoma Kyennan.

Sept. 15, 1760 Patricium Fitzimons wed Rosam Conin. Wit. Jacobo Connin, Philipo Reily, Waltero Gormy.

Nov. 23, 1760 Vicar Antonio Smith wed Gerentium Farelly of the parish of Mullagh and Catherinan Richards of this parish. Wit. Thoma Farelly, Jacobo Far---.

Nov. 29, 1760 Michaelem Macabe wed Catherinam _______. Wit. Patricio Ly-----, Luca Mulvany, Mattheo Macabe.

Jan. 12, 1761 Vicar Antonio Smith wed Philippum Fitzimonds of this parish et Mariam Lynch of this parish . Wit. Carolo Fitzimonds, Patricus Lynch

Jan. 26, 1761 Carolum Farelly et Brigidam Lynch. wit. Nicoloo Farelly et Bartholemo ________.

Jan.. 1761 Vicar Antonio Smith wed Gerentium Reilly of the parish of Lavy et Mariam Reilly of this parish. Wit. _______ _______, Luca Reilly.

Feb. 3, 1761 Antonio Smith DD wed Eugenium Lynch et Annam Flemming. Wit. Michaele Reilly, Joanne Reilly et Josepho Reilly

May 23, 1761 Joannis Osburn (of the parish of Ardbrackan, county (country?) of Midena) and Dr Thomas Brady (of the same place) gave permission to Catharino Moynagh (of?) this parish at her marriage along with Antonio Smith DD vicar of this parish between Joannem Osburn et Catherinam Moynagh. wit. Jacobo Moynagh, Ifugone Reilly et Bernado Moynagh

June 3, 1761 Dr Antonio Smith wed Arthurum Moynagh et Eleonoram Lynch. Wit. Petro Lynch, Michael Fitzimons et Eugenio Lynch

June 29, 1761 Gerenbius Lynch et Mariam Kelly (of) this parish . Wit. Jacobo Kelly, Carolo Duffy.

July 6, 1761 Thomon Mulloy of parish of Killicare (probably parish of Killinkere) et Marian Moy-- of this parish . Wit, Patricus Brady,Gerenuo Moyonagh et Joanne Mulloy.

August, 1761 Joannem Reilly et Catharinum Lynch. Wit. Jacobus Connin , Philippo Deaganan.


Feb. ------ Reilly et Annam Coyle. Wit. Joanne Coyle et Catherina Hoar?

Feb. 23rd 1762 Carolum Reilly of the parish (of) Dinn (probably Denn parish) et Annam -------- . wit. ----- ------ et Fargalls Kyennan

May 3, 1762 Thoman Mulroy et Catharanam Conin. Wit. Jacobs Conin, Patricu--

May 9, 1762 Joannes Fitzimonds et Allaciam Smith. Wit. Edmondo Smith et Margareta Smith

June 29, 1762 Bartholemoum Hardman et Catharinam Smith. Wit. Carolo Reilly, Edmondo Smith

June ? 1762 Bartholemoum Clearkan et Catharinam Magenis. wit. Joanne Magenis et Elizaba--- --------

July 10, 1762 Antonio Smith DD wed Joannem Reilly et ----- -------. Wit. ----- Reilly, Sarah MacMahon et Gerardo Reilly


Aug. 12, 1762 Patrico Masterson, vicar, wed Jacobum Corry et Susannam Manly? Wit. Philippo ---amy, Joanne Corry.

Aug. 16, 1762 Eugenium Lynch wed Catherinam Cullin. Wit. Rogero Healy , Joanne Cullin.

Nov. 18, 1762 Vicar Antonio Smith wed Hugonem MacEnteer et Catherinam ---min of this parish. Wit. Luca Reilly, Cornelis MacAleer.

Nov. 26, 1762 Vicar Antonio Smith dispenses with the 2nd and 3rd banns and weds Joannem Connin et Catharinam Fitzsimons of this parish. Wit. Patricio Fitzsimons, Matthes Daly.

Nov. 28, 1762 Vicar Antonio Smith wed Datrieium Roark of the parish of Castlerahan et Brigidam Nowlan of this parish. Wit. Davis Kellet, Philippo Farelly.

Jan. 27, 1763 Vicar Antonio Smith wed Gulielmum Mulvany et Esther Evard. Wit. Christopharo Murphy, ---uthero Macabe, Luca Mulvanny.

Jan. 1763 Michaelum Maetadine of the parish of Mullagh wed Annam Hughs of Lorgon.Wit. Mattheo Macabe et Reho Macabe.

Feb. 8, 1763 Vicar Antonio Smith wed And--am Gibny et Annam He---. Wit. _______ Brady & Laurento Gibny.


April 26, 1763 Jacobum Healy et Rosan Fitzmonds. Wit. Bernado Fitzimons, Joanne --------.

May 16, 1763 Jacobum Lynch of the parish of Crosserlough et Eolinam Farrelly of this parish . wit. Bernado Fitzimons, Juliema Lynch

May 25, 1763 Thomom Farelly of parish Killeen et Brigita Healy. Wit. Mathes Healy, Jacobo Sheridan et Luca Healy

May 27, 1763 Patricum Birrine of parish of Killkeen et Susanna Cainhine of this parish . wit. Joanne Cainhine, Catharina ---ard, Bernado Gibny

June 12 1763 Matthiam Clercan et Brigidam Farrelly of this parish . Wit Michaele Clercan, Jacobus Connellan et Petro Farrelly.

June 13, 1763 Antonis Smith, vicor, wed Shomam Brady of the parish of Killanne et Annam McCabe of this parish Wit. Gulielma Smith, Joanne McCabe.

June , 1763 Jacobum Moynagh et Catharinam Moynagh 3rd (cousins) consanguinitatis. wit. Christophors Moynagh et Anna Read of Killikeer parish et Catherinam --------- of this parish . Wit. Christophoro, Anna Reilly


Aug. 1763 Permission to wed is granted and performed for Dahiuiam Maguire et Cathariam Maguire. wit. Christophoro Moynagh & Patricus Maguire

Oct. 13, 1763 Vicar Antonio Smith weds Joannem Coyle et Brigidam Burns. Wit. Antonio Burns & Matthos Gormy

Nov. 25, 1763 Marriage banns having been published for Jacobo Caffney et Marie McKenna (Can't read more but make out the following names) Bernarous Cahil, pastor; Jacobum Caffney et Mariam McKernan. Wit. Edmondo McKernan & Bernado McKernan. (possibly a double wedding?)

Jan. 26, 1764 Vicar Antonio Smith wed Eugenium Clark et Margaretam Cooc. Wit. Philippo Cooc, -------- Clark et Jacobo Cooc.

Feb. 3, 1764 Vicar Antonio Smith wed Cornelium Lynch et Mariam Macabe. Wit. Michaele Lynch, Christapharo ------, Michael Macabe.

Feb. 19, 1764 Vicar Antonio Smith wed Michaelum Lynch of the parish of Castlerahan et Annam MacMahon of this parish. Wit. Hugone MacMahon, Patricus Reilly, Gulielons Lynch,


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Feb. 17, 1764 _________parish of Killikeer et Cathrinam _______. wit. Bernardo ---------- et Nicholes Clercan.

Feb 20, 1764 Georg-- Fitzimons of parish of Killincare et Mariam Reilly this parish . Wit. Michaele Reilly, Cornenelio Maguire, Joanne Fitzsimons

Nicolaum Clercan of this parish et Margaret Monaghan of the parish of Crosserlogh. Wit. Eugenio Monaghan, Michaele Clercan

March 5, 1764 Do Antonio Smith wed Philippum Monaghan of Mullagh parish et Annam Macinteer of this parish. Wit Cornelio Macinteer, Daniele King, Philippa Farelly

March 27, 1764 Dro Antonio Smith wed Danielam Lynch, parish of Castlerahan et Elizabeth Smith of this parish. Wit. Rogoro Healy, Patricus Burn et Michael Smith. Research interest of

May 28, 1764 Antonio Smith vicar wed Thomam Brady et Rosan Farrelly. Wit Gulielma Brady, Patricus Farelly et Michaele Brady

May 29, 1764 DD Antonio smith, vicar wed Dalrium Cumminsky et Catherina Gugurty of this parish. Wit. Philippo Kelly, Michaele Cumminsky

June 23, 1764 Nichaelim Cuminsky et Susannam Duffy. Wit. Joanne Carolan, Dermondo Duffy



Sept. 17, 1764 Vicar Antonio Smith wed Joannam Garry? et Mariam Blake. Wit. Hugone Macmahon, Jacobo Garry?, Joanne Macmahon.

Sept. 25, 1764 Vicar Patricio Masterson wed Thoman Daly of the parish of Crosserlough et Catherinam Fitzsimmons of this parish. Wit. Philippo Reilly, Carolo Fitzsimmons.

