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Nowlan Marriages

Tullow Catholic parish

  Michael Nowlan's from Tullow finding aid:
  Michael Nowlan marriages in Tullow:
  to Mary Dungan 1761.
  to Elizabeth Byrne 1815, Grange.
  to Elizabeth ? 1822 .
  to Bridget Murphy 1808.
  to Mary Dononghoe 1814, Tullow


From Tullow RC Register 1776 / 77.

Copied pages in the Pat Purcell Papers. (in total there are 9 photocopied pages of accounts/ named contributors etc. if anyone would like to have them I will post them to them for postage costs,).

Tullow 1775. RC Register.

14th May 1777 married John Sheil to Elizabeth Cummins. Witness Nicholas Shiels and Judith Cummins.

7th May 1777 married Rose Connelly of Tullow to Richard Donahoe. Wit. Michael Donohue, Luke Byrne and Catherine Ryan, Tullow.

8th May 1777 married Darby O'BRIEN TO Margaret Guenar both of the Parish of Tullow. Wit. David Guenar and Patrick Nowlan.

13th May 1777 married Henry Ardagh to Margaret Kenny, Tullow. Wit. James Kenny and James Ardagh.

June 5th 1777 married William Dowling to Catherine Loughlin. Wit. Dennid Neale and Mary Loughlin.

21st July 1777 married Danial Lennan to Catherine Redmond, Wit. Pat Redmond and Bartholemy Lennan.

28th July 1777 married Tim Byrne to Anastice Lalor. Wit. John Byrne and Catherine Lalor.

Sept 26th 1777 married Michael Murphy to Bridget Byrne. Wit. Edmond Murphy and William Byrne , Roscat, Tullow.

April 27th married John Keally to Bridget Cashin. Wit. William Kelly, Dennis Carty and William Cashin. Tullow.

Feb 7th 1776 married John Byrne to Elenor Dargan, Wit, John Byrne and Michael Dargan. Tullow.

20th Feb 1776 married Thomas Hart to Anne Nowlan, Wit. William and Mary Nowlan

Feb 9th 1776 married Denis Dargan to Elizabeth Kinshelea, Wit Michael Dargan and Margaret Kinshella, Tullow.

11th Feb. 1776 married John Hurly to Elanor Mullowny. Wit. Jeremy Mullowney and Mary Byrne, Tullow.

Masses for sick persons in private houses, of Devotion.

Ned Murphy, Carpenter, Sick and by way of Benediction to new house 2 shillings and 8 pence.

Phil Nolan by way of Devotion to a new house-- 3 shillings and 3 pence.

Donation from Richard Murphy of Newtown, Dunleckney, 1 pound 2 shillings and 9 pence.

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