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The Kilkenny Independent,

Wednesday, May 30, 1827


One important advantage attending the publication of Signatures to Anti-Catholic Petitions, in the several Counties of Ireland, is the exposure of the actual weakness and insignificance of the Orange party, and of the artifices employed to give it apparent strength and consequence. In the County of Kilkenny, for instance, the Orangemen represented every Protestant to be hostile to Catholic Emancipation. But how many, in fact, of the whole Protestant population of this County signed the Anti-Catholic petition?- Twenty-five.

Again, what was the case in the County of Carlow? The whole number of Protestants that could be found to petition for the continuance of the persecutions of the penal code was only sixteen, tho' these conscientious gentlemen contrived to swell their number to twenty-eight. By what ingenious manoeuvre did they produce this apparent increase? To explain the secret we must first give the names.

* W. Newton, Bagnalstown House, High Sheriff,
* R.S. Saunders, Saunder's Grove, Magistrate,
* Thomas Dennis, Fort Grant,
* J. Bennett, Magistrate,
* Samuel Watson, Roseville,
* John L. Watson, Kilconner,
* John James Leeky, Ballymalley,
* P. Whelan, Wathglass,
* Thomas Watson, Lumdone, Magistrate
* John Walker, Ballyknockan,
* John Watson, Ballydarton,
Samuel Elliott, Kilmeanny,
* W.R. Steuart, Stenonts, Magistrate
Walter Newton, Bagnalstown House, High Sheriff,
R.S. Saunders, Saunder's Grove, Magistrate,
Thomas Granite, Fort Granite, Magistrate,
M. Bennett, Bewthut, Magistrate
S. Watson, Roseville
John L. Watson, Kilconner,
Thomas Elliott, Racroge,
P. Whellew, Rathglass, Magistrate
Thomas Watson, Lumdone,
John Walker, Ballyknockan,
John Watson, Ballydarton,
Philip Newton, Dunlukery,
Jos. F. Duckett, Duckett's Grove,
John J. Leeky, Ballyhenley,
W.N. Steuart, Steuart's Lodge, Magistrate.

Of the above twenty-eight names the following twelve marked with asterisks, are repeated twice, with some slight variation in the names or residences, or descriptions, the better to disguise the repetition from the superficial reader:- W. Newton, R.S. Saunders, Thos. Denis, J. Bennett, Sam. Watson, John I. Watson, J. James Leeky, P. Whelan, T. Watson, J. Walker, John Watson and W.R. Steuart. The following four names are affixed to the Petition only once:- Samuel Elliott, Thomas Elliott, Philip Newton and Joseph F. Duckett. The Orangement of this county are extremely indignant with us for having presumed to publish the names of those who signed the Kilkenny Anti-Catholic Petition. We promise those gentlemen, notwithstanding, that we shall continue to publish as long as they continue to sign; and while they shall have the fear of the Press before their eyes, we are satisfied that the Orangemen of the County of Kilkenny will scarcely have the hardihod to follow the laudable example of their honest brethern of the County of Carlow.

Auburn Daily Union 1860

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