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IRA Memorial

Contributed by Terry Curran c2007


In memory of the men who lost

their lives in the Batt Area

 during the fight for Irish Freedom

Pray for the souls of:
M. Ryan
J. Hayden
J. O'Farrell
M. O' Carroll
P. O' Farrell
M. Fay
C. Byrne

And for all members of I.R.A. and

Cumann na Moan of
4th Batt Carlow Brigade

New information

James Hayden was shot dead by Crown military forces on Sunday 6th March 1921 for 'failing to stop when ordered'. He was mistaken for the O/C of a Kilkenny Flying Column that had been lying up in the area. He was from Crannagh, Borris.

Michael Fay, James and Peter O'Farrell (or Farrell), and Michael Ryan were all killed during an ambush at Mullinaglown, Ballymurphy on 18 April 1921.

Larry O'Neill's Flying Column had been intercepted by British Forces and it was here, or more precisely in Joyce's Bog, that Fay met his fate.

In the ensuing follow-up the other 3 civilians were killed whilst working on their farms.

Myles (Myley) Carroll was killed on December 5th 1922 in an action with Free State forces at Straduff, Shean, near Garryhill; alongside Seamus O'Toole from County Wicklow.

M. O'Carroll was from Killedmond, Borris

No further information yet on Byrne; he may also have died during the Civil War

M. Ryan J. Hayden (Crannagh Borris)

J. O'Farrell

M. O' Carroll (Killedmond, Borris)

P. O' Farrell

M. Fay C. Byrne

Credit to Peter Mc (Flickr User)  & Terry Curran

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