searching for Beagan and variations

Searching for Beagan

If Your Beagans are from Monaghan make sure you check out this file sent by John Beagan of Danbury, Wisconsin

1850's From: John Farmer <> > To: Allen Beagan <> > Subject: Rosslea headstones > Date: Thursday, May 01, 1997 7:31 AM >

I don't suppose you have any information on Kate Beggan who appears in the Illinois census for 1880? We think she may be a long lost relative who emigrated sometime after 1850 with brothers Francis and Patrick from Monaghan or Fermanagh. John Farmer

1850’s “My grand father, James Beagan, his brother Thomas Beagan and sister Catherine Beagan emigrated from Clones and Monaghan City, Co Monaghan in the 1850’s and settled in Brooklyn and Connecticut. I was born in Brooklyn, had two brothers (both killed in WW II) and two sisters, one of which (Ruth) is still alive. One of my brothers was Joseph too.....” John D. Beagan, Danbury Wis. July 2, 1996

June 2, 1997 My grandmothers name was Bridget McVey, she and James married in Newbliss. I have a 1st cousin Walter, my age, who lives in Garden city ,LI. I am 76 years old now and hope I hear from someone soon. John D. Beagan 29630 Mahlen Dr. Danbury Wis. 54830 phone 715-656-7322

Late 20th century “My grandfather, Bernard Beagan, was a son in a Beagan family in County/City Armagh in the north of Ireland. Being not the oldest, he came to the United States late in the 19th century via New York, and settled in the Bronx in New York City. Although I am not certain, I believe that either another brother (or brothers), or sister (or sisters), settled in the Providence, Rhode Island area. My grandfather, Bernard, married Jane Loughran, who was also from Ireland (but I'm not sure where) and they had five children : Thomas James (my father, the oldest), "Bess," Charles, Jeanette, and Anna. I am in possession of information as to the deaths of all of those Beagans, as well as to the current status of their children, etc. There are only two male living children of that generation, being Charles, who lives on Long Island, New York, and me. There are also four living females of that generation, being Loretta, Kathryn, and Mary Alice (daughters of Jeanette) and Jayne (daughter of Bess), all of whom cousin Charles and I try to stay in touch with. There are children which comprise the next generation, but I shall not list them here. My father's sister, Anna, was a leader in the St. Vincents Hospital administration over decades, including the branch in Staten Island. If you drive by the Hospital now,, you will see on the outside wall of a wing that it bears her religious name, which, I believe, was "Sister Loretta Bernard". Lastly, my oldest son, T. J. Beagan, 111, works in Chicago at the present time in advertising, although he and his family reside in a suburb of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Our other son, David, is a career officer in the US Navy, who is married and resides in Jacksonville, Florida.Thomas J. Beagan Jr. May 11th,1996

"The family lived in Scranton, Pennsylvania for a while, as that is where Gerard met my grandmother, Dorothy Theresa Beegan. According to the 1969 obits of Gerard and Vincent, they moved to Bay City from Toledo, Ohio in 1935. May married Arthur Lee and was living in Bangor Township, Bay County Michigan in 1969, Wilfred lived in Kawkawlin Township. George was living in Monroe Michigan in 1969. I have information about Gerard and Dorthy's children and grandchildren (and a forthcoming greatgrandchild!), but I know very little about his ancestors. If anyone here has further information I would be greatly appreciative." Searching: CARNEY, CUNNINGHAM, MCHUGH, CORNISH, REILLY, CRITTENDEN, RYER, HUTTON, SPEIR, POOLE  

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Mr. & Mrs., George, Beagan

Box 15750

Parry Bound, Ontario.