Sept. 27, 1764 Vicar Antonio Smith wed Joannem Cafny et Annam Hoy?. Wit. Patricio Brady, Domondo Fitzsimmons, Luca Flood?.

Sept. 29, 1764 Michaelum Magenis wed Evlinam Moynagh. Wit. Philippo Brady, Jacobo Moynagh, Arthuro Magenis.

October 8, 1764 Vicar Antonio Smith wed Philippum Farelly et Rosam Corrigan. Wit. Bernardo Kiernan, Shoma Mullay, et Anna Farelly.

October 17, 1764 Vicar Patricio Masterson wed Joannem Brady et Brigidam Brady. Wit. Matthero Sheridan, Philippo Brad (sic), Joanne Sheridan.

October? 1764 Vicar Antonio Smith wed Fargallum Gormy et Cristinam Diegenan. Wit. Galfrido Gormay, Philippo Diegenan.

December 2, 1764 Vicar Antonio Smith wed Joannem Coyle et Aliziam Clerkan. Wit. Hugone Monaghan, Pato Macguirk.

Dec. 2, 1764 Patricium Maguire wed Brigidam Fitzsimmons. Wit. Patricio Smith, Gelomes Maguire et Diganis Cain. Research interest of


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Jan 17, 1765 Antonio Smith, vicar, wed Andreoam Smith of the parish of Killane and Mariam Coyle of this parish. Wit. Carolo Fitzsimons, Patrico Coyle.

Jan. 29, 1765 Vicar Antonio Smith wed Nicolaum Coyle et Cathariam Farely of this parish. Wit. ---ricio Macmahon, Georgio Reilly.

Feb. 4, 1765 Patricio Masterson, vicar of this parish et Joannio Makiernan, pastor of Killinkere wed Jacobum Coyle of this partish to Mariam MacDonnel of the parish of Killinkere. Wit. Patricio McCabe & Andrean Smith Research interest of

May 8, 1765 Vicar Antonio Smith of this parish wed Patricum Brazil of the parish of Castlerahan et Mariam Lynch of this parish. wit. Daniele Lynch, Mar--- Macabe, Michaele Lynch.

May 29, 1765 Matthiam Macabe wed Mariam Jones of this parish. Wit. Gulielmo Jones et Margareta Jones.

June 17, 1765 Patricum Brennam wed Mariam Fitzsimons. Wit. Bernado Fitzsimons, Edmondo Hughs.

July, 1765 Vicar Antonio Smith wed Patricum Reilly of the parish of Castlerahan to D---- ---ochianan. Wit. ------- -------- , Ricardo Reilly


July 22, 1765 Vicar Antonio Smith wed Mattheum Haderton et Annam Martin. Wit. Thoma Martin, Ricardo Haderton, Jacobo Reily.

 July 22, 1765 Vicar Patricio Masterson wed Emondum Caoly et Catherinam Magoogin. Wit. Nelleo Magoogin, Bernardo Maguire.

Oct. 23, 1765 Vicar Anronio Smith wed Joannem Farelly of the parish of Mullagh et Brigidam Healy of this parish. Wit. Debo Farelly, Rogero Healy, Matthes H------.

Nov. 1765 Vicar Antonio Smith wed Bernardum Brenan of the parish of Castlerahan et Annam Nugent of this parish. Wit. Emondo Nugent, Jacobo Brenen, Rob. Nugent.

Nov. 27, 1765 Vicar Antonio Smith wed Bernadum Maguire et Catherinam Lynch?. wit. -----ua Reilly,Shadeo Brady, Patricio Lynch.

Nov. 1765 Vicar Antonio Smith wed Lucam Healy et Margaritam Farrelly. Wit. Mattheo Healy Joam-- Healy.

Feb. 11, 1766 Vicar Antonio Smith wed Bartholenoum Gearty of the parish of Moynalty et Mariam Mullan of this parish. Wit. Jacobo Camheem, Mattheo Farrelly.


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May 26, 1766 Hugonem Gully of the parish of Loghan wed Mariam Smith of this parish. Wit. Philippo Cooc, Nicolas Farelly

May 15 (sic), 1766 Jacobo Farrelly wed Catharinam Clercan. Wit. Christopharo Moynagh, Patricio Gormy.

July 17, 1766 Vicar Antonio Smith wed Milesium Macmahon of th parish of Larrah to Mariam Connil of this parish. Wit. Philippo Conil & Jacobo Rorak

July 19, 1766 Vicar Patricio Masterson wed Eugenium Lynch of the parish of Dinn et Mariam Givny of this parish. Wit. Ferensio Gevny, Bernardo Lynch.

Jan. 7, 1767 Vicar Antonio Smith wed Patricium Bride et Catharinam Reilly of this parish. Wit.Jacobo Farelly, Thoma Gibny.

Jan. 1767 Vicar Antonio Smith wed Bernardum Culliun et Brigidam Macinteer of this parish. Wit. _________


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May 19, 1767 Vicar Patricio Masterson wed Patricum Reilly ____________ et Rosan Cahil of this parish. Wit. Henrico Conin, Patricio -------.

June 29, 1767 Vicar Patricio Masterson wed Philippum Brady of the parish of Dinn et Susannam Brady of this parish. Wit. Michaele Reilly , Gerentio Brady.

Aug. 1, 1767 Vicar patricio Masterson wed Jacobum Carrol et Marian Evans. Wit. ------- Carrol, Catherina Doonegan.

November 3, 1767 Thoman Smith wed Mariam Macmahon. Wit. Bernardo Fitzsimons, Edmondo Reilly.

November 3, 1767 Vicar Antonio Smith wed Petrum Reilly of the parish of Mullaugh et Mariam Macabe of this parish. wit. Philippo Reilly, Petro Mac------

November 25, 1767 Vicar Antonio Smith wed -------- et Marian Gibny. wit. Jacobo Conleen, Fergallo Gibny.


Jan. 24, 176 Vicar Patricio Masterson wed Jacobum Macconoll of the parish of Munterconaght to Margaretem Daly of this parish. wit. Joanne Bernardo Roe, Matthia Hederton.

Jan. 26, 1767 Vicar Patricio Masterson wed Michaelum Lynch of the parish of Croserlough et Brigitam Lynch of this parish. Wit. Dahiri Lynch, Bernardo Fitzsimmons.

Jan. 29, 1767 Vicar Antonio Smith wed Thoman Smith of the parish of Lavy and Mariam Magenis of this parish. Wit. Dahini Farelly, Joanne Magenis, Joanne Smith. Research interest of

Feb. 3, 1767 Philippum Farrelly wed Margaretam Hardonan. Wit. Philippo Smith, Melelio Hardonan, Gelemso Fitzsimons.

Feb. 21, 1767 Vicar Patricio Masterson wed Jacobum Cooc et Susannem Fooc (sic) of this parish. Wit. Philippo Cooc, Dronidio Fooc.

March, 1767 Vicar Antonio Smith wed Patricum Reilly of the parish of Castlerahan et Mariam? Brady of this parish. Wit. Matthia Brady, Philippo Reilly, Pat: Reilly.

March 3, 1767 Vicar Patricio Masterson wed Edmondum Mulvanny of the parish of ----------- et Catherinam Comy of this parish. Wit. Philippo Comy , Patricio Lynch.

May 15, 1767 Vicar Antonio Smith wed Patricum Keatin et Brigidum Smith? Wit. Jacobo Smith, --------- Reilly, Joanne Cullin?


Dec. 12, 1767 Vicar Antonio Smith wed ----man Woods et Annam Halpen. Wit. Michaele Brady, Hugone Brady, Androa Brady.

Jan. 11, 1768 Vicar Antonio Smith wed ----lum Reilly et Catherinam Fitzsimmons. Wit. Bartholomeo Fitzsimmons, Dario MaCabe.

Jan. 12, 1768 Vicar Antonio Smith wed Gulielmun Brown of the parish of Castlerahan et Margarteum Maguire of this parish. Wit. ---nardo Maguire, Josepho Reilly.

Jan. 13, 1768 Vicar Patricio Masterson wed Thoman Sheridan et Annam Farelly. Wit. Rogero -----nly, Thoma Brady, Michaele Sheridan.

Jan. 17, 1768 Georgium MacFaddin wed Mariam Farrelly Wit Joanne MacLeane, Fadlimioa --------am.

Jan. 16, (sic) 1768 Vicar Patricio Masterson wed Joannem Macabe et Brigidum Magenis. Wit. ----mondo Farelly, Michaele Magenis.

Feb. 1, 1768 Vicar Patricio Masterson wed Thoman Lynch et Mariam Fitzsimmons. Wit. Laurentis Fitzsimmons, Jacobo Heely.

