Rathvilly Catholic parish Marriages

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Rathvilly Catholic parish

Transcribed by Colleen McClain c2004
Nat'l. Lib.Dublin, film #P.4189
Rathvilly Catholic parish
First Name
Last Name 
First Name
Maiden Name
Name 1
1800, 19 Jan William Anderson Rose Kelly  James (Toolslar?) (Bierans?)
1808, 16 May William Anderson Ann Gehon (Mentha?) Nowland Elizabeth Toole
1807, 22 Jan James Anderson Catherine Kehoe Gerald Kehoe Mary Tool
1845, 17 Apr James (Daran?) Blessington Mary Anderson (John?) Anderson Grass Daniel  

Source: FHL Film 101413. Collection: Civil Registration.
First Name
Last Name 
First Name
Maiden Name
Husbands Father Wife's Father Location
20 Mar 1860 Edward B MURPHY Emily F WILSON George MURPHY Thomas WILSON Rathvilly, Carlow
From Rathvilly finding aid for Marriage registers
Michaels' Nowlan / Nolan married to:
Mary Goss , Barraderry 21st Sept. 1837.
Rose Byrne, Tynock, 5th March 1867.
Catherine Fox, Rathvilly, 16th August, 1866.
Catherine Hogan, Knockglishen, 7th Jan. 1861.
Mary Nolan, Knockava, 24th Nov, 1864.
Anne O' Connor, Tobinstown 10th Oct. 1859.
Bridget Molloy, Straboe, 11 Oct. 1811.
Anne Troy, Ballybit, 26th April 1864.
Anne Nolan, Ltown. 12 th Feb. 1846.
Catherine Clarke, Williamstown, 26th April, 1838.
Mary Kehoe, Straboe, 28th March, 28th May, 1833.
Source: M. Purcell c.2009
Rathvilly Civil Regd Marriages recorded by Cara
  Groom:- William Pigott   Groom:- Jane Atkinson
  Bride:- Elizabeth Browne   Bride:- William Poland ( Polard)?
  Grooms Father:- John Piggot   Grooms Father:- Thomas Atkinson
  Brides Father John Browne   Brides Father William Poland (Pollard?)
  Date of Marriage 18/9/1847   Date of Marriage 21/11/1853
  PARISH:-Rathvilly   PARISH:-Rathvilly
  Groom:- Samuel Cooke   Groom:- John Nue ( New)
  Bride:- Hannah Jackson    Bride:- Alice Eyles
  Grooms Father:- William Cooke   Grooms Father:- Henry Nue ( New)
  Brides Father Thomas Jackson   Brides Father William Eyles
  Date of Marriage 18/11/1847   Date of Marriage 19/8/1852
  PARISH:-Rathvilly   PARISH:-Rathvilly
  Groom:- Laurence Kealey   Groom:- David Dagg
  Bride:- Eliza Dunne    Bride:- Francis Giltrap
  Grooms Father:- John Kealey   Grooms Father:- James Dagg
  Brides Father Hugh Dunne   Brides Father James Giltrap
  Date of Marriage 1/11/1847   Date of Marriage 27/9/1860
  PARISH:-Rathvilly   PARISH:-Rathvilly
  Nat'l. Lib.Dublin, film #P.4189   Transcribed 2003 by Cara    
  Date:-13/10/1817   Date:-19/5/1833   Date:-18/2/1833
  Groom:-Michael Donohoe   Groom:-Darby Bulger   Groom:-Laurence Toole of Killalease    
  Bride:-Mary Maher   Bride:-Mary Robbin   Bride:-Anne Carty of Mt Kelly
  Witnesses:-Thomas Maher and Patrick Whelan   Witnesses:-William and Bridget Robbin   Witnesses:-James and Mary Gorman and Patt Birmingham
  Address:-Castlemore Parish of Ballon   Address:-Rathrush    
  Date:-27/1/1829   Date:-3/9/1833   Groom:-Michael McGouran of Kilmuray    
  Groom:-James Tool   Groom:-Denis Whelan   Bride:-Margt Carty of Mt Kelly
  Bride:-Elizabeth Murphy   Bride:-Winifred Treacy   Witnesses:-Mary Jones and Bridget Toole and Larry Byrne
  Witnesses:-James Currie and Lucy Nolan   Witnesses:-Michael Castly and Mary Quinn    
  Address:-Grange   Address:-Moyle   Date:-2/3/1835
          Groom:-Patrick Carty of Williamstown    
