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Kate Lennon

Dated 1833 (Nationalist foundation date) an inscribed 'premium' has come to light. It was presented to Kate Lennon (left) a student of the "Schools of the Sisters of Mercy" in Carlow for ' 'uniformly good conduct". She later married Tom Cogley of Cloughna and died in 1908 at the age of 34.

This item previously appeared in the Nationalist (Dec 1983)

The copy of original which appeared in the newspaper.


awarded to

Kate Lennon

for her uniformly good conduct

at the schools of the Sisters of Mercy



The front piece of the prayerbook presented as a prize to Kate Lennon.

Please note that the original document which appeared in the Nationalist was a very poor copy due to the age of the paper so I endeavoured to recreate the document as near as possible to the image shown on the paper . The text font on the original was mixture of Old English and Georgia.

Note: In the Nationalist the date 1833 is printed in the article but the inscribed 'premium' definitely says 1883

Source: (The Nationalist. Date December 1983 from the Nolan Newspaper cuttings provided by Mr. M Purcell.)

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