Dear Mom & Dads,

Cliff I and our families went up to Dornoch last Sunday to fix your grandfathers tombstone, When I was up there last summer It was loose in the ground so I decided to Go up before too long and fix it. We took 2 bags of cement shovels, bars and all the tools we thought we would need. When we got there we had an awful time finding It since It had fallen on-,its face as had several others that we had to lift to find ours. It had a base on it about 2’ X 10” X 10” deep and It was quite heavy to lift. We managed to walk It backwards and dug a hole in front of It just about double the former dimensions and filled It with 3 or 4 mixes of concrete&#9;and set Whole works back in, We had to cover some writing at the bottomof the stone but you couldn’t read It anyway. It looks pretty solid now and should last another 80 years. Today we took another goose chase up to Flos township to see if we could find the Madigan homestead, We went to Elmvale which is the Township seat and had the clerk got the old assessment rolls out of the attic. Here’s what we found In the 1875 Roll, John Madigan age 42, Lot 27, Conc., 4 of Flos. He owned the East Part of Lot 27 consisting of 60 acres and was assessed $200.00. There were 7 persons in the house, they belonged to the Church of Rome, they had 4 cattle but no horses, sheep or hogs. In the 1880 Roll there was James Madigan on Lot 15, Conc. 3. He had 88 acres in the south-west corner of Lot 15 was assessed at $300.00. The clerk said that James Madigan’s place wasn't a very good farm and that It in now a county reforestation area. The John Madigan place was a pretty good farm and Is still being worked. I thought you would like to hear about our travels, Would you like to see the place this sunmer? The both places are easy to find and after seeing them I can tell you which one was the best farmer after seeing the Farms. The farms are about 2 miles north of Minesing on Highway 26, .5 miles from Midhurst. As we left Minesing you could see those Radar domes that the RCAF has at Edgar which you saw from the hill at Mount St. Louis, As far as I could judge it should’nt be be any more than 10 Miles across country, So the Madigan’s and the O’Connors didn't have so far to court as I thought. Which one was your Grandfather? Was It John? That Is the one I thought anyway, I had to Laugh at Cliff. He was telling me about our 2nd cousin Tom Tiffany when we were at Dornoch We stopped to see him at his new house. He has sold his store down the road. As we were talking to Him in his lane his youngest son case home for supper and Tom said “I want you to meet some of your cousins'. The young lad of about 20 never looked up or broke a step but yelled over his shoulder, What the hell have you been into today?” as much as saying those guys are putting one over on you because you have been drinking my beer. Cliff said every day he becomes more convinced that the Madigans were the good guys.

Will close for now hoping you have had a good time at Dan’s.

As Ever, ;Ross, Iona & family 


My name is Michael Fredrick Beagen. I am 33 years old and live in Turner Oregon. I believe that you are related to me in some way, based on the common spelling of our Last name. My father is William Austin Beagen, his father was Michael Joseph Beagen. I have had no contact with the Beagen family my entire life except for my grandparents Michael and Marion Beagen of Iselin New Jersey (both deceased). Michael and Marion Beagen had three children: My Aunt; Sr. Marion Michael (Beagen), My father; William, and a son that died in infancy, Robert. I remember my father stating that my grandgfather was one of seven brothers. This letter is being sent to you in an effort to trace my father's side of the family. I know this much; My great-grandfather emigrated to America from Ireland and settled in New Jersey.

If you are indeed related to me, if any of this history sounds familiar, or if you think you may be able to shed some light on my heritage, please write back to me at:

Mike Beagen, PO Box 249, Turner, OR. 97392

Sincerely- Mike Beagen;

