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St. Patrick's, R.C. Montreal, Quebec.


All marriages took place in Montreal.

The following transcriptions were sent in by Sheila, Ontario -
This list of marriages that have taken place in St. Patrick's, Montreal and with roots in Ireland, (but not necessarily Carlow) are posted here in the hope that they may be of interest to other researchers.
Note: The records, where they mention a Co. in Ireland, means the parents stayed in Ireland or were deceased in Ireland and their sons and daughters came to Montreal, where the marriages took place.


November 24, 1829. Notre Dame Basilique, Quebec City, Quebec  

Marriage Garrett Murphy son of Richard Murphy, (dec) and Mary Brophy (dec) of Co. Carlow, Ireland. TO: Mary Corrigan daughter of James Corrigan and Ann Cullen, of this parish Wit: Ellen Murphy


Feb. 16 1847, Notre Dame, Montreal Quebec.  Canada

John Dogherty or Daugherty son of Patrick Dogherty and Eliza McCallister to Ann O'Neill/O'Neil daughter of Thomas O'Neil/O'Neill and Margaret Burns


Jan. 8, 1856  St. Patrick's, R.C. Quebec City, Quebec M6

Thomas Hillier, Protestant, shoemaker, son of age of dec. Abraham Hillier and of dec. Mary Lyman. TO: Mary Ann Kerr, a native of Co. Carlow, Ireland, daughter of age of dec. Patrick Kerr and of dec. Mary Nolan of the Upper Town of Quebec.  Wit: Bernard Gray and Johanna Gray

 Jan. 29, 1856 St. Patrick's, Quebec City - M9

Jeremiah Markham, native of Co. Clare, Ireland, widower of Catherine Cahill of Quebec to Catherine Lee a native of Co. Waterford, daughter of dec. Edward Lee and of dec. Mary Flemming of Lower Town Quebec.

Feb. 4, 1856 St. Patrick's, Quebec City - M13

Thomas Aylward, tailor a native of Kilkenny, Ireland son of dec. Edmond Aylward and of dec Mary Ryan of Lower Town, Quebec. To: Catherine Joyce a native of Co. Carlow, Ireland, daughter of James Joyce and of Margaret Cahill, also of Lower Town, Quebec.  Wit: Thomas Erwin and Margaret Toban

Nov. 5 1856, St. Patrick's, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada - Marriage

John Hennessy son of Thomas Hennessy and Elisabeth Pickford To: Catherine Feely daughter of Denis Feely and Elizabeth Neville


Nov. 3, 1857, St. Patrick's, Quebec City M95

John Doyle, private of the 39th Regiment of Foot, son of the late John Doyle and Margaret Toole of Co. Carlow, Ireland. To: Margaret Jane Murray daughter of John Murray and of dec. of Upper Quebec.  Wit: Margaret Mullins and Samuel Swan


Oct. 19, 1858, St. Patrick's, Quebec City M77, 

John Doyle, servant, a resident of Quebec, son of age of dec. Maurice Doyle and dec. Elizabeth Holdon of Co. Carlow. TO: Catherine Murphy resident of Quebec, daughter of dec. Michael Murphy and of dec. Julia Butler, also of Co. Carlow.   Wit: William Coady and Ann Burns


Nov. 21 1859, St. Patrick's, R.C. Montreal, Quebec, Canada 

James McDermott, cooper, son of age of dec. Peter McDermott and of Ann Langan of Co. Carlow, Ireland to Catherine Elizabeth Walsh, daughter of dec.Thomas Walsh, and of Elizabeth McDonnell of Co. Carlow, Ire.    Wit: James McDermott.


Feb. 20, 1860 - St. Patrick's, Montreal, Marriage

Mathew Murphy, son of dec. Richard Murphy and of Mary Carney of Co. Tipperary, Ireland to Margaret Gagnon (Gaynor) daughter of dec. Hugh Gagnon (Gaynor) and of dec. Ann McDonough of Co. Tipperary, Ireland.  Wit: John Mansfield.

March 15, 1860 -  St. Patrick's, R.C. Montreal, M41

Edward Grennan, son of Michael Grennan, dec. and Ellen Murphy, of Co. Carlow, Ireland To Catherine Whelan daughter of Thomas Whelan and Julia Mahar of Co. Kilkenny, Ireland

May 21, 1860, St. Patrick's, R.C. Montreal, Quebec, Canada M67

Maurice (looks like) Trent, dealer, of St. Patrick's parish, son of age of  dec. Thomas Trent and dec. Elen (looks like) Wolf of Co. Limerick, Ireland to: Catherine (looks like) Dundon of St. Patrick's parish daughter of age of  dec. Michael Dundon, doctor and of dec. (looks like) Julia McGrath of Co.Limerick, in Ireland.    Wit: Patrick Cavanagh.    Poor film and writing!


July 9, 1861 - St. Patrick's, Montreal, Marriage

Edward Jordon, blacksmith, son Dervis Jordon and Margaret Staynes or Haynes of Co. Carlow, Ireland, to Rosanna Crosby daughter of dec. Patrick Crosby and dec. Mary Hall of Co. Dublin, Ireland.   Witt: William Stanford.

July 16, 1861St. Patrick's, Quebec City, M28

Patrick Holden, labourer, resident of Quebec, son of dec. John Holden and  of Bridget Murphy of Co. Carlow, Ireland to Eliza Doyle, resident of Quebec, daughter of Patrick Doyle and of dec. Mary Ryan Wit: Ellen Foley, James Doyle

July 22, 1861 - St. Patrick's, Montreal, Marriage

Daniel Condon, son of John Condon, dec. and Jane McGrath, dec. to Ann Connor daughter of ded. Michael Connor, and of Ann Kennedy, of the Town of Carlow, Ireland

Nov. 29, 1861, St. Patrick's, Quebec City, - M75

Terence Gilmore or Gillmore or Gilmoure, labourer, wid. of dec.  Ann Croker of this city and Mary Deegan, a resident of this city, daughter of dec. Mathew Deegan and of dec. Mary. L----- of Co. Carlow, Ireland.  Wit: James Bardan or Barden and Honora Nolan or Nowlon


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