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Killerrig & Tullow Churchyards

Source:  Journal of the Memorials of the Dead in Ireland Vol IX. Dublin. FHL #1279285.


A small burial ground by the road side 3 1/2 miles to the north west of Tullow. All that remains of the old church is a portion of the east gable end. A walled in enclosure was built by the Humfrey family (Dublin), on the foundations of the church. A tablet had the inscription:

This Burial Place was enclosed
JOHN HUMFREY of Dublin Esqer.
for the use of his family in the year of Our Lord 1808.
The Remains of an amiable beloved wife,
and five of their children are here interred,
to whom he hopes to be united in happiness



In the Church at Tullow (Protestant) there is a monument to the memory of John Humfrey, of Killerrig (ob 1827), and his wife Anne Mary (ob 1811), dau. of Elias Caulfield-Best, of Bestfield.

On a headstone:
Here Lyeth ye Body of Timothy Donovan Aged 63
Also his wife Catherin Bryan Aged 56
who departed this Life in the year of 1765
[Remainder below the ground]

Near the west wall of the churchyard there is a granite stone, apparently the base of an old cross. On the south side lies a large fractured slab, bearing this (difficult to decipher) inscription:

Here Interred the Body of St John Brewster
January 1st 1729 Aged 80 Years
Mary his Daughter October 21st 1770
Aged 0 or 6 Years.
(Page blurred) Note St could be Sr.


On a headstone with a conical shaped top on the south side:

Here Lyeth the Body of Richard Walsh
of Tullow who
Departed this Life
April the 17th day 1765 Aged 64 years
with 6 of his children
as also Richard Moore his Grandson
who Departed this life April 26 1764 Aged 7 ys
May they rest peace Amen

On a slab:

Thomas Brewster of Tullow
Departed this life the 8th day of March 1754 in the 65th year of his age
Margaret Brewster wife of said Thomas Brewster
Departed this life the 6th day of May 1769 in the 75th year of her age.
Here lieth also the Body of John Brewster Esqr
son of the above mentioned Thomas and Margaret who
Departed this life on the second day of March 1786
Aged 63 years.

On a small headstone at the west end near the wall:

Here lies ye Body of
Ellinor Dougherty who
Departed ye 1 day of June 1750.
Aged 53 years.

A slab at the west end, near the church tower (hard to read):

Here lieth the Body of
Mary Iames the wife of
William Iames
who departed this life May the 1st 1817
Aged 96yrs.

A table tomb at the west end:

Erected by Christmas More
In Memory of his Father and Mother.
Underneath Lieth the
Body of Mary Moore wife of John Moore
who departed this life the 22d of Desbr [sic] 1797
Aged 98 years.

On a flat slab at the west end:

Here lieth the Body of Alice Burgefs
who departed this life May the 1st 1793 in the 76th year of her age.
also her hufband William Burgefs who
Departed this life Septr the 13th 1799
his daughter-in-law Jane Burgefs depd this life Decr 27th 1837 aged 77 years.
Also his son Henry Burgefs depd this life June...
Aged 24 94 years.

Please Note that an observation has been noted on the above inscription of Burgefs which reads:  At the foot of the above inscription it gives the age at death of Henry Burgess as 24 years, year apparently illegible.  His tombstone inscription comes below that of his wife Jane (Norton) who died in 1837 aged 77.

Against this is the PR burial record showing Henry Burgess buried 25 June 1846 aged 94.  This can be viewed at Irish Genealogy

Observed by Bill Webster NSW, Australia March 2016

I have altered the age to read 94 (MJB)

Source:  Journal of the Memorials of the Dead in Ireland Vol IX. Dublin. FHL #1279285.

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