Special Sessions at Tullow 1829

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Special Sessions at Tullow 1829
By kind permission of Michael Purcell

At a Special Sessions held at Tullow on Satursday the 3rd day of October 1829 the undernamed persons were approved of as fit and proper to be entrusted with the Sale of Malt and Spiritous Liquors, Wine, Beer, Ale &c for the year ending the 10th day of October 1830.

  Name Residence Securities
Pd Lauce Murphy Tullow Wm Carter & Edwd Conry
Pd David Sinnott Do Do
Pd Terence Kinsella Do Do
Pd Patt Kelly Do Do
Pd Mat O Neill Do Do
Pd Richd Wyath Do Do
Pd Jas Ryan Dp Do
Pd Jas Farrell Do Do
Pd Pat Holden Do Do
  Edwd Moore Do Do
Pd Jas Bulger Do Do
Pd James Lyons Hacketstown Md Lyons & Luke Byrne
Pd Mke Timmin Tullow Wm Carter & E. Conry
Pd Laughlin Kelly Do Do
Pd Patt Bulger Do  Do
Pd Richd Cullen Do Do
Pd Pat Byrne Do Wm Carter & E Conry
Pd Peter Doherty Do Do
Pd Lauce O Shea Do Do
Pd Fras Moore Do Do
Pd Walter Redmond Do Do
Pd Danl Whelon Do Do
Pd David Fenlon Do Wm Carter & E Conry
Pd Jas Lawler Do Do
Pd Peter Corragan Ballon Do
Pd Jas Brennan Newtownbarry Md Kennedy & Jas Fenall
Pd Mkl Dunn Do Do & Edwd Kelly
Pd Jas Doyle Blacklion  
Pd John Legate Do Md & Wm Legate
Pd Lauce Neill Hacketstown Wm Carter & Edwd Conry
Pd Dens Shannon Do Wm Carter & Edwd Conry
Pd Marks Plunkett Do Do
Pd Alexadr Agar Do Do
Pd Thos Whelon Hacketstown Wm Carter & E Conry
Pd Owen Sharky Do Do
Pd Wm Mathews Do Do
Pd John Lamb Do Do
Pd John McCall Do Do
Pd John Timmon Do Do
Pd James Hinch Do Do
Pd Charles Toole Do Do
Pd Charles Owens Do Wm Carter & Edwd Conry
Pd John Ennis Do Jas Rooney & Wm Barker
  Nichs Fogarty Do  
Pd Thos Noblett Do Wm Carter & E Conry
Pd Wm Doyle Do Jas Dunn & Saml Norton
Pd Jas O Neill Kilmurry Wm Carter & E Conry
Pd Cathl Heyden Ballycurra Do
Pd Lauce Kenny Clonmore Wm Carter & E Conry
Pd Richd Mc Call Do Do
Pd Timoty Bannon Rathvilly Do
Pd Patrick Nolan Do Do
Pd James Bulger Do Do
  Patrick Cosgrave Clonegall Do
Pd Thos Furlong Hacketstown Do
Pd Michl Furlong Do Do
Pd Mkl Dawyer Clonegall Jno Sly & Geo Sly
Pd Ann McDonell Do Robt & Wm Beale
Pd John Hickey Do Thos & Pat Hickey
Pd Ellen McDonell Do Wm Carter & E Conry
Pd Mkl Nowlan Do Edwd Hay & Jno Kehoe
Pd Thos Conroy Templepeter Wm Carter & E Conry
Pd Geo Coleman Kildavin Jno Sly & Geo Sly
Pd Edwd Sinnott Do Jas Redmond & Jno Doran
Pd Danl Kennedy Coolmona Wm Carter & E Conry
Pd John Kavanagh Tinneclash Andy & Pat Kavanagh

Resolved That we are of opinion no certificate Should be granted to Publicans on the recommendation of Two Majistrates, And we therefore desire the Clerk of the Peace will not issue certificates in future except to those who attend at the Regular Sessions for issuing certificates in the Tullow District. We having carefully examined those who come before us and We think there is a Sufficient Number licensed in each Division.

Robert Doyne
Robert Eustace
James Eustace




At a General Quarter Sessions of the Peace held at Tullow 20th October 1829. The following persons obtained certificates to obtain a Licence for the Sale of Spiritious and other liquors.
pd Abel Collier Myshall  
pd James Curren Do ? & Sam Corrogan
pd Peirce Tallon Do  
pd Thos Nolan Ballon Wm. C & Sa C?
pd John Fitzpatrick Do Wm Carter & E Con
pd Henry O Neill Do  
  Wm Lawler Rathvilly  
  Patrick Ryan Tullow  
      Robert Doyne
      S. B Feltus
Entered twice   Richard Murphy Ballintrane  
      S. B. Feltus
      Philip(?) Whelan

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