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Daniel Dowling

1832 - 1913

Light Brigade Hero Dies

Light Brigade Hero Dies

Daniel Dowling Rode in Famous British Charge at Balaklava

Utica. Jul. 15, 1913 - In the County Almshouse in Rome to-day died a survivor of the Charge of the Light Brigade at Balaklava on Oct 25th. 1854. He was Daniel Dowling, born in Carlow Ireland, in 1832. He enlisted in the British Army, going at once into the Crimean Peninsula, where he was in many battles. He was one of the very few who came out of the charge of the six hundred without a wound, and not until the battle of Inkerman was he wounded.

After the Crimean War Dowling went to many places fighting for England. He saw service in Malta, Egypt, India, Australia and South America. He came to the United States with the intention of entering the Union Army. When he was on his way here the surrender of Lee was made.

Dowling’s only sister had gone with her husband to South America. He began a search for her and for years travelled in many countries on his quest which was never successful. He had distant relatives in this region age coming on, he was compelled to seek the Almshouse.

The veteran had all his discharge papers, but he never received and assistance from the British Government. Among the few possessions he retained to the last were the spurs he wore in the famous charges and a copy of Tennyson’s poem.

Special to The New York Times. July 16, 1913, Wednesday

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