My brother; Lwrence E. Beagen 8 Countryside Drive, Geenwood, SC 29646-9219 

From:Thomas J Beagan JrISMTP: tbeagan@juno-coml

Sent: Sunday, July 28,1996 3:38 AM


Subje, Beagan Genealogy

Have had some time to look over the genealogical documents that you sent. Boy, you have really done a lot of work! Amazingly, it does not appear to include our branch of the family. However, it does reveal quite a few families in Rhode Island which I recall my parents mentioning as an area where other Beagans had settled after arriving from northern Ireland. I might be wrong, but I think that they said that there was a Beagan relative involved with, or owner of, a bowling alley in Providence. There is another Beagan which I have met over the years which may have some relationship to the Canadian Beagans. About 20 years ago, my father received a letter from a Beagan who was from Canada and the father of a professional hockey referee. At that time, I represented two NHL players and had season tickets to the Phila. Flyers. At a game one night, I was paged to report to the press box, and, to my great surprise and happiness, I learned that BILL BEAGAN, a professional referee from Canada, had followed up on his Dad's correspondence with my Dad, and was desirous of our meeting. We partied that night, but there has been no contact thereafter. It must have been some night!! Am now going to have to go to dinner. Hope to hear from you. TOM

To the extent you wish to have information from my branch of the family, I am happy to provide as much as is available to me, and I shall contact my cousins for additional input, if they have any. Starting with my grandfather, Bernard, my fathers birth certificate (NY #3160, dated 11-22-1898) states that THOMAS JAMES "BEEGAN" was bom on 11-13-98, Bronx, New York, at 1996 Webster Avenue; his father's name is listed as BERNARD BEEGAN, " age 29, Birthplace Ireland, and Occupation being "Teamster." His mother is listed as "JENNIE BEEGAN," nee "LOUGHRAN,' age 28, Birthplace Ireland. No other previous children are listed in the form. I cannot explain why or how the name "BEEGAN" became "BEAGAN" for my Dad or any of the rest of our branch of the family. My birth date is 11-1-31, my mothers name was EDNA GRACE LAKE, and I am an only child. I have 2 children, THOMAS JAMES BEAGAN, Ill, bom 12-8-58, and DAVID CRAIG BEAGAN, bom 6-1 5-64. My wife is ANN MARIE BEAGAN, aka NANCY, nee ROBINSON. My occupation is attorney at law, and I am self-employed. Please donl hesitate to contact me if there is any other information I can supply. TOM

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Subj: Re: Hey! 1

Date: 96-07-30 23:42:32 EDT


To: ABeagan

Uncle Allen,

Iguess you must have been a little surprised to hear from me! I guess I should start by answering some of your questions first. I got married on May 18, 1996, to Cindy Helen DeZort of Pittsburgh, PA. I recently got out of the Marine Corps after seven years of service. Thanks to my medical severance pay, we just bought a computer. When we were on our Honeymoon, we went to Orlando (Disney, of course!!). While we were there, we visited the Beagan Clan I only got to see Grandma, Gramps, Joan, Gail and my father. They all looked great! Joan showed me the family tree. I was in awe of how far back you went. I have always wanted to do the same. I pulled the attatchment off your last e-mail. I don't think it all went through. It stopped with the year 1781 I wish I would have known you were in Sandwich, Cindy and I just returned Saturday from a week long trip to Boston and the Cape. We stayed in Downtown Hyannis and Nantucket. We moved back to Pittsburgh from Virginia where I was stationed. I'm working for her brother as his Business Manager. He owns a Heating and A/C business. So far It's been great. I like the civilian life. By the way, Cindy is an Elementary School Teacher. If you ever get a chance, I'd love to have a copy of the family tree. My address is: 643 Fifth Street, Apt 2 Oakmont, PA 15139 412-428-1088 My future plans consist of finishing school ( I'm enrolled as a sophmore at Indiana University of Pennsylvania), and then on to Law School. I hope to one day to go into politics!!

