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BOLGER 6. In loving memory of Patrick Bolger. 44 Tinnahinch. died 11 July 1975. R.I.P. Bolger. S/G: Molloy, Callan.

BOLGER 7. In loving memory of William Bolger 2. Tinnahinch died 7th April 1977 aged 87 yrs. Also his wife Mary nee Grennan died 18th Jan. 1978 aged 81 yrs. R.I.P. "Jesus Mercy Mary Help". Erected by his loving wife and family. S/C: P.Nolan Carlow.

BOLGER 8. In loving memory of Martin Bolger Brandon Park died 27 Jan 1977 aged 71. R.I.P. Erected by his loving wife and family. Bolger. S/C: Molloy, Callan.

BOLGER 38. In loving memory of Mary Bolger 36. Tinnahinch died 3 Dec. 1978 aged 73. R.I.P. Erected by her loving husband Patrick.

BOLGER 41. Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on the soul of James Bolger, Tinnehinch, Graignamanagh, died 31st Oct. 1931, aged 77 yrs. And his wife Bridget Bolger, died 15th May 1933, aged 77 yrs. Their son Seamus died 15th Feb. 1963. Their daughter Ann died 15th May, 1965. R.I.P. S/C: E.P.Byrne, B-Town.

BOLGER 12. In loving memory of Paula Bolger Main St. Tinnahinch, died 1st March 1977 aged 7 yrs. R.I.P. "suffer little children who come unto me" - S/C: Nolan, Ballon.

BOLGER 50. Erected by Thomas Bolger 28 Fairview in memory of his wife Bridget died Jan 19 1940. Her brother James Stokes died Dec 9 1918. Their father Robert Stokes died June 1. 1957. The above Thomas died Nov. 14 1964. "My Jesus Mercy". S/C: Walsh, Carlow.

BOLGER 81. In loving memory of Richard Bolger 13 High St. died 15th Nov. 1966 aged 59 yrs. His son Liam died 14th Oct. 1967 aged 28 yrs. R.I.P. Erected by his wife and family. S/C: Doyle, Carlow.

BUCKLEY 83. In loving memory of Michael Buckley died 23rd June 1967 aged 16 months. Suffer little children to come onto me. S/C: Walshe, Carlow.

BUTLER 97. In loving memory of Laurence Butler Tinnehinch died 15th Oct. 1952 aged 77 years. And his wife Catherine, died 31st Oct. 1957 aged 77 years. Also their son John died 19th March I960 aged 38 years. R.I.P. S/C: Walshe, Carlow.

BUTLER 1. In loving memory of Walter Butler 30 Tinnahinch, died 6th Jan 1974 aged 63 yrs. R.I.P. "Jesus Mercy Mary Help". S/C: P.Nolan, Carlow Butler, Erected by his loving wife and family.

BUTLER 15. In loving memory of Michael Butler Lock House died 20th August 1975 aged 66 yrs. R.I.P. Erected by his wife and family. S/C: Nolan, Ballon.

BUTLER 63. In loving memory of John Butler Woodgreen London formely of Tinnahinch died 27th Sept I980 aged 43 yrs. R.I.P. "Thy will be done".

BUTLER 64. In loving memory of James Butler 39 Tinnahinch, died 24th Dec 1981 aged 43 yrs. Patrick Butler 17. Fair View died 24th Dec. 1981 aged 37 yrs. R.I.P. Erected by their loving wives and families.

BUTLER 65. In loving memory of Edward Butler 31. Tinnahinch died 19th Aug. 1980 aged 68 yrs. R.I.P. Jesus Mercy Mary Help. Erected by his loving wife and family.

BUTLER 66. In fond remembrance of our dear mother Anastasia Butler 40 Tinnahinch died 2nd Jan 1978 aged 62 yrs. Also her daughter Ellen died in infancy on 2nd Aug. 1945 and her Grand-son John Butler died in infancy on 11 July 1962. R.I.P. "Too dearly loved to be forgotton". S/C: P. Nolan, Carlow.

BUTLER 79. In loving memory of Michael Butler Tinnehinch died I4th Sept 1962 aged 68 yrs. Also his wife Kate Butler died 1st June 1978 aged 87 yrs. R.I.P. "Sweet Jesus Have Mercy". S/C: Nolan, Ballon.

BYRNE 55, Erected by Patrick Byrne in loving of his mother Mary Byrne died Nov. 23rd 1916, aged 52 yrs. Also his father Michael Byrne died Jan. 6th 1930, aged 72 yrs. Their son Denis Byrne died 4th Feb. 1965 aged 69 yrs. R.I.P. S/C: Walshe Carlow.

BYRNE - Mary Byrne see Dunphy No. 21.

BYRNE 16. Treasured Memories of my dear husband William, Byrne Upper Tinnahinch died 6th Nov. 1980 aged 32 yrs. R.I.P. "Thy will be done". Sadly missed by his loving wife Ann and Children Charles and Maria. Byrne. S/C: Carlow stone Centre.

CLEAR 33. Erected to the to the memory of John Clear, Harristown, who died Decr 28th 1917. Aged 82 yrs. Also his wife Elizabeth died April 14th 1929, aged 88 yrs. And their daughter Hannah Murphy died May 12th 1909, aged 29 yrs. Also their sons Edward, died May 2nd 1933, aged 56 yrs. William died Decr 29th 1933, aged 48 yrs. Patrick died March 1953. And their daughter Sr. M. Syr, died Oct. 1953, James Clear died Jan 17th 1965, aged 95 yrs. And his wife Mary died Nov. 9th 1964, aged 81 yrs. R.I.P. S/C: Brennan, Royal Oak.

COADY 56. This is a Scroll type stone. In loving memory of Bridget Coady Maryboro Street, Graigcullen, Carlow. Died 22 June 1959 aSed 7k years. Edward Coady died 27 Sept. 1966 aged 7k years. R.I.P Erected by her loving husband and family.

COADY 58. In loving nemory of Dennis Coady Raheedonore died 17th Nov. 1942 aged 84 yrs. His wife Cahterine died 3rd March 1955 aged 84 yrs. Their daughter Bridget died 29th Oct. 1973 aged 80 yrs. Also Annie Hayden nee Coady died 3rd Dec. 1978 aged 83 yrs. R.I.P. S/C: Walsh, Carlow.

61. This is a heart shaped stone resting on grave No. 58. To Mammy from your loving daughter Mary, I pray for you all, always.

COADY 18. In loving memory of Kate Coady 37 Tinnahinch died 17th Aug. 1976 aged 87 yrs. R.I.P. On whose soul sweet Jesus Have mercy. S/C: Nolan, Ballon.

COADY 20. In loving memory of Patrick Coady Carrigleade died 26th Dec 1978 aged 70 yrs. Also Annie Coady died 30th Dec. 1978 aged 67 yrs. R.I.P. Sadly missed by all the family. S/C: J. Nolan, Ballon.

COADY - Ann Coady see Mc Donald No. 51.

COADY - Edward Coady see McDonald No. 51.

COADY - Mary Coady see Murphy No. 19.

CONRAN 72. In loving memory of John Conran died 18th May 1972 aged 91 yrs. Also his daughter Anastatia died 17th Sept. 1937 aged 19 yrs. R.I.P. Erected by his loving family. S/ C: Nolan, Ballon.

Contributed Michael Purcell
Transcribed by M. Brennan


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