  Date:-5/11/1829   Date:-20/9/1833   Bride:-Mary Tallow of Ballyoliver 
  Groom:-Michael Morris   Groom:-John Sutton   Witnesses:- Margt Walsh and Biddy Fenlon 
  Bride:-Ellen Gorman   Bride:-Mary Aughney    
  Witnesses:-John Gorman and Catherine Coleman   Witnesses:-Stephen Peterson and Margt Poor   Date:-15/2/1836
  Address:-Ballentrane   Address:-Carrickslaney   Groom:-Thomas Carty of Killalease    
          Bride:-Mary Toole of Humewood
  Date:-25/6/1829   Date:-21/9/1833   Witnesses:-Lawrence Nowlan and Cath Toole
  Groom:-James Bergan   Groom:-James Sheil    
  Bride:-Mary Treacy   Bride:-Catherine Byrne   Date:-14/2/1836
  Witnesses:-Patrick and Catherine Treacy   Witnesses:-? Brophy and Mary Byrne   Groom:-Thos Nolan of Castlemore parish    
  Address:-Moyle   Address:- Bough   Bride:-Anne Carty of Mt Kelly
          Witnesses:-Laurence Hayden and Margt McGauran
  Date:-14/2/1831   Date:-12/10/1820    
  Groom:-Nicholas Higgins   Groom:-Mick Stines   Date:-16/2/1836
  Bride:-Catherine Fenlon   Bride:-Sally Carty   Groom:-Thos Nowland of Clonegal    
  Witnesses:-Martin and Mary Croneberry?   Witnesses:-William and Mary Carty   Bride:-Anne Carty of Mt Kelly
  Address:-N/R   Address:-B-Roan   Witnesses:-Patt Headon and Betty Halpen
  Date:-25/1/1831   Date:-15/7/1826   Date:-21/1/1846
  Groom:-James Fennelon   Groom:-James Goss   Groom:-Edward Toole of Knocklishenbeg    
  Bride:-Catherine Fitzpatrick   Bride:-Bridget Carty   Bride:-Mary Norton of Portrition  
  Witnesses:-Edward Courcy and Mary Aughney   Witnesses:-Mick Goss and Denis Sheile present Mark Kinsella   Witnesses:-John and Jas Toole and Miss Annie Murphy
  Address:-Ballymogue   Address:- Killalease    
  Date:-22/2/1832   Date:-21/7/1826   Groom:-Martin Carty of Killalease    
  Groom:-James Fenlon   Groom:-Michael Carty (of Talbotstown)   Bride:-Anne Tyrrell of Knockboy
  Bride:-Catherine Treacy   Bride:-Mary Cosgrave of B-Derrig   Witnesses:-Anne Byrne and ? Fluskey and Jas Tyrrell
  Witnesses:-John and Mary Treacy   Witnesses:-Mr Wm Lalor and Hanna Cosgrove    
  Address:-Lissa?Lissalican ?       Date:-10/5/1845
      Date:-11/11/1826   Groom:-James Carty     
  Date:-24/27/1832   Groom:- Thomas Carty   Bride:-Mary Fennell 
  Groom:-John Donohoe   Bride:-Bridget Toole alias Shea   Witnesses:-Pat Coogan and ? Mahon
  Bride:-Margaret Nolan   Witnesses:-Edward Toole and Bridget Goss   Address:- Both from B-Derry
  Witnesses:-John and Margaret Donohoe   Address:- Killalease    
  Address:- Ballonhill       Date:-6/2/1860
      Date:-27/11/1828   Groom:-Thos Archbold    
  Date:-18/2/1833   Groom:-Danl Healy of Kilquiggan   Bride:-Kate Byrn
  Groom:-Arthur Bolger   Bride:-Winny Toole of Talbotstown   Witnesses:-Maurice Broderick and Anne Lalor
  Bride:-Bridget Hickey   Witnesses:-Margt Dunn and Wm Murphy   Address:-Williamstown   
  Witnesses:-Thomas and Mary Hickey        
  Address:-Templepeter   Date:-13/1/1833    Date:-15/4/1880 
      Groom:- John Carty of Killalea      Groom:-Jas Bolger    
  Date:-14/6/1829   Bride:-Anne Neil of Mt Kelly   Bride:-Annie Germaine
  Groom:-Philip Murphy   Witnesses:-Martin Carty -James Neil and Margt Bermingham   Witnesses:-Edward Toole and Eliza Germaine
  Bride:-Ellen Norton of Hacketstown Parish       Address:- Lisnavagh
  Witnesses:-James Nicholson and James Norton        
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