Take care, I look forward to hearing from you again, Mark & Cindy

Date: 96-07-31 00:18:06 EDT

From: JamesD2182

TO: ABeagan

My name is James Dutton - My wife maiden name was Jane Ann Bagan. She was born in McCook NE on Feb 23 1947. Her father name is Gerald Leo Bagan born July 20,1921. His father was Wilfred Joseph Bagan born September 21, 1862 in Le Roy, Minn. Died in McCook, Nebraska May 01-1959. His father was Thomas F. Bagan was born Sept. 08-1846 in Galena, Ill. died November 18,1914 in Le Roy, Minn. That is all the information on the Bagan side of my wifes family I have. I hope this will help you. If there is a connection let me know. I really haven't had time to review what you sent but I highly appreciate it and any information I can get on her family. I have my side traced ack to the May Flower and my mothers side back into germany. But am still working on the whole prespective and enjoying making contact with people (relatives) and gaining lots of information or even just a little makes me excited So again thanks and let me know .

Michael Fredrick Beagen PO Box 249 Turner, OR. 97310

August 20, 1996

 Some data for your research; my grandfather was: MICHAEL Joseph BEAGEN 1900 - 1975 He married MARION THERESA BEAGEN (HEIN) 1897-l977 ;My Father is William Austin Beagen (b. 1939) and currently lives in the Seattle area Of Washington with my mother: Barbara Elizabeth Beagen (Creuz) (b. 1943) I believe these birth dates are correct I can never remember when my parents were born. My Fathers address is 16909 NE 97th St, Redmond, WA. 98052 He was visiting several weeks ago I told him I was forwarding his information to you. He is interested in finding our heritage. My grandparents, Michael and Marion had two additional children. Robert (died in infancy) and Marion. My Father is the youngest. My aunt. Marion, is a nun with the Dominican OP's in Newburgh New York. Her preaching name is Sr. Marion Michael OP. To the best, of my knowledge my grandfather was the YOUNGEST of several children. A key to the family is that my grandgather and his brother (Owen) married two of the HEIN sisters at the same time. (I don't know if this is significant in your research but it seems like an out of the ordinary event for the early 20th century to me---but hey, that may be just because I’m young) MY father was born in Iselin, NJ and lived there until 1977 when he moved our family out to Oregon. I never heard of any great uncles, however I had heard that there was a falling out with my grandfather and the rest of the family (I don't know why or when-but I suspect that is why I and MY father know so Little about our ancestors.) I only received four responses to my inquiries and most stated that it was impossible for me to be related because of the spelling of the name, however I received a letter from a Mary STASSER from Wixon, MI and she stated that she was forwarding the letter to you. (I think that will make three times you'll receive my request.) Of course now, I'm MORE confused due to the fact of the spellings and pronunciations Of the name. If in fact my line of BeagEn’s is related to the BeagAns, than I have numerous relatives around the country. Additionally, I'm now unsure how to pronounce my name: Beegan, BAYGAN, BEEGIN,. BAYGIN" etc. I would prefer to pronounce it the proper Irish way. (Won’t that confuse my employers and friends?) A little about me, personally. I am 33 years old, was born in Perth Amboy , NJ. I am currently married (March 1996) after having been divorced in 1992. 1 have two daughters (aged 8 and 4) that live with their mother in Arizona, and one step son from my current marriage. I am employed by the Oregon Department Of C orrections as a Fugitive Investigator (I hunt down and return escaped prisoners from the State Corrections Department), as well as a Police Officer for the City of Turner. (This is why my phone number is unlisted- don’t want the bad guys finding me!!!) Well, if we’re not related, and I think we are somehow (we just have to figure out how), your closing comment in your first mailing is true, at least we can be friends. I look forward to talking with you. I am home most weekends and most week nights. If I'm not there, we have an answering machine. (I do return calls!!)

Sincerely: Mike Beagen

From: Bill Beagen[SMTP:]

Sent: Sunday, September 15,1996 1:31 AM

Hi Alan,

Sorry I was not at home when you called, it would have been great to talk to you. My wife said you did not think that we are related, but with some research I have found that either Beagan or Beagen is an anglicized version of O'Beaghan of which we are probably a dirivative. I am in the process of puffing together a Family Tree using Broderbund's "Family Tree Maker'. When I get finished( Some time before the end of the century:) ) I will send you a copy. Who knows, maybe there is a link somewhere. Welcome to the wonderful world of the "Irish". Now on St. Patrick's day you can hold your head up with the best of them in Massachusetts. By the way, where the heck is Sandwich?

