Kavanagh in Korea

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Kavanagh in Korea

By kind permission of Mr Michael Purcell

Kavanagh in Korea 1951

Nationalist December 1955.

A brave Carlow man. Let us salute the memory of a very brave man. He was a County Carlow man , a native of Pollerton, Carlow. Now as a citizen of the Republic of Ireland, you may not approve of the fact that he was a sergeant in the British Army-- the Royal Ulster Rifles to be exact. Be it so; but that does not detract from his bravery. Laurence Kavanagh was his name. He died in a Korean prison camp in 1951, and hid untimely death was due to the fact that he refused to accept Communist doctrine, despite the fact that some of his fellow-prisoners did. As punishment and although he was suffering from malnutrition, dysentery and threatened beri-beri, his Red gaolers denied him medical aid. Readers will echo the words of his brave mother; "It was just what I would have expected of him . He stuck to the Faith. I would not have had him do otherwise". Incidentally , although he died four years ago, information concerning the way and the reason why he died was only revealed to the world at large comparatively recently.

The above is a true and accurate transcript of the original document.

Transcribed by M. Purcell c2010.
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