Feb. 1768 Vicar Antonio Smith wed Carolum Fitzsimmons et Catherinam Conin. Wit. Patricio Gormy, Michaele Dignan, ---oma Giby.

Feb. 1768 Vicar Antonio Smith wed ------am Farelly et Margaretam Mcmahon. Wit. Rogero Healy, Gulialmo Mcmahon.

Feb. 1768 Vicar Patricio Masterson wed Patricium Hanly et Elizam Lee. Wit. ----emao Hanly, Thoma Martin.


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Feb. 16, 1768 Vicar Patricio Masterson wed Michaelum Reilly et Mariam Smith. Wit. Cornelio Reilly, Gerentio Brady.

April 2, 1768 Doctore Andreoa Campbell wed Dabriuium Smith et Susannam Farelly. Wit. Luca Farelly, Dominico Smith.

May 17, 1768 Vicar Anto Smith wed Patricium Burns et Annam Cumusky. Wit. Joanne Coyle, Franciseo Cumusky.

May 20, 1768 Vicar Antonio Smith wed Carolum Fitzsimmons of Castlerahan et Margeretum Caffry. wit. Joanne Caffry, Francisco Caffry.

June 8, 1768 Vicar Antonio Smith wed Edmondum Carrick et Mariam Farelly. wit. Patricio Smith, Cornelio Farelly.

June 22, 1768 Vicar Patricio Masterson wed Patricium Smith et Eleoram Carolan. Wit Patricio Rub----, Thoma Smith.

October 8, 1768 Antonio Smith wed Patricium King et Mariam Nugent. wit. Edmondo Nugent, Daniele King.

November 1768 Vicar Patricio Masterson wed Robertum Nugent et Margretam Rielly. Wit. Edmondo Nugent, Patricio Brady.


Dec. 11, 1768 Masterson wed ------ndum Farelly et Catherinam Connin.Wit. Joanne MacLeane, Cornelio Farelly.

Feb. 13, 1769 Philippium Brady of Oldcastle wed Mariam Mulvann. Wit. Joanne MacLeane & Cathn Farelly.

Feb 1769 Masterson wed Eugenium Ruly et Annam MacDonald. Wit. Thoma & Josepho Ruly, Michaelum Brady, Brigittam Joole --bus, Rogero Healy & Clara Plunkett.

Feb. 1769 Dm An. Smith wed Pat McDermottet Mariam Daly. Wit. Josepho & Thoma Reilly. Dm Masterson wed Ma---- Daly et Mariam Farelly. Wit. Petro Mcabe & Margerite Kiernan.

Feb. 1769 Dm Smith wed Hugonem Brady et Mariam Fleming. Wit. Joanne Ward & Onora Reilly.

March 5, 1769 Dm Masterson wed Laurentum Fitzsimmons et Mar --- Gormy. Wit. Guatero Gormy & Maria Garity.

March 1769 Dm Lauentia Jllini Kilimorensis wed ----anum Reilly et Brigittam Gibbney. Wit. Carolo Fitzsimmons, Joanne Fitzsimmons

?March 1769 Dm Laurentia wed -------- ---------- et Brigittam Farrelly.Wit. Petro & Onora Mcabe.

?March 1769 Patm Cahil wed Mariam Farrelly. Wit Honerieo -------


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June 1, 1769 Luentia Dm wed Joannem Morta---- et Margartom Mcabe. Wit. Thoma Reilly & Petro Smith

 June 2, 1769 Da Anthony Smith wed Jacobum Smith & Joannem Harr-an . Wit. Felice Dunn & Joanne MacLeane.

June 13, 1769 Matthoum Staford wed Annan -----. Wit. Rogero Hely & Cath Nolty.

June 15, 1769 Lucam Mallvany wed Margm Fitzsimmons. Wit. Gulielmo Mullvany & Jacobo Fitzsimmons.

June 20, 1769 Thoma Reily wed Margm Farrelly. Wit Philippo & Rosa Reily.

July 13, 1769 Dm MacLeane wed Jacobum Henesy of Castlerahan et Mariam Gilroy. Wit. Daniel Gilroy & Thoma Gilroy.

July 29, 1769 Thoma Lynch of Knock_ wed Mariam Clerkan. Wit. Terentio Clerkan & Brigitta Reily. Dispensatos ------ Macleane.

August 1769 Eugonis Macabe wed Alexandre- Plunkett of Killiker & Joanne Daly. Wit. Catha & Carolo Daly

August 1769 Dm Antony Smith wed Joannen Gaghran et Rosan Kane. Wit. Eugenio Kane & Anna Dunn.

September 14, 1769 Carolum Reily wed Rosan Smith. Wit. Carolo Fitzsimmons & Jacobo ------

Oct. 3, 1769 Patritum ----- wed Mariam Clerkan. Wit. Gualtero & Marie ------.


Dec 10, 1769 Jacob: Farrelly wed Mariam Martin. wit. Tom: Farrelly & Thom: Martin of mullis alias Dunanery

Dec. 1769 Masterson wed Jacob: Farrelly & Cat: Thaley of Lorgan. Wit. Carolus Farrelly & Thom: Fitz

Dec. 1769 Thom: Keernan wed Rosa Whelan. Wit. Tomo Kiernan

Jan. 9, 1770 MacLean wed Arthur: Macmahon & Mariam Thormy. Wit. Waltero Formy & Hugo Macmahon. Cummully alias Balahanaghe.

Feb. 3, 1770 Maclean wed Philip: Macannan & Margt: Smith. Wit. Micael Macannan & Patritio Smith

Feb. 1770 Carolum Martin wed Mariam Cox. Wit. Thos Dunn & Patritio Co-----.

Feb. 1770 Thom: Roarke of Killinkeare wed Brigo Connell. Wit. Philipo Connell & Elisab: Rodan.

Feb. 1770 Misailem Keirnan of Killinkear wed Annam Comay. Wit. Joanne Maclean & Philipo Comay.

April 1770 Masterson wed Bernardum Sorohan & Mariam Whelan. wit. Thoma Brady & Terentio Dunn--.

May 1770 Masterson wed Philipum Brien & Annam Black. Wit. Thos ---- & Joanna Garry.


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June 14, 1770 Flood wed Philipum Brady of Killinkare & Cathrinam Brady of Lorgan. Wit. Laurentio Brady & Patritio Smith

Aug. 1770 Flood wed Carolum Macintire of Mullagh & Elisbetam Ho-- of Lorgan. Wit. Joanne Caffny & Patritio Brady.

Aug. 1770 Flood wed Thadeum Clerkan & Annam Bain. Wit. Joanne Clercan & Augustinio Bain.

Sept. 9, 1770 Henricum McEvoy wed Mariam Reilly. Wit. Joanne ? Reilly & Alicea Reilly


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Jan. 14, 1773 Dm Flood wed Michaelum Magennis & Annam Farely. Wit. Patricio Mcmahon ,Patricio Flood.

Jan. 28, 1173 Dm Smith wed Jacoby Morris & Mariam Farely. Wit. Petro & Bernardo Farely.







August 30, 1773 Matheum Lynch wed Susannam Hiery. Wit. Rogero Healy, Jacobo Maguire.


Sept. 20, 1773 Philippum Cory wed Mariam Farely. Wit. Rogero Healy & Brigida Healy.

Sept. 24, 1773 Georgum McFadin wed Annam Reilly. Wit. Patricio Tomey & Jacobo Connin.





Feb. 4, 1774 Dm Flood wed Joannem Gilleck & Rosan Sheridan. Wit. Carolo Sheridan & Clemente Doughty.

Feb. 13, 1774 Dm Maguran wed Patricum Flanegan & Susannam Demer. Wit. Cornelio Reilly & Patricio Coolrick.

Feb. 14, 1774 Dm Flood wed Petrum Faraly & Mariam Dunn. Wit. Bernado Farely & Felici Dunn.


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15, 1774? Jacobum Brimstone wed Margaritam Gargan. Wit. Georgia Bough & Patricio Gargan.

November 1774 Joanne Brady wed Mariam Brady of this parish. Wit. Jacobo Reilly & Terentio Brady.

Nov. 24, 1774 Thoman Warrenton of the parish of Lavy wed Brigidam Cain of this place. Wit. Joanne Murphy & Carolo Cain.

Nov. 24, 1774 Thoman Lynch wed Christin Martin. Wit. Thoma Martin & Bernardo Maguire.

Nov. 26, 1774 Carolum Carlan of Mullagh wed Mariam Givney of this place. Wit. Michale Smith & Philippo Reilly.

Nov. 27, 1774 D. D. Magauran wed Patricium Lynch & Mariam Lynch. Wit. Philippo Lynch & Joanne Murphy.

