Tinryland Catholic parish Marriages

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Tinryland Catholic parish

Transcribed by Colleen McClain c2004

Nat'l. Lib. Dublin, film # P.4192            
First Name
Last Name 
First Name
Maiden Name
Name 1
1814, 2 Oct Patrick (McEvoy?) Honora Timmin Jacobus McEvoy (Joanna?) Ward
1815, 9 Nov William Timmins Anna Murray Jacobus McEvoy Maria Timmins
1816, 21 Nov Michael Nolan Mary Timmins Daniel Timmins Esther Timmins
1819, 14 Feb Thomas Timmins (Jane?) Murphy Jacobus Nolan Eliza (Dismore?)
1820, 12 Nov Jacobus McEvoy Anna Connors Richard Timmins Margaret (Connors?)
1821, 5 Mar Charles Timmins Catherine Keating Daniel Timmins Catherine Nolan
1821, 7 May Patrick Timmins Tara Connors Martin Connors Eliza Neil
1822, 13 Jan William Kinsella Catherine Timmins (John?) Nolan Eliza Nolan
1825, 15 Jul John Timmins Mary (Nuney?) William (Irish?) Mary Timmins
1826, 4 Feb Cansan Grady Judith Broderick Michael Nolan Mary Brennan Brown's Hill
1831, 18 May Darby (Clowry?) Mary Timmins John (Clousery?) Biddy Timmins (Bally bcasnessy, Ballycary, Black Bog?)
1831, 22 Nov Charles Timmins Mary (M...ade?) Pat Byrnes Bridey Byrnes
1834, 7 Feb John Brennan Murphy Richard Timmins Esther Timmins (Pawpish?)
1835, Feb William (Meehan?) Bridget Timmins Pat Mahony (?) Timmins Ballycarney
1835, 8 Feb Byron Catherine Timmins John Timmins Catherine (Hoag?) Ballybar
1835, 27 Apr John Timmins Mary McDarby Michael Timmins Elizabeth McDarby (Cloghin?)
1836, 2 Nov Pat Malone Ally Timmins John McDaby Biddy Cummings (Ballinspook?)
1837, 6 Feb Byrnes Catherine Timmins James Brennan Ann Murphy Ballybar
1838, 16 Jan Pat Kelly Esther Timmins David Higgins Mary (?) Black Bog
1839, Feb Mick Timmins Catherine (Gall?) (Martin?) Timmins Mary Murphy (Ballycarrig?)
1840, 18 Oct James Anderson Mary Timmons John Gread (Grady?) Anne Gread (Grady?)
1841, 13 Feb John Timmin Betty Cummins John (Horan?) Mary Dowling Ballybar
1843, 25 Apr William Timmins Ellie Whitaker James Timmins Catherine Timmins Black Bog
1844, 21 Oct Pat Kinsella Ellen Timmins John Timmins Mary Brennan Ballycarrig
1844, 30 Oct Thomas Timmins Catherine Carty Thomas Carty Ann Carty Black Bog
1846, 15 Jul Michael Timmins Margaret Folian William Timmins Mary Ann Folian Green Road
1846, 31 Oct Joseph Hill Mary Timmins John Timmins Mary Hearn Park

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