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St. Patrick's, R.C. Montreal, Quebec.


All marriages took place in Montreal.

The following transcriptions were sent in by Sheila, Ontario -
This list of marriages that have taken place in St. Patrick's, Montreal and with roots in Ireland, (but not necessarily Carlow) are posted here in the hope that they may be of interest to other researchers.
The records, where they mention a Co. in Ireland, means the parents stayed in Ireland or were deceased in Ireland and their sons and daughters came to Montreal, where the marriages took place.


Sept. 17, 1888, St. Anthony's, R.C. Montreal, Quebec, Canada M18

Thomas Rochford of St. Ann's, son of age of Patrick Rochford and Lydia  (looks like) Geohgan of Dublin, Ireland. TO: Susan Taylor daughter of Thomas  Taylor and of Susan Quinn of St. Anthony's.    Wit: Edward Polan of St. Ann's, and  of Napoleon Dunault.

Oct. 16, 1888, St. Anthony's, R.C. Montreal, Quebec,  Canada M23

John Cullen son of Thomas Cullen and of Mary (looks like) McCarthy of Co.  Leitrim, Ireland to Eliza Keily daughter of the late Michael Keily and of  Anastasia Dalton of Kilkenny, Ireland.   Wit: George Vincent, Denis Keily, brother of the bride.

Oct. 17 1888, St. Anthony's, R.C. Montreal, Quebec, Canada. M24

Samuel Moyle, Protestant, son of the late Samuel Moyle and Johanna Moyle of  Cornwall, England to Mary O'Keefe of St. Anthony's, daughter of the late Daniel  O'Keefe and of the late Ellen Sheehan, of Co. Cork, Ireland.   Wit: Patrick Hanley, Francis X. Dumouchel  


May 27, 1889, St. Anthony's, R.C. Montreal,  Canada

William Purcell, coachman of St. Patrick's, son of the late --- Purcell and  of Johannah Maher of Co. Limerick, Ireland to Anna Hanley of this parish  daughter of the late John Hanley and of Mary Connelly. Wit: Thomas Hanley  brother of the bride.

June 4, 1889, St. Anthony's, R.C. Montreal, Quebec, Canada 

Jas. Nevill of St. Patrick's, son of Hugh Neville and Mary Maddigan of Co.Limerick, Ireland to,  Margaret  Ann McPhillips of St. Anthony's daughter of Hugh McPhillips of St. Alphonsus, Quebec and of Sarah McDonald. Wit:  John Delaney, Bridget Coleman.


May 5, 1890, St. Anthony's, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Peter Horan of St. Ann's, son of the late Martin Horan and Ellen Trainor of  Co. Tyrone, Ireland to Elizabeth O'Rourke daughter of Charles O'Rourke and Elizabeth Mullen of Co. Tyrone. Wit: William Lynch


April 28, 1903, St. Michael Archangel, Montreal M3

James Burns of St. Patrick's, son of the late James Burns and Ann Dowling, of Dublin, Ireland. To: Mary Burns daughter of Peter Burns, (dec) and Mary Noonan of St. Marthe.     Wit: Michael Burns, brother of bride and of Thomas Busey

 1821 - 1831

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