Nov. 29, 1774 Henrium Cullin of Mullagh wed Rosan Smith of this place.. Wit. Patricio Smith & Mathia Cullin. Research interest of

Nov. 30, 1774 Lucam Moor of Kill wed Annam Lee of this place. Wit. Thadeo Lee & Elisabeth Moor.

Dec. 11, 1774 Joanne McDonald wed Marie Farrelly. Wit. Laurentio Brady & Thoma Brady.

Dec. 29, 1774 Petriom Farrelly wed Annam Farrelly. Wit. Edmundo Farrely & Georgio Reilly.

Jan. 9, 1775 Joannen Bea-- wed Evelinam Markey. Wit. Fargallo Reilly & Margt Reilly.

Feb. 1775 Jacobum -------- wed ------- Sheridan. Wit. Joanne F-------.& Patritio -----.


Feb. 18, 1776 Cornelium Gibney wed Brigidum McCabe. Wit. Michaele Smith & Francisco McEnally.

May. 26, 1776 Michaeley Cahil wed Mariam Duffy. Wit. Hugone Carlon & Anna Coffey.

June 9, 1776 Mathaum Doughty wed Mariam Garahan. Wit. Fransisco Cafey & Michalele Lynch.

June 16, 1776 Joanne Reilly wed Mariam Smith. Wit.Jacobo Reilly & Maria Grace.

Aug. 25, 1776 Danielem Leddy wed Rosam Brien. Wit. Petro Smith & Thoma Brien.

Aug. 28, 1776 Jacobuz Brady wed Rosam McMahon. Wit. Patritio Brady & Hugone MacMahon.

Sept. 8, 1776 Patritum Daly wed Mariam Lynch. Wit. Matheo Daly & Jacobo Connellum.

Sept. ?, 1776 Lucam Moor wed Annam Lee. Wit. Padeo Lee & Anna Flood.

May 9, 1777 Joannez Daly wed Rosam Mathea---. Wit. Joanne Gileoy & Margarita Lynch.

June ?,1777 Jacobuz Lynch wed Mariam Brady. Wit. Gulielino Brady & Patritio Lynch.

June ?, 1777 Joannez Sheridan wed Mariam Brady. Wit. Joanne Sheridan & Phillipo O'Reilly.

June ?, 1777 Phillipum O'Reilly wed Marg---- Reilly. Wit.Carolo O'Reilly & Bernardo Brady.

Sept. ?,1777 Edmundum Macabe wed Maria -----eun. Wit. Thadeo Brady & Joanna Smith.

Sept. ?, 1777 Philipum Connell wed Margaretaz Heely. Wit. Hugone Connell & Bernardo Heely


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November 1777 Jacobum Galigan wed Rosan Donoho. Wit. Philipa Reilly & -------- Reilly.

November 1777 Petrus Brady wed Elisabethan Brady. Wit. Jacobo Reilly & Joanne Murphy.

Dec. 1777 Patritium Cavanagh wed Luiam Reilly. Wit. Georgio Reilly & Philipo Reilly.

Dec. 1777 Joanne Gilney- wed Mariam Evers. wit. Joanne Reilly & Jacobo Evers.

Dec. 1777 Joanne Lynch wed Annam Cullin. Wit. Philipo Reilly & Andrem Reilly.

Dec. 1777 Patritum -----ney wed Mariam Duffy. Wit. Michahelle Cumiskey. Wit. Anna Duffy.

Feb. 1778 Path Blessing wed Catharinum Brady. Wit. Michaele Smith & Carolo Farelly.

March 1778 Jacoby --------- of Castlerahan wed Mabiliam Fitzimon of this parish. Wit. Philipo Reilly & Margarite Reilly.

June 1778 Simonem --ly wed Margaretum ----. Wit. Jacobo Farrelly & Laurentio Do.

June 1778 Petrum Maguire wed Ellenorum Gibny. Wit. Barnado Maguire & Jacobo Brennan.

June 1778 Jacobum Magauran wed Rosan ------. Wit. Jacobo King & Eugenio Mag----hean.

July 1778 Carolum Farrelly wed Brigidum Roe. Wit. ------- -------- & Clara Plunkett.

The balance seem to have the wrong dates. Check the film

Sept 15, 1762 Patricum Fitzimons et Rosan Conn? Wit. Jacobo Conn, Phillipo Reily, Walters -------?

November 23, 1762 Erentium Farelly of the parish of Mullagh et Catherinam Richards of this parish . Wit. Thoma Faralley, Jacobus Carn?. Rev'd Antonio Smith DD

November 29, 1762 Michaelum McCabe et Catherinam . Wit. Luca Mulvany, Matthos McCabe

Feb., 1764 Vicar Antonio Smith weds 3rd cousins Cornelium Lynch et Mariam MaCabe. Wit. Michaele Lunch, Christophoro Lynch, Michaele McCabe.

April 26, (1765?) Jacobum Healy et Rosan Fitzsimons of this parish. Wit. Bernardo Fitzsimons, Joam-- ------

May (1765?) ------ Masterson ------ habila Jacobum Lynch of the parish of Crosserlough et Evlinam Farrelly of this parish. Wit. Bernardo Fitzsimons, Gulielmo Lynch.

May (1765?) ------Farelly of the parish of Killeen _______ Brigida Healy____ Matheos Healy, Jacobo Sheridan & Luca Healy.

May 27 (1765?) _________ parish of Killikeen et diocese Mi------ _______ Cainhine of this parish. _____anna Cainhine of this parish. Catharina Eirard, Bernardo Gibny.

June 12 (1765?) ________ Clercan et Brigidam Farrelly of this parish. Wit. Michaele Clercan, _____ Connellan et Patis Farrelly.

June 13 (1765?) Vicar Antonio Smith wed Thomam Brady of the parish of ______ et Annam Macabe of this parish. wit. Julielma Smith, ______ Macabe.

June (1765?) ______ Special authorization Andoa Antitite Killmorense _______ Moynagh et Catharinam Moynagh ____________ Wit. Christophi Moynagh et Anna Reilly.

Jan. 26, 1764 Vicar Antonio Smith, vicor, weds Eugenium Clark et Margaretam Mc ---ochion-. Wit. Philippo Cooc, Joanne Clark & Jacobo Cooc.

1796 Flax Growers List of 1796; "alphabetical index to the names contained in the premium entitlement lists of the Trustees of the Linen and Hempen Manufactures of Ireland: also known by the short title 1796 spinning wheel survey of Ireland.

The list was published by the Linen Board in 1796 and contains the names of flax growers who were eligible for assistance under a premium scheme. In order to encourage the growing of flax in Ireland, rather than it being imported, spinning wheels and utensils were to be given as a premium. There are only two Connells listed in the 1796 document close to your area.

James Connell of Lurgan Parish, Philip Connel of Dinn Parish" Research interest of

1821 "The 1821 census of the townland #44 of Lismeen, parish of Lurgan

Living in House #2, 1 story is:

 Patrick Smith age 35, a farmer

(can't read, may be Judith) wife, age 25, occupation (can't read, may be spinner)

Patrick, his son, age 2

Lawrence, son, age 6

Bernard, son, age 4

Patrick Shields, (relationship not given) age 10.

 It is very unusual to not list the children by age! Bernard looks like age 4, may be an 11. If so his wife was 14 when he was born or perhaps an earlier wife.

 House# 3, 1 story;

Lawrence Smith age 76, a farmer

Catherine, his wife, age 65, occupation (looks like spinner)

Mary, his daughter, age 20, also a spinner

Bryan, son, age 19, laborer

 House #20, 1 story;

James Reilly, age 30, farmer of 18 acres

Bridget, his wife, age 24, a spinner

Mary, his daughter, age 4

Anne (can't read last name), age 22, house servant

Phillip Smith, age 20, house servant

 House #22, 1 story:

Catherine Smith, age 56, spinner, widow

Joseph, her son, age 18, a laborer

Michl, her son, age 20, a laborer" Research interest of William Smith

1821 census taken Oct. 28

 Townland of Murmod, Lurgan parish

 All houses are one story unless otherwise indicated

 House #16

Edw Brady, 38, farmer, 18 acres

Eliza, his wife,, 35, spinner

Nancy, his daughter, 15, spinner

C-----, his daughter, 13, spinner

Elizabeth, his daughter, 10

Bridget, his daughter, 3

Catherine, his daughter, 1

Patk, his son, 7

Mary Smith, 15, house servant

 House #26

Michl Smith, 42, farmer

Mary, his wife, 50, spinner

Patk, his son, 14, labourer

Thomas, his son, 10

Mary, his daughter, 20, spinner

Elizabeth, his daughter, 17, spinner

Catherine, his daughter, 12, spinner

C-----, his daughter, 4

Eleanor, his daughter,2

 House #33

Phillip Smith, 34, farmer, 7 acres

Bridget, his wife, 30, spinner

Mary, his daughter, 4

Bridget, his daughter, 2

 House #34

Patrick Smith, 63, farmer, 9 acres

Judith, his wife, 50, spinner

Michl, his son, 18, labourer

Patrick, his son, 15, labourer

Bernard, his son, 13, labourer

Anne, his daughter, 24, spinner

 House #35

James Smith, 35, farmer, 7 acres

Mary, his wife, 28, spinner

Michl, his son, 4

Patrick, his son, 2

Anne Donahoe, 40, savant

Hugh Donahoe, 3, lodger

 House #37

Mary Smith, 70, spinner

 House #42

Michl Quillon, 40, farmer, 3 acres

Elenor, his wife, 30, spinner

Edward, his son, 2½

Bryan, his son, under 1 year

Anne Smith, 17, spinner and lodger

 House #62

Patrick Smith, 46, linnon weaver

Patrick, his son, 14, labourer

Margaret, his daughter, 16, spinner

Mary, his daughter, 8

Bridget, same, 5

Catherine Smythe, 42, spinner & lodger

 House #63

Owen Smith, 32, linnon weaver

Mary, his wife, 32, spinner

Peter, his son, 7

Rose, his daughter, 9

Margaret, same, 4" Smith, research interest of Peter Martin

Oct. 28, 1821 Census

Townland of Carrick, parish of Munterconnaght

 House 25

Thos McCabe, 57, ------- to ------ Henry

Catherine, his wife,60, spinner

Alexdr, his son, 40, labourer

Hugh, his son, 32, labourer

Terrence, his son, 22, labourer

Margaret, his daugr, 20, spinner

Catherine Farly, 40, servant maid

 Townland of Ryefield, parish of Munterconnaght

 House #8

James McCabe, 76, labourer

Celia, his wife, 60, spinner

Peter, his son, 22, labourer

Philip, his son, 11

 Townland of Virginia, parish of Lurgan

House #6

John McCabe, 45, farmer, 15 acres

Mary, his wife, 46, spinner

Alley, his daughter, 19, spinner

Mary, his daughter, 9

Anne, his daughter, 7

Bernard, his son, 17, labourer

James, his son, 15, labourer

John, his son, 2

 House #16, two story

James Farrelly, 30, wheelwright & ----

Elenor, his wife, 20, ---------

John, his son, 2

James Burke, 60, Father in this house

Mary, his wife, 65, spinner

Henry C. McCabe, 36, shoe maker

C-------, his wife, 25, --------------

Henry, his son, 15, h--------

William, his son, 10

John, his son, 3

Elizabeth, his daughter, 12, spinner

Mary, his daughter, 7

John Furneau, 65, labourer

Bell, his wife, 42, spinner

 Townland of Rahardrum, Lurgan

House #7

Hugh Farly, 58, farmer, 11 acres

Thos, his brother, 24, labourer

Patt McCabe, 30, labourer, L---- -----

Mary McCabe, spinner & lodger

Hugh McCabe, 3

Anne Diguare, 15, house servant

 House #19, two story

Henry Strong, 28, farmer, 15½ acres

Catherine, his wife, seamst---

Leticia, Mother In Law, 50, spinner

Alexd, Brother In Law, 18, weaver ---------

Mary McCabe, 24, house servant

Patk Boylan, 30, servant

James Clerkin, 18, servant

Philip Farly, 12, ------ ----" McCabe research interest of


Feb. 25, 1822 "Annam Sm (probably Smith), Philippi & Brigida Lynch. (godparents) Michl Smith & Marie Morgan. (can't read location)

Feb. 27, 1822 "B. Annam Dormott- Nicholi & Marie Smith. (godparents) Bernadus McNamara or McManus & Brigd Lynch?. (can't read location) (LDS film 926134)

1822 "Philippum Smith, Jacobus & Marie Lin of Murmod. Corolus & Anna? Sheridan." (LDS film 926134) Research interest of

1822 "Mariam Lynch, Petrus & Anna --------- of W. G---------. Joannes C------ & Brigida Lynch." (LDS film 926134)

---- 3, 1822 " Brigidum Duffy, -------- & Brigida Smith. Nicolus -------- & -------- Reilly." (LDS film 926134)

----- 3, 1822 "Jacobum Reilly, Pat & Margarito Moynagh of Ma-----. Eugenius Fitz--- & Brigida Lynch." (LDS film 926134)

----- 4, 1822 "Brigida Lin, Eugenius? & -------- Farly? of ---------. Jacobus King & -------- --------." (LDS film 926134)

----- 6, 1822 "Patritium McCauley, --------- & Margarito Hunt? of --------. ---------- & Rosa Lynch." (LDS film 926134)

-------- 1822 "Mariam Gibney?, Patk & ------- ------- of D--------. Patk & Rosa Lynch." (LDS film 926134)

-------- 1822 "-------- Clarke, Josephus & -------- ---------- of ---------. Joannes B------ & ------- Fitzim'." (LDS film 926134)

-------- 1822 "-------- Lynch, -------- & Anna Connors of ---------. ------ Lynch & ------- Connors." (LDS film 926134)

-------- 1822 "Patricium Reilly, Philippi & Judith Lynch of C-------. Patk Smith & Maria Lynch." (LDS film 926134)

-------- 1822 "-------- Fitzim', Matthes & Rosa Bough? of B-------. Carolus? Bough? & Maria Fleming." (LDS film 926134)

-------- 1822 "----- Fox, Patk & Cath' Smith of Dunancory? -------- Lin & Maria Fox." (LDS film 926134)

-------- 1822 "------ Reilly, Joannes & Maria Brady of Dunancory? ------- -------- & Maria Baugh?" (LDS film 926134)

-------- 1822 "------- Reilly, Jacobi & Anna B------ of -----. ------- ------- & Rosa Burns?" (LDS film 926134)

 Januarius 21, 1823 "Baptizavi Cathariny Donaghoe, Jacobus & Brigida Lynch. Test' David or Daniel & Cath Smith. Of Galn-----" (LDS film 926134)

Januarius 22, 1823 "Carolum King, Joannes & Elinora Molloy. Jacobus & Rosa Farley. Of Rah-------" (LDS film 926134)

Feb. 1, 1823 "Eugenum Mcmahon, Patk & Marie Smith of Virginia. Hugo Farley & Maria McMahon" (LDS film 926134)

Feb. 2, 1823 "Brigidum Brady, Andreas & Rosa Lynch of Drum----. Bernadus & Rosa Lynch," (LDS film 926134)

Feb. 4, 1823 "Brigidum Reilly, Carolus & Anna Martin of Fintawan . Thomas & Maria Dunn." (LDS film 926134)

Feb. 7, 1823 "Francisum Smith, Francis & Cath Morgan of Murmod. Jacobus Lynch & Judith Carn." (LDS film 926134) Research interest of

Feb. 7, 1823 "Joannem Malloy, Eugm & Maria Carolan of Virginia. Laurintis Smith & Anne Reilly." (LDS film 926134)

Feb. 9, 1823 "Philippim Briody - Thomas & Eliz Farley of Virginia. Matteus Briody & Cath Farley." (LDS film 926134)

Feb. 11, 1823 "Mariam M'Cormick, Mich' & Marg' Linn of Fintawan . Patk Farly & Brigidum Matthews." (LDS film 926134)

Feb. 16, 1823 "L------ Reilly, Laurent' & Anna Curran of Drumgora . L----- & V---- Curran."(LDS film 926134)

Feb. 16, 1823 "Annam Lynch, Pat & Margarito ---omas of Correagh Glebe? G------- & Cath' Lynch." (LDS film 926134)

Feb. 20, 1823 "Elizab' Foy, Joannis & Eliz ----lon of Coppanagh Glebe?. G---- & Anna Farly." (LDS film 926134)

Feb. 22, 1823 "Brigidum Reilly, Bernardi & Maria -------- of Lisnafana. Petrus Reilly & Rosa Brady." (LDS film 926134)

--------, 1823 "------------- Fox, Jacobus & Maria Corrigan of D---------" -------- -------- & Cath M'Gauran." (LDS film 926134)

Nov. 23, 1824 "Baptizavi Eugenum McDermott. Patrini (godparents) Marie Smyth - Euginus McDermott & Eliz Smyth. Lismeen" (LDS film 926134) Researcj interest of William Smith

1824 "I am researching McKernan from Lurgan. My interest in Cavan is that I believe that this County was the original home of the McKernan's and other derivatives of this surname info taken from the early maps of landowners and Heremon (Spain migrant to Ireland 1826 BC) descendants etc. My original ancestor in Lurgan was named McCarnighan and after army service in England returned to Lurgan and changed his name to McKernaghan 1824, McKernaghan 1826, McKernan 1839.

