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 Finn’s Leinster Journal 1767

By kind permission of Susie Warren c2008

Extracts from Finn’s Leinster Journal, 1767

The following details have been transcribed from the "Finn's Linster Journal" newspaper,  which can be found on micro film at County Carlow Library, Tullow Street, Carlow, Co Carlow IRELAND

Leinster Journal 25 March 1767

This is to give NOTICE to the PUBLIC,

That Christopher Reilly has fitted up a house in the decentest manner, as an Inn, at the west end of the  town  of Leighlin-bridge.  to  be known by the sign of the King's Arms, where he has laid in large stock of the neatest kinds of Wines, and the best of spiritous and malt Liquors in their purity; hay and oats, with good stabling, &c.

He has hired a good cook, and will make it his particular business to keep things in their season. Gentlemen, may depend on having their commands carefully obeyed, by their most obedient, humble servant,

CHRISTOPHER REILLY. Leighlin-bridge, March 11. 1767.

Leinster Journal 25/3/1767

Source: Source: Carloviana 2001

No 52 Sat 18 – Wed 22 July
Dublin 20 July
Died. In Grafton Street, the lady of the Rev Thomas Colclough, 437 son of the late Caesar Colclough, Esq 438 Member of the Co of Wexford.
437 Florence dau. of Hon. Bysse Moleworth, 1st wife of Rev. Thomas Colclough., 6th son of Col. Caesar C. of Tintern Abbey; ‘Colclough’, BIFR.
438 Will pr. 1766 (Betham abs.) See n. 151, above.
The Irish Genealogist Vol 7 No 1
No. 58. Sat. 8 – Wed. 12 Aug.
Dublin, 10 Aug.
Married. At St. George’s, Hanover-square, London, Lieut. Col. William Skinner, to Miss Warren, one of the co-heiresses of the late Sir Peter Warren, 485 and sister to the Hon. Mrs. Fitzory. 486
485 1703-52: s. of Michael Warren of Warrenstown, co. Meath: Vice-Admiral;
486 Anne. Her husband. Charles F., s of Augustus F. and grands. of the 2nd Duke of Grafton, was cr. Baron Southampton in 1780.
The Irish Genealogist Vol 7 No 1
No.75. Wed 7 – Sat. 10 Oct.
Married. Tho. Maunsell, of the county of Limerick, Esq, 633 to Miss Rochfort, 634 daughter of John Rochford, of Clagrannan in the co. Carlow, Esq.
633 2nd s. of Thomas M. and Dorothea, dau. of Richard Waller; ‘Maunsell’, BIFR, p.811.
634 Mary; her father was 2nd s. of Robert R., Chief Baron of the Exchequer; ‘Rochford of Clogrennane’, BLGI, 1912.
The Irish Genealogist Vol 7 No 1
No. 76. Sat. 10 – Wed. 14 Oct.
Dublin, 12 Oct.
Died. At Glenarm, Benjamin Burton, jun. Esq; son of Capt. Francis Burton, 642 deceased; by whose death a fortune of £10,000 devolves to his uncle, Sir Charles Burton, Bart. 643
642 Francis B. was 6th s. of Alderman Benjamin B. of Burton Hall, But Lodge/Archdall, op. cit., vol. 7, under ‘Conyngham, Lord Conyngham’ (and BIFR under Mainwaring-Burton’) give only one son of Francis, William who, according to Lodge/Archdall, died unm. at Glenarm in Oct. 1767.
643 5th s. of Alderman Benjamin B., cr. A bart. 1758.
The Irish Genealogist Vol 7 No 1
Kilkenny, 14 Oct.
Died. Monday night, after a few days illness, at his house in Patrick-strett, Hugh Waring, Esq; 644 one of his Majesty’s Justices of the Peace for the county of Kilkenny.
644 May be the Hugh mentioned in the will of his father Hugh. (pr. 1759, Betham abs.) The latter may be the bro. of Rev. John W. (see Burke’s Colonial Gentry, p. 757).
