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Will of Thomas Nolan

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Will of Thomas Nolan of Ballon (1832)

Mentioning lands in Ballon & Myshall area

Anyone with Nolan ancestry in the Ballon-Myshall area will certainly be interested in this early Nolan will (1832) for a Thomas Nolan of Ballon, a seemingly wealthy man with a house and property in Ballon and leaseholds on various lands in the Ballon-Myshall area. I believe that I may be related to this family of Nolan’s and I would appreciate hearing from anyone who can identify with any of the Nolan’s mentioned here or the townland names mentioned.

From: Michael Purcell <>

1832 Tom Nolan

Carlow Sentinel.

May 1832,

Thomas Nolan.

Died on 6th May 1832 at his residence in Ballon, aged 66 years.

He was a gentleman universally beloved for his benevolence and amiable disposition, as affectionate parent, and in all his commercial intercourse, which was most extensive during half a century, a man of high credit and strict integrity.

He is deservedly regretted by the poor and industrious classes of that neighbourhood.

From: "Roger Nowlan" <>

1832 Tom Nolan

Thank You Mick,

As added information regarding this "Tom Nolan", here is a summary of his will made in 1827 and posted earlier on this list.


****** Summary of Contents of Will ************

1827 - Will of Thomas Nolan senior of Ballon (deceased 1832)

In the will dated April 20, 1827, Thomas Nolan of Ballon names Rev. Peter Nowlan of Carlow as executor and, after his death on June 12, 1832, according to his will, his worldly possessions were distributed to 5 sons, Richard, Thomas, Patrick, Michael and John, as follows:

[RN: Rev. Peter Nowlan was a Nolan from the Kilkey townland and was buried in the old Ballon cemetery.]

1) Richard received:

* his leasehold on lands of Ballinadrum owned by James Leckey

* bulloc cows & two horses

* the shell of a house to be built on the named lands out of testor's [monies?]

2) Thomas received:

* his leasehold on lands in Myshall owned by Mr. Baggott

* 300 Irish pounds being held by Mr. Baggott, but which need not be released for another 3 years

3) Patrick received:

* his leasehold on lands in "Kiletheen" (?) owned by James Leckey

* 10 cows, 2 horses

* 100 Irish pounds now on loan to another son, Michael, (who has up to 4 years to repay the loan)

4) Michael received:

* his lands (not a leasehold!), dwelling house and out offices in Ballon

* his stock and merchandise in said house & offices

NOTE: Receipt of the above was subject to an annuity of 10 Irish pounds to be paid for life to his wife [RN: Could this have been “Leiney” mentioned in an 1820s Tithe Applotment record for the Killane townland? “Thomas & Leiney Nowlan”.]

5) John received:

* his leasehold on lands and premises managed by

" the Representatives of the late Rev. James Couran" [RN: Conran?]

* his leasehold on lands of "Garryonouge" (?) owned by James O'Brien

* his leasehold on lands of "Coneberry" (sic Cunaberry) owned by the late Robert Marshall

* 14 cows, 2 horses

* 100 Irish pounds to be paid in 4 years by his son Michael

If anyone can shed light on any of the Nolan’s identified in the will, please let me know.

Note 1:

There is no mention in the will of who was younger or older but the order given above is as it appeared in the will.

From: "Roger Nowlan" <>


Notes from Roger Nowlan:

Based upon an in-depth analysis of all baptismal and marriage entries for 1785-1795 it is believed that the first names of the mother and godmother were switched when entering the information in the parish register. In earlier research I also determined with a high degree of certainty that the assumed father of the rev. Peter Nowlan mentioned above, namely Michael Nowlan married to Ann Brennan, was a brother to my ancestor James Nowlan who married Mary Clowry (nee Shortall) in Shortall in 1793. Interestingly enough, supporting the fact that James and Michael were brothers is the fact that the "James Brennan", the assumed godfather of Rev. Peter Nowlan, was also one of the witnesses at my ancestor James' marriage in 1793.

More research and information on the Reverend Peter Nolan who was executor for the will from Roger Nowlan c.2012:

Thanks to Bernie (Bernadette?) Deasy at the Delany Archives in Carlow College, I now know that this Rev. Peter Nolan died in 1838, aged 36. He could therefore not be the Peter Nowlan born in 1792 to Michael Nowlan and Anne Brennan of Killane. However, it is still likely that he was related to the other Peter, perhaps being a cousin. Supporting this belief is the fact that Rev. Padraig MacSuibhne does indeed mention in one of his books that the Rev. Peter Nolan buried below the sacristy window of the Ballon church behind the Ballon church was related to the Killane Nolans.

St Peter & Paul Church Church. Ballon. Co. Carlow

From Bernie Deasy at the Delany Archives I have the following for Rev. Peter Nolan’s tombstone transcription in the Ballon cemetery:

”Here lieth the body
of the Rev. Peter Nolan,
who departeth this life
August 20th 1838,
aged 36 years. R.I.P.

Ref: Comerford, Vol III, page 111

From: "Roger Nowlan" <>

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