Oct 3, 1824 "Tithes recorded Oct 3, 1824 show only two Smiths paying tithes in the townland of Lismeen . On page 16 there is a Patt Smith & Co, farm #10, who have 21 acres, 2 rods and 23 perches of 1st quality land and 5 acres of 2nd quality land. Total land 26/2/23 requiring tithes to be paid in the amount of 1 pound 7 shillings and 2? pence.

 Mathew Smith is farm #1 and has 5 acres of 1st quality land and 1 acres of 2nd quality land. Total of 6 acres requiring a tithes payment of 6 shilling 2 pence." Researcj interest of William Smith

Nov.8,1824 Hugh Beggan is recorded living on 14 acres in the townlands of Kilnagun in the Parish of Lurgan and Munterconnaught, Co. Cavan Tithes Applotment Books. P.14 CS484 I79, film 5B.

His neighbors are Widow Farrelly, Patk Connan, Bryan Smith, Darby Farrelly

Nov.8,1824 The following people are recorded in the Tithes Applotment book for Lisgrey Townlands; Bernard Reilly, 57 acres, Ben Johnston, 9; Patt Henry & Widow, 8; Joseph Henry, 4; Michael McCabe, 4; Michael Lackey, 3; John Henry, 4; Michael Gibney, 10; James Lynch, 3; Nicholas Mcdermot, 3; Pat Lynch, 6; Thomas Farelly, 6; Patt McGuire & Co ?, 14; Anthoney Buchannan, 13; Patt Heery,7; Widow Heery 2nd cot., 4; Patt McCabe,1; Bernard Reilly, 2nd lot, 7.

Nov.8,1824 The following people are recorded in the Tithes Applotment book for Lisnefany townlands. Bryan Reilly, 57 acres; Charles Reilly, 15; Bernard Reilly. 23; John Reilly, 14; and Robert Henry, 36.

1826 "I am searching ancestors of Catherine Clarkin born 1826 Lurgan Cavan. had brothers bernard, patrick, byran, sister bridget. Parents name Bernard Clarkin & Ann Brady. Catherine came out to Australia 1844, on the vessell Briton. Bernard came out sometime before 1844. Bridget came out also. Is there anyone who may be searching for that name in the same area." margaret

Baptisims in the Catholic parish of Lurgan

Feb.26, 1826 Elizabeth Brady - Jacobus & Marie Plunket. (god parents are) Laurentus Brady & Cathm Smyth. Lismeen

March 5, 1826 Cathm Reilly - Caroli & Marie Coyle. (god parents are) Carolus Coyle & Eleano Smyth. Lismeen

March 7, 1826 Cathm Clinch - Jacobi & Elean Moy____. (god parents are) Jacobus Smyth & Rosa Smyth. (unknown location)

October 11, 1826 Baptizavi Josephum Bough. Pat & Maria McBrien. (god parents are) Michl Smyth & Cath Gargan, (can't read location but it is not Lismeen)

August 20, 1827 Mary (best guess) Reilly - Bernardo & Maud (best guess) Smyth. (god parents) Laurentus Smyth & Rosa (best guess) Reilly. Lismeen

September 5, 1827 Phillipum Smyth - Jacobus & Margd Sheridan. (god parents) Lemuel & Joannes P--------- (can't read location but it is not Lismeen)

September 6, 1827 Michm Smith - ______ & Anne Farley. (god parents) Joannes (John) Smyth & Cathm (looks like) Horgan. (Can't read location but it is not Lismeen. May be Murmod)


April 24, 1828 Uxor (wife) Petri Smyth de Virginia

April 24, 1828 Laurentis Smyth de Lismeen" (LDS film 926134) Research interest of William Smith

Deaths in Lurgan parish (LDS film 926134)

Feb. 9, 1839 Mariam Kain, alias Fox of Bruse

Feb. 20, 1839 Jacobus Carroll of Edinburt

Feb. 24, 1839 Joannes Garrity of Ballahina

Feb. 25, 1839 Patritio Connell of Tomderagee

March 3, 1839 Mariam, daughter of Francisci Smith of Corraclohan

March 4, 1839 Thoma McGrath of Mahera

March 5, 1839 Lucia Dunn, alias Kain of Mahera

April 14, 1839 Patritum Farley filni Vioheo of Corna----

April 21, 1839 Widow mother of ----- Lynch of Corr-----

 April 21, 1839 Margarita Fitzsimmons of Corraclohan

April 24, 1839 Patritus Moynah of Lislea

April 27, 1839 Patritus Connell of Lislea

May 6, 1839 Judith Bride - - of Murmod

May 7, 1839 Jocobus Plunkett of Killacernny

May 13, 1839 Brigida, wife of Thoma Lynch of Cornestian

May 13, 1839 Jacobus Farley of Rahardrum

May ?, 1839 Joannes Hughs of Killakeen

1839 Widow McGrath of Mahira

1839 Eugenis Lynch of Eden Court

1839 Phil ------frey of Drumkeel

1839 Matheus King of Murmod

1839 Philippus son of Pat Roe of Lattoon

1839 Laurintus Glu---y of Edinburt

1839 Maria, daughter of Eugenis Connoll of Whatgate

1839 Edwardo Sheridan of Murmod

1839 Margarita King of Murmod

1839 Margarita Gillick of Coponah

1839 Margarita Connon of Tanol----

1839 Carolus Connon of Burrin

1839 Francicus McDaniel of do

1839 Joannes Brady of Cornaslieve

1839 ---- Connon of Lislea

------- Brady

Joannes Connell of Lislea

Joannes Smith O. L. D.

Francicus Plunkett of Dern--- ------

Nov. 15, 1839 Lounnes McBreen of Polema--

Nov. 17, 1839 wife of Bartholomie Cullen of Mun-----

Nov. 20, 1839 Anna Beggin of Kilnagun

Dec. 3, 1839 Elizabetha Fitzsimmons of Curnasleeve

Dec. 5, 1839 Judith (Tully crossed out) V------ Smith of Bruise

Dec. 5, 1839 Catherinam, wife of Lounnis O'Brien of Vinge--

Dec. 10, 1839 Maria (Mc------ crossed out) Fitzsimmons of Curraughkeel

Dec. 13, 1839 Patritio McDermot of Eanugh

Dec. 15, 1839 Brigido (Farely crossed out) Fitzsimmons of Carrick (Fit-------- crossed out) B------

Dec. 28, 1839 Marie Coragan of Lissgray

Jan. 2, 1840 ------ Duffy of Boulaugh

Jan. 8, 1840 Brigida, widow of Muldoon of Killacernny

Jan. 9, 1840 Marie Cullin of Munn--

Jan. 17, 1840 Joannis Fox of Drumim

Jan. 21, 1840 Gallatie Galliek of Cornisick

Jan. 22, 1840 Brigida Daly of Drumheel

Jan. 26, 1840 Widow Brigida Clerken of M--------

Jan. 27, 1840 Petri McDermot of Enaugh

jan. 28, 1840 Brigido Reilly of Ly------ay

Jan. 29, 1840 Jocobus Farally of Lungan

Feb. 3, 1840 Wife of Walteru Lynch of Dunan--ce

Feb. 4, 1840 Wife of Philipi Tully of Enaugh

Feb. 18, 1840 Philippus Sheridan of Ball-------

March 6, 1840 (sic) Philippus Tully of Enaugh

March 16, 1840 Rose McDermot of Eniagh

March 25, 1840 Michael Monahan of Drum----t

March 25, 1840 Brigida Boylan of Corna---k

March 27, 1840 Brigida Cullin of H----------

March 1840 --------- Murtah of Fintawin

March 1840 Michaele McCabe of Lisgray

April 1840 Widow Brigida Brady of Lismeen

April 1840 Thoma, son of Pats Dunn of Fantah

April 1840 Philippus Connon of Coppanagh

May 1840 Eugeniuse Smyth of Curna--k

June 1840 Maria Clearkin of Curnasleeve

Juane 1840 Joannes Fitzsimmons of Coponah

June 1840 Patritus Smyth of Lismeen

June 1840 Joannes Carroll of Bunrin

July no deaths

August 1840 Margarite , daughter of Andreo Brady of Dramn---

Aug. 1840 Eliz, mother of Bernardi Reilly of Hurnetto

Aug. 1840 Elizabetha Lynch, wife of Patritic McCabe of Latoon

Aug. 1840 Patritus Lynch of Lisgray

Aug. 1840 Jacobus Lynch of Murmid - P. B.

Aug. 1840 Brigida, wife of Nicolai Tully of Killunnary

Aug. 1840 Philippus Garrity of Coraclohan P. B.

Aug. 1840 Patritus McGuire of Murmid P.B.

