Opening of Tullow Golf Links

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Nationalist & Leinster Times,

22 May 1926


Opening of Tullow Golf Links

This article appeared in the Carlow Nationalist & Leinster Times: 22 May 1926

On Wednesday last at 4 o’clock, p.m., at the first tee, the Rev. J. Mahon, Adm., Tullow, President of the newly formed Golf Club, opened the new golf links, and, notwithstanding the inclemency of the weather, there was a large attendance of members. Mr. Roche, Captain of the Club, in a few well-chosen words, thanked their President, Rev. Fr. Mahon, on behalf of the members and on his own behalf, for his great activities on behalf of, and the interest he had shown in the people of Tullow, although but a few weeks amongst them, in providing for them that long-felt want of a golf links.

They all agreed that golf was a fine, healthy, amusing game, and he felt that the people of Tullow, old and young, would be delighted with it in the near future. After a little practice they would arrange inter-club matches, and make their Club members as efficient as possible.

They were all greatly indebted to Fr. Mahon; he was a great sport, as they all knew. He (the speaker) could say a lot of nice things about him, but he would conclude by saying that he hoped Fr. Mahon would be left with them for many years to help them, and to enjoy the sport he had that day established. As a token of recognition and thankfulness, the members desired him to present Fr. Mahon with a box of golf balls. Mr. Roche then handed Fr. Mahon the presentation amidst great applause. Fr. Mahon, in returning thanks, said he was only too happy to help to create healthy amusement in their midst, but he did not at all deserve such high recognition as referred to by Mr. Roche, their Captain.

However, he thanked them most sincerely for their nice present, and wished the Club every success. A match was then arranged between Father Mahon and Dr. McCarthy versus J.T. Crowley and S. Roche. The first ball was struck off by Fr. Mahon. On the suggestion of Father Fitzsimons, it was decided that this first lucky ball should be sold by public auction to some one of the members. Father Fitzsimons acted as auctioneer. He asked the members to “bid him up”, which they did vigorously, and after some ingenious auctioneering tactics, the lucky ball was knocked down to Mrs. Samuel Roche. The links are beautifully situated at close proximity to the town, on a farm of Mrs. O’Connell of Bridge Hotel, Tullow, at Loughmartin, Tullow, and will be known as “Hill View Links.”

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