Carlow Marriage Licences 

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Carlow Marriage Licences 

1661 - 1750

Transcribed by Stephen Eagar <>  c2005

The following are the Carlow references extracted from a book in Dublin. The handwriting is difficult to read in many cases and I have had to have a guess. Those situations are enclosed in square brackets [....]. You will need to check the place names too as I am not always familiar with the spelling. The entries may be of some use to some people.

Stephen in New Zealand

Parts that are not clear are in square brackets [  ].
"Spr" = "Spinster"!

Marriage Licences 1661 - 1750 (from Film 100167)

Surname Forename Address Occupation Bride & Address Date
[Aufrey], Samuel of St Catherines, Dublin, Merch. & Anne Festas of Carlow Spr. 14 May 1700.
Almery, John of Leighlin Bridge, Yeoman & Anne [Finder] of Castledermot spr. 15 Jany 1674.
Alexander, John of [Milford] Co Carlow Esq & [Hestia] Niekson of Kells, Co Kilkenny Spr 28 Augt 1801.
Buller, Thomas  of [Clonmulsk] Co Carlow, Bart (barrister) & Jane Reynolds of St John Dub. Wed 29 July 1700.
Brown, John of Carlow, Gent & Rachel Churrier of St Michael, Spr 23 Nov 1699.
Brunton Wm of Kilsolohane, Co Dublin , Farmer & Mary Jones of [Tullagh] (Tullow) of Co Carlow wid, 10 March 1706.
Bernard, This of Ardreston, Co Carlow Esq & Anne Minchin of [Dunkirvin], Kings Co, spr 14 Feb 1733.
Bunbury, Thomas  of Kill, Co Carlow & Catherine Campbell of St Michael's Dublin (d of Isaih C of [Drumsna] Co Leitrim), spr. 2 Feb 1735.
Boyd, Robert  of [Rosbathcon], Co Kilkenny, Esq & Elizth Cox of Ratherilly, Co Carlow Spr 29 Feb 1743.
Bunbury, Thomas, Kill, Co Carlow Esq & Priscilla Issac 19 July 1758 (d of Simon Issac [barrister, court of law]) of S Bridget, Dublin Spr,
Barclay John of Eustace St., Merchant & Anne Cooper of Cooper Hill, Carlow Co Carlow, spr.,  15 March 1761, Md April.
Beere, Rich of Ballyholiane, Co Tippy Esq & Margt McLoughlin of {……..] Bub Widow 20 March 1762.
Brown Robt Esq, High [………] Co Carlow   & Ellinor Newton of St Bridget Dublin spr 25 March Md 27 March. [no year].
Browne Wm of Brown's Hill, Co Carlow Esq & Lady Charlotte Bourke spr d of Archbishop of Tuam md 27 July 1793.
Carew, Robert Shepland of Castlebore, Co Wexford   & Anne Pigott of Dunleckny, dio of Leighlin spr 3 Mar 1783.
Harper, Thomas of Dublin Gent. & Lidia Daniel of Carlow Wid. 13 May 1685.
Hayes John of Rathdrum, Co Wicklow Gent. & Mary Willcocks of Kilbride, Co Carlow spr. 21 May 1700.
Hovendon, Arthur of Carlow Co Carlow Gent. & Mary Hartpole of Carlow [……of Marshall Coy Dublin Esq] spr 8 July 1765.
Hamilton Jas Archd of Dublin Esq m at Johnstown, Co Carlow & Henrietta Bunburry of Rutland, Co Carlow spr. 28 May 1790.
Jackson, John of Ravilly Co Carlow, Farmer, & Susan Bevins of Tull, Co Kildare, spr. 25 Nov 1734.
James, Ralph of Urelands, Co Wicklow, Gent & Lettia Astle of Anderstown, Co Carlow spr., 1 Sept 175*[3?].
Kavanagh Gerald of Ricksavage, Co Carlow, Esq & Harriet Pickering of Carlow, Co Carlow Spr., 19 May 1768.
Moore, George of [Dorketh], Co Cavan, Gent & Catherine [Mills/Wills?] of [Killagh] Co Carlow,  Spr., 11 May 1749.
Morley, Richard of Tullow, Co Carlow [S…] & Mary Smith of St [Audeon], Dublin SPr., 2 Dec 1758.
Minchin, Charles of Castletown, Kings Coy Esq & Frances Judkin of Carlow Spr. 20 April 1723.
Naylor, Jonathon of Baltinglass Gent & Elizth Pendred of Rathvilly, Co Carlow, Spr., June 1718.
Prosser, James of Carlow, Co Carlow, Esq & Eliza Hobart of Carlow, Dio of Leighlin spr., 10 Dec 1794.
Scott, John of  St Bridget, Dublin Gent & Mary Pendred of Rathvilly, Co Carlow spr 19 Sept 1733.
Stewart, John of Stewart Lodge, Co Carlow Esq & Mary Whelan of Coolkenny, Co Wicklow 19 Feb 1791.
Thomas, Lewis, of Dublin Esq & Anne Byrne of Carlow, Carlow Spr. 9 October 1782.
Verbank,  John of Radrum, Co Wicklow Grazier & Mary Baker of Rathville, Co Carlow Spr., 5 Nov 1750.
Whelan Thos of [Nedstown] Co Carlow   & Joanna Perkins of [Renna] Co Carlow spr 5 Augt 1778
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