Sept. 1840 Philippus Carroll of Virginia

Sept. 1840 Anna King, wife of Jacobo? Garrity of Coraclohan

Sept. 1840 Phillipus Sheridan of Aghacashel

Sept. 1840 Judith B---, daughter of Thoma of Murmid

Sept. 1840 Cathrinia, wife of Thoma Fitzsimmons of Mah---

Sept. 1840 Franeisca, wife of Joannes Smith of Park Lo---

Sept. 1840 Honora, daughter of Patritic Brady of Curaghman

Sept. 1840 Widow Elizabeth Brady of Lattoon

Sept. 1840 Jacobus Clerken of Broomfield

September 27, 1841 Edwardus Connell of Lislea

October 21, 1841 Patritus Lynch of Drumina?

Nov. 3, 1841 Thomas Gillick de Murmod

Dec. 19, 1841 Maria Finn? , Bruise (Loughan)

Jan. 11, 1842 Edwardus McDermot, Enagh

Feb. 15, 1842 Margarita, uxor Edwardi Farley, Conn---

March 10, 1842 Elizabeth Hufsey? de Drumheel

March 11, 1842 Michael Smith de Cornashesk

March 18, 1842 Joannes Smith de Cornashesk

March 31, 1842 Catherinin, uxor Philippi Curran? , Pollamalady

April 5, 1842 Franciscus Smith de Murmod Research interest of

April 10, Joannes McCabe de Broomfield (Meath?)

April 12, 1842 Brigida, uxor Richardi Daly de Drumheel

April 20, 1842 Philippus Carroll de Gallon

April 20, 1842 Martha, uxor Bernardi Reilly de Drumgora

May 1, 1842 Anna, vidua Moynah de Polintemple

May 14, 1842 Michael Fitzsimons de Burrin

May 22, 1842 Hugo Reilly de Cleggan

May 30, 1842 Uxor Eugenis McMahon, Augh?

July 24, 1842 Philippus Connell de Ballahanea

Aug. 6, 1842 Jacobus, fil - Eugenis Carroll - Wh------

Aug. 11, 1842 Uxor Carrollan Tanderagee (Bailieborough)

Aug. 29, 1842 Maria, uxor Jacobi McBride de Murmod

Sept. 11, 1842 Patritus Cahil fil Vidua - Gallon

Sept. 19, 1842 Vidua , Catharina Farley - Correah?

Oct 3, 1842 Jacobus Reilly Lismeen

Oct. 13, 1842 Vidua Farrelly - Copanagh

Oct. 26, 1842 Vidua Margarita Fitzsimons de Corregah Fitz?

Nov. 13, 1842 Mich' Reilly de Drumina

Dec. 1842 Maria, vidua Farrally de Killakeer

Jan. 2, 1843 Joannes O'Reilly, Lurgan

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Marriages in Lurgan parish (LDS film 926134)

Feb. 27, 1851 "Peter Hannigan and Mary Clarke of Dunnakorry. Testis L----- and James Clarke.

March 5, 1851 "John --------- and Margaret Logan of Lisgrea. Testis Laurence Reilly and ----- ------."

March 5, 1851 "Mathew McMahon and Cathrn Reilly of Virginia. Testis John Mully and Mary Jane Smith,"

April 30, 1851 "James Farrelly and Bridget Brady of Cornaslieve . Testis Patt Brady and Hugh Murray. A dispensation having been granted by The Right Rvd.Brownel? in the fifth degree of Consanguinity ----Bans"

May 9, 1851 "John McCabe and Catherine Healy pf Coppanagh. Testis Edw Murray and James Healy."

May 11, 1851 "Patt Fitzsimmons and Biddy Farrelly of Carrija?. Testis Catherine Clerkin and Mary Smyth."

June 5, 1851 "Lorn Briens and Honora Farrelly of Carrigabruse (Loughan). Testis Charles McFaddin and Patt Brady."

July 3, 1851 Danl Reilly and Ellen Mulvany of Lisduff. Testis Peter Keogan and Eliza Lynch."

July 3, 1851 "John Farrelly and Mary Reilly of Lisduff. Testis James Reilly and --- Gibney."

July 19, 1851 "Pat Gil---- and Betty Hughes of Bromfield. Testis ------- Gilshin? and Rose Gilroy."

June 20, 1851 "------- Rogers and Catherine Smyth of Murmod. Testis Phil & Biddy Kelly." Research interest of

June 17 (sic), 1851 "Geprge Baugh and Catherine Cahil of Pottle. Testis James Baugh and Jane? Cahil."

July 5, 1851 "Peter Fitzsimmons and Rose Sheridan of Aghacashel . Testis ------ --------- and Patt Fitzsimmons."

July 8, 1851 "Bartly Kelly and Rose Muryan? of Murmod. Testis John -------- and Rose? Mulvany."

James Keogan and Catherine ------- of Correagh. Testis

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Page 189?

Sept. 20, 1853 "Bernadum Smyth & Mariam Smyth of Lidnafane. Johannes Smyth & Catherina Reilly."

Sept. 21, 1853 "------- Magauran & Rosly? Lynch of Lisgrey? (entire word crossed out). John & Mary Magauran."

Sept. 23, 1853 "Owen Malloy & Bridget Lynch of ---ea. Pat Clerken & Bridget Brady."

October 29, 1853 "Pat Mcgna & Catherine Murphy of --------. Owen Connen? & Mary B-----."

Nov. 1, 1853 "Brien? Mcgna & Bridget Smyth of Kilnagun. John Conn---y & Mary Laly?."

Nov. 2, 1853 "John Mulloy? & Mary Fitzsimons of Cornaslieve. Pat Mulloy? & Mary Brady."

Nov. 4, 1853 "Philip? Brady & Catherine Brill? of ------. John Farrelly? & Mary Daly."

Nov. 5, 1853 "Patrick Daly & Bridget Hapney of (crossed out). John Doyle & Mary Daly."

Nov. 6, 1853 "William McKenna & Inice? Haly? of Lurgan. James & Jane McKenna."

Nov. 10, 1853 "Tom? Bradley & Mary Fitzsimons of Canaghmord? Pat Reilly? & Ann Smyth."

Nov. 12, 1853 "Pat McCabe & Catherine Coldrake? of Canaghanure? Michael Coldrake? & Catherine Fitzsimons."

Nov. 20, 1853 "Eugene Carolan & Elen Cannon of Lislea. Pat Carolan & Mary Burns."

Nov. 20, 1853 "James Mulvany & Mary Mcgeveny of -------. John Mulvany & Mary Conner."

Nov. 24, 1853 "James McCabe & Bridget Bride of Murmod. Phil Reilly & Mary McCabe." Research interest of

Nov. 24, 1853 "Patrick Farrelly & Bridget Brady of Aug---------. John Farrelly & Mary Jane Brady."

Nov. 24, 1853 "John Farrelly & Mary Bride of ---------. Andy Cain? & Ann Bride.

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Feb17, 1855 "John Brady and Brigid Farrelly of Lurgan. Testis Peter Brady and Peter Brady (sic)

Feb. 19, 1855 "Peter Cahill and Anne Clarke of Dunancory . Testis La----- Cahill and Jos Clarke."

March 8, 1855 "John Biers and Cathna McGuinnis of Gallonnambraher. Testis Patt Lynn and Ann Smyth."

March 17, 1855 "Edw' McEnally and Bridget Muryan of Murmod. Testis John Muryan and Barney Smyth." Research interest of

May 25, 1855 "Mathew O'Brien and Mary Lynch of Carry'. Testis James Farrelly and Julie Laylor."

July 11, 1855 "Christy Garry and Bridget Clarke of _______. Testis Nicholas Clarke and Patt Sheill."

March 25, 1856 "Johannes Farrelly & Brigida Lynch of ----------. --------- Farrelly & Maria Lynch."

July 2, 1856 "Patritium Reilly & B------- Brady of Curraghmore . Pat Brady? & Ann Smyth."

July 3, 1856 "Patritium Bride? & Amesse ? Maguire. of ----------.. Pat Reilly & Mary Smyth."

July 4, 1856 "Jacobum Smyth & ---------- Brennan of ---------. Peter Smyth & Anna --------."

July 5, 1856 "Phillipum Smyth & Elisebeth Carrol of Gallon (Killinkere). P------- Smyth and Marie Carrol."

July 5, 1856 "Patritium Ball & Catherina Duly?

July 6, 1856 Johannes Ball & Maria Mathews of Killucumey? (could be Kilnacreevy Denn). Patritium Reilly & Bridgita Allen?."

Thoma Reilly & Anna Clarke of ----------.

Matheum Dunne & Mariam Fitzsimons

Patritius & Rosa Gronney? of ------ Hill

August 10, 1856 "Michael Reilly & Catherine Sheridan of Augh-----. Peter Smyth & Mary Brady."