As far as I know, my Fathers Mother and Father came from Ireland in the 1880's and were married in Jersey City, NJ. My dad had brothers named Matthew, Joseph, and Owen and a sister Margaret. My Father's Mothers maiden name was Jordan and she came from county Mayo. His Dad came from County Cork. I am hoping to go to Ireland in the near future for work related items and will take some vacation to try and find out who is who and where they came from. My job sometimes takes me to Boston and Portland Maine, maybe we can meet and share some info. Let me know how you can be reached and I'll try and keep in touch on a regular basis.

To set a few things staright from my son's letter, My Father was Michael Joseph Beagen and my deceased brother was also Michael Joseph Beagen (he died of whooping cough in 1935 in Elizabeth NJ. June 14, 1996 Sincerely Bill Beagen

Friday, November 22, 1996 12:00 AM

Most of my father in laws relatives lived in the LeRoy Minn. area and also around the albert lea area of Minn. John Beggan came to the U. S. in 1846 and settled for a while in the Galena, ILL. (lead miner) Was later a farmer in Town of Beaver in Filmore county Mn. Do you have any thing on this family of bagans???? Sincerely, Jim (son in law of Gerold Bagan of McCook, NE)


Dear Allen,

My failure to understand the workings of e-mail meant I didn't get your last until arriving home from Ireland last night. I think I've got it now. One of my sisters-in-law has been working on her family tree since last summer and was anxious to go out and see some gravestones. So in a small way you are lucky. We went out to St Tiernach's graveyard in Roslea ( we got stopped by an Army patrol who materialised out of a ditch on the border, bristling with weapons, and it is very obvious here that the NI crisis is far from over). The churchyard has quite a number of Beggans and although I have photographs of most of them I found out that the Roslea Heritage Centre, which is right by the graveyard, have the gravestones inscriptions on file which are probably more accurate than our attempts to read some of them. They also have Griffiths Valuation Lists of 1860 (every householder in the parish by townlands), and the Tithe Books (of the old Clones Parish - Roslea and Clones used to be one) for 1830. There is also a College Land Rental of 1907 - 1910. In addition a list from 1873 which gives the established church families in Aghadrumsee Parish. Working from this side there is a real problem in tracing Monaghan families back beyond 1850, many of the earlier records have been destroyed, some were even pulped to further the 1914-18 war effort. I guess this is not of much direct help to you but you can add it to your resource book if you are not already cognisant of it. The Roslea Heritage Centre's address is Monaghan Rd., Roslea, Co. Fermanagh, N. Ireland and the telephone number 013657 51750 - as you are well practised in phoning Ireland I won't exert myself and look up the international code. I do have a vague recollection of one of my many sisters-in-law saying something about an American caller, but I wasn't listening very carefully. Incidentally, I am sure Roslea could give you the details of other heritage centres if you don't know them already. I am very impressed by your knowledge of Irish history, it certainly exceeds mine by a very large amount. We English were never taught anything about Ireland, Scotland, and Wales at school, and having married in to an Irish family I now know why. It is not exactly a pretty story. In fact, so ignorant are some of us that when we lived in Belfast at the beginning of the troubles in 1979, our English neighbour only learnt there was a border when he tried to cross it. I think education is a little better these days. I don't know that we will ever make an ancestral handshake, but i am certainly very interested to know how you are getting on, and very happy to help whenever I can. So keep in touch. Regards John

