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Myles Walter Keogh

Myles Walter Keogh 1840-1876
A National Archives Photo
A plaque to Myles Walter Keogh in the beautiful park in Leighlinbridge Co Carlow
Photo kindly provided by Carloman

Myles Walter Keogh was born on March 25, 1840, at Orchard House, a stone dwelling that still stands near the village of Leighlinbridge, County Carlow.  Myles' father, John Keogh, (the name sometimes appears as Kehoe), was a Carlowman whose brother, Patrick, had been executed by the English at Carlow town following the Uprising of 1798. The family was staunchly Catholic and, despite the mistaken claims of some authors, John Keogh never served as an officer in the 5th Royal Irish Lancers or any other British army unit. Myles' mother, the former Margarete Blanchfield, hailed from a prosperous landholding clan whose ancestral seat was at Rathgarvan, near Clifden in County Kilkenny

He was one of nine surviving children. When he finished school in Leighlinbridge, he attended St. Patrick's College, Carlow.

Officers of the 7th Cavalry - Myles W. Keogh, seated frontMyles Walter Keogh (March 25, 1840 June 25, 1876) was an Irish soldier who was also an American Civil War military officer and later a member of the U.S. 7th Cavalry Regiment during the Indian Wars of the 1870s. He was killed at the Battle of the Little Bighorn.
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Myles Walter Keogh  from Co Carlow Military Museum
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