August 21, 1856 "Brien Sullivan & Farrelly of Killeckeer?. Pat Farrelly & Ann -------.."

Sept. 20, 1856 "John Hagan & Mary Glennan of ----------. --- Kelly & Mary Kelly."

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Novb?, 1856 "Edward Flyn & Biddy M'Enroe? of ---------. --------- Fox?& Catherine Farrelly."

22, 1856 "Michael Connors? & Mary Molloy? of Kilnagan. Pat ------- & Rose Farrelly?"

January 1857 "John Dignan & Mary D------- of --------. John Dou---? & Mary Mc------."

? 14, 1857 "------- Clerkan? & Mary Jane Reilly of Lismeen. ------ ------- & Rose Brady."

? 28, 1857 "Owen Gargan? & Anne Sheridan of Bellyhan---. Testes -------- Brady & Hugh Brady."

? 3, 1857 "Patt Smith & Bridget Farrelly? of Murmod. Testes Patt Morgan? & Mary C------." Research interest of

1857 "Am researching James Maguinnes/et other spellings and Alice Gallaghan Town-Coragh County Cavan Parish-Lurgin Union-Old Castle Barony-Castlerahan Diocese-Kilmore Registration District- Virginia Parliamentary Division -East Cavan They were married in Denn 1857 Children Bpt Margaret 12/5/1858 Thomas 2/10/1861 Patrick 2/8/1863 Bridgett 1/6/1866 my g-grandmother Rose Ann 5/30/1868 James 12/3/1872 She said she came to USA in 1878 to New York City and in 1890 she married Edward Owen Orpet in Mass.

1857 " Michael Smith is found in the 1857 Griffith's Valuation in Lismeen, Lurgan. He is recorded as a partner with a John Smith, both leasing from Count C. J. Nugent. Michael is s n with a house, and a office and John with a house, total land holdings is 47 acres, 8 perches. Both have their land valued at 12 £, Michael's buildings are valued at 1 £ and John's at 15 shillings. On either side of them is Terrence McCabe and a Philiy Brady.

 In the same townland Michael is recorded again with the same land lord and holding again a house, office and land. This land is 6 acres, 3 rods and 23 perches. The land is valued at 2 £ 15 shilling and the buildings at 5 shilling." Research interest of William Smith

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? 6, 1858 "John ------- & Fanny Fitzsimons of Burreen.Testes Patt Tully and Anne Brady."

? 8, 1858 "Bernard Brady & Mary Brady. TestesJames Reilly & Mary Reilly."

? 10, 1858 "Hugh Brady & Mary Farrelly of Lurgan. Testes James Brady & Annie Brady."

? 14, 1858 "Mathew Fox & Mary Lynch of -------. Testes Christopher Kiernan? & ------ --------"

? 16, 1858 "John Morgan & Anne ------- of ----------. Testes PattMorgan & -------- ------."

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Feb. 26, 1859 "#44 Bernard O'Brien & Anne Brady of Ballaghanea . Tests - Patrick Gilliagan & Mary F------."

March 5, 1859 "#45 Mathew Farelly & Catherine Gaffney? of Lau----- Testes Jon Farrelly & Biddy Duffy"

March 5, 1859 "#46 Lawrence Smith of Mullagh & Ann Fitzsimons of Murmod. Testis Pat Smith & Anne Carney?"

March 7, 1859 "#47 John Clarke of Mullagh & Bridget Connell of Green?. Testes Patt Morgan & Mary Clarke."

March 8, 1859 #48 Con O'Reily & Mary Anne O'Reily of Drumgora . Testes Garrett Reilly & Mary Anne Brady."

March 8, 1859 "#49 Eugene Clarke of Killincer & Hanna Smith of Lismeen. Testes Bernard & Margaret Reilly."

March 8, 1859 "#50 Patt Fitzsimons & Ellen Carroll of Burre--. Testes James Fitzsimons & Catherine Reilly."

March 8, 1859 "#51 Phill Clarke & Mary Tully of E--------. Testes Owen O'Reilly & Bridget Mooney."

May 2, 1859 "#1 James Lawlor & Ellen Dogherty of ---------. Testes Joseph sheridan & Anne Jane Mcgoran?"

May 2, 1859 "#2 John Brady & Anne Farrelly of Coppanagh Glebe. Testes John Brady & Bridget Fitzsimons."

May 8, 1859 "#3 Patt Corrigan & Anne Gibney of D------. Testes John Fox & Rose Lynch."

May 12, 1859 "#4 John Roe & Bridget Morgan of --------. Testes Matt Roe & Catherine --------."

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Baptisims in Lurgan parish (LDS film 926134)

June 12, 1862 "Catherine F----- , Patt & Catherine --ell of Burrenrea ? Sp. Peter Fitzsims & Mary"

June 16, 1862 "Michl Costello, Michl & (blank) of --------. sp Thomas Fitzmins & Mary Cahil."

June 18, 1862 "Bridget McDermott, John & Biddy Duffy of Enagh (Castlerahan). Sp Henry Lynch & Jane Duffy."

June 18, 1862 "Catherine Smith, Michl & Bessy ------- (possibly Farrally) of Lismeen. Sp Michl Fitzm & Bidy (blank)."

June 25, 1862 "William Lee, John & Mary Sheridan of -------. Sp. -- Farill? & Mary Sheridan."

June 28, 1862 "Wm? McCabe, John & Catherine Heel of Augh------. Sp. ------- McCabe & Bd --------."

June 20, 1862 (sic) "B- Brad, Will? & B- Reill of Lismeen. Sp James Doil? & Rose Bra."

July 25, 1862 "James Arr--tt Heeny - 13 days old, James & Mary Anne Duffy of Virginia. Sp Thomas Fitzsimons & Catherine Heeny - by proxy for John An------ & Annie Eliza Pe--- _ England."

July 27, 1862 "Mary Lynch, ------ & Bridget Smith of -------att. Sp Matw Smith & Nancy -------."

(sic) 5, 1862 "Elle Cahil, Thomas? & Anne B----- of ------. Sp Michl Costello & Margaret ---ll."

7, 1862 "Patt Masterson, Patt & Anne Reilly of Cornashesk? Sp Peter D------- & ------- Reilly."

12, 1862 "James McCabe, Felix & Judith Smith of Murmod. Sp Patt -------- & Jane Reilly."

16, 1862 "Mary? Farrelly?, Patt & Rose Flood of Virginia. Sp ----- Sheridan & Catherine Brien."

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Marriages in Lurgan parish (LDS film 926134)

F. 5, 1864 Phillip --------- & Catherine Reilly of Lisnafarna. John Sheridan & Anne Reilly."

March 29, 1864 "John Cahil & Anne Clerken of --------. Pat Cahil & Mary Lynch."

April 5, 1864 "Larry Gore? & Biddy of ---------. John Farrelly & Mary --------."

April 29, 1864 "Pat Farrelly & ------- Fitzsimons of Pollintemple. James Fitzsimons & Margaret -------."

April 30, 1864 "Michael Smyth & Biddy ------ of Murmod. Pat Smyth and Jane Maguire." Research interest of

May 4, 1864 "Thomas? King? & Hanagh? Cullen? of Virginia? Lawrence Phelan & ------ Finigan."

May 6, 1864 "James Leddy & Anne Sheridan of --------. Pat Lynch & Ellin Hughes."

May 11, 1864 "Thomas Logan & Mary Brady of Cornaslieve. ------ Sheridan & Anne Reilly."

May 22, 1864 "Charlie Burns & Bridget --------- of Cornaslieve. Bernard ------- & Mary Brady."

May 28, 1864 Philip & Mary Fitzsimmons sic

Charly & Judith Fitzsimons sic

June 11, 1864 Bernard ------- & Mary ------- of --------. Pat cusack & Margaret -------."

August 15, 1864 "Philip Smyth & Mary Clarken of Murmod. ------- -------- & Anne Clarken." Research interest of

August 20, 1864 James Roe & Rose Donohoe of Lisgrey. Phil Gibney & Anne Clerken."

Sept. 10, 1864 "Pat Gaffney & Mary Clerken of Corael----. Pat Monaghan & Margaret Mathews."

Felix Trainer? & Elen McCabe of --------. James Smyth & Mary Anne Reilly."

-------- ------ & Anne Lynch of Park House. --------- Lynch & Bridget Reilly."

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 1901 Irish Census


SMITH CHILD -----BIRTH----- BAPTISM---- GOD FATHER--- GOD MOTHER --Marrried ---- Died









Y EUGENE (OWEN) 30 JUN 1876 03 JUL 1876 JOHN SMITH ELLEN REILLY my Grandfather 1958 BROOKLYN, NY



Bernard's decendants still live in Ireland - 2 in Ballyjamesduff

Researh interest of William Smith


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