Dorothy Theresa Beegan was born July 5, 1917 in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Her father was a James Beegan, (b.?, d.November 27, 1948 somwhere in PA /verbal, not documented/), her mother was Mary O'Brien (b. d.January 31, 1948 in Philadelphia /verbal, not documented/). Mary's father was Edward O'Brien, b.? d.?, and mother was Mary Hayes. Family legend has it that Mary Hayes would only speak Gaelic unless absolutely necessary, and was furious at her granddaughter Dorothy Beegan because... On January 16, 1943 Dorothy married the son a recent English immigrant named Gerard Joseph Poole. I know a little bit about Gerard's family, but Grandma Dorothy didn't like to talk about her family for some reason. She passed away April 11, 1993. I scanned in a few photos and her obituary and placed them on my web page today. Follow the links starting from If you happen to know anything else about this family, please let me know! Bill Carney link is bad please e-mail me with correction, Allen

From Rose Beggin

1. Joseph Beggin, born 1800, Fermanaugh Co., Ireland married Ann?, died 1850-1860. Came to US in 1840-1844

2. (Female) Beggin, died March 16, 1904, born and died in Fermanaugh Co., Ireland

3. Bernard Beggin, born 1815 in Fermanaugh Co., Ireland, never married, died in Vinegar Hill Twp., Jo Daviess County, IL, Immigrated 1840-1844

4. John Beggin, born June 24, 1819, Fermanaugh Co., Iireland, Never married, died October 23, 1904 Vinegar Hill Twp., Jo Daviess Co., IL Immigrated 1840-1844

 From above: Joseph and Ann Beggin they lived in Jo Daviess County, IL, they had the following children:

1. Terrence (Levey) Beggin, born about 1830, in Fermanaugh Co., Ireland and died September 9, 1884 and is buried in Apple River, Jo Daviess Co., IL do not know if he married.

2. James Beggin, born 1832 Fermanaugh Co., Ireland, never married, died Jan 8, 1895 in Apple River, Jo Davies Co., IL and is buried in Galena, Jo Daviess Co., IL

3. Anne Beggin, born 1835, Fermanaugh Co., Ireland, married James Barron in Jo Daviess Co., IL . This is my husbands Beggin line and I have a marriage date but have not put it in the notes yet as I just received that info. This couple is suppose to have moved to Tanawonda, Erie Co., NY or Buffalo area and is related to a Sullivan and Jones family but have found no evidence of this. They had four children that I know of Elizabeth (Jones), Catherine (Sullivan), Thomas Barron and Mary Ann (Doyle). Mary Ann married a Thomas Doyle and stayed in Lafayette Co., WI the remainder of her family lived out east. Mary Ann Doyle's grandaughter remembered her grandmother going out to Buffalo, NY to visit family once.

4. Thomas Beggin, b. April 22, 1838 in Fermanaugh Co., IL, married Sarah Maguire (Sara McGuire) September 10, 1861, Jo Daviess County, IL, Died April 18, 1901 in Monticello Twp., WI, buried in Apple River, Jo Davies Co., IL

5. Patrick Beggin, born April 21, 1841 in Fermanaugh Co., Ireland; married Anne O'Neill in 1867, died December 30, 1923 in Apple River, Jo Daviess Co., IL If you can help with any of these names let me know. Rose DeRocher

My great grandfather, Thomas BUGGINS was born in 1857 in Worthing, Sussex, United Kindgdom, however, to date I have been unable to find details of his birth and have even used a professional researcher, and I am still trying to trace his ancestors but wondered if this could be a variation on the name Baggins on your lists? Emma, Jersey, Channel Islands, United Kingdom

