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From the book: "Catalogue of Catholic Immigrants from the British Isles [Ireland], before 1825. Archive History" by Normand Robert and Michelle Thibault.

These are marriages with Carlow roots in the Province of Quebec, unless noted otherwise below (spelling may be incorrect as the priests would have been French and everything was recorded by hand, most times difficult to read).

Transcriptions were sent in by Sheila, Ontario -


Aug. 18, 1780, Montreal - Terence McCoristine, 30 years, son of Brian McCoristine and Margaret McHugh, to Susan Wills, parents not given

May 16, 1809, Quebec - Dennis Doyle, son of Martin Doyle and Catherine Redmond, to Mary Jordan, daughter of Jacques Jordan and Haline Roche

June 21, 1814, St. Regis - Joseph Tobin, son of Moise Tobin and Mary Lester, to Ann Anderson, parents not given

Dec. 18, 1820, Madawaska - Matthew Farrell, son of Edward Farrell and Marguerite Kivenna [McKenna, Kinsella ???], to Marie Julie Dubet, parents not given.

Marriages were  recorded in St Peters RC Church. Nova Scotia

8/1/1833 - William Keating son of Patrick Keating and Bridget Brophy of Co Carlow married Mary Barry daughter of Garrett Barry and Ellen Molshough of Co Cork

6/6/1834  - Sylvester Keating son of Michael Keating and Mary Power of Co Carlow married Margaret Macanelly daughter of John Macanelly and Hanah McNamara of Co Tyrone. The couple had previously married in the Church of England Parish of St Paul's Halifax on the 11/8/1833 *one party must have been of a different religion.

18/6/1834 - Patrick Nolan son of Garrett Nolan and Anastasia Henissy of Co Carlow married Ellen Brophy daughter of Michael Brophy and Ellen McSweeny of Co Carlow

Note from Shirley (in Florida and Maine)  Marguerite Kivenna in this message could also be Kavanna. (Kavanagh/Cavanagh)

July 21, 1821 - Chambly, Quebec - Michael Deer, son of Michael Deer and Ann Nowlan, to Mary Delany, parents not given

Jan. 14, 1822 - Saint-Antoine-de Richibouctou, New Brunswick  - Edouard Nowlan, son of Thomas Nowlan and Marie Glory, to Isabella Blanc, parents not given

Oct. 7, 1822 - Montreal  - Daniel Byrne, son of Abraham Byrne and Maria Todd, to Bridget Roach, parents not given

Aug. 4, 1823 - Percy - Matthew Ryan, son of Darby Ryan and Mary Kenny, to Marguerite Molloy, parents not given

Aug. 23, 1824 - Montreal - Edward Roach, son of James Roach and Mary Cody, to Catherine McDonald

Quebec Basilique Notre Dame, Quebec City, Quebec

 June 15, 1831 - Hugh Kelly son of dec. John Kelly and of dec. Mary Corcoran of Co. Carlow, Ire. TO: Esther Ambrose daughter of Peter Ambrose and dec. Mary Kelly of Co. Kildare, Ire. Wit: William Rooney and M. Ambrose, husband of Rose Bulger

June 7, 1831 - John Elliot, shoemaker of this parish, son of James Elliot and Sarah Adams of Co. Down, Ire. (he signs Elliot) TO: Mary Ann Doyle of this parish, daughter of dec. (looks like) Denis Doyle and Mary Jordan of Co. Carlow, Ire. Wit: Henry Martin, and Nicholas Kelly and Rosey Martin, (all signed)

June 7, 1831 - Patrick Murphy son of Patrick Murphy and (looks like) Mary Sinnott of Co. Carlow. TO: Ann McDonald, wid. of Patrick Limmin??? of Co. Carlow, Ire.

Source: Sheila in Ontario

1849 - 1867 

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