St. Patrick's, R.C. Montreal Marriages

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St. Patrick's, R.C. Montreal, Quebec.


All marriages took place in Montreal.

The following transcriptions were sent in by Sheila, Ontario -
This list of marriages that have taken place in St. Patrick's, Montreal and with roots in Ireland, (but not necessarily Carlow) are posted here in the hope that they may be of interest to other researchers.
The records, where they mention a County in Ireland, means the parents stayed in Ireland or were deceased in Ireland and their sons and daughters came to Montreal, where the marriages took place.


Feb. 16, 1863 - St. Patrick's, R.C. Montreal, M31

Patrick Mathews, storeman,  son of dec. James Mathews and of Margaret  Frew, of the Co. of Dublin, Ireland.  To: Mary Ann Henessey, wid. of Edward  McGuire, keeper of livery stables, of this parish.   Wit: Daniel Sexton.

 Feb. 16, 1863 - St. Patrick's, R.C., Montreal, M35

Owen Loughlin son of Bartholemew Loughlin and of Ellen Hart, of St.  Patrick's. To: Sarah McCabe daughter of dec. Martin McCabe, shoemaker- and  of dec. Honora Maloney of County of Galway.   Wit: Patrick Walsh

 Feb. 16, 1863 - St. Patrick's, R.C.,  Montreal, M37

James Ferguson, son of Corneluis Ferguson and of Rose McLaughlin of Co.  Mayo and of Catherine Simpson, daughter of dec. James Simpson, farmer, and of  dec.  Eleanor Kelly of Co. Monahan, Ireland.

 Feb. 17, 1863 - St. Patrick's, R.C. Montreal, M41

Patrick Donovan, son of dec. Richard Donovan and of dec. Elizabeth Regan of  Co. Cork, Ire. to: Mary Foley, daughter of James Foley and of  Catherine  Driscoll of St. Patrick's, Mtl.   Wit: Michael Davin

 Feb. 17, 1863 - St. Patrick's, Montreal, M43

John Ryan, son of dec. John Ryan and of dec. Mary Cooney of Tipperary, Ire.  TO: Bridget O'Brien, daughter of dec. Patrick O'Brien and dec. Honora Maloney of  Co. Tipperary, Ire.   Witt: Michael Murphy and Jane Condon.   Wit: Patrick Hayes

 March 13, 1863 - St. Patrick's, R.C. Montreal, M44

Edward Murray, son of dec. Denis Murray and of Ellen McBride of Co.Donegal,  Ireland  TO: Sarah Lutton, wid of John Madders, sadler of Quebec.  Wit: John O'Brien

 April 13, 1863 - St. Patrick's, R.C. Montreal, M46

Peter Smith, Private of the (looks like) 17th Regt. in garrison in Quebec,  son of dec. Peter Smith and of dec. Mary McShane, of Co. Armagh, Ireland.   TO: Catherine Bergin daughter of William Bergin, trader, and of dec. Bridget  Healy of Co. Kilkenny, Ireland.   Wit: Thomas Uniack

 April 20, 1863 - St. Patrick's, R.C., Montreal,  M48

Bernard Murray of St. Patrick's of Sherrington, Que., son of John Murray  and of Mary Smith  TO: Mary Ann McGrath, daughter of dec. Edward McGrath,  farmer,  and of dec. Mary Shannon of Co.Wicklow, Ireland.   Wit: William Murray and Margaret Morrissey

 April 27, 1863 - St. Patrick, R.C. Montreal, M49

Michael Moran, son of age of dec. Michael Moran and of dec. Ann McDonough  (difficult to read) of Co. Galway, Ireland - to: Emma Weir,  daughter of  dec.(looks like) William Weir, private of R. Artillery and of  Mary  Healy.  Wit: Arthur McGinn,  and Mary Phillips

 April 27, 1863 - St. Patrick's, R.C. Montreal, M50,

James Conway, mason, wid. of Marie McGill: TO: Mary Flinn, (hard to read the writing) daughter of Martin Flinn, and of dec. Bridget Morrissey of Co. Waterford, Ireland.   Wit: Roger Feeney

 April 27, 1863 - St. Patrick's, R.C. Montreal, M5

Patrick Larkin, private of R. Artillery, son of dec. Patrick Larkin and of  dec. Bridget Kelly of Co. Galway, Ireland,  to Margaret Quelch daughter of  dec. Henry Quelch, farmer,  and of dec. Mary Purcell of Queens Co.,  Ireland.   Wit: Ellen Quelch.

 April 28, 1863 - St. Patrick's, R.C. Montreal, M56

George Bury, grocer, son of dec. George Bury and of Mary Adams, of the City of Dublin, Ire. to Catherine Brock, daughter of William Brock and of Elizabeth Brady of St. Pat's, Mtl. Wit: William Brock, father of the bride and of George Tyrell, Peter Jackson, John Fitzpatrick.