The Irish Genealogist Vol 7 No 1
No. 82. Sat. 31 Oct. – Wed 4 Nov.
Kilkenny, 4 Nov.
Married. Saturday last at Carlow, Mr. Edward Harris, Schoolmaster, aged 65, to the Widow Helton aged 70.
The Irish Genealogist Vol 7 No 1
No. 83. Wed. 4 – Sat. 7 Nov.
Dublin, 6 Nov.
Married. A few days ago, at Kilmore, in the county of Cavan, the Rev. William Warren, 678 to Miss Bleadwin.
678 Will of Rev. William W., Bocade, co Cavan, pr. 1803 (Vicars).
The Irish Genealogist Vol 7 No 1
No. 85. Wed 11 – Sat 14 Nov
Kilkenny, 14 Nov.
Birth. Last week in Sackville-street, the Lady 693 of John Hyde, Esq; 694 Knight of the Shire for the county of Carlow, of a son.
Died. Wednesday last in James-street, aged 107, Mary Rafter. Thursday morning … the wife of Thomas Gregg, an eminent farmer, of Neighan, Near Gowran.The Irish Genealogist Vol 7 No 1
No. 87. Wed. 18 – Sat. 21 Nov.
Dublin, 20 Nov.
Births. On Sunday last, in Sackville-street, the Lady 699 of William Burton, Esq; 700 Member for the Borough of Gowran, of a son. 701
699 Mary, dau, of Henry Aston, East Aston co, Wicklow.
700 Of Burton Hall, s. of Benjamin B., P.C., and Anne Ponsonby, dau. of 1st Earl of Bessborough; ‘Mainwaring-Burton’, BIFR.
The Irish Genealogist Vol 7 No 1
Carlow, 18 Nov.
Last week Mr. Joseph Galbraith was married to … Miss M’Garry, both of said town.
The Irish Genealogist Vol 7 No 1
No. 88. Sat 21 – Wed. 25 Nov.
Kilkenny, 25 Nov.
Died. Sunday last at Ballybrack near Borris, in the county of Carlow, Mr. Terence Byrne. 712
712 Prerog. admon. intest. to bro. Edmond; Betham abs.
The Irish Genealogist Vol 7 No 1
No. 90. Sat. 28 Nov – Wed. 2 Dec.
Dublin, 1 Dec.
Married. At Kinsale, Lieutenant Markham, son of Thomas Markham, Esq; to Miss Leary, 720 daughter of Mr. Lewis Leary. 721
720 Deborah L.; C & R MLB.
721Will pr. 1770 (Betham abs.); father of Robert Elwell-Denis (whose dau. Elizabeth m. Thomas Markham), and Margaret, wife of Ensign Decimus Reynolds.
The Irish Genealogist Vol 7 No 1
Died. In Carlow the wife of Mr. Willaim Davis, merchant.
The Irish Genealogist Vol 7 No 1
No. 91. Wed. 2 – Sat. 5 Dec.
Dublin, 4 Dec.
Birth. Last week at Wexford, the lady of Vesey Colclogh Esq, 726 Knight of the Shire for said county of a son.727
726 S. of Vesey C. and Mary, dau. of Sir Joh Bingham; m. Katherine, dau. of John Grogan, ‘Colclough’, BIFR.
727 John, k. in duel 1807, unm.
The Irish Genealogist Vol 7 No 1
Kilkenny, 5 Dec.
Married. In Dublin, George Dunbar, Esq, 741 Member of Parliament for the Borough of Gowran, to Miss St. Aubyn, niece to Sir John St. Aubyn, Bart. 742 Member in the English Parliament for the County of Cornwall.
741 S. of John D. of Ballcarney, co. Carlow; m. 1st in 1753 Anne, dau of Welbore Ellis, Bishop of Meath, who d. 1765. He d. 1803; Burtchaell. op. cit., p. 156.
7424th Bart., b. 1726, d. 1772; on the death of his son John, 5th Bart. In 1839 the baronetcy became extinct.
The Irish Genealogist Vol 7 No 1 
No. 98. Sat. 26 – Wed. 30 Dec.
Kilkenny, 30 Dec.
Died. Monday last in Carlow, Mr. William King, son of Mr. Richard King; 789 a young man of unblemished character.
789 Will of Richard K., of Carlow, merchant, pr. 1771 (Betham abs.); father of John and Margaret Dowling.
The Irish Genealogist Vol 7 No 1 

Source: Susie Warren
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