My son Timothy (who is now living in Tulsa) did start a family tree. The main problem, as you probably know, is that the early Irish immigrants never spoke about the Old County, and they almost never went back. My paternal greatgrandmother was the exception. So my parents and grandparents, who were born here, knew little about life in Ireland and whether there was any family over there. My mother had an aunt who was a New York Sister of Charity and who lived well into her 90's. Her story was that she was 10 years old when the Black and Tans came into the village. She climbed up and retrieved the shotgun over the fireplace and fired as they came through the door. Needless to say, they left Ireland shortly afterwards. But again, there was that one story and no more. When Carol and I visited Ireland in the 1970's we found it easy to get information. The police station in Newtown Butler had the old church records and the cops knew where the family farm was. It was the last house in the area with a real thatched roof. It was also the first house I've ever been in that had a beaten earth floor. I later learned that one mixes animal blood with the dirt and it eventually forms a terrazzo like surface that can be washed like any other flooring. The house had no stove, the cooking being done in an open fireplace. But the house and farm had passed out of the family. Seems that Thomas, the one left behind, married a widow with children but he had none. So the farm went to the widow's kids when he and she died.

There are other Beggans' in Jersey City (with the final "s") but we have never been able to find them. My aunt (my father's sister) who was also a Sister of Charity (NJ) did make copies of the Castle Point entry records and Timothy has those. Jim Beggans

   My great grandpa was an orphan too!! His name was Thomas. My grandpa is Claude Thomas Beagan. He had 10 children so I have a lot of aunts and uncles (more uncles than aunts). I took a peek at one of your web pages and it talked about a Beagan body type. I am short (a little under 5"2), have very small hands and feet. I have my grandpa's uilogy at home and it tells more about my great grandpa (the orphan). I will read it tonight for more info. So does this mean we are related? I am 29. Sherilyn Beagan

Hi again. I read the eulogy and this is what I found out. my great grandpa came over from Ireland during the potatoe famine. he came to New York city. he was in an orphanage was called John Doe until a priest recognized him and said he was Tommy Beagan. His mother and father (who would have been my great great grandma and grandpa) were Mary Ellen and David Beagan. Later in life my great grandpa (the orphan-Tommy) spent time looking for relatives but was unsuccessful. That's about all I know right now. Does any of this mean anything to you? Sherilyn Beagan Minority Engineering Program Office (MEPO) (313) 647-7120

I have traced a twisted path back to a Peter Beggan (spelling varies) from Drumyarkin, Fermanagh, Ireland. He was born in 1750. His sons; Micheal, Patrick, James and Owen all entered the U.S. during the early 1800's. If any of this info is of interest to you let me know. Gary Beggan ÐÏࡱá

I have also talked to my grandmother's sister for some information on my grandmother ( Laura Beagan married to Malachi Beagan). According to her, who is a young 91 years of age, my grandmother was born in P.E.I. where she met my grandfather. In addition there has always been a mistake in the maiden name of my grandmother made by the Priest of the day and to this day has never been corrected, the maiden name should have been McDonnell not McDonald. Anyway I am still searching, keep in touch. Don Beagan 

 Information wanted on the family of Margaret Beegan (my maternal great grandmother) of Galway, born c. 1829, daughter of Barty Beegan and ? Keogh (possibly sister of Wm. Keogh of Merrion Sq. , Dublin). In 1845 Margaret Beegan was married to John Chatham a seaman of Arklow, possibly in the church of St. James and St. Nicholas Galway by Fr. Peter Daly or Daily. She had Siblings Barty, Patrick, Joseph, and Honoria. After death of her husband c. 1853 Margaret Chatham took service as stewardess on yatch of Arthur Kavanagh MP. Any record of the marriage and information about the Beegan family please respond to; Mr. P. McCarthy, brook cottage, Sham castle lane, Bath, England BA2 6JH

Well, well, well. Great excitement here where I have three of my sisters-in-law staying.. We have a number of old photographs, including one we think is Kate, though it was taken in Galesburg so it must have been some time before or after the 1880 census - if indeed they are the same Kate and we are not on a wild goose chase. I hope to goodness we are not, especially having raised John Beagan's hopes, but a cast iron link is still needed. Maybe his letter will provide it. I will e-mail Theo McMahon when I get his letter (the Monaghan genealogist whose name appears on your web page somewhere and is a cousin of Mary) because when we saw him in April he was without any information about the American side. A Joe Beggan from the States is visiting him later this month and is thought to have a lot of information and I'll see if I can get it, though Theo is notorious for not answering his e-mail. We had all the old photographs out this morning and I found one from Beggins living at 7706 Brock(?h)elhurst St, Philadelphia 19152 PA which they sent to the Clones Beggans and was taken Christmas 1965, soon after some of them had visited Clones. The family does not appear to have kept up the contact, and I haven't tried to contact them yet myself. Does your personal encyclopaedia include that branch? Regards, John Farmer