 April 28, 1863 - St. Patrick's, R.C. Montreal, M59

James Keleher, son of James Keleher (family name hard to read) and of dec. Bridget Keleher of Co. Rosecommon, Ireland, to Rosanna Quigley, daughter of Thomas Quigley and of Ellen Lyncy of Co. of Dublin, Ire.   Wit: Joseph Quelch and George Dooney, Mary Ann Quelch

 May 4, 1863 - St. Patrick's, R.C. Montreal, M61

James McCabe, son of dec. Patrick McCabe and of dec. Ellen (looks like) Wrenn of Co. Kilkenny, Ire. to Ann Redge, daughter of Thomas Redge, farmer and of dec. Margaret Morgan of Co.Galway, Ire.   Wit: Thomas Cashion, (hard to read)

 May 5, 1863 - St. Patrick's, Montreal, M64

James Grant, horse-shoer, son of dec. John Grant and Elizabeth Reid. TO: Elizabeth Jones daughter of dec. Richard Jones, medical doctor and of dec. Mary Downey of Co. Tyrone, Ire.   Wit: James McKillop

 May 5, 1863 - St. Patrick's, Montreal, M65

Patrick McCann son of dec. James McCann and dec. Bridget McCann. to: Ann Johnson daughter of dec. John Johnson and dec. Margaret Robinson of Co.Fermanagh, Ire.   Wit: Thomas Mangin and Catherine Slavin

 May 5, 1863, St. Patrick's, R.C. Montreal, M63

Patrick Furlong, servant, son of Thomas Furlong and of dec. Rose Keogh of Co. Wexford, Ire. to: Ann Lambert, daughter of dec. Jasper Lambert and of Ellen Fortune.   Wit: Philip Cahill/Carroll and Mary Larorgan

 May 5 1863, St. Patrick's, Montreal, M66

James Muldowney, wid. of Margaret Brennan, To: Mary Connolly, daughter of dec. Michael Connolly, farmer and Mary Connor of Co. Monaghan, Ire.   Wit: Robert Kennedy

 May 12, 1863, St. Patrick's, Montreal, M70

Charles Bernard Goedike, clerk, son of dec. Frederick Goedike and of Marguerite Mailloux. To: Mary O'Neil daughter of dec. Anthony O'Neil, shoemaker and of dec. Ann Doyle of Co. Wicklow, Ire.   Wit: Edward Lamarche and John Kelly

 May 12, 1863, St. Patrick's, Montreal, M71

Robert Wall, manager of a rubber factory, son of dec. William Wall and of dec. Anne Arnold of Co. Waterford, Ire. to Elizabeth Josephine Brankin, daughter of James Brankin, trader, and of Alice (looks like) Tufft.   Wit: William Wallace O'Brien, Thomas Wall, William Wall and of Henry Wall

 May 18, 1863, St. Patrick's, R.C. Montreal, M72

John Tucker, dealer, son of dec. John Tucker and of Eliza Henderson of Co. Sligo, Ireland. To: Margaret McGauvern daughter of Patrick McGauvren and of Elizabeth Wait of Alfred, Canada West.   Witt: Patrick Tucker and of J.W. McGauvern, brother of the bride, Michael Stewart, Elisabeth McGauvran.

 May 18, 1863, St. Patrick's, R.C. Montreal, M74

John Doheney, son of dec .Lawrence Doheney amd Mary Shelly of Co.Tipperary, Ireland to Ellen Maher, wid. of William McClements.    Wit: William North

 May 18, 1863, St. Patrick's, Montreal, M76

William Papprs, son of William Papprs and of Hannah Holloway, of Wiltshire, England. to: Mary Butler, daughter of dec. Tobias Butler, farmer and of Alice Landrigan of Co. Tipperary, Ireland. Wit: Michael O'Connor, Catherine Gibbons.   Note: Groom's name difficult to read.

 May 18, 1863. St. Patrick's, Montreal, M78

Michael Coghlan son of Denis Coghlan and of Johanna Driscoll, To: Elizabeth Driscoll, daughter of dec. Denis Driscoll, ship carpenter, and of Eleanor Carney of Co. Cork, Ireland.   Wit: Denis Coghlan, Catherine Barnett

 May 18, 1863, St. Patrick's, R.C. Montreal, M79

James Altimus son of dec. John Altimus, and Ellen Higgins of Co.Wexford. TO: Mary Ann Derragh, daughter of Patrick Derragh, milkman and of of Catherine McCambridge, of this parish.    Wit: John A. McCarville and of Catherine Darragh

 May 19, 1863, St. Patrick's, Montreal, M80

William Gooley son of dec. John Gooley and of Bridget Ryan of Tipperary. TO: Julia McGrath daughter of dec. Edward McGrath, gardener and dec. Mary Shannon, of Co Wicklow.    Wit: Thomas Mathews and of Bridget O'Rourke

 May 20, 1863 - St. Patrick's, R.C, M68

Julian Sirois, son of (looks like) Germain Sirois, dec. and of Marie Prevost of the parish of Nicolet. TO: Margaret Murphy, daughter of dec. Michael Murphy, farmer and of Johanna O'Brien of Co. Wexford, Ireland    Wit: John Murphy

 May 26, 1863 St. Patrick's, Montreal,  Canada

William Beazell, wid. of Julia O'Grady, of Hemmingford, Que. to Catherine Kennington, daughter of John Kennington, dec. and of Mary Walsh of Co. Kerry, Ireland.     Wit: Catherine Mahoney

 June 1, 1863, St. Patrick's, Montreal, M86

Malachy Geagan, Private in the army hospital corps, son of dec. James Geagan and of dec. Mary Kenelly of Co. Galway. TO: Mary Ann Hagan, daughter of dec. Patrick Hagan, butcher and of dec. Anne or Anna Cochlin of Quebec.

 Sept. 8 1863 - St. Patrick's, R.C. Montreal. M155

Patrick Scully, servant, son of Thomas Scully and Margaret Maher to Catherine Deverix daughter of Lawrence Deverix and Ann Reddy of Co. Carlow, Ireland.  Witt: Church Official and Maria McKeown


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