BEGGAN, BEAGAN, and BEGAN are names from the same original BEAGAN. Peter Beagan of Drummyarkin, County Fermanagh, Ireland had several sons.One became John Little and his sons created a raft of Little's who came to the U.S. Another son Michael spelled his name BEGGAN when he came to the U.S. One of his son's son began using BEGAN. My grandpa spelled his name 3 ways (BAGGAN, BEGGEN, BEGGAN). Francis C. Beggan 435 Jefferson St. Ft. Atkinson WI 53538

 my great-great granfather Michael Beggan b. 1781 and his wife Margaret (Kelly) emigrated to New York circa 1840 from Roslea, County Fermanagh. their 7 adult children came with them. all settled in Jefferson Co. Wisconsin, I am still on the original homestead. Michael's brother, Owen, changed his name to the English, John Little, and we then have cousins marrying. got started on all this when I found out by chance that my great-great Aunt Mary Beggan Gamble was murdered by her husband Michael on the farm adjacent to ours in 1860. more info if you're interested. Mary Beggan Mueller 920-261-0253

My family came from Roslea, Co Fermanagh, My dad's name is Brian, Granddad's name is Patrick and there are a number of other Beggan's living in and around Birmingham - all alive and well.  My Granddad came over to UK during the late fifties I think and he is still alive (he is 82). My nan died about 6 years ago - she was great. I have an aunt whose name is Una Beggan - who became a Nun and took on the name of Sister Mary Beggan (her stage name!!!) - she worked for years as a school teacher and head teacher in Enniskillen - she has retired and lives here in Birmingham - maybe there  might be the connection after all? It would be nice to hear a little more about you, where you live, what you do etc - email me again if you want to swap details. I know we have alot of family in America - I'll ask around the family if you like - maybe you're the long lost famous rich family member the Beggan's have been waiting for - Only joking - your fortune is safe. Hope to hear from you again, John

DO you have any knowledge of a John Beggan  b.11-3-1804 Parish of Rosslea of Counties Fermanagh and Monaghan, died 12-06-1904 in USA, married Bridget Tierney 5-12-1839?      Beggan is the spelling that was found by a relative of my husband's who was working on the the family tree a number of years ago.  Now the spelling fo our name is Bagan.      I'm really just getting back into genealogy after having small children is the house.  Any information would be of great help. Thomas Bagan

Dear Al,

Got your e-mail.  Thank-you very much! I coould not find a direct link between our families as of yet.  I did find that James Dutton in NE that was in your information, is a second-cousin of my husband's and is into genealogy.  I have made contact with him about exchanging information.

  This was a very wonderful discovery, that branch of older relatives did not want to make a reconnection for some reason.  Guess the younger generration doesn't care about what ever caused this to happen. 

   John Beggan came to the U.S. in March 1846, his wife Bridget (Tierney) came in Sept 1846, giving birth to Thomas Francis on 9-8-1846.  She supposedly came by way of New Orleans, up the Mississippi and over to Galena IL where John was a lead miner. In the early 1850s to mid 1850s the family moved to twnsp of Beaver-Fillmore Co-MN.

    Some where between Ireland and Minnesota the spelling of beggan became bagan.

I have not had a chance to get to many records as to the exact place that John came into the US at.

    Thank-you for the early Christmas present and i will be able to get to those records in the near future. Claudette Bagan 

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